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24 janvier

Il y a un problème d’unité de style dans Moana, non ? Et il manque quoi que ce soit de mémorable… ça me rappelle Princess and the Frog.

(Disclaimer, je ne connais pas les livres. Et je n’ai regardé que la première moitié de la saison, c’est un peu lourd à binger.)

Par contre, histoire de dire du bien de quelque chose pour une fois, la version Netflix des Orphelins Baudelaire est très sympathique.

Le final de The Good Place ne peut pas rendre drôles les épisodes précédents, mais ils sont vraiment partis d’une excellente idée.

RT @stroughtonsmith: Whoa APFS is coming faster than expected. []

RT @davidminpdx: I keep coming back to this. I think it’s the most important political commentary of our time. []

RT @Lowenaffchen: Remember in 2009 when the cool thing was parody videos of Hitler freaking out about memes and pop culture ephemera. that’s real life now

If Apple’s marketing was doing its job properly I would not be surprised that the AirPod case is the same size as a Watch.

RT @asymco: AirPods in relation to some other everyday objects []

RT @cabel: Mac Accidental Pro Tip: if you double click the side of a window (with the resize cursor showing) it resizes that side to the screen edge!?!

23 janvier

RT @ESYudkowsky: Starfleet UX designers learned that if they didn’t make some bridge consoles explode, captains would ignore damage until the shields failed.

22 janvier

Sinon, vous avez vu que la presse ne relaie pas les chiffres police/orga des manifs US ? Le comptage est indépendant… quel concept bizarre !

A tourné dix minutes avant de trouver le bureau de vote ☑️

20 janvier

RT @amisdalbert: Les limites d’une moyenne : si Bill Gates entre dans un bar, en moyenne, tout le monde y est millionnaire.

N’oubliez pas, il ne tient qu’à vous que Valls se prenne la seule baffe qui compte, la même que Sarkozy.

Does iOS compile LLVM bitcode on-device? It had never occurred to me but that would explain why updating apps brings devices to their knees.

My iPhone 6 now turns itself off if I start updating apps AT 99% BATTERY. I so should have stayed with iOS 9.

19 janvier

RT @taramann: iOS dark mode coming soon? Lots of dark UI in these official UI element kits from . []

RT @stroughtonsmith: New Photoshop/Sketch file from Apple encompassing all the current iOS UI controls (Sherlocking a bunch of outlets):

I feel like most of the difficulty in She Remembered Caterpillars’ demo just comes from the cognitive overload of a blue bridge meaning the opposite of a blue gate 😕

The worst thing about iTunes Connect’s Media Manager is remembering you have to be thankful it exists at all.

18 janvier

Did I miss something or is nil-messaging — my personal bugbear regarding Swift — the one topic they didn’t talk about?

Ca fait plus d’un mois que j’ai acheté mon fauteuil de bureau Ikea à 40 balles et il ne grince toujours pas ! 😲

17 janvier

RT @ID_R_McGregor: Nice shot for scale of returned @SpaceX booster. Either it is very, very big or those are tiny, tiny men.

via /r/space

I can’t remember who it was that asked me a week ago why I’d stopped working on apps.

(Got an e-mail from a user asking why there are padlock icons on the keyboard, because App Review would rather have that than an explanatory message.)

Ah, found the e-mail and yes, they did reject my app because the keyboard extension dared to mention the IAP needed to make it functional.

I feel like the change I wanna make in my app was rejected a year ago, but I’m not sure and there doesn’t seem to be a way to check 🤷🏻‍♂️

I liked YouTube’s regular digest e-mails but they’re gonna have to go if I can’t opt out of the “so and so is streaming live!” notifications

RT @GeorgeSokol: Been looking at how #Overwatch environments are built, lots of neat trickery here.

For example, these doorways? Floating geo!


RT @phillryu: Nintendo Switch haptics sound like voodoo magic []

16 janvier

I apologize to myself for not abandoning Sherlock last week when I had the chance.

(You don’t have to make the same mistake.)

Meanwhile the MBP is very clearly weaning us off physical keyboards. What’s the point of keeping a mechanism if the travel is that short?

Couldn’t find even a mention of the AirPods at the Apple Store but, fret not, at least there’s a table with two goddamn “Designed…” books.

I will say that, of all the things that are fantastic in this game, the animation work in the final act is just incredible.

I finally just played Inside.

Human language does not allow me to express anything more about that experience.

15 janvier

RT @MachinePix: Another demonstration of Vantablack, the blackest known substance. It absorbs up to 99.965% of visible light, hiding textures.

So, Dishonored 2’s final encounter is… bad, right? Everything before had been pretty much perfect, but argh.

14 janvier

RT @stroughtonsmith: Zelda Breath of the Wild—Switch vs Wii U: resolution, shaders/color, LOD, frame rate improvements

A Twitter client that keeps outgoing tweets in an editable buffer for ten minutes — one minute for replies.

I don’t understand why my Steam screenshots always come out so dark when all the relevant settings are at their default values.

Damn, this is incredibly beautiful in motion

13 janvier

Je me prépare à aller faire des courses pile quand se terminent les 24 heures d’excuses pour ne manger de la glace 😕

The Dishonored games still have the best environments

12 janvier

Dirt Rally is coming to PSVR

Goddammit, PS4 is the one platform where I don’t own it.

RT @ZachWeiner: The Pleasure Button: [] #smbc #hiveworks []

Le couillon qui google ‘extraction dentaire’ avant d’aller se coucher la veille de son extraction dentaire.

11 janvier

C’est fini je ne mets plus jamais les pieds dehors 🤒

RT @tfadell: Exactly! No doubt in anyone’s mind which was the right path. Those on the iPod based UI knew is was doomed. SJ pushed us, “Make it work!”

RT @tfadell: Wrong!!! There was never a competition. We, together, were searching for the best solution. Steve asked us to test all the possibilities…

10 janvier

And it’s not CR’s job to realize that turning the cache off somehow causes completely random power consumption issues.

Can’t believe a bunch of people in my timeline are blaming Consumer Reports rather than the bug. Disabling the web cache in a performance test is a pretty obvious step.

J’avais préparé ce tweet bien avant la scène finale, alors j’hésite à le réécrire à l’identique parce qu’une fois ne suffit pas.

Steven Moffat est en train de devenir une caricature de lui-même, et Sherlock une vraie plaie à regarder.

9 janvier

RT @mrgan: A decade into the mobile-computing era, webOS remains my favorite visual design. Clear, rich, friendly. []

Every time his keynote videos pop up again I feel nostalgic for all the directions in which he’ll never get to push technology.

I guess the the fact that no one else emerged as The Next Steve Jobs makes me feel better about failing to be The Next Steve Jobs myself.

Je viens de me rappeler que mon coloc m’avait prévenu de ne jamais commencer à laver les murs

RT @buster: Here’s the cheat sheet for the 4 conundrums of the universe that our brains attempt to solve with what we call biases:

RT @NathanJLiu: Ten years ago, with unrivalled showmanship, Steve Jobs changed the world. []

RT @ditzkoff: The portion of that Meryl Streep speech that stunned and silenced the Golden Globes. []


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