31 mar. 2008

Apple hit with new, colorful lawsuit over iMac displays

This new suit was filed today in San Jose, accusing Apple of pulling the same color dithering trick on the latest 20-inch iMac that it did with the MacBook and MacBook Pros cited in the previous lawsuit. […] the 20-inch iMac is stuck with a 6-bit display and only 262,144 colors, before dithering.

Je peux comprendre qu’on doive faire des compromis sur un portable, mais je n’arrive pas à croire qu’Apple se ferait de nouveau prendre à utiliser des écrans 6-bits sur des tout nouveaux iMac. Mais ça serait un peu inintéressant, comme poisson d’avril, donc je vais devoir accepter l’idée qu’ils ont vraiment décidé de pousser la radinerie à son comble.


Quelles vitamines il faut prendre pour ne plus avoir la peau du visage qui pèle tous les matins ?


I missed that silly yellow-tape-with-frog header.


Jumper — Pointless waste of concept and budget.


Mac Shot First: 10 Reasons Why CanSecWest Targets Apple

Une intéressante explication/théorie sur le fait que le portable Windows n’a été hacké qu’un jour après le Mac, et personne n’a eu celui sous Ubuntu : entre autres arguments, Vista SP1 est tellement récent que la plupart des participants ne s’attendaient même pas à le trouver là, et il y a plusieurs raisons de ne pas être motivé à utiliser une vulnérabilité de Linux dans une conférence comme celle-ci. Alors qu’étant données les parts de marché du Mac la meilleure des choses à faire avec une vulnérabilité OS X pourrait bien être de gagner 10 000 $ dans un concours.

via the.taoofmac.com


Dirt 2.05 — The problem with making a show about paparazzi is that you can't get charismatic actors to play credible stars.


Enchanted — That was less ironic and more painful to watch than I expected.


30 mar.

29 mar.

Fully expecting a giant Nutella jar to come and sit across from me any minute now.


I Am Legend ★★★★

Now wait a minute. Why was I expecting this movie to be utter crap? Didn’t it have rather mediocre word-of-mouth? Well, turns out it’s just about as cool as you can make a movie about the last man on Earth and his dog, living the high life in New York, New York.

I spent the whole time waiting for the moment when the movie would turn into a brain-dead action fest, prepared to declare that you should just cut at the one-hour mark and forget anything that’s been shot beyond, but it never really happens. And, while the alternate ending, as described by Wikipedia, sounds a little too cheesy for me, I don’t really mind the… eh, deus ex-machina in a story like this one; I think it just makes sense.

It might have been a little more boring to watch in a theater (although the visuals must have been nice on a big screen), and my low expectations probably helped, but I am positive that there are lots of very cool scenes in the first half of the movie, and the second half is just bland (and short) enough not to spoil it.


28 mar.

It's sad that I wish I had a MacBook simply as an occasional Remote Desktop client, just because Apple's VNC server is fucked up.


GTA IV Introduces Clever Music Download Service

Vous entendez une chanson que vous aimez dans le jeu, vous recevez un mail de Rockstar avec un lien Amazon permettant d’acheter le mp3 pour 1$ (de la vraie vie). Le mp3 qui est déjà sur le DVD de GTA, donc, puisque vous l’entendez dans le jeu. Trop cool.


J'ai soudain, inexplicablement, de graves remords (ploc, ploc) d'avoir critiqué (ploc, ploc) le temps de février. (Ploc.)


Sweeney Todd — I suppose Sondheim is an acquired taste. As for the movie itself, well... there isn't much room for it to shine by its own.


No Eiffel Redesign Planned, Says Architect Who Made Proposal

I found it fishy from the beginning that the “news” came out of American blogs and I never heard about it on the French web until it started propagating from there to here. But then, blogs aren’t expected to check facts, are they?

via kottke.org


27 mar.

I can get used to Buzz Out Loud not researching its topics, but if they're gonna ridicule people about news they only read the title of...


The X-Files 2 Trailer

Meh. Still, I’m interested to see it; still, there’s no way I’m giving them money. (Not that I give my money to film studios very often. But somehow I did end up watching Transformers in a theater for some reason and I still feel so guilty about it.)


Leaning Mirror

I don’t really like the design, but I love the idea.


I'm surprised the English liked Our Principessa. Dressed like this in 2008, she looks to me like a mean-spirited parody of the local queen.


26 mar.

Prévisualisation de TinyURL

Ajoutez un cookie sur votre browser pour passer en mode “preview,” et tous les clics sur des liens tinyurl.com vous amèneront sur une page intermédiaire affichant l’URL d’origine, vous laissant le choix de continuer ou revenir en arrière. Probablement plus chiant qu’autre chose en usage quotidien (sauf pour les paranos — ou les utilisateurs de MSIE6), mais c’est bien que ça existe.


(Mon dieu, comment un site aussi atrocement moche peut être si utilisé dans l’univers du web 2.0 ?)

via bol.cnet.com


Change is coming (again) to garoo.net.


AvP Requiem — I just don't understand anymore why in the world anyone would want to do this. And they did call it "Requiem."


Lamborghini Reventon breaks out of Sant’Agata

Wow, it even looks that much more like a landed fighter jet in this setting.


Asaph Microblog

The video demonstrating its bookmarklet is damn impressive indeed. I’m gonna look into that (although I have much more use for my current Applescripts than bookmarklets, since I do most of my websurfing in NetNewsWire).

via daringfireball.net


The next version of Windows should really refuse to run on anything but a narrow selection of compatible hardware. Stop the madness.


25 mar.

Apple actively working on system font rendering in Safari for Windows

In case you were still wondering, after last week’s controversial “update” push, how serious Apple is about gaining browser market share in Windows.

via daringfireball.net


The more I learn about the stock exchange, the less it makes sense. When I'm Dictator I'll ban it. Just hit the casinos if you wanna gamble.


Wouldn't a "Friends Stock Exchange" be more fun than the "Friends For Sale" app?


Second anonymous batch of Easter chocolates on my door handle. It'd be safer to incinerate them, wouldn't it?


Apprendre ses tables de multiplication

Il faut que je m’entraîne pour Who Has The Biggest Brain.


Illusion PC

Good old fun with mirrors, freak-show style.


Vivement que ça se termine, la mode du crâne rasé + barbe, il y a des évolutions de pages de pics qui sont tristes. Parole de photographe.


24 mar.

Okay, if Philip Glass failed to energize me, I'm sure Mozart's Requiem will do.


23 mar.

Un dimanche de lundi de Pâques est sûrement une excellente occasion pour sortir draguer. Loin, là-bas, de l'autre côté de ma porte d'entrée.


John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces

Unapologetically unlikable characters and intentionally tedious writing, culminating in a main character who speaks like the pompous, overliterate asshole that he is. I’m sure the story has a lot of merit or something, but I’m giving up on page 52.


Arthur C. Clarke, Rendezvous With Rama ★★★★★

Talk about classics. I used to be rather prejudiced against Clarke, until I read an early draft of the 2001 script and found out that it was actually supposed to be a sci-fi story, and not just the pretty sound-and-light show that Kubrick made out of it. (Did I ever mention I don’t like Kubrick?)

Now, this is geeky science-fiction at its best: unlike Stephenson or Card, Clarke never lectures you about how the whole science of Rama works. He’ll remind you in passing that gravity doesn’t work the same way in a spinning giant spaceship as on Earth, and he’ll definitely use every aspect of that in the story, but he’s not going to give you a physics lesson.

Rama just isn’t targeted at the same audience: while Quicksilver makes literary types feel clever because they learn and understand something scientific (which they’ll unlearn as soon as they close the book, of course), and Ender’s Game tries to explain enough about zero-G disorientation to be accessible to a teenager audience, Clarke’s story is evidently written by an artistically talented scientist (who knew that was possible?) for scientifically-minded people. I don’t think you really have to be a geek, per se, to appreciate the book, but you ought to have been moderately attentive to the science classes in high school.

Like any Clarke story (or so I heard), Rama benefits from scientific accuracy: the book is like a blueprint for an intergalactic ship that could actually work and transport lifeforms for thousands of centuries. What I didn’t expect, though, was how well it would be written, and how vivid the depictions would be — this is pretty much the first time I read a novel that focuses on describing a place rather than a story (and as unfamiliar a place as could be), and I didn’t think it could be quite so successful: the chapters revealing the inside of Rama are really breathtaking.

It may not work quite as well if you’re not a sci-fi geek, and I’ve got a feeling that the sequels aren’t going to be as memorable; but this is a great book (with an appropriately frustrating ending).


Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game ★★★★

How about a good sci-fi classic now, something’s that I see or hear mentioned just about once a month in blogs and podcasts (in reference to the advancement of modern videogaming)?

Ender’s Game starts out like a silly children’s book, with six-year-old brethren professing everlasting love, and nude, sweaty ten-year-olds trainees wrestling under the showers and… uh, yeah, it’s awkward like that sometimes (not least of all because I was right out of Stephenson’s 17th century, where the word “buggers” has quite another connotation).

But it’s still a pretty good sci-fi story, and it deserves to be a classic. Although it doesn’t look like it in the first chapters, the author doesn’t shy away from addressing the ambiguous morality of isolating and training kids to become great masters of war, or trying to wipe out an alien race in an extension of the concept of self-defense; and while the ending is more than predictable, what really got me was the epilogue — which also happens to be the introduction to the book’s sequels, that I’d already have if I could still rely on mail order.

A quick, easy read, definitely recommended.


Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver ★★★★

Okay, that’s not quite what I was going for. I enjoyed Snow Crash because of the story and the science-fiction, despite the archeological digressions that grew longer and longer (and drier) as the book progressed; with a title like Quicksilver I expected this one to be an epic fantasy story about alchemists or something, rather than a novelized history of the dawn of science in the 17th century.

Not that’s it’s a bad book; as long and hard it is to read (I can read English sci-fi or contemporary novels without a sweat, but I’m not trained for the vocabulary of period pieces), it managed to keep me interested until the end.

But the thing is, I’ve never been the mathematical kind of geek. I don’t care how algebra was invented, and while this book finally gave me an inkling of what’s so fascinating about the idea of equations describing and defining the world (which had always evaded me precisely because I wasn’t born in the 1650s, and always took math for granted, I guess), there isn’t much of it that’s remaining in my head after I’ve closed the book.

In many ways, the novel feels like a “modern science for dummies” story, using the setting to explain the bases of science to the New York Times readers — but I know how centrifugal forces work (and how they’re not forces), and almost everything else the book touches. And there’s this main character, who’s been witness, and often instrumental, to everything that happened during a whole century, and that somehow the times forgot; that same storytelling device that made me occasionally curse at the Rome TV show. Sure, it works, but I just don’t like it. Not to mention the Lost-style flashbacks that hint at plot points that’ll be explained later — which works better in a TV show, because with Quicksilver I just kept wondering if I’d skipped a paragraph somewhere.

Like I said, it’s not a bad book at all, and I’m not sorry I read it; but I’m not going to order the rest of the trilogy, and I don’t suppose I’ll be too eager to read anything else by Stephenson if he indulges more and more in his nerdiness as he gets more successful.


I keep starting "Who has the biggest brain" games and abandoning them before my score goes down (I suppose it can go down?).


Trying to remember what TV shows were on my external drive before it crashed.


22 mar.

Listening to Philip Glass until I work up the energy to take a shower and go out. That... sounds like... a good plan.


Fini par regarder la vidéo de Vinvin sur Martinez, par ennui. Ah, non, ce n'est pas un oubli, qu'il ne soit pas dans mon agrégateur.


I'd like to set Twitter up so I'd be notified of new followers only if they follow less than a hundred people or something.


South Park 12.02 — It's getting quite painful.


21 mar.

iTunes keeps crashing while moving downloaded podcasts from temporary storage to the new, crappy USB drive that stores my library. Damnit.


Je ne mets plus le pied dehors avant le printemps. Ou au moins début mars.


I remembered my iMac bigger. Either AppleCare shrunk it, or I've grown up. Shouldn't have eaten that ice cream two days ago.


Oups, j'ai oublié mon papier-toilette au rayon Coca-Cola.


Safari 3.1 brings true one-window mode

defaults write com.apple.Safari TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true

I’m not in a hurry to try it, though: it took Firefox three point-oh releases to be really clever about forcing new windows into tabs, so I definitely don’t expect a hidden Safari pref that’s inactive by default to get it right.


Lost 4.08 — He's as annoying as ever, but it's nice to see that another certain someone is still on payroll.


J’aime bien Vincent Perez

Et puis les lynchages de lynchages c’est trop grave courageux et subversif.


LLM a appris a parler anglais au Pakistan ?


There are signs and there are coincidences. But which is which?


20 mar.

Book Autopsies

A bit sacrilegious for my taste, but pretty.

via 37signals.com


#HEADERTEXT { -webkit-transform: rotate(-4deg); }

Not quite surprisingly, CSS rotation in Safari 3.1 doesn’t look so great. But I guess I might keep it for originality’s sake until everyone’s doing it.


P.S. This is nicer: a:hover { -webkit-transition: color 0.2s linear; }



19 mar.


“Actual gameplay footage,” qu’ils disent. Roar. (D’un côté, le jeu sort aussi sur PC, donc difficile de savoir à quoi il ressemblera sur console ; de l’autre, Dirt était déjà superbe sur 360. Mais ne tenait pas les 30 fps. Eh.)


"Javascript is a spice" — Garett Dimon.


I was wondering why I couldn't type rich-text messages in Gmail anymore, and just remembered — Safari 3.1?


Geez, I didn't blame Arthur C. Clarke quite that bad for making me sleep late! Ok, ok, I blame... I blame Dan Brown! For... whatever!


18 mar.

Damn, I like tuna salad, but it's like you should never eat that at home unless you're willing to burn the place down afterwards.


Hmm, something stinks in my kitchen.


Twitter over IM is not just annoying, it also skips half the tweets, including direct replies I'd very much like to read thank you.


Okay, Twitter over IM is annoying, I'm installing Twitterific even though I wanted to limit the number of open apps here.


Safari 3.1 Is Out

I have to look into CSS web fonts, but that means embedded fonts are coming to the iPhone, doesn’t it?


17 mar.

Quel est le meilleur endroit pour acheter des livres de SF en anglais quand on ne peut pas faire confiance au courrier ?


Qui veut aller au SAV de la Fnac à ma place ?


Woke up at 3:45pm and I blame Arthur C. Clarke.


16 mar.

Read two novels during my first computer-less week; gotta write as many on the second week.


Natural selection: if a guy can't count to the fifth floor, he finds a closed door. Or doesn't find it, actually.


15 mar.



I'd really like to know why an MSN client can have access to data like the list of people who blocked you, etc.


If I were a secret government agency, I'd make hard drives that pretend to fail after two months and come back to support full of personal data.


At least I've got my music back; the backup was almost up to date.


So much for the frozen hard drive miracle.


Kent Rogowski

Inside-out bears. Great idea.

via epicfu.com


TweetStats :: for garoo

Nothing really interesting; it’s just always fun to see your body of work distilled into a bunch of nice bar graphs.


Je n'ai pas reçu d'enveloppe cette semaine ; il n'y a pas de deuxième tour dans le troisième arrondissement ?


14 mar.

South Park 12.01 — Uhhhh... nope.


Facebook To Launch Instant Messaging Service

Heh. Making a good, convenient web chat for social networks was near the top of my list of possible future-soon projects. I guess I should hurry and develop my concept for a Nutella-filled bathtub with integrated pickle dispenser before someone makes that, too.

In the meantime, this should do for Jabber (and against MSN or AIM) what Google Talk failed to achieve. So it’s definitely a “yay” (unless they screw it up).


Lost 4.07 — Huh. The twist and the whole timeline mess was way too fucked up and artificial.


Merde, j'ai failli oublier que je devais aller acheter un disque dur. Je ne veux pas me retrouver rue Montgallet un samedi.


Down for everyone or just me?

Like Gruber says: “Clever, self-descriptive web service.


Patents on video game mechanics to strangle innovation, fun

Sega owns patent no. 6,200,138, which is entitled "Game display method, moving direction indicating method, game apparatus and drive simulating apparatus." What this means is that Sega has a lock on the idea of driving a car around a city with an arrow pointing towards the next destination […]

Simpson’s Road Rage was a game that featured Simpsons characters driving around a city, picking up customers, and dropping them off in other locations, all with an arrow pointing towards the next destination. When the game came out, Sega promptly sued Fox Entertainment, EA, and Radical Games.

Jesus Christ — is that why most driving games don’t have arrows indicating incoming turns anymore? (Incidentally, the patent’s abstract has absolutely nothing to do with Simpsons Road Rage.)

via bol.cnet.com


13 mar.

J'ai toujours trouvé le mot "tromblon" bizarre, mais "blunderbuss" est encore mieux.


Cylon Life-Size Figure

The Cylon robot is made of 100% fiberglass body with hammered duo-tone finish for a price of $7900.


For the first time in my life I've met a painting I'd like to have a wall to hang it on.


Je suis un piètre photologueur. C'est une fois revenu d'un vernissage que je réalise que j'aurais dû poster une ou deux photos.


Ooh, new South Parks.


Who Has The Biggest Brain?

Now that’s a well-done Facebook app.

Wait, scratch that — this is an excellent Facebook app.


Ah, ouais, c'est vrai que ça a perdu, le Dépôt, quand même.


12 mar.

Ah, bien sûr le bot IM de Twitter déconne et je ne reçois pas tous les tweets.


The Club (360)

Quand un jeu essaie de prendre une direction originale pour changer un peu de tous ses concurrents dans un des genres les plus classiques du jeu vidéo, tout le monde panique — oh, mon dieu, c’est pas pareil ! Burnout Paradise, qui essaie tant bien que mal de renouveler une licence horriblement répétitive, a reçu un accueil plus que mitigé à sa sortie ; The Club, shooter tierce-personne (ou quelque chose comme ça, je ne sais pas trop dans quel ordre et avec quels articles placer les mots) inspiré d’un jeu de courses de voitures, n’a pas bénéficié d’un buzz tellement plus avantageux.

Pourtant, s’il y a bien une discipline qui a besoin de renouveau et d’originalité en ce moment, c’est le shooter ; et Bizarre est le développeur de mon jeu préféré actuellement sur la 360, donc je leur accordais volontiers le bénéfice du doute. Après tout, dans les jeux de ce genre, l’histoire n’est qu’un prétexte ; on se doute bien de comment va se terminer Halo 3 ou… bon, Half-Life 2, pas vraiment un bon exemple, Bioshock non plus, Call of Duty 4, pas sûr…

Je disais donc, l’histoire n’est qu’un prétexte et tout le monde s’en fiche, donc pourquoi ne pas évacuer tout simplement cet alibi et se concentrer sur le gameplay, en développant de jolis décors (quoiqu’un peu ternes), des modes de jeu originaux (des tours de circuit avec les ennemis qui respawnent toujours au même endroit — non, là encore, je le vends mal) et proposer au joueur de s’entraîner pour faire le meilleur score sur chaque niveau ? Ca change, c’est un peu ambitieux, plutôt que de refourguer toujours le même clone avec les mêmes personnages énigmatiques et les mêmes rebondissements prévisibles.

Pour ce qui est de la qualité des décors, des armes et des contrôles, vous savez déjà ce que vous en pensez, depuis le temps que la démo est disponible (merci à Colissimo qui ne délivre même plus d’avis de passage dans les boîtes aux lettres, dans mon quartier, de sorte que le DVD a été renvoyé à l’agence de blogs quinze jours plus tard, et j’ai dû aller le récupérer moi-même, à au moins cinq minutes à pied de chez moi). J’ai déjà eu l’occasion de répéter que je n’étais pas un spécialiste des shooters (ça tombe bien d’avoir acheté une 360, tiens), donc je ne me sens pas vraiment qualifié pour affirmer que les armes répondent plutôt bien, je trouve.

Le problème, c’est que pour le reste du jeu non plus, je ne crois pas que mon avis ait beaucoup d’intérêt : si, sur le principe, j’adhère totalement au concept de mécaniser le shooter, supprimer les artifices et le réduire à une succession de niveaux de tir au pigeon d’argile, il se trouve que je suis plus un casual gamer qu’autre chose, et que j’ai la nette impression que ce jeu n’est pas conçu pour moi.

Pour tout dire, je suis coincé à la deuxième ou troisième épreuve du deuxième championnat, et… je cale. D’une part, parce que c’est difficile, alors que je suis en niveau intermédiaire ; d’autre part, parce que, dans tous les FPS et TPS auxquels j’ai joué, c’est toujours l’histoire qui me faisait avancer — même quand elle n’est pas originale pour deux sous. La progression logique, la découverte de nouveaux environnements, c’est ce qui me motive à me surpasser et répéter les niveaux sur lesquels j’ai du mal (rapport au fait qu’au cas où je ne l’aurais pas assez dit je ne suis juste pas doué pour les shooters) ; dans The Club, les décors ne sont vraiment que décoratifs, et… ben, je me fiche pas mal d’avancer dans le jeu et de débloquer la suite.


Je serais bien tenté de dire que c’est un jeu multijoueur dont le mode solo est sous-développé, mais ça ne correspond pas non plus — les adversaires n’ont pas tellement plus d’intelligence artificielle que dans le premier Doom. The Club est exactement ce que je pensais : un centre d’entraînement au tir. Sauf qu’après avoir joué à la démo je pensais que ça pourrait m’intéresser, mais au final je n’accroche pas.

Pas de note, parce que je ne suis pas dans la cible ; à réserver aux joueurs qui prennent un vrai plaisir, simplement, à dégommer des cibles. Mais je ne suis pas sûr qu’ils aient vraiment une raison d’acheter ce titre plutôt que de se concentrer sur le multi de Halo 3 ou Call of Duty 4.


I'm regretting I closed my network of blogs. I may reopen them when (if) I get my iMac back.


11 mar.

Okay, screw del.icio.us, it doesn't let me post decent quotes with my links.


Tired of NetNewsWire eating all my CPU; it may well be time to really move to Google Reader.


Has anyone used Google Analytics on a site with variable domain names? Because I'm clearly missing something. And some numbers.


Good god the number of morons reporting on the iPhone 2.0 contact list's magnifying glass that's so very clearly not a button.


10 mar.

Scrabulous has just eaten a game I was winning by 150 points.


I feel like buying a wireless Mighty Mouse.


For all the limitations I'm not sure I really dislike having only a Mac mini and a small screen on my desk.


Ooh, my backup is a little more outdated than I thought.


"Dix à quinze jours" de vacances forcées. Ca tombe bien, je suis d'humeur à écrire mon premier roman de serial killer.


Tin Man — The story is vaguely okay, but the director shouldn't quit his day job.


9 mar.

AppleCare okay until May; all I need is a USB-to-SATA adapter and a replacement Mac with a 250GB+ drive for three weeks. Yeah, all I need.


Just found out about the iMac's internal diagnostic LEDs; the motherboard is fucked. And I don't think I'm still under AppleCare.


If I hadn't switched to the Mac I'd only have to go to the supermarket first thing tomorrow and buy a new power supply for a couple euros.


My iMac is dead. You've gotta be kidding me.


I keep forgetting how much I hate the streets of Paris on Saturday nights.


I may or may not have meant synchronicity, I'm not sure. Damn. Somehow matooisms feel more acceptable in tweets than in blog posts.


I just had one of those weird serendipity attacks.


8 mar.

Wonder if Real seeds .rmvb files on BitTorrent trackers to improve the RealPlayer install rates.


Turning off ICQ; tired of spam. Don't really think I'll miss it.


I'm tired of dreaming of what I'd do if I won the lottery; it's time to switch to imaginary boyfriends.


The Village — I keep seeing Shyamalan movies after being spoiled about the final twist. Still, hard to imagine how it could not be boring.


7 mar.

I need to date a barman (or an alcoholic) so I can find out which booze I like.


Lost 4.06 — Good one. "It's very stressful being an Other."


I keep looking at my iPhone and thinking "Hey, I haven't downloaded and tried that new AIM app yet." Soon followed by "Oh, right, damnit."


Do you think the AT&T honchos went "Heyyyy WTF?" when they heard about Apple demonstrating an AIM app?


I find it quite creepy that I heard about PodWorks several times (and remembered) in the week before my media hard drive crashed.


What a fucked-up generation we are.


6 mar.

Quelqu'un aurait un disque de 500 Go à me prêter pour que j'essaie de récupérer les données de feu mon disque dur externe ?


I think Apple just killed the PSP.


I'd never realized that the reason for Captain Jack's being a captain and wearing a military coat was the whole gay uniform fantasy thing.


The new Pownce app (and/or AIR runtime) doesn't feel as bloated and sluggish as before. But still too many clicks required to post.


It's gotta happen! Happen sometime! Maybe this time I'll win...


Janet Jackson has been hanging out with Justin Timberlake way too much.


5 mar.

Wait, wasn't it Tuesday? I didn't see anyone mention that it was Tuesday. Is it commonly accepted that this week's Tuesday is on Thursday?


4 mar.

Je ne sais pas pourquoi les gens se sont fait chier à inventer des noms de mois si c'est pour que le temps ne corresponde jamais.


"Freedom's just another word for 'nothing left to lose'."


3 mar.

I subscribed to a few French Mac podcasts to test the waters, and now I'm laughing hysterically.


Tiens, on est bientôt en 2008, c'est le moment de relancer un calendrier des pédéblogueurs. Hein ? Quoi ?


Has anyone ever succeeded thanks to their qualities?


Boarding a plane nowadays has to mobilize the same areas of the brain as collaborating with the nazi occupation.


1 mar.

The latest prototype OS X skin for Firefox 3 hides the URLs from the address bar's autocomplete dropdown. Free doesn't excuse stupid.


Isn't "Don't warn me when opening applications on this disk image" an encouragement to actually use apps in their disk image? Yeesh.


Do I work now, or get drunk and work tomorrow...


I only ever see the same three or four neighbors. I'm sure they're paid actors, and the other doors are just cardboard props.


Just designed the Facebook app of the year in my head.


"If Twitter outages are causing problems downloading tweets, try using Reset Connections (Cmd-.) and then refresh." I call that a bug.


Surf's Up — It doesn't look that way in he beginning, but it's true that the movie's better than you expect. It's got the Dude, after all.



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