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1 février 2009

“Qui paye ses dettes s’enrichit.” Oui, mais comment diable peut-on payer sans d’endetter ? Il y a quelque chose qui m’échappe.

“As a result of this growth, [Facebook will] start to issue uids greater than 2^32 in a few months.” Geez.

The number — and tone — of blog posts about Google’s malware screwup is depressing me.

Battlestar Galactica 4.13

Well, as much as I want this storyline to be over, at least the episode packed enough action to be enjoyable — I expected it to be all about words, but thankfully it looks like we’re beyond sermons now.

2 février

Testing Newsgator sync again in NetNewsWire, and of course it still doesn’t work right.

“You never expect that you’re the killer.”

3 février

Oh. Hulu’s SuperBowl ad was awesome.

Gmail Adds Tasks to the iPhone

I don’t really like the desktop version, but the iPhone interface (which you can only access for now by manually going to — after you’ve enabled Tasks in Gmail Labs) is perfectly seamless.

I’m thinking it might actually be worth creating a instance (that pretends to be Mobile Safari) if I ever needed task lists to be synchronized between my iPhone and my desktop. Like, you know, if I went places and did stuff and all.

Today’s Planet Money is about Japan. That’s a sign.

En été je pèle, en hiver je pèle… Le pays de l’éternel printemps, je suppose que c’est changer de continent à chaque saison ?

Heroes 3.14

Well, that’s a series reboot. Hiro and Ando funny again in Japanese? A watchable story with bits of humor in the dialogue and a few cool bits? And the worst part is, it was written by Tim Kring, so he was all along able to create something vaguely enjoyable.

Ca me gonfle, quelqu’un saurait réparer la LED grillée ou déboîtée de ma mini-chaîne-de-merde ?

4 février

De mon temps, quand on ratait son train, le billet était encore valable 2 mois. “Ah ça fait un an quand même que ça a changé.” Bam, 17 €.

Facebook : “*** a commenté le fait que vous se joindre à un groupe.”

5 février

Ah, of course NetNewsWire/iPhone would choke on my list of feeds. God how I hate that NewsGator bought NNW.

Je rêve ou Google Reader rame moins que la dernière fois que je l’ai testé ? (Sous Safari.)

Downloading Rug

I like the idea, but I would be more interested in a poster than a rug (are you supposed to hang your rug to the wall? because it doesn’t work as well on the floor).

And it’s a little bit dated, isn’t it? Downloads in progress haven’t looked like this since the invention of Jpeg.

AppleScript is such a pretty concept and such a messy implementation.

I guess buying an iPhone development book might be a good idea.

“Why AICN Doesn’t Post Links To Stories Like This Christian Bale thing that’s everywhere!”

I don’t read Ain’t It Cool News, but heard on TBTL about this article and I’m linking to it because it confirms all the things I’d been thinking without any insider knowledge.

But famous, rich people don’t deserve empathy, and Christian Bale looks scary in his movies, so who cares, right?

Je vais finir par y arriver, à me casser un orteil.

Guys are weird. Like, seriously.

6 février

It’s past midnight. Wishlist link up at the top of my blog. Time to remind you, dear reader: Chances are you’re a fucktard and I loathe you.

The iPhone can do VPN, right? Why doesn’t OS X include an easy VPN server on all desktop Macs? With OTA iTunes sync… yum.

Pas très efficace, l’Advil préventif avant le train. Owww.

7 février

Ungh. La prochaine fois que je rentre un samedi soir, je fais Montparnasse-République à pied plutôt que prendre le métro.

8 février

WebKit CSS Animation

I can’t believe I didn’t know it already was in iPhone 2.0 [via] — or did I just forget about it because the syntax is a bit overcomplicated? (Although, once you get to know it, it actually works just the way I wish you could do more things in CSS: essentially, by defining macros.)

Now I have a reason to install WebKit.

Why do I have to geek around my Scripts menu in order to be able to manually color my inbox messages in Mail?

It’s not supposed to be that bright outside.

What? You can’t lose the lottery on your birthday! They must have cheated!

In love with the concept of GMail Labs’ Multiple Inboxes; too bad the layout assumes 2000px-wide windows and the settings UI is awful.

I don’t really care that I only get every other Clone Wars ep (at best), but it’s a bit ridiculous that TV Shows still hasn’t been fixed.

9 février

Battlestar Galactica 4.14

I still didn’t care for that storyline, but they managed to make it much cooler and more intense than I ever expected. And the episode’s ending was very strong.


Je ne sais pas ce qui m’a pris de le croire quand il m’a dit qu’ils allaient envoyer un chèque dès réception de la facture.

If someone had thought of making a Twitterific-like client for three years ago, we wouldn’t have to suffer 140-char link dumps.

Je vais devoir prendre le RER ?!

There’s just no way you can learn iPhone programming from Apple’s own docs, is there?

No thanks to Apple’s docs, but it’s pretty awesome that I have a working custom web browser for my iPhone in a few hours’ work.

10 février

Dustin Lance Black

I was just listening last week-end to the Creative Screenwriting podcast interview with the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Milk… and now this is what he looks like. I hate him. Did I need to point out that I fucking hate him, or had you figured it out by yourself?

(By the way, I don’t particularly recommend Milk — and not just because I want its writer shot dead — but I do recommend the podcast. Very interesting Q&As.)

Google Sync pushes contacts, calendars to phones

The service uses Microsoft Exchange’s ActiveSync protocol to get the job done, and because of this can actively push changes as soon as they’re made.

Oh, come on — I know Apple went all Exchange on us with the iPhone, but Google? Really?

It’s worth noting that if you have an iPhone or Windows mobile handset the process will wipe out any existing contacts and calendars from your device. This data loss does not occur on Nokia, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson, or Motorola devices.

Well, yeah, it is worth noting. I already wasn’t very interested — I don’t want to have Google manage my contacts for me and add whomever I write; I’m one of those weird people who like to manage their data themselves, so Address Book is quite fine, thank you — but that’s all the more reason not to use this.

So… I know how to make a web browser for the iPhone. That’s not gonna earn me money.

Doesn’t anyone at Twitter know about the (harmless, annoying) security flaw? Preventing that is web form security 101.

I think I know what to do as a first iPhone app. Thanks to @xarro for the idea.

Apple asked Google not to use multi-touch in Android?

Apple, which of course makes the signature multi-touch mobile device, the iPhone, apparently asked Google not to implement it, and Google agreed, an Android team member tells us.

This strikes me as odd because, no matter how much Google’s engineers love that device, I’d figured Apple would need Google more than Google would need the iPhone.

However, it could have been a friendly warning from Apple Legal that they were going to be awarded a broad patent over multi-touch, and Google ought to be cautious about going there. While Palm has its own patents that Apple might infringe on, and that particular conflict is likely to be resolved by a cross-licensing agreement, I don’t expect the same would have to happen if Google started stepping on Apple’s toes. More than they already are, that is.


Had that dream where I’m replaced by my Good Twin.

11 février

Apple, Google, and Palm

This jibes with a story I heard several months ago from a source who works at Apple, which is that Google showed Apple legal a pre-release prototype of the HTC G1, specifically to avoid patent-related disputes.

This makes a lot of sense.

According to my source, in addition to multi-touch, the other feature that Apple objected to was using a standard headphone jack. Apple apparently owns a patent on controlling software using buttons connected by a standard 3.5mm headphone jack (at least for music and video playback controls), and would not grant Google a license to the patent.

This makes very little sense.

Yet I can’t quite say it’s incredible, considering the state of patents nowadays.

Give Up and Use Tables

If you’re wasting time fighting with CSS – and we know you are – we’ve got just the tool you need. Download the Give Up and Use Tables timer. We’ve scientifically determined the maximum amount of time that you should need to make a layout work in CSS: it’s 47 minutes. When your time is up, we’ll even give you the table code you need. Take three minutes to build a table. And ten minutes to get a donut. Bill the client for an hour. Done.

Damn right!

I need to grow up and buy a couple of shirts. Like, the kind with buttons and cuffs.

Tiens, j’ai oublié de manger avant de sortir. Boum.

Fringe 1.14

What the hell just happened? Is it the pint of Ben & Jerry’s talking, or was that episode actually… cool? I know, that’s not possible, right?

12 février

LED Bulb Life Spans Are Not What They Seem

LEDs do not burn out like an incandescent bulb, rather, their brightness slowly fades. So, if the lifespan of your LED is listed at 25,000 hours, that is the point when your bulb will most likely be shining at around 70% capacity (the industry assumes people notice a decrease in brightness at that point) […]

So, the moral of the story is that manufacturers need to come up with a different system to accurately convey the lifespan of their products to incandescent and CFL converts. Personally, I don’t think this is much of an issue. I would much rather replace a bulb after 50,000 hours because it got too dim then replace a traditional incandescent after 1000 hours with a bandaged hand because it blew out while I was chopping up something in the kitchen.


Standby Monsters

I don’t care about how they’re supposed to remind you to turn off your devices, I just want them. A lot of them, everywhere.

Black Cat-vertising

To mark the occasion a new horror video game is launching the world’s first “superstitious ad campaign” — turning specially trained black cats into walking adverts for the launch of F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin on the day itself.


WhatTheFont (iPhone)

With WhatTheFont for iPhone, you can take a picture using the iPhone’s camera, and use the WhatTheFont to identify the font in the image. No more guessing — or even waiting until you get back to the computer.

If this worked, it would be positively awesome. Sadly, it doesn’t. At all. And if it doesn’t work on my iPhone with a Clarifi macro lens, you really needn’t bother downloading it, even for free.

Not to mention that it’s infuriatingly slow right now, as everyone’s testing it and overloading the server. (I assume. Unless it’s inherently sluggish.)

Vérifié sous Firefox, s’affiche de la même façon que dans Safari… ça veut dire que ce n’est pas un bug ?

Nope, I still can’t stand Sarah Lane. And she might not even be stupid; I just can’t listen to her speak.

Tiens, j’ai 4 mutual friends avec Steevy.

Et merde. DialH a une version iPhone.

Oooh. For once I’m the one who misunderstood how the Twitter exploit worked. Much, much more clever than I thought.

Explaining the “Don’t Click” Clickjacking Tweetbomb

TinyURL shut down the redirect quickly and Twitter has responded, but the same attack could arise unless measures are taken. Of which, more later.

Well, yeah, they reacted quickly once an English version made the rounds amongst popular US bloggers, but the French version had been running the Twittersphere, unnoticed, for a week.

The hack is an example of clickjacking. (I’ve heard the term a lot, but only understood its meaning after the investigation of this tweetbomb described here.) […]

Firstly, it’s using an iframe to embed on the page. The iframe is essentially invisible, due to the CSS structure […]

We can see from the CSS z-indexes, the iframe is on top of the button. And we can see from the iframe’s opacity that it is completely invisible. Hmmm… so it’s on top, but completely invisible. If there was a button there, you wouldn’t be able to see it, but you would still be able to click on it.

This is very clever — basically relying on transparent iframes (and I agree with Gruber’s point: why should iframes be allowed to be transparent?) and Twitter’s unvarying home page layout to trick you into clicking the “Update” button without knowing it.

And the fix only works if your browser has Javascript enabled; if it doesn’t, you’re still vulnerable, and it would be pretty complicated for Twitter to fix that. (Unless they stop accepting update text to be sent as a URL parameter, but I guess they implemented this so that some scripts or external sites could use the functionality.)

13 février


That Twitter virus spread around my grandma’s friends last week, but it was called “Don’t Double-click.”

Ah, so Camino remembers open tabs unless it crashes.

J’aurais dû me méfier en lisant “Viennoiserie x4” sur l’étiquette. Si ça n’a pas de nom, c’est parce que c’est innommable. Merci, Monoprix.

David after Divorce. (Do watch David After Dentist first if you haven’t already.)

Oh crap. Damn ego-searching geeks making me feel all guilty for deprecating them. Now I gotta hope she’s secretly dumb and mean-spirited.

God of War III

I don’t know — sure, it’s kinda pretty, and definitely epic (and the trailer’s last images make me want to… go to there), but there’s still something in the visual style that doesn’t work for me. Look how wrong the lighting is on those blood splatters. No, I’m not kidding, it’s just an example of what looks wrong.

And I still have no idea how it actually plays, of whether this is the way it looks when you have a Sixaxis in hand, or they just move the camera all over the place just for the trailer. (Not sure which I’d prefer.)

Screenshots and first impressions on Kotaku.

H.A.W.X. (démo 360)

On savait déjà que ce jeu était beau, donc on va vite passer là-dessus : les graphismes sont très réussis, et même en rase-mottes le sol fait assez réaliste (il n’y a pas tout à fait autant de boîtes 3D que d’immeubles dessinés par terre, mais on vole suffisamment vite pour que ça ne gêne pas vraiment).


La démo fait un choix intéressant, proposant en première mission (et je n’avais pas réalisé qu’il y avait une deuxième mission jusqu’à ce que je lise des articles au sujet de la démo) un entraînement à la nouveauté ambitieuse, et déjà controversée, de ce jeu, qui positionne la caméra très loin et vous permet de voir vraiment ce que fait votre appareil — sans même permettre de déplacer la caméra manuellement, pour vous forcer à vous concentrer sur comment atteindre votre cible.

Si vous êtes le genre de fana de simulations qui est persuadé que la seule façon de jouer à Gran Turismo est en vue cockpit, ça ne va pas vous plaire ; mais ce n’est pas mon cas, parce que j’ai réalisé il y a bien longtemps que, pour conduire, il fallait être conscient de son environnement et des réactions de son véhicule d’une façon qu’un jeu vidéo ne peut absolument pas émuler en vue intérieure. Et, vu comme un jet est plus rapide et plus agile qu’une voiture, ça veut dire que la caméra doit s’éloigner d’autant plus pour être utile. C’est un peu moins joli, avec votre avion en tout petit dans un coin de l’écran, et beaucoup moins immersif, forcément, mais ça permet vraiment de comprendre et ressentir les réactions de l’appareil. Tout de même, on ne peut pas reprocher à certains de se plaindre qu’il n’y ait pas moyen de choisir — soit on joue avec les assistances et la vue cockpit (ou nez ou queue), soit on les désactive et on n’a pas d’autre choix que ce que les premiers commentateurs qualifient de vue “avion télécommandé.”

Avec la caméra placée si loin de l’action, et alignée avec votre cible plutôt que le nez de votre jet, la question se pose, forcément, de comment réussir à contrôler votre avion. Il y a deux choix : le mode “expert” vous laisse le manche de l’appareil entre les doigts, mais il est terriblement difficile à maîtriser, parce qu’il faut toujours avoir en tête votre orientation — si vous êtes la tête en bas, la caméra ne vous suit pas, donc il faut vous adapter mentalement (un peu comme conduire en marche arrière, mais à la puissance mille). Le mode “normal,” sans lequel ils n’auraient pas pu vendre cette vue extérierue, me rappelle les buggies de Halo : on contrôle toujours le tangage normalement, mais la gauche et la droite correspondent aux directions à l’écran au lieu d’être relatives au pilote ; si vous mettez votre stick tout à gauche, par exemple, l’avion va faire de beaux cercles horizontaux au lieu de pivoter sur lui-même.

Evidemment, pour tout fan de simulation, c’est une hérésie. Mais ça fonctionne, et très bien, même. C’est la première fois dans un jeu de ce genre que j’arrive à situer vraiment ce que fait mon appareil quand je manoeuvre pour éviter un missile ou m’aligner derrière un ennemi ; la première fois que j’arrive à ressentir, et comprendre, ce qui se passe quand on coupe les gaz et sort les freins pour faire un looping et se retrouver derrière un ennemi. En bref, c’est une déclinaison arcade de la même façon que Project Gotham Racing est arcade, pas Mario Kart — le modèle physique et tout le reste ont l’air assez vrais, c’est juste au niveau des contrôles que c’est un peu assisté.

Et c’est fun.


Une fois que vous avez appris à récupérer votre avion en chute libre, la deuxième mission vous balance au milieu de l’invasion de Rio — un conflit qui a l’air immense les premières fois, mais plus gérable et pas si dangereux après quelques essais (et si le jeu vous plaît vous allez vouloir rejouer cette mission pour débloquer trois avions différents avec vos points d’expérience). A part la frustration de se voir proposer un “load from checkpoint” après s’être écrasé alors que le premier checkpoint n’est que très loin dans la mission, c’est aussi très fun.

Que ce soit clair, je ne suis pas un spécialiste de la simulation. Mais je ne suis pas non plus un neuneu qui ne fait que de l’arcade — je suis le genre de joueur qui préfère Project Gotham Racing à Forza, mais ne peut pas concevoir de jouer à Saints Row, parce qu’on y conduit avec les boutons plutôt que les gâchettes. Et pourquoi je reviens toujours à comparer avec les jeux de voitures ? Parce que je ne crois pas qu’il y ait jamais eu un jeu comparable à Hawx pour les non-spécialistes, un tel mélange de réalisme et d’accessibilité.

Oh, en parlant d’accessibilité, j’oubliais de mentionner les triangles magiques qui apparaissent dans l’air, que vous avez pu voir dans les vidéos, et qui aident à perdre un assaillant, se placer derrière un ennemi, ou balancer un missile sur un tank caché entre des immeubles : c’est un excellent outil pour apprendre les manoeuvres essentielles, comme je m’y attendais, mais c’est aussi optionnel — il faut le demander à chaque fois en appuyant sur ‘X.’ Ce à quoi je ne m’attendais pas, et qui est parfait pour les joueurs qui ne veulent pas qu’on leur dise quoi faire.


Le jeu intègre aussi sympathiquement Xbox Live dans le menu, en affichant directement combien de parties en ligne sont disponibles avant que vous commenciez une mission, mais… comme vous devriez déjà le savoir, je ne fais pas de coop avec des inconnus, donc je n’ai pas testé. D’après, c’est de la coop à quatre, ce qui n’est pas inintéressant.


Dommage que la réaction immédiate des aficionados soit de rejeter la vue externe obligatoire ; pour une fois, je trouve qu’Ubisoft, dans sa poursuite assidue de la facilitation du gameplay pour les nuls, a conçu quelque chose de vraiment nouveau et intéressant. Heureusement, la marque Tom Clancy devrait aider à vendre ce jeu aux gens qui seront à même de l’apprécier. Recommandé sans hésitation, et j’insiste pour que vous vous forciez un peu à essayer de vous habiter à la perspective originale de ce jeu.

My tongue is full of holes. What sense does it make anyway to put tongue and teeth so close together? Lousy design.

14 février


No really, I feel OK bashing Mormons, the same way I feel OK bashing the KKK. Unless you can explain how miscegenation != same-sex-marriage.

How does one get an “intern”?


Well that just sucked all the fun out of 1:59:26, March 14.

Added my Google Reader shared links to the blog. I really need to make it simpler to add new content modules.

Battlestar Galactica 4.15

Okay, first things first: worst cameo ever. I’d read a tweet about it this morning, and assumed the joke must mean something else, but it didn’t. What the hell were they thinking? I like him, obviously, but he just as obviously doesn’t belong as a quirky doctor in Battlestar Galactica — because a quirky doctor, or a quirky anything for that matter, doesn’t belong at this point of the story. First strike, sir. Fortunately, there’s hardly any way you could ever end up in such a loathsome situation again.

Now, to the meat of this episode: a nice pre-roll (with cool cameos of another kind), and I love the new her (which is totally unexpected), but other than that… I’m going to need to digest this a bit. How anti-climactic was that? Thank gods they didn’t save it for the end. And, yeah, I realize that’s why they didn’t save it for the finale; but what’s left, really? It’s not like we can be afraid the Cylons might catch up and wipe out the Fleet.


As always, I’ll wait for the messageboards to tell me if it makes any sense that Cavil knew — and was orchestrating — the whole Final Five thing all along.

But, really? It was all just a bunch of scientist friends who gave the gift of skinjobness to the Twelve Colonies’ Cylons? Was anyone excited by that?

And I hated Dean Stockwell’s acting throughout. Wonder how much better I would have liked the episode if the wayward son had somehow been a Six.



It looks like Television Without Pity enjoyed the episode more than I did:


So Brother John Cavil gives a fairly moving and convincing speech for why he’s so pissed off, and you finally get Cavil: he’s basically like Pinocchio going, “Really? Lederhosen? Fuckin’ forever?” Only instead of singing a little song about it and kicking Ellen in her shapely Gepetto shins, he knowingly and nastily:

Destroyed utterly the life and civilizations on twelve planets, burnt the knowledge of their creators out of his brothers and sisters, killed Daniel and boxed Three, wiped and boxed the Final Five just to make sure they ended up in the holocaust, had a day-long conversation with Chief about how he wasn’t a Cylon even though he totally was, tried his best to kill off the idea of God(s) Himself(s), plucked out his father’s eyeball, and fucked his own mother while she was in mortal mode on New Caprica. Moral of story? You Never Fuck With Pinocchio. Welcome to the last act of the last season of the very best TV show of all time, and here’s your Dramamine.


When you put it like that, it’s kinda cool. And I’m beginning to think that the writers might actually have planned the Keyser Söze part all along, maybe even before they separated the Final Five from the fray.

So I guess maybe I should just blame this episode’s writer for managing to kill the cool off of it.

Je suis invité à une soirée Têtu en tant que Garoo, ou parce que je les ai contactés il y a deux mois pour connaître leurs tarifs pub ?

Wake me up when it’s not Feb 14th anymore.

The Collected Wisdom of Angela Chase

Wow. I totally need to watch that show again, like, in English this time. ’Cause some of it may have been way too subtle for the translators.

15 février

I’d really like to have some money right now so I could register as an iPhone dev, upload my first app, and wait two months for approval.

(I would have said “wait two months for rejection” but my first app is a fucking mailto: link, so they better not reject it. Damn… Jinx.)

I’m sorting my old blog archives, and horrified that there are smileys in there. (And, well, the articles are crap.)

People complain about the inanity of most tweets, but read my archives from 2002 and you’ll be glad tweets are limited in length.

16 février

Am I wrong to wonder if the times are gone of caring about what a blogger writes? In and out in 30 seconds now, isn’t it?

Whatever makes my week-old dishes stink so bad couldn’t be very healthy in the first place.

Lycos n’ira plus chercher. “Dimanche, Lycos Europe a fermé ses portes. En France, la société était surtout connue pour l’hébergement gratuit Multimania et le tchat-mail Caramail. Si les comptes utilisateurs ont été récupérés par d’obscurs prestataires, il s’agit sans doute du dernier chapitre d’une saga qui a accompagné l’histoire du Web français.” Ah, le chat Caramail…

Meet Pre

The first official, staged promotional video for the Palm Pre, and: Fuck! I want it!

New York Times Article Skimmer [via]. Oh yeah, I’m totally redesigning my home page with a buttload of jQuery, as soon as I have a minute. (While I’m waiting to register for iPhone development.)

Oh, I guess she doesn’t need to be the least interesting character on 30 Rock to pay her bills, then.

17 février

MWC 2009: Android Forgets To Join The Party

We’re only halfway through the first day at Mobile World Congress and already things are looking bleak for Android. Many of the major manufacturers have already announced their new products at the show, and not one Android handset has been seen.

Are there untold development hurdles? It was expected that everyone would be able to whip out Android versions of their phones very soon — and I can’t really imagine any non-technical reasons why that wouldn’t happen. Microsoft doesn’t have that kind of leverage anymore, does it?


Zuckerberg On Who Owns User Data On Facebook: It’s Complicated

People want full ownership and control of their information so they can turn off access to it at any time. At the same time, people also want to be able to bring the information others have shared with them—like email addresses, phone numbers, photos and so on—to other services and grant those services access to those people’s information. These two positions are at odds with each other. There is no system today that enables me to share my email address with you and then simultaneously lets me control who you share it with and also lets you control what services you share it with.

I can’t say I disagree with Zuckerberg’s point, and it’s an interesting analogy. But then, I’ve never been on the paranoid side of that argument anyway.

When is the Steve Jobs Autobiography Coming Out?

“Steve Jobs has started writing a book,” a plugged-in tipster tells me. It’s the barest of rumors, but the book industry is already eagerly anticipating the Apple CEO’s autobiography.

Even though the author’s note that Jobs being on leave from Apple, and probably bored out of his skull, is in the best opportunity ever for him to write an autobiography, I still can’t really imagine him doing that.

I’d think he wants to be remembered for what he created rather than how he lived; and I’d think he’s too narcissistic to write a really honest public account of his life, but too smart not to realize that anything else would be useless. But then, I’m only trying to put myself into his shoes, and I just can’t really imagine what it feels like to be a 55-year-old Steve Jobs possibly dying of cancer.

For Facebook, More Users Are More Problems

A rule of thumb Valley insiders use is that adding a million users to a site like Facebook requires $1 million in capital. That means Facebook should be spending roughly $5 million a week on servers and other computing infrastructure. From what’s understood about its finances, Facebook is not covering the cost of its operations, let alone generating enough profit to pay for capital investments.

I want to get out of that industry.

Les nouveaux modes multi de GTA IV Lost and Damned

Je ne m’y attendais pas, c’est tout sur les motos. Enfin, maintenant que vous le dites, c’est vrai que ce n’est pas bien étonnant, mais j’espérais qu’ils profiteraient de l’occasion pour améliorer le jeu en ligne de façon plus générale.

Il reste toujours la possibilité qu’une mise à jour gratuite du jeu accompagne le DLC, comme c’est souvent le cas, pour corriger quelques problèmes qui pèsent depuis un moment. Mais, quoi qu’il en soit, je ne suis pas très motivé pour acheter The Lost and the Damned — les histoires à la GTA ne m’intéressent pas trop, et les motos pas du tout (même si leur modèle physique a paraît-il été réajusté).

HTC Magic : Android en Europe

HTC a annoncé son deuxième smartphone Android ; il est un peu plus joli (mais pas de beaucoup) que le G1, n’a pas de clavier (alors que c’était probablement le principal avantage du G1), et sera exclusivement vendu en Europe par Vodafone, et SFR en France.

Cette news serait beaucoup plus spectaculaire si on n’avait pas entendu parler du Palm Pre avant ; maintenant, ça va juste être une question de prix… mais je doute qu’il puisse être beaucoup moins cher que l’iPhone (voire, je ne serais pas surpris qu’il se retrouve plus cher).

TinyChat [via]: instant disposable chatroom (or you can create your own room just like any IRC channel). Very simple — no credentials, no operators — and well done. Except for the inherent evil of offering to “log you in through Twitter” (and then automatically tweeting your room ID).

Chromium Build For OS X [via]: presumably, the guy who bothered to compile and distribute it didn’t add a trojan. I didn’t bother, but if you’re bored…

Tree (OS X)

This is a very well-done hierarchical notes organizer: you can switch between outline view and tree view, but the latter is not the messy free-form organizational charts I expected — just a column view where each item can be detailed or collapsed (think of the Finder’s column view).

35 € is rather steep for an application that can only handle plain text, but I really like the way it’s done. The funny thing is, I already had plans for a tandem of iPhone and Mac applications that would work a bit like that.

GTA IV The Lost and Damned “Full Frontal” clip: Nice marketing plan. But why is it non-animated like a Second Life prop?

No check in the mail, of course. I hate this damn job.

Dollhouse 1.01

Well, that was pretty much as I expected: rather well done, but I can’t say I’m hooked. Props for putting Tahmoh Penikett naked on a boxing ring (even though I don’t buy his character for a second), but I can’t help but be creeped out that Whedon ever wanted to dedicate a few years of his life to this story.


18 février


If Macs did not exist, I would be a flutist in a train station.

Vodafone SIM card in a Palm Pre. That’s unexpected so soon. (The Pre is supposed to be Sprint-exclusive for a while, and Sprint isn’t GSM and doesn’t use SIM cards.)

PowerShot SX200 IS. Twelve megapixels, 28-336mm zoom with optical stabilization, 720p video and HDMI for $350 list. Damn.


Life’s pretty tame. So I play the theme to “Requiem for a Dream” when I need to reach under the desk for a dropped paper.

19 février

Virb reboot. The TechCrunch writeup says they’re going more FriendFeed to find themselves a niche, but the site doesn’t look that different from the previous version. A bit prettier, more streamlined, and still not bringing anything that would make it exist against Facebook et al.

Palm Pre’s Touchstone charger requires matte, soft-touch battery cover. I was afraid the required “accessory” to work with the induction charger would be an ugly protuberance; in fact, it’s a nice replacement back cover. That’s a relief, even though I still think it should be standard.

And that was the last drop of milk. Stay tuned for the last pack of ramen later this afternoon.

Lost 5.06

As stupid as it all was (all in all, it was a season and a half wasted not advancing the plot, or even mystery, by much), that episode had a couple cool lines and was vaguely enjoyable, which is pretty much all you can ask of Lost nowadays.


Hey, Rockstar: Can We Get ‘The Lost And Damned’’s Motorcycles In ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’? The fix doesn’t apply to the regular game, seriously? Screw that, I’m not putting the game disc back into the tray. Got to find myself a used Call of Duty 4.

“You can now email photos directly from CameraBag!” Cool.

I want to spend the rest of my life in a coma, dreaming that I’m a millionaire. Isn’t life but an illusion anyway?

20 février

Possible image of the new Mac mini leaked. DisplayPort, FW800, a buttload of USB ports and no external redesign, I guess that’s too boring to be fake. (Although just because it might physically exist doesn’t necessarily mean it would be be released.)

Facebook Connect Comments Box. Where do you find a website that needs to rely on an external comments widget nowadays?

Boy Killed Anally When Office Chair Explodes. O…kay. “In 2007 another chair exploded, propelling a 20cm part into the backside of a 68-year-old man. He lived.

We Put Anything On Paper

Very pretty, but isn’t the dinosaur one a little creepy?

21 février

Pushing Daisies: Pushing Daisies’ Finale To Be Seen In LA - And Maybe Elsewhere?Perhaps more surprising news about the episodes, however, comes from TV Guide, which reports rumors that the episodes will, in fact, be broadcast by ABC during the summer, as a way of boosting sales of the DVD season two boxset. I would have thought that you’d have sold more copies if there were hours of unseen material on there, but whoever said that ABC was making logical decisions about the show in the first place…?

Battlestar Galactica: Battlestar Coming To The Big Screen After All?BSG may be coming to theaters anyway, courtesy of original series creator Glen Larson. IGN says Universal Pictures is planning to do a feature film version of BSG, based on the original 1978-1979 series.” Muahaha.

Not gonna starve to death, then, waiting for the check to clear and be credited. Just going to morph into a giant Picard potato.

The week had begun so much better.

I have an unhealthy relationship with food. (Imagine that.) When all that’s left is rice and pasta, it’s like I just got dumped.

Battlestar Galactica 4.16

Blah blah blah and blahhh and what the frak? Where’s the cool Her from last week? We didn’t sign up for her to return to her old, destructive, annoying self that we always hated; for once it wasn’t supposed to be like it had happened before and will happen again.

Even the Sixes aren’t cool anymore. (Except Invisible Six, who always manages to be much prettier than her sisters. That’s ethereal lighting for you.)

22 février

Putain, le roncier m’a redonné envie d’ouvrir un nouveau site de contenu à plusieurs auteurs. Espérons que je ne lui trouve pas de nom.

Come on, Interface Builder has to be the most inscrutable piece of software Apple ever released. How are all OS X devs so happy?

23 février


When offered free cake, if your response is “just a tiny piece”, I will assume you are an evil cybernetic organism and act accordingly.

24 février

Snow Leopard screenshots show interface tweaks. I need to remember Snow Leopard is coming out, drop the idea of finally upgrading my G5’s RAM and save to finally buy a decent Intel Mac.


Quand Chuck Norris utilise Gmail, tout le monde attend qu’il aie fini.

Mirror’s Edge neuf déjà à trente euros ? C’est triste.

Two New Notebooks

I absolutely want the Walls Notebook (ooh, just ten euros on Amazon). And, yes, I’m slightly curious to hold a full-sized Moleskine in my hands.

What’s new in Safari 4

I haven’t installed it, because I can’t live without 1Password, but it looks very pretty. It finally has Cover Flow on your history and bookmarks; the 3D take on the classical start page mosaic is cute; Apple didn’t waste time copying Chrome’s tabs-on-top system, going as far as removing the title bar altogether (which looks great but makes me wonder how you actually grab and move the window); and they’re getting surprisingly aggressive on the Windows side with a native UI.

I just can’t wait for 1Password to be updated.


P.S. Cocoia Blog:

In the new beta, you can actually move the window by clicking and holding the tabs (which takes some serious getting used to) and move tabs, as well as tear them, by touching the little ‘textured’ zone at the right side of each tab.

Which I take to mean that dragging a tab moves the whole window unless you clicked on the tiny hotspot at the right of the tab. I guess that works.

25 février

I really don’t enjoy that Google recently started processing dashes like spaces.

On thirty-fourth thought, when I’m able to buy a new Intel Mac I’ll be rich enough not to be sorry I bought a 75€ RAM upgrade for my G5.

TwoUp Makes Better Use of Your Screen Real Estate: Basically: Windows 7’s Aero Snap for OS X (and only via keyboard shortcuts). It’s not a very Mac-like way to set your windows up, but if you’re the kind of switcher who still wants to maximize all their applications…

Man Leaps From 23rd Street Ledge

The third picture makes it look very complicated; I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be simpler to just make a real 1:1 model.

iPhone sur SFR le 8 avril • je n’ai pas de regret, moi ça fait un an que j’ai un iPhone. Et évidemment que les tarifs sont alignés sur ceux d’Orange, vous espériez quoi ?

OmniWeb, OmniDazzle, OmniDiskSweeper, and OmniObjectMeter now freeware • “Instead of continuing to charge for these four applications, which aren’t getting updated as frequently as our other titles, we felt it would better serve the community to make them available at no cost.” Selling OmniWeb was untenable; I’m a little surprised about OmniDazzle; apparently there’s more money to be made with GTD and project management tools, is there.

Mac4Ever : SFR répond à nos questions sur son offre iPhone • J’avais lu les tarifs d’un oeil, pas remarqué le wifi illimité et, surtout, les SMS illimités. Hrmf. (Mais pas au point d’avoir des regrets.)

Où je peux trouver ça sans payer 10 euros de port pour être livré dans un point Chrono Truc ?

Safari 4 public beta: problems and fixes

Some users have experienced an issue wherein Mail stop receiving new mail. The program will load and quit normally, but will hang in the activity window and prevent mail from being downloaded. The apparent fix for this issue is to delete Mail’s preference files and relaunch the application.

And have to reconfigure all my accounts? Like hell! The day I have to reconfigure my Mail preferences from scratch is the day I switch to Thunderbird.

If Mail hangs in the activity window, removing plug-ins may not be enough (unless you remove all of them, which I didn’t try); simply disable plug-ins with this Terminal line:

defaults write EnableBundles -bool NO

Mail bundles are supposed to be disabled by default anyway, and I’m beginning to think I’ll just leave that alone and not enable them again — unless some other utility’s installer does it for me without asking (there are two ProxiMail bundles on my system, so I figure Proxi will automatically enable bundles on install).

Also, note to self: boycott GrowlMail. The fucking thing is supposed to have an uninstaller but doesn’t, and somehow it places itself in /System/Library/Mail/Bundles instead of the still annoying, but acceptable, /Library/Mail/Bundles, or the right place which would be in the user’s home directory.

‘Zen Bound’ Finally Arrives in App Store • $5 is a bit more than I like to pay for iPhone games I’ll only be playing for a day, but this is so gorgeous I don’t think I can pass. (Must drain your battery in two seconds, though.)

Gmail Puts Unread Message Counts First in Tabs, Title Bars • There’s absolutely no excuse for this being buried in the Labs settings just because the guy who coded it doesn’t have check-in privileges.

Grâce à Twitter, j’ai Evita en boucle dans la tête. Vive le progrès et bravo @nick.

26 février

Bare skin, not bearskin

It’s not a particularly good photo, though.

Xbox Live Sadly No Place For Lesbian Gamers • “Xbox Live gamer Teresa found herself on the receiving end of a ban from the service for a surprising reason. She identified herself as a lesbian in her Live profile.

Now that I have it in Safari, I’m not sure I like full-page zoom after all.

Lost 5.07

Well, that didn’t exactly bring answers, but The Scene was damn cool.

Isn’t the island going to be a bit overcrowded if, every time someone leaves, they have to bring back an entire plane’s worth of passengers back with them?

How time flies when you’re having fun with Objective-C.

Apple’s product naming conventions are fun, but how do I find how to fix a problem with how SPACES handles my application windows?

Changes Coming to Windows 7 Release Candidate that Weren’t in the Beta • Aero Peek in Alt-Tab was a long time coming, but Win+number to launch or switch to your ten most used applications is useful. (I’m still annoyed that the Mac doesn’t have a Windows key equivalent — i.e., reserved for systemwide shortcuts.)

MacBook Air hinge defect not covered by Apple’s warranty? • “Our own MacBook Air Rev. A had the exact same problem – the hinge becomes loose over time, then suddenly catches and cracks from normal use, it’s not from undue stress.” Yay for screwing early adopters.

360 Freezing With Checkerboard Pattern? • “I’ve recently been in the same position, you have little hope of resurrecting this unit for a satisfactory period of time.” Well, fuck me and my brand new Mirror’s Edge disc. That was bound to happen sooner or later, wasn’t it.

27 février

Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder

Into the Wild Green Yonder is the last of four planned straight-to-DVD Futurama movies.” Well, it’s about time they leave that sad rotting corpse of what used to be an interesting show rest in peace.

That one wasn’t entirely awful — only half of it, while the rest was just depressingly boring. Remember the days when Futurama made the cover of Wired because it was going to be such a breakthrough?

Microsoft admits to, defends banning Lesbian Xbox Live user - Ars Technica • “As stated in the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use, a member may not create a gamertag or use text in other profile fields that include comments that look, sound like, stand for, hint at, abbreviate, or insinuate content of a potentially sexual nature. […] In regards to sexual orientation, for gamertags or profiles we do not allow expression of any type of orientation, be that hetero or other.” That reminds me of the occasional “This story acknowledges the existence of sex” (semi-ironic?) parental warning in some episodes of This American Life, and kinda makes sense in a way.

doubleTwist • I didn’t really look into it when it was announced, because I don’t care so much about the sharing aspect, but now that I’ve tried it I have to admit it might be a rather interesting competitor to iTunes for managing your media; I just might use it to browse my movies and TV shows — I definitely didn’t expect an application that would run so smoothly.

O’Reilly Webcast: Developing Applications for Palm webOS • Call me back when it’s not a fucking 56-minute filmed PowerPoint presentation (recorded with a can and some string). Godmotherfuckindamn youtubization of the internet.

Memory Management Programming Guide for Cocoa: Object Ownership and Disposal • I’m re-reading this now that I’ve managed to make an app that doesn’t crash (and doesn’t leak memory very noticeably), and… yeah, it’s fucked up. So fucked up it still gives me nervous giggles.

Ning Launches Rich, Persistent Chat Feature • “Tonight Ning will introduce new chat functionality, giving Ning network administrators the oft-requested ability to integrate a rich chat environment similar to the one launched on Facebook last April.” Wow, they’re still really alive?

Yeah, I wrote this email to brag that I had rewritten Quicksilver from scratch in my first week of Obj-C. What of it?

How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data • “Our datastore stores schema-less bags of properties (e.g., JSON objects or Python dictionaries). The only required property of stored entities is id, a 16-byte UUID. […] We index data in these entities by storing indexes in separate MySQL tables.” Interesting. It fascinates and frightens me that all those social, intrinsically relational web 2.0 services can never use JOINs because of scalability issues.

BTW, I forgot the obligatory “MIrrors edge killd my xbOX!!!111!!11!1” when your console dies as it encounters a brand new game.

Ils demandent explicitement de ne pas envoyer le disque dur, c’est bien ; il faut fournir sa propre boîte pour le transport, moins bien.

Au fait, c’est la téléphonie par Freebox qui est à chier, ou la liaison transméditerranéenne ?

28 février

Resist, resist, resist the temptation to make my own RSS reader for the Mac.

Amazon sorta capitulates, will let publishers decide text-to-speech availability • Oh, come on. You’d think Amazon is big enough now not to let the bullies win.

Caught You! — Make Your iPhone Rat Out Thieves • “Caught You! masquerades as a standard iPhone app called Bank Details. […] The Bank Details app invites Mr. Thief to enter a pin number. The thing is, there is no pin number, and so while Mr. Thief is excitedly trying various combinations, the app is covertly mailing its location back to you.” I’m not gonna pay for that, but it’s clever enough. Don’t tell your thieving friends about it, though.


After we explain what a bookmark is to Leta, she goes, “So it’s the thing you use to pause a book. I get it.”

Je sais que ça faisait bien marrer les blogueurs, que les livreurs UPS reconnaissent les “cercueils” de Xbox 360 du premier coup d’oeil, mais est-ce que ça faisait vraiment une telle mauvaise publicité qu’ils doivent se ridiculiser à insister lourdement pour que les colis soient désormais aussi peu identifiables que possible ?

C’est juste que ça me donne envie d’accrocher en réaction une banderole “Ma Xbox 360 a grillé !” à ma fenêtre — alors qu’à la base je ne suis pas plus vindicatif que ça, je savais bien que ça allait arriver un jour.

Enfin, ça me gonfle quand même pas mal de devoir trouver (voire acheter) un carton moi-même. Rien que pour ça…

Changing the selected text’s color for an NSTextField

Yeah, I’m getting intimate with Cocoa development, so you can expect occasional posts like this one. My readers are not supposed to care about this; I’m just posting it because I’ve been googling that question for an hour and didn’t find a proper answer anywhere.


There’s a point in the Cocoa documentation (I would link to it, but it looks like URLs tend to change every so often) that says:

A text field allows you to set the attributes of its text, the text background color, whether it draws the background, and whether it draws a bezel or border around its text. Note that the text and background colors of selected text are configurable. The selected text color overrides any actual text color applied to the text while it’s selected (this is generally the case with controls).

But nowhere does it say how. NSTextView has a setSelectedTextAttributes, but NSTextField doesn’t; so how do you change the selected text’s attributes?

Maybe you’re supposed to know that from the start (I’m learning Cocoa in random order, by googling for bits of information as I need them, and I know that’s not how you’re supposed to do it but, hey, my app works, and it doesn’t even seem to leak), but NSTextView isn’t just a control you can drop in Interface Builder to let users enter long, formatted text; there’s also an NSTextView associated with each window, and it processes the text behind the scenes or something.

So all you have to do is get access to that NSTextView, and setSelectedTextAttributes on it. Here’s how you get text fields of the window InputWindow to show selected text on a black background:

NSTextView *textEditor = (NSTextView *)[InputWindow fieldEditor:YES forObject:InputTextField];

[textEditor setSelectedTextAttributes:[NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:[NSColor blackColor], NSBackgroundColorAttributeName, nil]];

The (NSTextView*) bit is because fieldEditor:forObject: thinks it returns an NSText*, even though it seems like it does return an NSTextView* — otherwise the code just wouldn’t work, would it? Looks like a known bug in the Cocoa headers.

OMG it’s gonna be March already?


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