Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

1 décembre 2010

I’m suddenly in a mood to unsubscribe from The Event, so let’s not waste it — done. Not worth the headaches.

So you can’t just let GT5’s B-Spec mode farm itself in the background, you gotta be there to press the “Chill out!” button every 10 seconds.

2 décembre

Goddamn piece-of-shit “realistic” game keeps re-enabling traction control. No wonder I find my Ferrari easy to drive.

Well, I finally found one person who appreciates the way my Google Reader client for iPad works. Philistines.

Reeder for Mac is definitely a worthy alternative to the web interface, but it doesn’t really add anything beyond the pretty.

“Flipboard’s Big Update: This is an iPad Mag Done Right”

When readers tap content from [partnering] publishers shared by friends on Twitter or Facebook within the Flipboard app, they’re now taken to this new [custom-designed] magazine-like reading experience instead of a traditional Web page. And for publishers, the result of the tap is the same as a Web hit on their end.

That’s a really good idea (Flipboard’s other* big drawback is that you have to open each text-based article in a web view because the app itself will only display a pretty short excerpt) on one condition: that it’s easy for websites to partner with Flipboard so that anyone can supply its own stylesheets. If it stays reserved for select high-profile partners, it doesn’t really help the end user.


(* the other drawback being the lack of anything that could be called an “interestingness” algorithm, as I’ve already complained about several times.)


P.S. Okay, it’s now online and… just ridiculous. No simplification of the workflow, no improvements to the interface, just a full-screen browser that appears in replacement of the usual full-screen browser. Urgh.

Ta-dah, all gold on beginner and amateur series in GT5, all assists off (but with overpowered cars on some of the races, obviously).

“The failure of Gran Turismo 5: the power of menus and UI”

Imagine a restaurant where you wait for your table in a dirty room. The hostess is rude to you, and the process of ordering food or even getting a reservation is confusing. You’re having a bad experience well before you’re eating, and now the chef is going to have to work much harder to satisfy a grumpy customer. Like all metaphors, this is imperfect, but the lesson remains: a great game is a great experience, and the interface is a large part of creating that experience.

I was very impressed by Forza 3’s menu system when it came out, by how streamlined it had become (when the previous game was a bit cumbersome). In fact, Forza 3 is a better game in a lot of ways, and its developers must be suicidal when they compare it to Gran Turismo 5 and realize that what is really holding them back is that there is no remotely decent wheel for the Xbox 360.

And now, instead of a good wheel, they have to support Kinect for their next version. Argh.

“Nürburgring - Wikipedia”

While it is unusual for deaths to occur during sanctioned races, there are many accidents and several deaths each year during public sessions. It is common for the track to be closed several times a day for cleanup, repair, and medical intervention. While track management does not publish any official figures, several regular visitors to the track have used police reports to estimate the number of fatalities at somewhere between 3 and 12 in a full year.

Emphasis mine. Niiice. (No wonder, when you see the track.)

3 décembre


When I’m dead, I’m going to haunt offices and say, “OooOoo… why are you using your mouse?… hit Control-C… you’re taking forever…”

Maintenant que je sais qu’Amazon a un rayon rasoirs électriques… tête de rechange, ou nouveau rasoir juste pour changer ?

First time I open Tarot Royale on my iPad, and even zoomed it looked pretty nice. Gotta get off my ass and make an actual HD version.

4 décembre

And Fanatec finally has a new Xbox+PS3 wheel

But it’s 250€ and they have the worst reputation as for reliability.

Fringe 3.08 may just have been cool enough to make up for the fact that we’re supposed to accept Peter didn’t… you know.


Email is manageable when you simplify it to two actions: “act on” or “remove from my view.” I wish our email clients reflected that.

Friendly for iPad, which basically embeds Facebook’s mobile webapp, wasn’t worth buying, but at $0 with ads now I definitely recommend it.

5 décembre

Je me suis blessé avec une barre Kinder. C’est traître.

Did they cheat on this week’s Vampire Diaries previouslies? Finally justified the curse thing; had those lines been cut or did I miss them?

Misfits 2.03 — I’m glad they figured out a way to give him different stuff to do. And to get him naked. A lot.

6 décembre

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole — Damn annoying. Way too grim for kids, and boring for adults. But pretty, I guess.

I like how Facebook made the new profile rollout kind of a viral game.

My iPad just made the weirdest noise, like plastic parts loudly snapping into place. I’m preparing for a battery explosion.

I like Skitch’s new official $0 price point, and the more subdued interface (though it’s still trying too much to be special). Re-installed.

Why are clients systematically unable to remember passwords? It’s like a disease.

Wouldn’t mid-December be a really weird time to launch the Mac App Store? Yes, Apple is running out of unoccupied months, but come on.

Doesn’t Diaspora end up being more of a threat — uh, scratch that, I mean an also-ran competitor — to Twitter than to Facebook?

Tiens, j’ai oublié de noter sur Sens Critique les derniers films que j’ai vus. Plouf, le réseau social.

7 décembre


Engineers aren’t bitter — they’re informed.

Ngmoco’s new We Pirate (a.k.a. Adventure Bay) looks very pretty. Too bad I’ve decided to boycott them. Must. Resist. Just forget it exists.

Google Books Whale Fail

Cute and clever, but do you really want your gimmick to be a reference to a semi-competitor?

8 décembre

The Nexus Two’s minisite right out of, the Chrome OS netbook looking like a black MacBook… Google’s not even pretending anymore.

“Year in Review 2010.” For a split second I thought it was a gag video pretending to be from the future.

9 décembre

Demotivation is an email from your client.

“Needs more cowbell and PowerPoint gradients.”

10 décembre

Can we do Christmas now? I’m bored and I don’t feel like waiting. (No, I’m not getting anything special. Just feel like seeing presents.)

I had to download the iTunes Connect documentation PDF to find out where they’d hidden the option to generate promo codes. Nice UI.

On second thought, I should buy some cardboard boxes, metallic wrapping paper + bows, and nail big fake presents to the wall above my desk.

Oh, nice, I’ve screwed up a page on NoPic a week ago, thinking I was modifying a script on my client’s site.

Twitter was right, Community’s Christmas episode must have been the most awesome thing on TV in 2010.

Fringe is having a great end run. You would never have thought, watching the first season, that it could ever become that good.

11 décembre

Dunno why, but I have nice hair this month. Must be the reason I’ve felt tired; all my energy’s been going into the follicles.

Last time I checked the date it was the 8th. I’m in a hurry to get to Exmas but not if my work isn’t progressing in the meantime, damnit.

Je m’étais juré de ne jamais retoucher à CDiscount, mais ils ont le Driving Force GT à 90€ et il a en fait bien des (pseudo) paddles, donc… hop.

12 décembre

I’m out of space on the 750GB drive I use to store all my incoming downloads. (I’m a pack rat.) It’s so time for a Drobo.

13 décembre

Every time I see “Married to Jane Doe” on a John Doe’s Facebook page, my first reaction is—he’s married to his sister? #gaytto

Hrm, est-ce que je me rase pour faire le Photomaton de ma carte Vitale…

Worse photo of me ever, courtesy of the goddamn freezing cold.

Dexter 5.12 — Uh. All the scenes without Jordan Chase (who was impressive) felt like they were from another show than this whole season.

14 décembre

Amazon Windowshop is now available in France and by god how can anyone care to use such a laggy interface?

Argh, it’s 10.6.5

“It renders Photoshop more or less useless, as all tools behave as if a modifier key was held down”

(See link for workarounds.)

Je viens de casser une tasse que j’avais achetée un jour. C’est le genre de signe qui vous fait changer votre vie.

The Princess Bride — Whatever the reason why I’d forgotten all about this movie, I’m glad I got to rediscover it.

15 décembre

Contrairement aux cas où je fais du déjà-su, je crois que je viens de réaliser vraiment pour la première fois le sens du nom “Destop.”

Personne que je suive sur Twitter n’a encore reçu d’avertissement Hadopi, alors ?

16 décembre

Ma résolution pour 2011 : faire du sport au moins une fois dans l’année.

17 décembre

Word Lens for iPhone

It’s probably not all that reliable but you absolutely must play with the free demo.

TweetMag for iPad finally out

Nonplussed at the moment; maybe when it becomes less sluggish.

Comment je n’ai pas plus d’argent que ça sur mon compte, moi ? C’te manie de tout dépenser…

18 décembre

I’m surprised by how much more usable Flipboard became in the latest update. The interface for reading articles is now rather pleasant.

19 décembre

If IMDb’s gonna make me register, they could at least remember what films I’ve seen so I can see at a glance “Where do I know her from?”

20 décembre

BBC - Dimensions

“Dimensions takes important places, events and things, and overlays them onto a map of where you are.”

Grah, la livraison des colis lagge à Noël.

21 décembre

Damn good thing I don’t have a PC, because I’d be emptying my bank account on the seasonal Steam sales.

22 décembre

Well, since my steering wheel isn’t here yet, I’m gonna download the Starcraft 2 demo. That’ll learn them.

Gran Turismo 5 is a completely different game with a steering wheel, and by god I suck at it.

Tiens, pour le prix de mon volant je pourrais me payer un stage de pilotage de Porsche sur circuit à une heure d’ici.

23 décembre

I’m seriously proud of having gotten the Human Stopwatch trophy (regularity across 3 laps) in #GT5 on my first day with the steering wheel.

Misfits 2.07 — Way to ruin a great season with a bullshit idea, just because you want to switch your show bible around.

Note for future reference: the trailer for Off the Map looks bad enough that I don’t intend to watch the pilot.

24 décembre

Right now I should be on the train going to my parents’. Instead of having been there for more than a year.

“Luc Besson is directing The Lady, an epic love story about the heroine of Burma’s democracy movement, Aung San Suu Kyi.” SRSLY.

25 décembre

Surpris du nombre de gens sur Twitter qui ouvrent leurs cadeaux le 25 à midi.

Looks like everybody in the house is getting a stomach flu for Christmas. Hurrah!

27 décembre

Black Swan — That was… pointless? Entirely over-directed for something so minor. Like a film student’s first-year short.

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol — That was sweet but as a geek I can’t stop obsessing about how I thought they broke the rules of time travel.
Rules that I may have imagined, as I can’t find any confirmation online.

Copying and pasting three months’ worth of gospels into a PHP form. My life has taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Essentially, Aronofsky hijacked the script of a decent Lifetime movie and turned it into pretentious shit. But then I also hate Kubrick.

Call of Duty: Black Ops — As a single-player game, rather lame. Not just short (and half of it cutscenes), but often actively annoying.

28 décembre

I wish they found a way to do Top Gear without having to pretend it’s not scripted. Can’t help but feel a little insulted.

Watching a video of Uncharted 3 gameplay, I just don’t understand why they’re sticking with the bullet sponges. Does anyone ever enjoy that?

There’s nothing more satisfying than dropping an enemy with one well-placed bullet and I don’t get why they’d still deprive us of that.

30 décembre

Nine years

…and they’re still much younger than me. Fuck.

L’appli “12 jours” offre un roman de Marc Lévy, donc j’ai mis mon iPad à la poubelle. Les éboueurs passent vers 19h si ça vous intéresse.

The last three people I haven’t unfollowed will please pick up the slack and fill my timeline with interesting stuff. Much obliged.

31 décembre

If your iPad app’s content is jumping from one pane of the UISplitViewController to the other, you’re doing it wrong. #alienblue

Got the kitty song from Big Bang Theory stuck in my head. Feel free to kill me at any convenient time.


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