31 juil. 2011

Hey mais c'est carrément pas la mort en fait de faire la vaisselle juste après avoir mangé.


Ooh, looks like Lion-scrolling beyond the top in Echofon now marks the timeline as read. I like this.


Idiocracy is coming true so much faster than one could have expected.


It's a good thing I have a hot corner for "Show Desktop" because I'm unable to reliably execute the gesture.


I have Airwolf in my "Incoming TV Shows" folder so of course the theme starts playing in my head every time I open the folder.


30 juil.

No choice but to sniff the user-agent if I want to check whether I'm in a mobile browser that can do uploads? That's ridiculous.


Ouais, non mais, clairement, le seul moyen, je voulais y échapper, mais c'est que j'épouse quelqu'un qui a déjà un appart. Faire offre.


I should have saved the underachievementunlocked.com domain for my secret anonymous blog instead of wasting it. Would have been so perfect.


Oh, yeah, I forgot that Americans don't have summer vacations, so they don't realize what goes on in Europe (via @pppaulppp)


Maybe, just maybe, launching Google+ right over the July-August slump was incredibly stupid.


"Aaron's Twitter Viewer"

Displays the entire conversation thread from a tweet. With bookmarklet. A must-have.


Um… if the VPN's secret key for L2TP is the same for all users… doesn't that mean anyone knowing the key could intercept the data?


Oops, I was this close to paying for my auto-renewing VPN service with PayPal. Like I haven't read enough horror stories just this week.


I love signup forms where the compulsory, restricted, and Javascript-populated "state/region" field is above the "country" field that determines its contents. Ungh.


29 juil.

Trimmed my hair and found out that the top is now growing a lot more slowly than the sides. Uh-oh.


I'm worried about what will happen to my desktop icon placement when I use the MacBook on the go, without the external screen.


I'm still not getting used to the t.co URLs; my first reaction is always "why would an article thus described be on a TechCrunch?"


Ahhhh I can hide my Gmail labels from IMAP, and even the "All Mail" box? That should make Mail's sync so much more responsive!


"Switch friends to Gmail" is kind of an odd call to action. Like "Surprise your friends, enlist them in the army."


Seeing Tywin Lannister in Your Highness is just a bit weird.


28 juil.

I'd love for iOS 5 to get a visual redesign of the blue alert boxes. They've gotten seriously old, much more so than the other interface elements.


27 juil.

OMFG I HATE YOU. TextEdit disappears from the Dock right after I've closed the last file, before I have time to drag the next files to the icon.


If I'd won Euromillions I'd have hired a programmer to make a spatial Finder replacement based on my specs. Go ahead and weep.


I must say, imperfect as it is, I love switching from one space to another with a swipe.


Kernel panic while FileVault was encrypting the disk. (Caused by Xcode.) I'm sure I've got nothing at all to worry about…


Oh, yeah. Maybe next time I won't launch FileVault encryption just while Spotlight is re-indexing the whole drive. That'd be more sensible.


Ah, the 1Password extension for Safari has been fixed (shows as a popup rather than in-browser), so I'm switching back again back.


26 juil.

C'est énervant, j'ai perdu le tournevis avec lequel j'avais monté tous mes PC. Snif.


“Design Sales Site Fab.com Hits 350,000 Members, Raises $8M To Celebrate”

Fab.com, which started out as Fabulis, a social networking site for gay men, has not only recently changed its name but also started from scratch with an entirely new business centered around online flash sales of design items.

No, wait, seriously?


Le deuxième Garoo Comeback Tour à Paris commencera le premier août, gare Montparnasse (super lieu, super public). Réservez vos places.


“Google Responds to Google+ Account Suspension Controversy”

Horowitz also took time to dispel the rumor that a suspension of a Google+ account means that a user loses his or her access to Gmail, Google Docs or other Google services. “When an account is suspended for violating the Google+ common name standards, access to Gmail or other products that don’t require a Google+ profile are not removed,” he said.

Is he saying that all the testimonies to the contrary were lies? I’m not buying it. I’d be a lot more confident if they said that disabling Gmail accounts was a mistake and they’ll never do it again — but denying that it ever happened in the face, of so many articles? This whole thing is a giant screw-up and they’re making it worse by the day.


So… is "Find my Mac" available in Lion somewhere and I can't find it, or will it only be enabled after iCloud is launched?


In other news, reinstalling on a formatted drive with the home-made DVD works great. Only difference is, final online registration is not optional.


C'est quoi tous ces putain de touristes étrangers qui viennent envahir ma belle Norman… ah, non, je confonds, je m'en fous en fait.


Zeroed out the drive three times, SMART still says it's good, so I guess I'm gonna assume it's good. I'll just backup three times a day.


25 juil.

Graaah. Je mets les fichiers corrompus à la poubelle pour que SuperDuper ne bute pas dessus, mais il copie aussi la poubelle.


Gators love marshmallows? Seriously?


I've got to get myself a hat like Jesus's. (The brujo, not the messiah.) I'm sure I could pull it off, right?


Come on, there must be a way to do a physical check of a hard drive in OS X without buying a $100 third-party utility?


I know 26:00 on a Sunday isn't the best time to ask, but anyone got a recommendation for a hosted VPN service?


The ability to undo multiple steps in the Finder, that's new, isn't it?


Oh. It may be my fault that OS X (even Snow) kept waking up my network-connected Drobo. I'd put a shortcut to it in my Home directory.


Aw, that's so cute. Once upon a time, when I removed a blog from my reader, I'd keep a bookmark to give it another shot later.


24 juil.

Geeks have the weirdest priorities. NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled is less than the least of my worries in this shitty OS.


The Adjustment Bureau — This must have been an interesting script at some point during development. Or maybe not. It's pretty damn gross.


I'm beginning to suspect that my Lion stalls happened because the system was randomly waking up, and waiting for, my network-connected Drobo.


I can only hope someone discovers some more sensible hidden preferences for Mission Control before I throw the MacBook through the window.


I have "$first = min($first, 0);" in my production code. I get this wrong EVERY TIME. I should override min() and max() to "die".


"Doubts About Lytro’s 'Focus Later' Camera"

Quite glad to see I'm not the only one having them.


"Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Server: The Review"

Looks like a horribly amateurish mess to me. Another nail in the Mac's coffin.


Now if I could make the App Store glitch and retroactively bill everyone… just $2, I'm not greedy.


Even if I end up making nothing out of it, I'll be able to say I once made an app that was downloaded by 96,000 people in four days.


23 juil.

And this is why you buy an iPad with 3G. Pretty sure I will next time. (Especially if it's a super-expensive iPad Pro already.)


I need to kill someone before I get out of here #dyslexia


One ethernet router or switch per room, all daisy-chained. Gonna take a week to find which part of the network is broken.


Oh, that's gonna be really fun, having Xcode automatically flush from memory every time I hide it, and spin a while when I need it again.


What happens when you make your tarot app temporarily free on the App Store: half the reviews are "tarot is stupid" one-stars.


I think I've lost a bit of jowl. Should have made before-and-after silicone molds of my head.


RT @louije: “You can still drag on the app's Dock icon to trigger All Windows. Hitting space makes Exposé come up quicker.”


I think I hate Mission Control. How do you choose, say, a Finder window, when you've got a bunch open and they're all superposed?


Would Lion actually be worse than Snow at remembering the size and options of Finder windows?


There was a warning icon next to my syncing iPhone in iTunes, so I clicked it. That just made the warning icon disappear.


I'm beginning to think that maybe Lion just doesn't like my custom-installed hard drive.


Wait, Mission Control can not be navigated with the keyboard at all?


22 juil.

Trying out Wunderlist, thought it was crashy in Lion — no, it was just confused by my Cmd-, because it has no Preferences window.


It's bound to occur to Twitter at some point that sorting our lists alphabetically could be a bit less confusing?


Why did I ever tell my client to type his data into Excel instead of immediately making a web-based form? I'll pay for that a long time.


Who doesn't love having to wait for the scrollbars to fade out before you're allowed to click the last file in the window? (In list mode.)


I can't open several files at the same time in Excel from the Finder anymore. How the hell did they manage that?


21 juil.

RT @fraserspeirs: “Thought: "natural" scrolling in Lion would feel better if the OS blanked the cursor after scrolling starts.”


Holy shit, le kit 4 Go Macway est à 40 €. Mais pourquoi ils me proposent un kit 8 Go alors que je devrais être limité à 4 ?


Do I buy more RAM so my MacBook doesn't have to swap apps in the background, or wait until I buy myself a top-of-the-line MacBook Air ?


Every other time I want to switch from one app to another, the mouse stops responding. Which of these apps is the culprit?!


What do you know, running the Xcode installer three times in a row finally did the trick.


20 juil.

Oh yeah, that's convenient. Download Xcode on the App Store and it hides an "Install Xcode" icon at the back end of Launchpad. Yeesh.


All hail the "View/Customize…" option in System Preferences.


Never mind, I'll do the switch to natural scrolling later — when I'm not Teleport'ing to a Core Duo Mac mini every five minutes.


RT @gruber: “My number one Lion tip: No matter how wrong it feels, stick with the new trackpad scrolling direction. Give it a week.”


Launchpad is just horrible.


I liked the idea of natural scrolling more than the fact. Main disconnect, possibly: content is scrolling underneath a cursor staying still… unlike my fingers.


Re-enabling the back/forward gestures: set "Swipe between pages" to "swipe with three fingers".


Somehow the linen pattern seems to work much better on my computer screen than in Springboard folders.


On me souffle dans l'oreillette que je serais le seul couillon à mettre trois heures pour charger Lion ?


I wish I could buy Lion online today and get the USB key for $40 when it's available. Not so much for convenience, I just want the object.


Now that Dashboard is gonna be more integrated and more convenient to reach, any useful widgets to recommend?


You can plug a second 27" Thunderbolt Display to your 27" Thunderbolt Display. And then… it'll turn off when you full-screen an app in Lion?


The Thunderbolt Display has FW800 and Ethernet ports. Drool. (But odd that they didn't find a way to get rid of the separate MagSafe cable.)


Wow, no more plastic MacBooks. Also, I want one of the new Minis.


It's a little weird to have your G+ post reshared by someone, and then not be able to see it as you're not in the circles he reshared it to.


19 juil.

Lessons in good UI design: if you look at the latest Echofon Mac's window while it's inactive, you won't know which tab is selected.


Sucker Punch — It's stupid and empty and… and… in the end it works. (But I'd have hated to be stuck in a theater with it.)


A Google+ app update within hours? I'd love to be as blacklisted by the App Store review team as Google evidently is.


I'd be proud to see that Google, like me, has decided to go with embedded web views for their app—if it didn't turn out that the app is shit.


That's a nice fail for Google+ with iOS early adopters, who (1) want to use their iPads, and (2) have installed iOS 5 beta on their iPhones.


WTF. The Google+ app refuses to run on iPads and iPods touch. Bad start. (Also, it crashes on my iPhone, but that's probably iOS 5.)


I don't understand the point of the free SketchBook Copic Edition, but it reminded me how much better it is to draw on a Wacom than an iPad.


RT @jdguyot: “Merci de ne pas me demander quelque chose en commençant par « Merci de ».”


The rain has been pouring for hours. It's like the sky has found a mysterious way to transmute air into an endless supply of water.


18 juil.

Can't find a definitive list of which cars have column-mounted vs. wheel-mounted shifting paddles. What the hell is Wikipedia for, then?


Deuxième passage au supermarché où j'ai réussi à résister aux nombreux rayons sucrés. Ils font des supermarchés "régime", à Paris ?


Ah ben ouais, même en iOS 4.3 l'appli Twitter pour iPad crashe, j'avais oublié, tiens.


In case you were wondering (I was), iOS 5 backups are unrestorable to iOS 4. Using a backed up backup from early June. Still, worth it.


How to downgrade iOS 5 beta to 4.3

The devil is in the italics: if it fails, use the other version of iTunes.


There you go, successfully wasted an entire day trying and failing to get my iPad back to 4.3. Yay.


17 juil.

Wow, pas mal, la nouvelle interface d'aka-aki (qui date de je ne sais pas quand).


I'd hate to think that Twitter spam actually works.


Successfully unbricked the iPad. Now on to try and brick it again.


Gonna try to restore my iPad to iOS 4.3, can't deal with the crashy web views anymore. Willing to downgrade: that's how much I need my iPad.


16 juil.

I might have to kill someone because the screens are askew.


RT @BodyofBreen: “What say we all tweet "iPad" on Tuesday midnight GMT and then immediately report all the spam we receive. Make the point by killing Twitter.”


NewTorchwood is definitely not where I'd have hoped to see Lauren Ambrose again. I'm sure the fans are happy with the gay jokes in this one?


Am I really the only one put off by Flipboard regularly mistaking a swipe for its opposite?


15 juil.

Passer la soirée en Bretagne sans prévoir qu'il risque de pleuvoir, ça fait plaisir, je suis bien toujours un parisien.


C'est très joli, Saint-Malo, mais un peu trop décor touristique. Le quartier latin, mais propre et avec un port.


Is there a keyboard/modifier shortcut for "Reply to All" in Echofon Mac or do I have to use the context menu?


Urgh, il y autant de touristes qu'à Paris, mais sans les avantages. (De Paris, pas des touristes.)


"Google+" works for the service's name, but having both "Google" and "Google+" in the App Store is gonna be a mess.


Those two Zoidberg lines were the funniest Futurama has had in three seasons.


I hate cooking eggs. Always spend an hour fishing for shell bits. Yes, I know I must be doing it wrong.


Apple just confirmed, as I expected, that they wontfix the bug / functionality that makes a mess of Uniconsole in iOS 5.


14 juil.

Le plus gros frein au régime, c'est de devoir faire la vaisselle tous les deux jours.


Following "famous" people on Google+ is painful as hell, with the comments eternally pouring in under their posts.


13 juil.

I liked it when I was young and putting on my socks wasn't such a precise, complicated and exhausting operation.


12 juil.

I know it's the pettiest of all pet peeves, but why can't Apple send all the regional earning reports on the same day?


If I stare at my shelves for a couple more hours I'm sure I'll eventually find something to eat that isn't all carbs.


Wondering what's the long-term plan for Weeds. Or do they just intend to get cancelled someday and never have to provide a resolution?


RT @Melhael: “If you've read the "Mars" trilogy, you know what a world owned by the transnationals is like. So will you, should you live to see 2012.”


Looks like I should have stuck with (redacted) beta 2. Can't read more than a dozen RSS posts in a row, whether in my app or Reeder.


Idle thought — if you're banned from Google+ for posting objectionable material, do you lose your Gmail account along with it?


Je réalise en 2011 que les paroles de "Laisse tomber les filles" ne veulent pas dire "deviens forever alone c'est plus simple".


Oh, Kurt Russell and Jeff Bridges are two different people!


The kicker: I have no idea how to find out which file is corrupted. If I try to copy the folder in Finder, it fails in the middle, but no idea where.


There's one corrupted file among the 32,000 that constitute my iPad's backup, and as a result the restore fails entirely.


11 juil.

Tempted to plug a second USB cable and try to restore my iPhone and iPad simultaneously. KIDDING! KIDDING! Not rocking the boat.


Other little-known fact: I have absolutely no patience for people.


Little-known fact: I have absolutely no patience for people who can't communicate / work efficiently by e-mail.


E-mail is only dead if you're writing to people who are swamped with spam. If everybody just moved to Gmail the problem would be solved.


True Blood's season 3 premiere was dubious, but it's quickly getting awesome. And awful in the best way.


And here's another Top Gear episode brought to you by the Tron soundtrack.


J'ai encore acheté du surgelé qui se fait au four normal. Pourquoi on vend encore en 2011 des trucs qui ne passent pas au micro-ondes ?


10 juil.

Ah, tiens, mais ils ont pas du tout pensé à un équivalent des hashtags, sur Google+, du coup ?


I miss French cinema of the 90s. Which goes to show I'm just an old fart whose "tastes" simply fixated on what I grew up watching.


Evidemment, ma sauvegarde sur le Burnout Paradise de mon frère n'est pas valable sur le Burnout Paradise téléchargé sur PSN+. Pff.


I'm tempted to buy GTA IV on sale on Steam just because of all those photo-realistic mods I see on the web. But I don't have the hardware.


The Google+ stream: where YouTube ads take up half the video.


I don't know for how long OS X Mail has had an "x" to remove a blockquote while replying, but I only discovered it last week.


9 juil.

Can't wait to sell my kidney for an iPad Pro. iOS 5 is laggy on iPad 1 in a way that doesn't scream "will be fixed in release" to me.


J'ai plus de "people in your circles" que de "people who've added you". C'est la grosse honte.


That Torchwood premiere was annoying as hell. Not sure if more or less so than the original series.


Could someone explain to me why El Shaddai's translators have decided to keep "Lucifel" instead of fixing the transliteration?


8 juil.

Ils ont oublié de mettre le covert art sur le volume 2 de la BO de Portal 2 ?


Je regarde toujours les candidats de télé-réalité pour voir si j'ai couché avec un et, non, toujours pas. Mais qu'ai-je fait de mes années.


Open Google to look up something, click on the Plus notification count, close the window and forget I was ever looking for something.


RT @danielpunkass: “Sciencespeed, Atlantis.”


Yeah, maybe it's time I read a PDO tutorial.


7 juil.

Il fait glacial aujourd'hui, mais je vais quand même me manger une glace pour me récompenser de pouvoir tenir debout sans hurler de douleur.


Red Mars would make for a great TV series, now that TV producers are bothering to make good adaptations.


I won't be able to resist the temptation to install Lion as soon as it's released, so let's start a little SuperDuper session.


6 juil.

I want to design a Google+ desktop client but I'll never have the time — or courage — to program it. Who wants to get rich?


I walk like a pregnant woman. Because I am. Pregnant. With fat. Get it?


5 juil.

Just realized there seems to be a difference between "added you on Google+" and "started sharing with you" and I have no idea what it is.


This week's Top Gear challenge was terribly lame… except for the final part. Madly jealous.


Ca fait une heure que je suis assis à mon bureau et je ne me suis pas encore jeté au sol en hurlant de douleur. Yay !


4 juil.

"Oh. What? Shit. No! Cancel! Back! Back! I meant to open the link, not +1 this page about anal fungus that I haven't even read yet!"


Just disabled the "+1's" tab on my Google+ profile after I accidentally tapped the +1 button during a medical Google search on my iPad.


Aww, it's so cute, I have two contacts whose Latitude location is up to date. Android users, obviously.


C'est à cette heure-ci qu'il fait une chaleur à crever ? Ou c'est juste que j'ai passé le reste de la journée au frais, allongé au sol ?


3 juil.

La mezzanine Ikea c'est bien mignon mais quand on a le dos en compote c'est très moyennement pratique.


Sales on Steam make me wish I had a gaming PC. But then I remember that both my wallet and calendar are glad that I don't.


Le dos bloqué après avoir porté des pierres, c'est pour confirmer que je n'aurais jamais dû arrêter le vélo elliptique, c'est ça ?


Checking out Forbrydelsen, not sure yet how it compares, but I doubt I'll have the strength to endure several months of red herrings again.


2 juil.

“Brief thoughts on Google Plus”

Within hours, the early Plus invitees were actually using Google Plus for conversations. Not just nattering back and forth, not just comments on the service itself, but real conversations.

That’s fundamentally different from Google Wave, where I rarely saw any discussion that wasn’t about Wave itself.

Interestingly, I’ve seen the same with my contacts — and I really don’t know why that would be. I don’t share stuff on Facebook nor on Plus, so I have no idea what motivates those people to actually start posting to Plus this time.

Except for the fact the Wave’s interface was too daunting, obviously.


If Google Plus wants to have a killer feature that Facebook refuses to implement, it's pretty simple: just add a "-1" button.


Looks a lot like my client's spam filters are nuking all the App Store "Ready for Sale" messages. That's convenient.


I hope someone with a capture card publishes a video of how inconvenient Sony made it to download the Welcome Back to PlayStation Home items.


1 juil.

Shit, I'd forgotten how evil the episode with Fry's dog was.


Uh? For two weeks I've been waiting for the next episode of The Killing (US), not knowing I'd seen the season finale.


“Walking Around In Circles: As Google+ Opens Up Will People Start Using It Correctly?”

Who knows, maybe I’m just a Silicon Valley guy who has lost touch with reality. It’s entirely possible. But maybe, just maybe, the opposite is true. Maybe “regular” people have been allergic to using groups in the past because they simply don’t want to use groups. Maybe it’s one of those things that’s a good idea on paper or in a brain-storming session, but doesn’t translate onto the web.

That’s a very interesting theory — as a geek, I love the idea of Circles (like Diaspora’s aspects), but are regular users ever going to be interested in that concept at all?

Not to mention that I’d already planned to post that quote yesterday, before getting my own invite to Google+, but now I’m in and I can tell that the interface for Circles sucks. Sure, the concept is viable, but there are lots of little missteps that make it annoying and confusing (UI elements jumping around, semi-compulsory multiple selection, an unintuitive flow to simply see a prospective contact’s profile, and a bunch of other tiny details that mount up). In short, Google has made the interface uncharacteristically flashy… but they still haven’t gotten user-friendly.



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