Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

1 septembre 2011

I like the design of the two Sony tablets just announced; pity they’re running Android. Remember when Sony made the best PalmOS devices?

Bon ben voilà, j’ai créé le répertoire ‘www2’ pour lancer le développement de la v2, je crois bien que j’ai assez bossé pour aujourd’hui.

I hate that we’ll never know whether Google+ is failing due to Google’s dumb decisions, or just because people are glued to Facebook.

Hihihihi ! Ils ne m’ont jamais signalé que la commande allait être honorée, ni prévenu de l’expédition, mais j’ai reçu mon jouet !

I guess the one thing I really don’t like in the TouchPad’s interface is the system font. Looks so dated compared to the rest of the design.

It’s so weird being able to switch away from an app while it’s loading data. And quite convenient, too, with this slow public wifi #webos

Having to actually press the Home button on my iPad feels so awfully primitive now #webos

2 septembre

More sexy hardware today, this time from Samsung. I can’t wait to see what the iPhone 5 looks like, and does.

The $100 TouchPad is just tailor-made for when your iPad is stuck in a two-hour (beta) OS restore.

3 septembre

Le Carrefour du coin est tellement bidochon qu’ils ne stockent pratiquement aucun soda light.

Must confess I haven’t used the TouchPad in two days — but I really miss swipe-up. And it would work so perfectly for bringing up the iOS app switcher.

4 septembre

Ok, Photoshop, c’est fait, maintenant il va falloir coder la nouvelle version d’Uniconsole spéciale pour iOS 5.

Bought a Razer Onza controller for my Xbox; it seems mostly good but I’m gonna have a hard time getting used to the face button sensibility.

7 septembre

I’m not really enjoying Bioshock.

I should have known better by now than to play a 4yo game that has since been sampled by everyone else.

Pretty sure it’s not the first time I spend a minute wondering why the guy in the podcast said “Play-Doh and Socrates” like it’s obvious.

8 septembre

Feature request for Echofon: “Mute this user when using this client.” I just want to block some people’s Tumblr posts.

Life lessons from The Sims Social: flirt, then insult, then flirt. Works every time.

I love that Facebook updated sharing to catch up with Google+ yet it still takes four steps and some typing to publish to a friend list.

“After A Magnetic Pulse to the Brain, Study Subjects Cannot Tell a Lie”

The eight people who had their left DPC stimulated lied more often, the researchers said. The ones with the right DPC stimulated were more likely to tell the truth. The experiment was repeated while a different brain region was stimulated, and that region, the parietal lobe, had no effect.

As always, it’s terribly scary and depressing to realize how much our very personality is at the mercy of a random change in the environment.

Grah, on ne peut pas activer FreeWifi si on habite en zone non dégroupée ? Je devine une raison technique, mais ça fait chier quand même.

I get two “you are signed into AIM in 2 locations” every day, but the idiot doesn’t say what the goddamn other location is.

9 septembre

La Fnac m’envoie aujourd’hui la confirmation d’expédition de mon TouchPad. Dommage, le numéro de colis correspond bien à celui déjà livré.

10 septembre

Oh, Bioshock just crashed. Guess it’s enough plasmids for the day.

Took me almost the entire game to think of making two big daddies fight each other, and haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet.

Fuck sake, @1Password overwrote my new PSN password, presumably from an iOS device sync.

Sync always fucks things up.

Sync is evil.

Finder forgets your view settings? Flush your decade-old .DSStores

sudo find / -name “.DS_Store” -depth -exec rm {} \;

I’m somewhat ashamed that I didn’t try that earlier. Seems to work.

Does the Foursquare app have no way to deny a friend request? Or do you have to tap “Confirm as friend” to get the option to deny?

11 septembre

You should probably take advantage of the reduced price on Procreate for iPad; it looks really good, and nicely responsive on my iPad 1.

12 septembre

Holy shit, the Andrew Ryan confrontation. Okay, I’m seeing now where all the buzz was coming from.

I expected Bioshock to last 8-10 hours. Um, no. Not complaining, mind you, but I’d forgotten there was a time when single-player linear shooters could be this long.

Damnit, iCloud is getting close and my apps are not ready.

13 septembre

I hadn’t realized until today how inconvenient Lion had made managing — not just displaying — Address Book groups.

It occurs to me that spending two weeks on super-slow public wifi was the best possible way to get ready for switching to slow countryside DSL.

I know that should reportedly make me a cock, but I think I’m beginning to like Audi’s design better than the other two Germans.

I did it! I did it! I rebooted and the Finder didn’t reset my desktop icon arrangement!

Mais ça existe, la peinture monocouche, ou c’est toujours de la publicité mensongère ?

Facebook Officially Unveils Stalking List

Finally, there’s one list, adorned with a star, that highlights your very best friends. […] Every time someone on this list of close friends makes an update or posts a photo, you’ll see it in your feed no matter how small a change it is, and you’ll (optionally) get a notification about it (notifications are those alerts marked with a red badge at the top of the screen).

More seriously, though, the “Acquaintances” list on the other end of the spectrum is a good idea:

Add someone to it, and only the most important status changes (marriages, new jobs, etc.) will appear in your News Feed; you’ll ignore their day to day posts.

That’s smarter than having to completely mute people on your home page. But I’m sure it’s bound to break Facebook somehow if I add almost every one of my contacts to that list.

14 septembre

15 septembre

Last time I flagged messages and cleared my inbox I forgot abour the “Flagged” folder for five years, so let’s try that again why don’t we.

This week’s Facebook changes (subscribe, show only important updates from that guy, …) are smart and uncharacteristically user-oriented.

The iPad version of doesn’t seem to let you add people to lists. Well, I guess they’re consistent.

16 septembre

La joie de retrouver une vieille poêlée campagnarde au fond de mon congélateur. On est d’accord que la mousse verte c’est la condensation ?

17 septembre

Having a bath for the first time in seven years, because the new house doesn’t have a bathtub so might as well take advantage. Yum.

18 septembre

I’m moving the hot tub way up in my dream home wishlist.

Mesuré la bande passante à Smallville 2 aujourd’hui : 1,8 Mbps. Je me rends pas bien compte encore de ce que ça implique.

Woken up by my phone vibrating every five seconds because of a Twitter conversation that includes my handle (and, very marginally, me). Reminded of why I once wanted Google+ to replace Twitter.

MacBook is oddly sluggish since I’ve removed the external screen. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

Technology supposedly improved democracy with instant access to information, but what it really gave us is the foxnewsification of politics.

History will show silicon was the greatest factor in the demise of human civilization.

The most minor OS update always makes FileVault forget about my azerty keyboard.

Um. How do I drag a link from full-screen Safari to the desktop, again? Can’t believe hot corners stop working in full screen.

19 septembre

I like Facebook’s new subscription options so much I’m kinda considering using it instead of Twitter (and G+) — and the audience is there.

20 septembre

Gaaaah, fuck you, interface de configuration Freebox qui me délogge parce que j’ai mis trop de temps à saisir ma flopée de port forwardings.

Xcoding with the MacBook resting on my stomach, so of course I’m holding my breath the whole time because I don’t have an SSD yet.

Ah, if Facebook subscriptions take off, there is one thing missing: a way to categorize them, like Twitter lists. But I’m sure it’ll come.

Not completely sold on Instagram’s new interface, and can’t find how to change the feathering on tilt-shift.

21 septembre

I need some comfort ramen right now, and I can’t remember where the bowls are.

C’est quoi ce Vénilia de merde qui interfère avec la souris de mon Mini ? Je vais me retrouver obligé d’acheter un trackpad, moi.

22 septembre

Kitty’s discovering the house, never been so stressed out in her life. (Wait until she finds out they’re cutting her bits in a week or two.)

Cat keeps going up the open stairs and being too scared to go back down. That’s gonna get old fast.

23 septembre

Ah, wow, ça va me prendre toute la nuit pour uploader les photos de mon client. Ca doit être un signe, que ce soit les données de Nantes.

Ah ben ça marche tout de suite beaucoup mieux quand je ne passe plus par le wifi.

Ca fait un mois que je n’ai pas accédé à Xbox Live, j’ai tellement perdu l’habitude de l’interface que, bam, j’ai acheté un jeu alors que je voulais juste charger la démo.

24 septembre

For some reason (e.g., I’m an idiot) I’ve been imagining ghost stories about the new house, so now I feel uneasy walking around at night.

Stairs. I’m too old for this shit.

J’ai rêvé des Sims Social et je me suis réveillé avec du vieux Céline Dion dans la tête. Journée prometteuse.

Is Amazon really going to announce its Android tablet a week before the Apple event? That’s… ambitious, I guess.

Is today’s xkcd saying that an earthquake happened to happen just in the middle of the LHC’s FTL test? IS THAT NOT SUSPICIOUS TO ANYONE?

C’est quoi, ce bordel ? L’été indien ? Not complaining, not complaining.

25 septembre

Come on, Bioshock. An escort mission, really?

Bioshock is probably too long and repetitive, and the plot twists don’t make all that much sense, but it makes up for it in cool, fun, and creep.

Awww, that Parks and Recreation scene was so cute.

“The advice is to log out of Facebook”

But logging out of Facebook only de-authorizes your browser from the web application, a number of cookies (including your account number) are still sent along to all requests to Even if you are logged out, Facebook still knows and can track every page you visit.

Nice. Can’t quite decide which is more likely — wonderfully gratuitous evil, or simple oversight?

26 septembre

MMO idea: the Wild West. Every time an expansion pack is released, you have to spend months traveling West with your friends.

Torchwood: Miracle Day was a horrible, horrible piece of television, and it’s a shame they ruined an interesting scifi premise for everyone.

Les champs limités à dix caractères qui empêchent de copier-coller un numéro de téléphone formaté.

Ca me semble un peu beaucoup trop facile de souscrire un contrat de réexpédition définitive de courrier sur internet au nom de quelqu’un.

Merde, Ico+Shadow sort dans deux jours ? J’étais sur le point de commencer Deus Ex, mais là du coup j’hésite.

OH, FUCK. Deus Ex est en français, voix françaises. Et les miyards d’octets de la magie du Blu-ray, alors ?

Enfin je dis ça mais la VO de Deus Ex est réputée avoir des voix à chier, je crois. N’empêche, c’est pour le principe.

27 septembre

Ma pire peur vient de se réaliser.

Ils ont mis une crêpe au fromage dans mon paquet de crêpes aux champignons et j’en ai mangé une bouchée.

Avec tout ça, j’avais oublié que je voulais charger Windows 8, tiens.

Rappelez-moi d’aller à la plage demain pour profiter du beau temps, ok ?

There’s a lot I find frustrating in Deus Ex, but I love that I’ve won all my conversations so far without having to cheat. They felt real.

J’avais oublié que la spécialité du plat Picard (il y a un magasin à Granville) était de ne jamais se décongeler complètement.

“Instagram 2.0 review: Insta-grumble”

Across the board distinctive elements of each filter have been compromised. Filters that were washed out are now more contrasty. Filters that were contrasty are now more washed out. They’ve all drifted towards the same look.

I did feel like Instagram 2.0’s filters had gotten weaker, but couldn’t be bothered to check, and didn’t really want to believe they had screwed it up so much. Or maybe I didn’t want to find a confirmation because I knew it would piss me off and make me want to stop using the app. Look at the comparisons: basically, the original image’s colors appear in the final image much more than they used to in the most extreme filters.

I’m pretty sure I understand why: when I programmed my own photography app for iPhone, I did have to make choices between speed and filter intensity and richness. Some things can be achieved with GPU-accelerated functions, others can not.

But the problem is, Instagram made the wrong choice. They compromised their best asset, distinctive filters, to solve two problems that nobody cared about: low picture resolution and having to wait for the effects to be applied. Guess what: Instagram wouldn’t have become the success it has if that really bothered the public so much. (Yes, people are impatient, but Instagram was already quite fast. As for the resolution, Joe User definitely doesn’t give a damn that his pictures are now 2000-pixel wide.) Instagram was far from broken, and they tried to fix it.

Oh, and they made the interface worse, too — but I’ve already talked about that, and there’s no need for side-by-side comparisons to realize it. By the way, the article includes a quote from Instagram confirming that, no, you can not change the gradient on the tilt-shift feature (and you probably still won’t in the future, but at least it looks like they’re going to make it softer).

28 septembre

La fenêtre ouverte est à l’autre bout de l’étage, pourquoi je me retrouve toujours avec des cousins énormes dans ma chambre ?

Let me count how many Kindles I want to buy right now.

I hope that a hypothetical developer can use the Kindle Fire to test and debug their hypothetical Android apps.

Il faut toujours aller sur pour acheter un Kindle ? Je comprends pas la logique. Depuis le temps.

Cute fanboyism in the Macosphere today, but the point is, the Kindle Fire does pretty much all of what most people do with their iPad.

“The iPad is killing cheap PCs and laptops — BUT HELL NO the Kindle Fire has nothing to do with the iPad: they have different specs.”

The $200 Kindle Fire is also the perfect answer to the “What would I do with an iPad when I’ve also got a MacBook Air” conundrum.

29 septembre

It’s frustrating that OS X doesn’t read my mind to guess which window I wanted to Cmd-W. (I tend to forget I have two screens.)

The future of computing is absolutely eye-tracking.

Big Bang Theory just made me laugh (at the Catherine the Great comparison). I must be sick.

Feeling the need to tack a completely unwarranted cliffhanger onto your arc’s resolution so people come back: admission of failure.

30 septembre

Either I’ve been softened up by the exhaustion of renovating and moving to the new house, or season 6.5 of Doctor Who is noticeably better.

I’ll have my autumn now, thanks.

Why can my MacBook sleep for days on battery, but my UPS dies after ten minutes of powering my sleeping Mac mini?

Tournée des magasins de déco et ameublement, je suis bon pour déprimer pendant une semaine.


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