30 nov. 2011

Realizing it's about time I make up my own story of why my character ended up in this wretched place. Not used to having to do that. #skyrim


Not sure if Path is well designed or just over-complicated, but I don't see that it brings anything useful.


2011 pet peeve: the random series of delays between the times when each of your Apple devices lights up to notify you of the same new email.


Euh, je suis obligé de choisir, entre les Impériaux et les Sombrages ? Là j'ai un peu envie de laisser le continent aux dragons. #skyrim


29 nov.

Little Printer: It's Not Stupider Than Nabaztag™


I'm hesitating to keep Barbas for myself as an immortal dog: would that be taking advantage of a glitch, or has he been intentionally designed as a magical companion? #skyrim


App finding my connection too slow, "pausing" the download of my magazine, neglecting to show a Resume button.

Adobe, we can't not fuck up™


Look, it's simple: when you put something between parentheses or dashes, the sentence must still work if you just snip the entire clause out.


28 nov.

Turned on the PS3 to download the Skyrim update so it'd be ready whenever I needed it; now what are the odds I'll manage to turn it back off?


27 nov.

Well, I can't reasonably be expected to be productive today, after I woke up from a dream in which I hooked up with someone.


Arg, my online backup was among the unspecified bunch of things that OS X didn't restart after its kernel panic, a week ago.


Mais ouais que je vais te traduire "Misc." par "Div." dans le menu de l'inventaire. Si l'auteur a décidé d'abréger, faut respecter. #skyrim


26 nov.

My enjoyment of Skyrim is decreased by exactly 63% from the fact that I'm visiting fucking "Bordeciel."


Fuck it, work is not happening today. Time to open the box and create a character in Skyrim.


Etre myope, c'est ne s'apercevoir que trois heures plus tard qu'on a bien arrosé tout son bureau en dépiautant sa grenade.


Every day I wake up thinking, today I'm gonna be productive. And then, this house… it's the house's fault I'm sure. A procrastinating vibe.


It took American Horror Story 8 episodes to reveal it had a story, but I'm glad I stuck with it. Ryan Murphy's mind is a dark, messy place.


What a nice, heartwarming Thanksgiving episode from Misfits.

They did a real nice job of building the dealer's character over this season.


Fuck you, asshole "journalist" who spoiled the boring twist at the end of Portal 2's Peer Review DLC.


25 nov.

Just as I was gonna write that this season of Fringe is way too boring, they finally pull a weird move like we were waiting for.


S'ils continuent d'être tarés comme ça à la Banque Postale Entreprises, je vais me retrouver sans compte.


Did Readability announce its iOS app before it was approved because they're fools, or to pressure Apple?

Well, they're fools either way.


Well, it's happening. It took me all of five minutes to read ALL THE THINGS in Google Reader. I feel so empty.


24 nov.

Pour être productif et ne pas commencer Skyrim, j'ai chargé le DLC de Portal 2 et passé l'après-midi à jouer à Rochard #doingitwrong


I was gonna stick the Skyrim map to the wall, and then I saw it had all the ugly French names.


Today is Empty RSS Day, so I should be productive. Or I could have if it wasn't also the day I received Skyrim.


23 nov.

I feel really uneasy about something like the pepper-spraying cop becoming an internet joke #oldfart


I don't understand the wear pattern on my MacBook's keys. It's like someone's been trying to trace the letters with a chisel.


22 nov.

Well, I now own all of Constantinople and all I got was no trophy for it #asscreed


I haven't been hungry for the last five hours. I must be terribly, terribly sick. I'd better force myself to eat candy.


Does the amateur filmmaker have to be a repulsive asshole in every J. J. Abrams production, and what does it say about him?


21 nov.

When 4 hours of e-book reading eats 50% of my iPad's battery, I have a really hard time resisting the 1-Click button on the Kindle page.


Incidentally, the way Instagram managed to build its own social graph on top of Facebook's is quite the miracle.


I like the idea of Stamped but it can't afford to operate as a silo. Instagram took off precisely because it posts photos to Facebook.


Vous savez quoi ? C'est vraiment pas facile de garder le pied à fond sur l'accélérateur en quatrième.


I've never been that impressed with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, yet I can hardly believe how boring the fourth one is.


Il faut que je déménage absolument avant le 31 décembre, je ne veux juste pas m'inscrire sur les listes électorales d'ici.


19 nov.

I gave #asscreed Brotherhood a 6 and Revelations a 7, even though the former is bigger and more interesting. Lowered expectations, clearly.


Assassin's Creed is like Lost if Lost was… well, if it was The Event.


18 nov.

I didn't buy #asscreed to play a poor's man's Portal / Tower Defense / Farmville. Are the devs themselves that bored with the core gameplay?


The new Comic Zeal is very pretty. It's also lost all my comics so I don't know which I've read anymore. Handle your updates better, people.


17 nov.

YAY! It does say "via Uniconsole on iOS" when a user tweets with it — I guess it only starts doing that once the app is approved.


Sync podcasts to my iPhone, listen on the iPhone, delete from iTunes before syncing back => iTunes stops downloading cuz I don't listen.


Buy a shop, bribe a herald. Capture a tower, find four heralds to bribe. They're not even trying to make it fun anymore, are they? #asscreed


16 nov.

I don't like the character model changes, but at least it seems to me Roger Craig Smith does a rather good job of sounding older. #asscreed


Seems competently done, but goddamnit I most definitely didn't buy an #asscreed game to play tower defense.


Les cons, ils ont vraiment changé la tête de Desmond. Il était mignon, le nouveau est infiniment fade. #asscreed


15 nov.

Je sais, malvenu pour un dév d'être radin, mais… il y a un équivalent à TaskPaper, Mac+iOS avec synchro Dropbox, pour moins cher ?


I shouldn't have to open Safari on iOS then wait for my bookmarks to sync. That is not what was sold to me.


Mon client m'a envoyé deux zips de 600 fichiers. OS X a mis le flag "avertissement pour fichiers téléchargés" sur chacun en les dézippant.


Misfits is still good but, without Sheehan's charm to sweeten the deal, I find it really hard to decide to start playing each new episode.


I find Kung Fu Panda 2 rather unnecessarily grim.


14 nov.

Je crois que j'ai commandé Assassin's Creed juste pour ne pas m'engouffrer dans Skyrim tout de suite ; ce n'est pas une très bonne raison.


J'ai fermé µTorrent pour faire de la place sur la connexion ; ça doit faire une heure et demie que l'icône dit "Quitting…".


I like Woodkid except for how he keeps screwing up emphasis. I guess that's French charm to everyone else, though.




The Green Lantern movie's prologue is the first time ever I've thought "damn dumb comic-book movie". And, yes, I saw the Fantastic Four.


Travailler avec des gens qui n'ont pas les extensions de fichier et numérotent leurs fichiers 001A.mp3 (A pour audio) et 001T.txt (T pour…).


I was just thinking last week that Family Guy had forgotten Stewie as a mad scientist for too long. I'm glad they listen to my thoughts.


Ca existe, des clients BT pas buggés ? Mon µTorrent est limité à 3 downloads simultanés, il en a quinze en cours quand je me réveille.


"I don't care about those things but" it occurs to me that my follower count has stagnated in the past year, unlike everyone else's.


On ne devrait pas avoir le droit de sortir un film avant 30 ans. Dolan regrettera un jour que ses films d'adolescence soient publics. (Où je pars du principe qu'il a trop de talent pour ne pas revenir un jour de son maniérisme qui gâche ce qu'il y a de bon dans le film.)


Wondering why Maggie Smith's big scene in Potter 7½ made such an impression on me when it's shot so expeditiously. Is it just in my head?


13 nov.

Played Gears of War for nine hours with my brother yesterday, feeling migrainey today. Video games are bad for you. In split-screen.


My trip to Paris was supposed to be funded by the sale of my Mini and by the Fund to Keep My Brother Safe in the City. Then why am I broke?


12 nov.

La tentative de réhabilitation de mon congélateur au joint silicone n'est pas très concluante.


Quelqu'un a vu ma paire de chaussettes spéciale essuyage de poussière sur mon écran ?


So… we're agreeing to pray for this Community season to be the last, right?


11 nov.

Reeder for Mac losing the Share button, fine, but not replacing it with a Plus button, annoying. Mostly Google's fault, I know (no official API), but still — the entire Reader API is not available officially either.


Shit. Been waiting 8 days for Uniconsole 1.5 to be approved, and just found out iTunes Connect thinks it's never been uploaded.


11/11/11 11:11 will happen twice in many places but only once here, so I'm already so bored with these jokes I can't search for a punchline.


10 nov.

Now would you kindly remind me what are all the things I turned off to get my iPhone's battery drain more manageable?


The ReCaptchas are becoming more and more indecipherable, yet I haven't failed one yet. They're just a bluff now, aren't they?


Didn't wanna risk the OTA update, but looks like iTunes' absurd lack of rudimentary download management will force my hand.


"There was a problem downloading this iOS update. The connection timed out at 90% of your download. Click here to start again from zero."


5.0.1 has been on "50 minutes remaining" for half an hour. Not gonna get my multitasking gestures any time soon, am I.


Ah ben oui, étonnamment, le son est tout de suite meilleur dans le casque si je vire les enceintes Logitech à 30 € en intermédiaire.


I've added 10GB to my iTunes collection in the past two weeks, and more suggestions are welcome.


This week's American Horror Story was kinda romantic (or I'm just starved, or both are true) and that kid's so damn cute as a sick puppy.


Promotional videos by Adam Lisagor are the new Flash splash screen.


Dexter S6 should probably have been almost all about Brother Sam, with the annoying, oddly bland serial killer taking even more of a back seat.


9 nov.

Because, yeah, what kind of user would file their messages away… and then want to leave Gmail? That's just asburd.


There was a glorious period during which I didn't get a "This will interrupt an Ajax call" warning when closing Gmail. I miss those times.


Sur quel site on va pour savoir si le DVD français d'un jeu donné contient les voix originales ou s'il va falloir l'importer ?


Résisté difficilement au kit pour calissons à la "librairie" du Leclerc — et maintenant je me demande pourquoi diable j'ai résisté.


Je pouvais les attendre, mes kbis à jour, le greffe n'a traité mon dossier (déposé le 2) qu'aujourd'hui.


I'm perfectly fine with Reader shares moving to Google+ — but not with having to click the +1 button four times before the popup will work.


I don't quite understand how Read It Later's text view manages to cut off sentences in the middle. But it's somewhat problematic.


For Christmas I'd like a Kinect, the new Your Shape (yes, really, why not?), and a living room that fits the whole thing.


Heh. Been listening to a lot of new music the past two days, never occurred to me to click the "Ping" dropdown. Just tuned out the button.


8 nov.

Trois heures plus tard, mon iPhone essayait encore péniblement d'uploader mes trois photos sur le Photo Stream.


C'est exponentiel, le givre dans un congélateur ? Ou s'il givre de plus en plus vite c'est que j'ai une fuite d'air ?


I think Oink has a good idea, but the interface and structure don't quite work. Curious to see if I end up proven wrong.


7 nov.

I've worked several hours today and, again, I have no idea how you people do it for days at a time. Damn I'm so bored with this.


I've long known the difference between a good day and a bad day was often the presence of music, but I still keep forgetting it.


Hmf. I know I have a Flac-to-AAC application somewhere on this Mac, but can never remember what it's called.


Tiens, j'ai laissé mon sac de quinoa Picard sur le micro-ondes toute la nuit. Oh, c'est l'hiver, il est sûrement encore un peu congelé.


6 nov.

I hate being on this side of customer support. So I guess that means I hate being on either side of it. And I hate++ that I'm on both.


Aww. I can see how Sheehan would have better things to do than a third Misfits season, but it's still disapp—oh, Simon's undressing!


5 nov.

Ach, I missed the previous Downton Abbey. Don't think I can be bothered to go and search for it.


4 nov.

3 nov.

This train appears to be full of people who have skipped a couple of nights' sleep. Well, it's also almost empty. (This is not a riddle.)


Had my iPhone bumperless for three days and the aluminum is already full of dents from when I fell asleep on a bench and it dropped to the pavement.


I don't wanna go back there. You're not gonna make me go back, are you? HEY! DON'T MAKE ME GO BACK OUT THERE!


2 nov.

Raciste, le restaurant chinois qui me file d'office une fourchette et un couteau ?


Suicide de ma CB à la boutique cadeaux. Quand je serai grand mon loft sera entièrement meublé, équipé et décoré au Printemps.


Let you google that for me: how exactly do coffee and other substances trigger bowel movements so directly? #TMI


"An Overview of iPhone 4S Battery Life Issues and Fixes"

A couple of these are non-obvious and interesting.


1 nov.

All these years I spent paralyzed by the stupid fear of hypothetial consequences. Well, except the actually important ones, those I ignored.


I don't usually do this, mais un très grand merci à @fadvil pour une excellente soirée à la Leche. Damn I love clubbing. Damn who'da thunk.



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