31 déc. 2011

Gonna spend New Year's in Paris and hating the world; just like I want 2012 to go.


Je suis épaté par le nombre de gens qui se baladent dans le métro avec des écouteurs à 150€. Quelle crise ?


30 déc.

Mettre la télécommande à gauche sur un casque compatible iPhone, c'est juste un peu du vice.


29 déc.

I finally have headphones that don't insult Florence Welch, for real. And… the damn buzz behind Heartlines is clearer than ever.


Mauvaise idée, tester le casque Dr Dre par curiosité après en avoir trouvé un correct et abordable. Comparaison frustrante.


C'est conceptuel, les arbres des Champs Elysée, cette année. Et puis moche, aussi. (Premier sur l'info, I'm sure.)


J'ai beau savoir que c'est du carton, toujours envie de céder quand les cinnamon rolls me font de l'oeil au Starbucks.


Avant-hier la ligne 5 avait des vieux trains miteux, aujourd'hui ils sont tout neufs. It's looking up.


Dans ma mémoire, ce T-shirt était plus court. J'ai dû perdre une ou deux vertèbres cet été.


Pet peeve: having to move the 1Password toolbar button again in Safari after every time the extension's updated. Their fault or Apple's?


28 déc.

Je commence à comprendre la tentation de publier les perles des profils Grindr.


Fait trop froid pour faire du sexe, fait trop froid pour manger des sushi, à quoi ça sert que je sois à Paris, bordel ?


Je me ferais bien un pass Navigo de touriste, mais il faudrait affronter un Photomaton, et fuck that.


I love Photo Stream and how my photos end up in a completely random order in iPhoto.


Tous les chemins mènent au Louvre. (Proverbe traditionnel local.)


Si j'achète un casque fermé hors de prix pour mon iPhone, il me tiendra chaud aux oreilles, non ? Jusqu'à ce qu'on me le tire, bien sûr.


It takes three taps to check in now? Foursquare has jumped the shark.


27 déc.

Argh mais il pèèèle dehors ! Je veux rentrer chez moi et jouer à Skyrim blotti sous ma couette !


Mon train est plein de petits vieux d'habitude, mais là ce ne sont que des 25-30 ans de retour de week-end de Noël.


I'm 75 weeks behind on This American Life. Would someone listen to them and summarize them for me?


Se rendre malade en descendant une boîte de chocolats, la veille d'un voyage de trois heures en train.


26 déc.

I've played Skyrim for 70 hours and I still can't watch my brother play his copy when I'm bored, because there would be spoilers.


Notesy for iOS syncs incredibly well (compared to all the others) and doesn't get in the way of my one-file-per-task workflow ★★★★★


I know sync is hard, but when you're relying on Dropbox you pretty much lose any excuse for screwing it up. Hi, TaskAgent for iOS.


I'm much more interested in playing Skyrim than packing my bags for Paris. That's how it begins. (Or, rather, how it ends.)


So much solid Dwemer metal, so little room in my pockets.


25 déc.

Damn. Looks like I've reached the maximum number of saves in Skyrim.


24 déc.

Sabine Paturel qui chante Les bêtises sur un playback d'époque avec un brushing de mère de famille, déprime de Noël.


Made a video in Action Movie FX (which is free and fun for a minute) and have no idea if it's busy uploading to Facebook or just failed.


A force de bosser pour des catholiques j'ai envie de faire une carte de voeux de Noël avec un zombie Jésus, juste pour compenser.


23 déc.

"Five curtain calls. I was an actor once, damn it," he said. And now he's famous for being Snape.


The style carrousel in Word's ribbon is amazingly stupid. Three random styles directly accessible, the rest in a hidden popover?


Yeah, Mr. Reader is good enough that I can probably scrap my plans to make my own client. Let's look at Reddit instead.


22 déc.

I don't get why, in the Prometheus discussions, more people seem to hate Alien 3 than like it. (Alien 4, I can understand, even if I also disagree.)


Well, I'll be the one person on the internet who didn't find the Prometheus trailer that exciting.


That American Horror Story finale had good moments, but it didn't work as a whole. Oh well.


Skitch for iPad: crashes when I display the example image. Wanna bet it's not been tested on an iPad 1?


RT @juliasegal: “Just thought about buying my cat a cat for Christmas, this is probably how crazy begins.”


21 déc.

I'd considered buying VueScan, but the way it installed itself in /Applications and added itself to the dock on first launch solved that.


Les tubes de dentifrice en plastique souple qui ne restent pas enroulés d'une fois sur l'autre. Pourquoi ?


Does Instapaper for iPad tend to forget font sizes or do I actually keep bumping the size up? Am I getting blind?


Watching a SWTOR video, can't believe Bioware is doing the whole chest-at-a-90-degree-angle strafe-running thing. In 2011. And Bioware.


Not sure if I should keep the heaphones that produce crappier sound, or those that physically hurt my ears after a couple hours.


20 déc.

And a sad Misfits season finale to boot. Gotta appreciate that they gave us some last-chance ass, but I'm worried for season 4.


Shouldn't have watched the Misfits webisode. I had managed to forget how much I missed Sheehan.


How can Apple have $80 billon in the bank, not have paid out dividends for years, and not be sued by shareholders? How do you argue that sitting on that much money is "in the shareholders' best interest"?


J'ai attendu 2011 pour m'apercevoir que mes casques n'ont pas de basses, ou ce sont mes oreilles qui ne marchent plus ?


Je crois bien que SensCritique ne m'intéresse plus assez pour que je prenne la peine de rentrer tous mes goûts musicaux maintenant.


Oh, crap, there was a Misfits webisode to send off Nathan. (Look for "Vegas Baby".)


That Dexter season finale was awesome in that the season is over and done. Also, with all the barfing, I'll be super thin for Christmas.


The iPad did turn out to be a media consumption device. So it is entirely possible that Apple could release a 7-inch model.


I was trying to write a blog post and, damn, I'd forgotten how hard it is to develop an idea over several sentences. Too much work.


19 déc.

Skyrim bandit with an arrow through his head: "Must be the wind." Skyrim bear: went to CSI school, charts your exact location in half a second.


Google+ to add "volume slider" to Circles

I'd say "about time" but really it's more "too little, too late."


18 déc.

I'd really like an iOS to-do list app using Dropbox, where each list item is a separate file. Does that exist?


Pourquoi est-ce qu'un spam Amazon sur deux est pour me refiler une imprimante ?


It still takes me six consecutive hours of headache before it'll occur to me to swallow some ibuprofen.


Ridley Scott about Prometheus

It's gonna be just as bad as Episode One.


17 déc.

I've only been outside for half an hour today and I have a migraine. I'm too fucking old for winter.


My Drobo crashed today. I'm beginning to think this house must be haunted by ghost magnets — never had so many hard drive problems before.


16 déc.

Time-delayed App Store receipts means you pay twice — once when you click the button, once when you read "damn I spent $10?" two days later.


Accordingly, I'm doing some cleanup of my Facebook friend list — and now I want to delete 75% of those people.


I am shocked, SHOCKED, by how many of my contacts haven't enabled Facebook Timeline yet.


Finally, my first broken quest in Skyrim. A minor one, sure, but it's still promising. (Found the serial killer, can't expose him.)


15 déc.

Test de l'omelette à la banane : j'avais oublié que je n'aimais pas le goût (ou juste l'odeur ?) de la banane cuite. Oups.


I would never have downloaded that second Florence + the Machine album if I'd known it would make me hate my cheap(ish) headphones so much.


Heh. Stupid Facebook won't let me enter my new address because it doesn't recognize the town — so it just empties the field.


Not sure which is worse — the kernel panics and corrupted FileVault volume due to third-party RAM, or being back to the stock 2GB. Slooow.


Facebook Timeline is a very pretty design overall, but the two-column layout with random jumps is just not readable.


Le thermostat de radiateur électrique, ce troll par excellence. Toujours trop chaud ou trop froid.


Transmetropolitan makes we wonder if I could do gay gonzo blogger. I certainly have the misanthropy for it, just need to push myself a bit.


14 déc.

Context, Challenge and Gratification

Damnit, now here I am looking for software to generate ternary plots.


13 déc.

Oh, you thought that season of Dexter couldn't get any worse, did you? Well, writers do love a challenge. Poor, poor Jennifer Carpenter.


Double-click a text file, switch back to Mail while waiting for it to load, TextEdit opens and closes before it's loaded the file. #lion


RT @gruber: “Twitter should have changed the name of Direct Messages to Please Stop Using Direct Messages.”


Et c'est triste à dire, mais j'ai foiré mon retournement d'omelette.


Ohh, j'ai une poêle et des bananes, mais jamais pensé à mélanger les deux.


12 déc.

11 déc.

Avis général : vous êtes encouragés à me frapper quand vous me voyez m'humecter ostensiblement les lèvres, il faut que je m'en débarrasse.


J'ai un doute, il faut que je le brûle, en fait, mon hoodie gris XXL ? (A la vue des photos et du bout de vidéo de mon stage Ferrari.)


10 déc.

Woke up with that horrible singing episode of Grey's Anatomy in my head. Guess it's my brain's way of telling me I'm in a coma, so hooray.


Wow. Looks like removing the third-party RAM did the trick. And I was this close to reformatting. That'll teach me.


Apparently my FileVault is so busted that it makes Disk Utility crash in recovery mode. Fucking joke. Not funny in any way.


MacBook not booting. I hate, hate, hate myself for deciding to trust FileVault when I installed Lion. Apple + data = tears. Always.


Stupid NPC gets killed by a dragon as I'm about to finish his quest; I reload, dragon replaced by a blood dragon, goes straight for him now.


RT @zarfeblong: “The patent system is based on the premise that ideas are rare and precious, but implementation is easy. No wonder it's failing for software!”


9 déc.

Forty hours memorizing the titles of books I've already read, and now I switch to English. I do enjoy the Schwarzenegger guards, though. #skyrim


Safari keeps flushing tabs from memory since yesterday. Guess it's time for a reboot.


8 déc.

The separation between "interactions" and "mentions", with both pages showing 99% the same stuff, is as stupid on the site as in the app.


I've got new-new Twitter and it still displays my background first when loading another profile. Grr.


So, where I was wondering if it was the last Brichter design or the first post-Brichter, I'm strongly leaning toward the latter.


I hadn't used the official Twitter app for iPhone in months, but I've got a strong feeling this new version is worse, not better.


Ungh, c'est la saison du renouvellement de tous mes noms de domaine à la con, et ça fait mal aux dents.


Remarque, avec le Droit au compte, je devrais me retrouver avec un compte gratuit ; limite ils m'ont fait un cadeau, non ?


Je… je… ma société pue tellement que la Banque Postale ne veut pas m'ouvrir de compte courant.


The Xbox Live app replaces Metro's signature half-off-screen visual elements with iOS's tiny, easily missed paging dots. That's silly.


Sell a $2 app, spend days explaining to someone how to install it onto their iPod. When I get tired of that job, what will I turn to?


Quite disappointed that Misfits took the easy, incoherent way out of Curtis's problem this week.


7 déc.

Evernote Hello

The concept is not just amazingly rude, it's also completely outdated from a technical perspective.


I need to take a day off and rest my eyes. What the fuck can one do for a whole day without looking at a backlit screen?


Wouldn't have bought the pinstriped Jack Skellington avatar if I'd known the Xbox Live app for iOS wouldn't have antialiasing. Ouch, my eyes.


The new Xbox dashboard is pretty, but I hate how it scrolls pane by pane in a list. Should switch to actual scrolling when not using Kinect.


I bought a comic reader for iPad that's been hung for ten minutes… trying to import its own included "welcome" comic.


D'ailleurs, qu'est-ce que ça a mal vieilli, les tout premiers Tintin. Niveau webcomic de lycéen. (Sans parler du racisme, évidemment.)


Bought another round of comic readers for iPad yesterday. Can't believe how hard it seems to be to get it right.


Please forget I ever mentioned it, but I wonder how Blair+Dan have been getting that cute screwball-comedy relationship from the same writers who make Gossip Girl.


6 déc.

Amazon put a lifesize cardboard cutout of a Kindle in my latest order. I had to check the measurements — that thing is way too small!?


5 déc.

I have almost as much trouble finding the energy to go and save Skyrim as to start working.


4 déc.

Consequence of Apple making previously private APIs public: UIGestureRecognizers exist on 3.1.3, crash when you access the 3.2 properties — so you can't just rely on NSClassFromString(@"UIGestureRecognizer") to tell you that you're okay to use them.


Pissed at how hard Apple makes it for devs to keep supporting older versions of iOS. And I know it's not entirely by accident.


Heh. I just found out there's a button for running in Skyrim. More than anything, that explains why the horse was so slow.


Hrm. In 2011 I learned MAXFILESIZE is a PHP field, not an HTML standard, so of course the browser isn't gonna warn you a file is too big.


Oh. Dear.

That Dexter reveal? I'd say it seems somewhat clever. So I'm not sure why it doesn't work at all. Casting? Direction? Both? Or just overused?


I hope they're setting Dexter up for getting caught, because he's been appallingly careless for the last few episodes.


3 déc.

I didn't use to have dandruff.


RT @rands: “If I'm talking myself into it, I'm making a mistake.”


Damnit. I had managed to stay away from Reddit for two months.


Not that I care in the least about Halo, but "Turns out the Forerunners didn't sacrifice themselves, they hid in bunkers" is really lame.


“What Powers Instagram”

An interesting EC2 success story. Don't think I've ever seen an Instagram outage. (Except for when all of EC2 went down, Google tells me. But that's a different kind of outage.)


Oh, and my backup drive is acting up too. Something quite sinister is brewing.


It's looking a lot like @arqbackup's auto-update downloaded an older version, which then borked my backup. If I'm right, wow, well done.


I'm late to the party but — holy shit, you can have a "follow" button on your site that makes people follow you without any confirmation?!


2 déc.

I've killed five dragons without dying; never killed a bear without reloading three or four times. It's not quite right. #skyrim


Which leaves me wondering why magical thinking comes up so easily when you start thinking about cancer. (Well, the answer is simple: we know so little about it, really.)


I'm like Steve Jobs: I refuse to ever have cancer. Other stuff, sure, if I must, but cancer, nope, it shall not happen.


Oh, that's nice, my timeline was filled with two people announcing their cancers this afternoon.


J'ai l'impression de passer ma vie à faire la vaisselle. En même temps, je la passe aussi à dire "merde, une semaine est déjà passée ?!"


RT @librarythingtim: “Saturday, instead of taking your child to a bookstore, show them your Kindle library and say "When I die, you're not licensed to use this."”


It's hard to imagine today how democracy worked before the internet and instant news. Mostly better, yeah, but… how?


Oh, there's a $30 version of Poser ("Poser Debut") on the Mac App Store.


The real story of Carrier IQ is, carriers are so dumb they need to rootkit your phone to have statistics of your texting usage.


Hint: it can not ever be January 1970 in the lifetime of this iPod. So why doesn't it rush out and find a date, any date, on the internet?


Asshole iPod touch (which has been turned off for a month) still thinks it's January 1970 even after I've synced it to iTunes.


1 déc.

Skyrim, where people will tell you to investigate the graveyard and no one will tell you where that is—and it's just one grave under a rock.


L'appli Pages Jaunes m'a trouvé un sushi (après huit pages de pizzerias…) qui n'est pas sur Google Maps. Et n'existe pas. Sous la pluie.


Chaque journée où le webmaster de NoPic ne reçoit pas de message est un don du ciel.

Aujourd'hui, le ciel ne m'aime pas ; en plus, il pleut.


RT @mattcomi: “They were gonna call it Schrödinger's iCloud but figured the Schrödinger's bit was obvious.”


Should I refrain from being ironic on Twitter because most readers probably keep believing I mean what I write?

A - Yes.

B - Ironic no.



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