30 sept. 2012

And there's only so many ways I can shout "THAT'S NOT HOW WEEPING ANGELS WORK" at my screen.


Yes, I'm the guy whose enjoyment of a Doctor Who ep is ruined by the dumb Ghostbustery shot at the end of the cold open.


Passé vite fait au Père Lachaise, apparemment ils n'ont pas de sous-locations disponibles actuellement. Pff, toute cette place perdue.


29 sept.

Last Resort has a really interesting premise; too bad it's shaping up to be completely unwatchable.


28 sept.

Trop drôle de revoir sur mon iPhone le code couleurs des plans Michelin de mon enfance. Dommage qu'ils ne soient pas Retina.


Bon dieu que les parisiens sont lents et chiants et en plein milieu du chemin aujourd'hui, c'est la fête ou quoi ?


27 sept.

J'avoue que le fait que la Scream se décide enfin à avoir un show porno m'intrigue.


"That's me!" "It's he!" "That's me!" "It's he!" Most erudite lyrics ever.


If I kill myself I'll never have to endure another Ice Age movie again.

Do. Not. Resuscitate.


J'aimerais bien être sûr que l'aversion de mon dentiste pour l'anesthésie n'est pas juste due au fait que ça prend cinq minutes de plus.


26 sept.

Passbook should be a background functionality you access via the Notification Center. Or maybe in Reminders.


Just found out via Reddit that if you delete the Podcasts app, the Music app sprouts back its Podcasts category. I'm almost happy right now.


Pop-tarts and peanut butter m&m's. Hey, it's posssibly my last stretch of vacation, gotta make the most insulin out of it.


I… had no idea Instagram ever had live filters. (But then, I always take my photos with the Camera app and import them.)


25 sept.

D'mon temps, quand on avait Free chez soi à Paris, ça voulait dire une connexion rapide et stable, pas l'un ou l'autre.


Une suggestion de gants compatibles iPhone ? J'ai plus de mains.


(Je dis ça pour faire genre mais c'est même pas vrai, on sent bien la progression malheureuse sur les trois derniers albums.)


C'est troublant, le faux nouveau Muse merdique qui traîne sur internet, on dirait vraiment la voix de Bellamy. Par contre, musicalement…


RT @asymco: “iPhone 4S was sold to 0.57% of the population of the countries it launched during first weekend. iPhone 5 was sold to 0.71%.”


24 sept.

If the new MySpace really looks so nice when it’s actually interactive, I’ll be impressed. Lovely design, at any rate.


Jesus, my view controllers were retained all over the place. Disgusting.


Calendar no longer shows the spinner after you edit an event in iOS 6. Does that mean it's finally smart enough to sync in the background?


I’m much more bored with the iPhone than the iPad. Wonder if it’s beginning to show that the iPhone was born as a bastardized mini iPad.


How soon will iOS 6's sharing panel on an average iPhone be so crowded as to be unusable, Services menu-style?


C'est trop con, à une époque j'aurais probablement été assez blogueur-influent pour pouvoir me faire prêter un Windows Phone.


RT @stroughtonsmith: “iOS 6 adds a Bluetooth API that allows devices show your Notification Center messages; would have been perfect for an iPod nano watch…”


23 sept.

Le lien "date suivante" qui ne marche pas le jour du passage à l'heure d'hiver parce qu'il calcule H+24. Oups.


Toujours agréable de passer une demi-journée à contourner des bugs introduits par une nouvelle version de l'OS.


How Google Builds Its Maps

It’s a full-time job and Apple’s never gonna give itself the means to catch up.


I need an ambulance. Right now I'm feeling like I don't need to get an iPhone 5 at all — and that cannot be a way for me to feel, can it?


Never mind how dumb it is, Prometheus is boring as hell.

Possibly on account of how dumb it is.


22 sept.

Je peux lancer la mode des deux hoodies l'un sur l'autre, sinon. Layers !


Me les geler pendant quinze jours ou acheter des fringues et être dans la merde au moment où je dois tout ramener en Normandie ?


I feel like I should give up on Eureka after season three fell into a vat of lazy plotting. Any dissenting opinions?


21 sept.

Octobre avec mes affaires d'été, ça va être fun, tiens. Je vais être absolument obligé d'acheter des fringues, encore, pas ma faute.


I'm conflicted. Keep my VPN that has L2TP (which should be more secure on public wifi) or switch to the one that supports P2P, same price?


J'avais oublié la valse des parapluies sur le trottoir. GRR.


Je viens de laisser un dentiste creuser dans ma dent sans anesthésie. Who said I have trust issues?


The kind of over-engineering crap that makes me dislike Tweetbot: can’t find a way to turn off smart quotes. Keep it simple.


20 sept.

Yeah, finally tried Diablo 3, and I just don't find it fun to click on things.


Don't want to sound like a snake oil customer, but my Home button has been less annoying since iOS 6. Or it's just the cold weather?


Just as the world mourns Twitter for iPad, @echofon releases an update that crashes at launch on iPad 1. Well done!


19 sept.

"Go on, set up your Facebook account. You'll be able to disable contact sync later, somewhere." Here's to Apple making deals with the Devil.


So nice to see OS-enforced rounded corners coming to the iPhone. Even if it's a bit late, and antithetical to the white iPhone.


If I were willing to abandon Apple's ecosystem, I'd be paralyzed by the choice between Nokia and HTC's respective Lumias.


Sad thought: what if Do Not Disturb mode ends up training everyone to call again instead of leaving a voicemail?


Seems silly to me that iOS 6 supposedly "syncs notifications" but there's still no mechanism to give each notification an arbitrary ID.


What happens if you receive a text between backing up your iPhone and it rebooting to install the OS update? I suppose the text is lost?


In case you were wondering, as I couldn't find any documentation: <meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=YOURAPPID"> and that's it!


Almost half the comments on Reddit are saying the old Twitter for iPad was impractical and headache-inducing. I don’t even.


One more form factor, five more screenshots to make per language when you upload an app. I know it benefits the customer, but it's a pain.


18 sept.

Also, I can't believe how the new Twitter for iPad hides account switching under the rug. Oh, but shiny new profile headers!


I guess they see DMs as something that can't be monetized. Too shortsighted to realize the benefit of becoming central to their users' life?


Scratch what I said about Twitter enjoying the iMessage screwups: I forgot how much they de-emphasized DMs in their mobile client.


Twitter for iPad shot behind the shed

Can't be bothered to avoid the update forever, guess I'll just delete the app.


Oh, looks like it's a known feature of Mountain Lion that it randomly loses your login items. I'd been wondering what the fuck was going on.


17 sept.

Manger, ça donne envie de remanger, après.


I feel like I should apologize to myself for watching all eight seasons of Weeds, always hoping it would become fun or interesting again.


On en est où du rétablissement de la peine de mort pour les gens qui se défoulent sur le klaxon quand quelqu'un bloque la circulation ?


RT @codinghorror: “Atwood's Law again: Apple implements manual video compression in Javascript. https://t.co/H3vTsPqx”


16 sept.

Oh, dear. One more like this and I might simply have to give up on Doctor Who.


Remarquez, je me plains, mais c'est pas inintéressant d'avoir la dépense de calories incluse d'office dans la commande McDo.


Je suis au centre du triangle des Bermudes de Paris, où il n'y a pas de McDo à moins d'un kilomètre dans chaque direction.


Connerie de "Genius" de l'App Store qui me recommande des jeux iPhone "similaires à ce jeu iPad" et je ne m'en suis aperçu qu'après l'achat.


15 sept.

Compare how quickly iOS games adopted Game Center vs. how few of them sync their game saves over iCloud yet.


14 sept.

Latest Xcode simply refuses to build an app that declares itself compatible with iOS 4.2 or older. I don't think that's right.


RT @danielpunkass: “Apple could let customers install any App Store apps on Macs and iOS devices in Apple Store. Great for testing and trialing.”


13 sept.

Non mais ça se fait pas d'aller chez les gens et se barrer en leur laissant une demie-boîte de bonbons Haribo. #insuline


Les mecs d'ONG qui interpellent dans la rue… "est-ce que tu cherches du boulot par hasard ?" c'est nouveau ou juste pour moi ? #vexant


Paris feels so different — better, mostly — when the streets are full of Parisians rather than summertime tourists.


Verified today that my iPhone was indeed unlocked even though, like both previous times, iTunes never confirmed it when I did the restore.


12 sept.

With their fancy lamination process, and micron precision, how has Apple not eliminated the black gap between faceplate and screen anyway?


See, if they hadn't made a dumb white iPhone, having a bunch of letterboxed applications wouldn't be an issue at all.


Well, they did it, they killed the iPod watch. How damn shortsighted can they be?


Well, yeah, I'm gonna buy the new iPhone, but I'm clearly not gonna be very excited when I do.


I've used Photoshop on my 13-inch MacBook, and Xcode, but the real hardship will be when it comes to following multiple keynote liveblogs.


Just when The L.A. Complex finally stops dragging Raquel through the mud for a week, they lose all credibility with the coke storyline.


Test Driving Google Glasses

Spoiler: it really is still nothing more than a head-mounted camera.


11 sept.

Chez Pepperidge Farm, quand ils disent "soft-baked," ils ne plaisantent pas. C'est carrément de la pâte à cookies crue.


Twitter and Facebook must love how iMessage's terrible handling of multiple devices has turned SMS into the most unreliable protocol of all.


I'm gonna need sleeping pills or someone to keep me company at 5am. Momentously bored, just like yesterday at the same hour.


10 sept.

Steam's Big Picture mode

I really like the virtual keyboard. It's pretty, and probably quite functional.


9 sept.

I'm exceptionally working with my "laptop" on my lap, and it feels like I'm about to die of acute fever #7200rpm


TextEdit taking minutes to launch and display the iCloud panel, instead of creating a blank file in a split second. That's progress.


Il serait bien temps de faire la bascule annuelle vers de nouveaux serveurs, mais l'idée de m'occuper du transfert, pfouyaya.


8 sept.

"Your Dropbox password has expired because you haven’t changed it in a while. Enter your email address to reset your password." Fuuuuck off.


Enorme envie d'aller saluer le voisin du dessus avec une batte de base-ball, mais d'abord il faut que je trouve une batte.


7 sept.

RT @jjustice: “Objective C always reminds me of nursery rhymes. -(id)doYouKnowTheMuffinMan:(TheMuffinMan *)theMuffinMan;”


6 sept.

As for the Kindle Fires, once again I can't believe how aggressively they're going for the iPad's jugular with those prices.


I'd be getting ready to order a Kindle Paperwhite if only it had page-turn buttons. Swipe is just not as efficient, and it's messy.


3 sept.

Was the new Doctor Who boring and predictable, or did I just get too hung up on the idiocy of the Daleks suddenly having such a technology? (Except for the part that actually affects continuity and is relatively cool.)


2 sept.

"Gestures are sexy but buttons are discoverable"

That's been my objection to the last few years' fashion in UI design.


Not a fan of Todd Margaret overall, but I love the Jon Hamm stunt casting.


1 sept.

Anna Torv played at least five different characters over the course of Fringe. Gellar fails to differentiate evil sister from good sister.



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