31 déc. 2012

J'écoute la BO de Skyrim pour voir si ça me donne envie d'y rejouer, et pour l'insDOVAHKIIN! DOVAHKIIN!


30 déc.

Never understood why Gmail's "Filter messages like these" doesn't ask which criteria to use — most often I want the title, not the sender.


Je viens de réaliser qu'à chaque fois que je renouvelle mon serveur OVH je donne ma CB après avoir cliqué sur un lien d'un mail. Pas bien.


28 déc.

RT @stroughtonsmith: “In two years time, Mac OS X will be older than Classic MacOS was when OS X was first released in 2001 to replace it”


"Saint Vitus is the patron saint of actors and comedians. He protects against lightning strikes, animal attacks and… oversleeping." HAHAHA.


En fait c'est idéal, j'achète les jeux sur Steam pour la satisfaction de les avoir, mais j'ai la flemme de passer une semaine à les charger.


Il me semble bien que j'avais déjà vu Broadcast News il y a longtemps, et que tout, mais alors tout, m'était passé au-dessus de la tête.


27 déc.

I wish they'd dare give the Doctor a non-human main companion for a change, but it can wait until next time.


Lovely Doctor Who Christmas special. Fucking wish I hadn't checked IMDb as soon as that familiar-sounding character appeared.


26 déc.

RT @defragged: “My strategy for Letterpress is mostly to play the word the other person just played with a slight change, then to not have friends any more.”


When your brain goes "oh god remember that time seven years ago we said something stupid to someone, we've procrastinated enough, we must die NOW."


Bon, ça a été chiant comme prévu, la version iPhone 5 de Tarot Royal, mais pas au point que je n'aurais pas pu le faire il y a trois mois.


25 déc.

C'est pas mal drôle, Les revenants, mais je suis pas persuadé que ce soit intentionnel #fictionfrancaise


RT @Benizonzeweb: “Aujourd'hui Instagram ressemble au catalogue Picard 1995”


24 déc.

RT @R3ms: “J’ai une émotion certaine en terminant un paquet où le papier cadeau se relie parfaitement et poursuit ainsi le dessin. #maniaque


Et si on se mettait tous d'accord là pour dire que ça y est les fêtes sont passées et on est le premier janvier ? Bonne année, d'ailleurs !


23 déc.

Je ne me rappelle pas la dernière fois que j'ai acheté des biscottes Heudebert qui n'étaient pas trop cuites. La France part en couilles.


21 déc.

Pourquoi ce système de merde où les SMS de relevé de la Banque postale sont envoyés par un numéro court différent à chaque fois ?


Demain, soit on est morts, soit le virement de mon client est passé sur mon compte. Win-win de Noël.


I can't hear "silver lining" now without thinking of sperm, so that's awkward #misfits


20 déc.

Vivre chaque veille d'apocalypse comme si c'était la dernière. Devant la télé avec une boîte de chocolats.


A stack of app views and a tab bar are abstract concepts. "The main menu was all the way up there" uses hard-wired cognitive processes.


iPad app UIs need to use more swiping, less tapping. Spatial navigation beats modal hierarchies every time. (See: Brichten's Twitter app.)


I wouldn't have expected I'd love to see Russell Brand performing Shakespeare. (Or Djimon Hounsou for that matter.)


19 déc.

Twitter rolling out archive option… over the next few months

How… what… are they moving old databases around by boat?


The most important one being that without a permanent unread count I completely forget I'm subscribed to podcasts.


I tried, I really tried, but I'm enabling the sidebar in iTunes. Without it, too many levels of navigation, and too much hidden information.


17 déc.

Marrant comme toutes les poêlées Marie ont la même tendance au foutage de gueule sur le ratio viande / carbs.


I didn't think Misfits had it in them to introduce really likable characters anymore, but I'm in love with Abbey. And the writers were on fire this week.


"You could use the special powers you got after being struck by that random freak storm."


Même pas fini d'envoyer ma note d'honoraires que mon browser est déjà ouvert sur apple․fr/store. Don't. Don't. Don't. Do. Don't. Do. DON'T.


16 déc.

People seem to have enjoyed the latest Fringe, so I guess it was just ruined for me by how lame and cheap the drug trip was… initially.


15 déc.

Not sure whether I'm tired of programming or just of my projects. Can't quite visualize myself excited about coding anything.


I hate weekends. Nothing to see on Google Reader, nothing else to do on my computer than… work. (Shudder.)


It's time for the iOS home screen to be favorites, search, and widgets, with the complete app list relegated to a drawer. Yes, like Android or webOS.


14 déc.


If using folders or the "snooze" function isn’t for you, the ability to simply move messages up or down in the mailbox timeline allows for creating to-do lists of sorts. And all movements made in Mailbox also effect your accounts in their native formats so you won’t be confused when switching between web clients and Mailbox.

How on earth does that work? How do they manage to reorder messages in your Gmail inbox without changing the timestamps? Or do they actually change the timestamps, making your e-mail archive completely unreliable? I’m guessing the way they implement "snooze" is they move the message to their own servers, then move it back on a timer. (They have to have servers of their own with access to your inbox, since they’re offering push notifications.) Would you trust them with that?

This app looks extremely interesting, but e-mail is too vital for me to risk a third-party app screwing it up, or for that matter to let a completely unknown entity access and mess with my accounts — I’d much rather Google implemented those functionalities on their side.


Every single time I start a new Kindle book I get pissed off again that the platform allows publishers to fuck up the formatting.


13 déc.

“How fake images change our memory and behaviour”

Many interesting, scary things in this article (and when you think about it, it makes sense: we’ve been hard-wired to trust what we see, because sight was the most tamper-proof of our senses until a few decades ago) but I didn’t expect this bit:

In fact, people trust photographs so much that they actually place more weight on information that is accompanied with an image, regardless of how related or useful that image is. If you show participants a statement, and an image that provides no proof of that statement, they are far more likely to find that statement true than if it had no image alongside it.


RT @sdw: “I hope this light, friendly visual language originally introduced with Google Now and seen in iOS G-Maps will be applied to all of Android.”


Ca va, je rentre encore dans mon jean cette semaine, donc je peux racheter des chocolats.


Mon radiateur a tout plein de réglages, mais au final ça se résume toujours à : crever de chaud ou crever de froid.


12 déc.

The Flickr filters are too slow on my iPhone 4 (and why not? they target geeks and photographers, who upgrade). So now I want an iPhone 5.


I'm stunned by the new Flickr app. UI is good, filters are good, and it posts to Facebook and Twitter. All that's missing is one-tap square crop.


11 déc.

Not that I ever considered switching (the whole point of Instagram is cross-posting to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr in one tap) but Twitter's new filters look pretty dull to me.


10 déc.

What puzzles me most about Instagram is, since the big filter shakeup they haven't been able to make a good-looking B&W one again.


Instagram finally straightens up its capture interface (the 'Back' button doesn't move around between screens) yet still no filter previews?


Damn, The Last of Us is gonna be depressing. Hasn't there already been enough evidence that "gritty and serious" isn't all that fun?


I hope there's a black smoke monster in the new Tomb Raider. But why did they change Danielle Rousseau's French-Croatian accent?


On iOS, a confirmation and an error message look exactly the same — text in an always blue UIAlertView. Forgetting decades-old good practices of UX design.


9 déc.

Of course much of the associated convenience is lost from the iPad throwing its wifi connection away as soon as the screen is off.


Wish I'd realized earlier that enabling wifi sync in iTunes also allows you to put files into your app buckets wirelessly.


RT @mrgan: “If the Remote app is really a big part of the Apple TV roadmap, we should be able to run it from the lock screen. Anything else is too slow.”


8 déc.

Le profil web Instagram avec rien que des chatons dans le header, parce qu'ils utilisent les photos les plus likées #democratie


Side effect of iTunes redesign: I "eject" my iDevices as soon as they're done syncing. Never bothered to when they were just a sidebar item.


Lego LOTR looks gorgeous in video review form. No way it's worth full price for me, but I'm bookmarking it for when it's on sale.


While I wasn't looking, Google+ has become the kind of Javascript atrocity that makes my Mac lag. (But I'm still not really looking.)


I found Chipotle disappointing both times I tried it, yet here I am salivating on a photo of a burrito.

There has to be heroin in them.


7 déc.

Dear Photoshop: tools are not modes. I should not have to switch away from the crop tool to get rid of the selection.


Eek. I'm hating Photoshop CS6's new crop tool — even in "classic mode." Why the hell is the selection always active?


6 déc.

Watched a playthrough of ME3:Leviathan. More dumb plot points and retcon, with horribly written dialogue. My bad for watching it.


J'essaie en même temps de charger des mises à jour iLife d'1 Go et regarder des vidéos YouTube. Sur une connexion Free. En rase campagne.


Odd that Twitterrific hasn't been forced to change its name yet. Twitter's last little acknowledgment of their debt to a third-party app?


“La peur du noir”

Je me souviens d’une expérience vécue dans un hypermarché : à la suite d’une panne générale d’électricité, simplement éclairés par un peu de lumière naturelle, les lieux me sont apparus tels qu’ils sont vraiment, sans néons, sans panneaux luminescents, sans affiches criardes qui étourdissent le regard. L’endroit m’a subitement semblé étranger, je me suis vu dans un sinistre et immense entrepôt,  où curieusement la démesure des rayons était bien plus évidente que sous la lumière artificielle, et où j’avais le sentiment d’être entouré de centaines de tonnes de nourriture. J’aurais voulu photographier ça.


What's the easiest way on iPad to repost on the web a photo I saw in my timeline? It's still to switch to my Mac, of course. For shame — iOS is five years old.


5 déc.

"Featuring Sarah Bettens," le truc que je ne m'attendais pas à lire dans la tracklist d'une compilation de trance.


Wondered for a week why music sounded so crappy and muddy; just realized it's been over a month since I went clubbing, so there's that.


Takes way too long on my iPad 1 from tapping the Gmail notification to actually seeing the email displayed. App deleted.


Come on, Gmail, no unified inbox? What is this, 2005?


4 déc.

Browsing the food section of Pinterest and crying. I wanna go back to Paris where all the food is!


3 déc.

2 déc.

How to restore Lucida Grande to iTunes

I doubt I'll want to do this after every update, but it's so much more legible.


Looks like I have to reboot my Drobo every time my Mac goes from Windows to OS X. That's gonna get old real fast.


Je passerais bien les quatre ou cinq prochains mois dans un coma, rien à faire nourri logé gratuitement. Comment on fait ?


Argh. Magicka is unplayable with a controller, and on the keyboard it ignores my azerty layout. I hate PC gaming, damnit.


It only took five years for the iOS App Store apps to take my language selection into account.


Et, oui, c'est l'hiver, j'ai du mal à penser à autre chose qu'au chocolat.


Je suis jaloux des gens qui ont un calendrier Kinder, mais en même temps je tiendrais pas deux jours.


1 déc.

I must be ten minutes away from the end of Psychonauts, don't think I'll ever touch it again. Fuck unfair platforming with timers and no checkpoints. Controls aren't nearly tight enough to allow for that kind of stuff.


Je ne me ferai jamais aux emballages individuels des Célébrations qui ne s'ouvrent pas en tirant sur les bouts #skeuomorphism



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