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1 avril 2014

The HIMYM finale harkens back to a time when the show was much more clever than the slop it became.

So, they retroactively ruined it.

I miss playing 2048 on the toilet.

2 avril

Home screen legibility was one of Windows Phone’s nicest assets, so let’s fix that by putting a picture underneath all the info.

It would be nice though if Cortana motivated Apple to finally push Siri into fulfilling its potential, though.

I can’t believe Amazon got to introduce a voice-controlled remote for its set-top box before Apple did.


Le cadre cravate lambda à côté de moi remercie son plan par SMS pour son “beau trou” et ses “superbes panards”. #metro #politesse #rotschild


Here’s how much the industry changed since the 1990s: Nobody thinks that Microsoft giving away software is a shocking abuse of power.

3 avril

Monument Valley sur iPad (très mignon) m’a donné finalement envie d’acheter Fez. Quelqu’un sait ce que vaut la version Mac ?

Faire tourner le lave-linge puis le sèche-linge puis retrouver la dose de lessive par terre devant le lave-linge. Eh, fuck it.

4 avril

That feeling of existential dread when, in Fez, you open a door into a room full of more doors.

First-Person Feline Bully

There’s more tendion in that video than in most Hollywood thrillers.

I’m practicing with Hearthstone on my Mac while waiting for the iPad version to arrive, and <3 <3 <3

Can’t wait to play you guys.


Faut vraiment que les politiques arrêtent de tweeter les blagues qui ont faire rire leurs potes en fin d’apéro.

5 avril

I always thought I’d be too lazy for a card game like this, but I’m completely addicted to Hearthstone.

Argh ! Deuxiéme fois cette année que je sors profiter du beau temps en oubliant que c’est le week-end et les normaux sont lâchés.

Une app qui dirait si le soleil va être caché par les nuages dans l’heure qui vient, à ta position précise. (Et idem pour la pluie.)

Cinq minutes au Jardin des plantes et les chaussures couvertes de poussière blanche. Je ne comprendrai jamais ce choix.

My body has connected house music with being sick two weeks ago. The brain is a wonderful thing and oh shit I’m screwed.


Je veux mettre au point un générateur d’aphorismes nuls à la Lelouch. “La vie, c’est comme un plat de pâtes, au début on aime pas al dente”.

6 avril

Pour me féliciter d’avoir été raisonnable / eu la flemme de sortir danser, bam, internet qui tombe en panne à minuit.

Figured why I love Hearthstone: you can have fun with the moment-to-moment tactics without thinking of long-term strategy. My brain’s lazy.

7 avril

I don’t get it. I follow a bunch of design geeks, and the only mention I ever saw of Wikipedia going sans-serif was in my gaming timeline.

Two thirds into La dolce vita, I finally realize that oh, right, Paparazzo is the guy’s name and that’s where the word comes from.

Turns out the creators of Mad Men watched La dolce vita and figured that everybody hated themselves in the sixties.

Je me sens un peu con à découvrir en 2014 que le titre de La dolce vita est ironique.

En fait, si je retourne à la Foire du Trône, je vais m’apercevoir que ce n’est pas le monde féérique et immense de ma mémoire.

Cette conne de Barbara, avec son nom ingooglable impossible de retrouver la chanson à laquelle mon dernier tweet me fait penser.

Good design comes from a perspective that there’ll always be a more stupid, more destructive user.

Good design comes from misanthropy.

Sortir profiter du soleil et rentrer sous la grêle. Avril a un dicton à son nom et il le prend très au sérieux.

8 avril


The Heartbleed Bug effectively means past SSL traffic can be decrypted, unless it used Perfect Forward Secrecy. ಠ_ಠ

The functional changes are nice, though: pinning a tweet to the top, hiding replies by default. Making popular tweets larger, I’m not sure.

9 avril


Hate Comic Sans? Perhaps you’ll love—or at least tolerate—the free new typeface known as Comic Neue.

I’m not supposed to spend all of Breaking Bad wondering whether I could date a drug dealer if he looked like this, am I.

Maybe it’s easy to say from a non-US point of view, but I wish Cosmos didn’t regularly waste time trying to disprove creationism.

I can’t see a geodesic observatory dome without thinking of Hannibal. Well done.

It occurs to me that the start of a new console generation is the worst time to buy a gaming PC, re: cost/benefit ratio. PS4 here I come.

Ivre, il découvre un an après son emménagement que le Tang Frères principal est à cinq minutes à pied et non à Place d’Italie.

10 avril


My hope is that 10.10 breaks things in the same way iOS 7 did: recompiled apps /have/ to be heavily modified to continue to work. Redesign++


The perils of having a new-fangled top level doman: “554 mailfrom without country or top level domain is administratively denied”.

11 avril

I just wanna hug Jesse Pinkman. I wanna hug him and pet him and squeeze him and…


Le printemps. Tous ces couples qui se lèchent la glotte et les oreilles dans le métro. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

La nomenclature des sous-vêtements C&A est bizarre, je voulais des boxers, je me retrouve avec des leggings.

14 avril

If I’d watched Breaking Bad earlier, I’d have thought of creating the Silk Road site and I’d be rich and in jail right now.

I wasn’t quite taken with Breaking Bad’s first season, but holy shit it gets dark and intense. And made for binge-watching.

15 avril

Dix ans plus tard, toujours le même instant de flottement quand le logo HBO n’est pas suivi du générique de Sex and the City.

Both new iPhones could share the same resolution

I struggled with the idea of two more screen sizes ever since the rumors started, but this would work.

I feel like Cersei hasn’t usually been written (or played?) as quite such an asshole before.


C’est tellement malin de créer une série à high-spoilability pour convaincre les gens de s’abonner à HBO et être les premiers à la voir.

Judging from a demo video, Cortana does its speech recognition locally. There’s really no excuse for iOS 8 not to (at least as an option).

Les marelles de la promenade des berges sont minuscules, je ne m’amuse pas très beaucoup.

16 avril

“How can I lead when I have two good arms?”

Does Snowpiercer have the most absurd premise in the history of cinema, or what?

Merci d’enregistrer ma plainte contre tous les gens que je suis sur Sens Critique et qui ont mis une note non négative à Snowpiercer.

I hadn’t noticed Mextures’ update. I found the previous interface cumbersome, but 2.0 becomes a really good photo filter app for iPhone.

The Witcher 2’s intro video is fantastic. I don’t know about the game, it won’t run on my Mac mini.

Watching a let’s play of Burial at Sea (because I didn’t enjoy Infinite enough to buy DLC) so of course I’m screaming “OMG STOP SUCKING” internally every five minutes.

Burial at Sea Part 1 doesn’t look like it was worth the money, but if I’d known Part 2 was a decent stealth game I might have bought it.

My main gripe with Infinite was I didn’t find the gameplay fun so scrapping it for full-on stealth is great — and Rapture is perfect for it.

Hearthstone for iPad works even better than I expected. The screen feels a bit small, but the UI was really always made for touch.


Getting caught between “lovely” and “thank you” and telling a shop assistant that you love them

17 avril

I’ll wait for a proper review before deciding to buy Hitman Go, but the visual design is fucking fantastic.

Lens Blur in the new Google Camera app

The actual interesting part is calculating depth with only one camera.

For all that I’ve sworn off the Assassin’s Creed franchise, I think I’ll have no choice but to play Unity — it looks just too damn pretty.

Everything I want to say about the first two eps of Silicon Valley boils down to: I don’t think I’d like Mike Judge if I met him in a party.

Mais vas-y tranquille le pigeon qui me fout un coup de coude dans la gueule en passant.

Il y a trois food trucks devant le MK2 BNF, et la queue seulement devant le Camion qui fume. Fucking rude.

18 avril

It’s not gonna save Flickr (nothing is, at this point), but the new mobile app’s design is really sweet.

This is 2014 and iTunes’ autofill still makes you jump through hoops to fix the capitalization of a title.

19 avril


Blizzard silenced Hearthstone players, and it made the game amazing []

God damn, I had no idea Civilization was such a time sink. Spent the whole night on an AI game and I’m still pretty far from the end.

The worst part is, I’m not enjoying myself all that much — I just feel the need to see it through. No idea if I’ll ever want to play again.

Le chat d’extérieur de la copropriété n’est pas très soyeux, faites-moi penser à me plaindre à la concierge.


Size Comparison: 1994 Apple Newton MessagePad next to original 2007 iPhone []

20 avril

Si je n’y vais pas je vais regretter de mai à octobre. Mais si je me force à y aller je risque de me faire chier au point de m’en dégoûter.

21 avril

C’est quoi la valeur ajoutée des gogo-dancers qui ne dansent pas maintenant que la moitié des clubbers font autant de muscu qu’eux ?

La sono du Showcase toujours top, mais le nouvel aménagement manque cruellement de lumières qui flashent dans les yeux.

Pendant un an il n’y a que de la terre et un tractopelle et, une fois que tu y es bien habitué, paf, l’immeuble se monte en trois semaines.

I haven’t had a single Tinder match since like two selfies ago #beginningoftheend

22 avril

Daenerys certainly has come a long way from her WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS years.

Does Mad Men really have no better tricks left than misunderstandings involving flowers and speakerphones? Is it a 1960s sitcom now?

“Et puis bon on est en 2012 quand même… 2013… fuck…”


Jeux vidéo spatiaux : et si nous étions allés trop loin ? []

Enabled the new Twitter profile. What’s the point of choosing a header image and link color if they’ll force a blue background on everyone.

23 avril

J’ai rêvé qu’il y avait des bonbons Haribo en promo à l’hypermarché. Même mes nuits sont passionnantes.

Google Street View Time Machine

This will be really cool if Google and Street View still exist in a few decades.

24 avril

Fract OSC is the bastard child of Myst and Rez, it’s awesome, and damnit I’m stuck.

25 avril


One day, Panic servers (Cogent) became unbearably slow at home (Comcast). Netflix and Comcast cut a deal, and it went away! We’re too late.

26 avril

I loathe this reality-TV format and its obnoxious tropes, but the subject matter makes Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge fascinating.

Operating that website has never been less worth the trouble #sleeplessnights

Watching this week’s Hannibal right after two episodes of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge was just a little bit weird.

27 avril

Browsing the Mac App Store. If I click on an icon I’ll lose my current page so I google the names of potentially interesting apps instead. Yay.

Twine Canvas is a Tinder clone that displays a collage of your likes instead of your selfies. As if that’s gonna get traction.

28 avril

Je me sentais productif aujourd’hui alors j’ai passé la journée à… réorganiser mon organisation (à base de OneNote et Qu-s).

Eeeeek. The Amazing Spider-Man’s origin story is much, much more spidery than the previous movie trilogy.

The first Amazing Spider-Man movie has the most mismatched, insufferable score. Hard to quantify exactly how many points it’s losing over this.

DMesh – “Triangulation Image Generator”

The interface is seriously fucked up but, hey, it’s free on the Mac.

J’ai regardé une demi-heure d’une vidéo de quelqu’un jouant à Euro Truck Simulator parce que c’est hypnotisant et, hop, migraine !

29 avril

I figured Facebook pushed iPhone users to the Messenger app to simplify code, but the chat module remains in the main app for iPad users.


Game where you control an autocorrect module in a quest to destroy human relationships

Est-ce qu’il y a une marque de sacs poubelle qui écrit sur le sac sa contenance POUR QUE JE SACHE LESQUELS RACHETER TROIS MOIS PLUS TARD ?

I guess Ive would argue that the UI debt was the one accrued through all these years of skeuomorphism.

The new Firefox seems fine. Use case is still reduced to “I have a PC and I hate Google” but, if that’s you, you don’t need to be miserable.

My tweets tend to trigger passive-aggressive replies from developers who search for their app’s names.

30 avril

That feeling when you see the Paypal logo at checkout, realize you’ve got a few dollars on your account, and let lazy-past-you pay the bill.

Je n’ai pas fait mes huit heures de sommeil alors j’ai envie de filer des coups de poing au hasard aux gens que je croise dans la rue.

Run An Empire

Looks like a very smart concept to gamify your morning run.

How on earth is there no way to create a drawing from within the Evernote app?


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