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1 novembre 2016

Halt and Catch Fire n’a jamais été un documentaire, mais l’invention d’un Second Life 2D en 1986 ?


Désolé mais je garderai ¯\(ツ)/¯ à vie []


A setting we are all really hoping for in iOS11. @dmoren []

Westworld montre un monde futuriste où de riches cadres peuvent passer une semaine de vacances sans toucher à leur smartphone o_O


PaintCode 3! 😁 Android, Swift 3, JS/Canvas support! Live debugging! []

2 novembre

Scroll back a bit to re-read a line; a 200-pixel header slides down into view and hides the whole paragraph.

Or just a 30-pixel header slides down and hides a single sentence. Still obnoxious.

Wait. Today there’s a “Play Next” option in iTunes’ contextual menu. Did it appear because I dragged stuff into ‘Up Next’ yesterday?


Good @pschiller interview on the new MacBook Pros (and their reception) /via @reneritchie []

Wonder if they’re going to actively enforce the very Facebook idea that your avatar should look like you in real life.


Twitter just informed me that attempting to disenfranchise voters is not a violation of their Terms of Service. @jack @Support

3 novembre

Il faut que j’encadre l’intégrale de Halt and Catch Fire et me la repasse à chaque fois que j’oublie ce que c’est de créer quelque chose.

Je subis la fin hyper chiante de Halt and Catch Fire avant de découvrir au dernier moment qu’en fait il va y avoir encore une saison de plus 😩

Gotta wonder what Apple’s AR projects look like.


This should not ever have existed, and it definitely shouldn’t still exist. []

Je n’avais jamais réalisé que les lens flares des vieux films en cinémascope étaient complètement déformés par l’anamorphose

Dans le film Westworld il y a plusieurs parcs à thèmes/époques différents, ce qui est à la fois beaucoup plus logique et plus intéressant.


Multiplayer VR game developers: build with the assumption that there isn’t a high density of players yet

4 novembre

Taking a break from work: 30 minutes of Driveclub VR, one hour feeling iffy. I’m beginning to think VR doesn’t like me.


“Apple smartphone market share drops to 12.1%”

“Apple takes more than 103% of smartphone market profits”

Truly fascinating contrast

If I have a bout of insomnia around the time my iPad’s night shift is scheduled to end, there’s no way to escape the fade to blue light.


I’d like to rephrase this:

It’s hugely dangerous when designers of humans systems are naive about human systems.

J’ai commencé AHS:Roanoke sans conviction, trop de buzz pour l’ignorer, et là je suis à mi-chemin et je ne peux pas m’arrêter pour bosser 😮

I’d briefly seen tweets mentioning Apple cutting the adapters’ price; can’t believe it’s actually just a limited-time discount.

Dunno why Jackal Assault is free for everyone on PSVR but holy shit the sense of presence is so much stronger than in the Eve Valkyrie demo.

Flip side though is that I’m feeling a bit queasy whereas I could do roll after roll in Valkyrie. So that’s an interesting tradeoff.

5 novembre


Oh! Also on the Surface Studio the wheel has a suction cup. Which gets dirty. Which means your wheel won’t stick to the screen. Not magnetic

Westworld is entertaining but I don’t understand how people view it as a show to endlessly develop theories around.

Why is the iPhone 7 Plus still doing scaled-down @3x? Speculation for 6 Plus was yield issues but it can’t still be that, two years later?!

Horrifying to imagine their intention may have always been just to align to 1080p resolution. It’s not like they buy screens off-the-shelf, so who cares if the screen size is standard?

6 novembre

Aussi génial que soit le concept d’AHS:Roanoke, c’est quand même dommage que ça dégénère en torture porn et found footage.


Someone asked me why I read German History, at the time my answer was one day it might be useful. And that day as arrived.

Brand new Photoshop shipping with a “New Document” dialog that takes five seconds to load.

Je n’ai encore jamais essayé le Joylent-vodka 😮

7 novembre

Ah ben forcément que les photos de San Junipero me rappelaient Halt and Catch Fire, ce n’était pas que l’esthétique eighties

Voilà un directeur de casting bien paresseux, même si je ne l’avais pas reconnue consciemment.


Meilleure vidéo d’animaux de la semaine [] (la tête du chat purée) (via @OuPsy)


Mais le film d’horreur. oO !!!!!! :x :x From birth, Marine Iguanas fight for their lives - BBC’s Planet Earth II


A bigger, more complete list of external displays suitable for Macs, and their pixel densites. []

Curieusement je n’aime pas plus Black Mirror en version Netflix que l’originale.

Bon, ok, je n’avais pas encore vu San Junipero 😭

Mais… les tendons ne bougent pas comme ils devraient, si ? 😧

8 novembre


I’m five minutes into this @davechensky video, which means I’m 33% of the way towards going insane: []


A HoloLens developer made an augmented reality Pokémon battle game [] []


«Le divan de Staline», avec Depardieu en dictateur psychanalisé. Un film de Fanny Ardant où tous jouent comme elle.


Oh my god, that Toblerone thing is actually real? I assumed it was a Brexit meme. Hahaha oh god []

macOS Mail shows a message as “To: <my address> & 1 more” and the only way I can find to see who else is to reply-all.

Any sequence of smiley-face emojis should be displayed as a looping frame-by-frame animation.


Reddit is telling everyone to remember the US’s ‘peaceful transition of power’ []

I started writing PHP more than 15 years ago and kept so many bad habits from those early days that I should just switch to a new language.


Pro tip: To avoid information anxiety today, treat twitter as a write-only medium, even more so than usual.

9 novembre

I’d like Andromeda’s premise much better if the arks were seed ships (only carrying DNA) that took 10,000 years to reach their destination.

That would be a proper scifi story, instead of the flimsiest possible excuse to have the exact same shit in another galaxy.

A few months left for someone to finally launch a truly anonymous, temper-resistant, decentralized competitor to Twitter.


Hey, no joke, and I’m paraphrasing smarter people. If you plan on opposing Trump:

Get Tor.

Get Signal.

Get a VPM

2FA on your emails.


Why are iTunes Connect’s financial reports delivered as a zip of .txt.gz files?

Chercher des boucs émissaires et passer à côté de la seule et unique leçon : 50% de la population US/UK/EU est prête à voter pour des fascistes, point final.

Je me suis dit, pas d’humeur à regarder un truc joyeux, autant continuer Black Mirror. 3x05, direct sur la métaphore de descente de nazis 😫


A bunch of my friends all just started talking on WhatsApp for the first time. Gonna be a big four years for encrypted communication


When we talk about online radicalization we always talk about Muslims. But the radicalization of white men online is at astronomical levels

10 novembre

Putain, comme si le passage au found footage ne suffisait pas, American Horror Story se met au casque GoPro 🙄🙄🙄 barf

I’m finding Steep annoying (it’s not my kind of game anyway) but it would be so nice in VR — even keeping the third-person perspective.

So why… exactly… does anyone “play” The Tomorrow Children? I didn’t get it when I played the alpha way back, don’t get it now.


Snapchat’s Spectacles are available today from strange yellow vending machines [] []

Passé à Monoprix acheter de la glace et des bonbons (#eatyourfeelings), j’ai sorti ma liste de courses et oublié pour quoi j’étais venu.

Je ne m’attendais pas à ce que Class soit une série à mecs à poil.

11 novembre


In Venice right now buying some @Spectacles. This vending machine and the noises it makes is straight out of a Black Mirror episode.


Just bought an ancient Bitcoin miner for an experiment in using it as a subsidised electric heater. Warmth will be mine, Winter!

Ca fait deux fois que je retrouve des T-shirts à laver à 30° dans mon panier de linge sale normal. Euthanasie.

“Siri, start workout” pops up the intrinsically stupid and awfully designed “do you want to name your workout?” dialogue from a week ago.


“Hitler’s only kidding about the antisemitism” New York Times, 1922

[] []

Ah, the good old “my client’s app, which requires a time-sensitive update, doesn’t build anymore in the new Xcode.”

12 novembre

Did we always have to fight with Xcode this much? I feel exhausted.


wow… what an inspiring quote…. history is full of brilliant thinkers like this… []

Dishonored 2 is 60 € on Steam?! ಠ_ಠ

13 novembre

14 novembre

Kubo and the Two Strings — 8/10

Kubo and the Two Strings est visuellement superbe, et je ne m’attendais pas à ce qu’il soit aussi très drôle.

Alice Through the Looking Glass est une interminable pub de parfum et on ne sait même pas pour quelle marque à la fin.

Le cinéma se limite terriblement, ces temps-ci, en insistant à mélanger prises de vue réelles et synthèse au lieu de recréer simplement les acteurs.

Je ne sais pas si j’ai pris froid ou juste mangé trop de chocolats :/

I’m really close to finally buying a gaming PC so it would be silly to get Dishonored or Watch Dogs right now on PS4, wouldn’t it…

15 novembre

This looks both practical and dignified

Couldn’t phones reduce battery wear by slow-charging at night and fast-charging only when plugged in mid-day?


That it’s only the last 20 years says a lot—this is Ive’s portfolio, not Apple’s. My impression is that his career is drawing to a close


The Google Cloud Vision API will let anyone do machine learning things like OCR find faces etc []

16 novembre


I am on holiday and I get shit like that only two weeks in advance. Fuck you @n26 Will never use that piece of shit of a bank again.

I just did the very first wave of Brookhaven. If I ever pick it up again it’ll be while my roommate isn’t sleeping in the room next door 😱

Also started Eagle Flight and… uh. Neither its very artificial controls nor the anti-motion sickness measures do much to help immersion.

I’m curious if they ever tried motion controls because I know I’d feel stupid spreading my arms to play but it would feel so much more real.

For anyone who hasn’t heard about it, this is Brookhaven.

This, in VR.

THANK GOD the visuals are much muddier on PSVR.


The owner received noise complaints from the neighbours, so they set up a nanny cam. This is what they saw 😂😂🐶❤️🐶

Does Gandi really need to send an individual confirmation e-mail for each of the 20 domains I just batch-renewed?


Google AMP makes fake news look real. (Because they serve it from []) @cramforce []

17 novembre


It’s like Groundhog Day directed by Charlie Brooker []

Je me demande pourquoi j’attends de voir ce qui se passera au printemps, alors que j’avais déjà envie de quitter le pays il y a deux ans 🤔


Never forget that in Taken 3 theres a 14 camera cut sequence of Liam Neeson hopping a fence. We can do better. We must.


New modernist sandcastles constructed by Calvin Seibert. More: [] []


Monk: writing bible lord, the end is signaled by trumpets?

God: I said Trump Pence

Monk: Right. Trumpets.

God: Fine. They’ll get it.

18 novembre

J’avais déjà assez de mal à me motiver à bosser sans la certitude que la civilisation occidentale va disparaître dans les quatre ans.

Enjoyed Elder Scrolls Online more than I expected the last two days; now I keep bumping against inventory limit, think I’ll just give up.

I enjoy TESO’s gameplay much more this time around (PS4 instead of PC) but the writing still feels completely perfunctory.


The new MacBook tries to autocorrect password fields by displaying what you typed on the Touch Bar. Amazing.

19 novembre

Fallout 4 is much more pleasant with green grass (and also an all-perks cheat because I’m lazy)


This is AI phrenology, and it’s very, very dangerous. []


Gender neutral pronouns get translated to gender stereotypes by Google translate #FATML []

Spotlight ignores the IBAN.pdf I’m looking for, only lists old sent emails instead. Opening the emails fails even though preview worked.


If I was driving behind this Tesla, I’d have rear ended it at least twice. You can’t just stop. Not there yet.


Looks like, beyond the couple photos we’ve seen already, there isn’t actually anything else über-interesting in the book ☹️

20 novembre

Replied to an iOS notification, then opened Tweetbot to check whether I had sent it or dismissed by tapping just a few pixels too high.

MLP qui gagne au second tour parce que “j’ai déjà voté aux primaires de la droite, ça suffit, je reste chez moi”


Oh, I get it. In World War III, Germany gets to save the rest of the world from fascists. That’s a pretty solid third act.

“1 friend owns this game” undecipherable 10x10px thumbnail of an avatar that wouldn’t be identifiable at any size in the first place

Amazon is sending me one PC component a day like so many severed fingers so in the meantime I don’t know what to do but BUY ALL THE PC GAMES


Why I don’t like Google and prefer local storage, exhibit # 3,156,218. (Yes, they were stupid…but lost all access!?)

I keep forgetting that Fallout 4 is a Bioware game so the companions are supposed to be completely useless.

21 novembre


Whoa. No more AirPorts. Apple’s not a big enough company to continue making its own products, it seems 😜

Je ne peux même plus fermer NoPic pour faire du vide dans ma vie, ça serait un acte de Collaboration à ce stade.

“Merde, ils ont des Haribo World Mix, je vais encore être malade.” Et on nous dit que l’être humain est le summum de l’évolution.


In the latest Westworld, a show crammed with exposition, a character actually says “Show, don’t tell”. Fucking hell.

22 novembre

Damn, Oculus Medium sounds fantastic

As it happens, the Rift is properly available on Amazon France and the Vive isn’t.

I particulary like how terminals of the time were too dumb to handle pixels so they just invented a new type of displays that wouldn’t need refreshing


Reminder: “Nazi” didn’t always mean “evil.” It was a party name, like “Republican.” Make sure you don’t end up on the wrong side of history.


Apple rejected touchscreen Macs finding them “absurd;” yet, they market this monstrosity as a “laptop replacement.”


Filming a car chase for the Jason Bourne movie: view from camera car. []

23 novembre

Today I’m building a PC for the first time in over ten years and I want to kill everyone involved.

24 novembre

Argh, looks like “get Skyrim Special Edition for free if you have all the DLC” was a limited-time offer and I missed it.

I have yet to find a single game in my Steam library that gives my 1070 the slightest workout in 1080p.

It’s great that I can play Spintires with full visuals, but… I’m considering buying The Division on sale just to have something pretty.

25 novembre

Look who became a PC master race person in 48 hours. Just bought Witcher 3 on Steam although it was already in my pile of PS4 games to play.

Not sure what to do about Fallout 4, though. I want to finish the story but ugh playing it on PS4 but ugh starting over.

TIS-100 is excellent but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m doing unpaid client work.

26 novembre

Watching a YouTube video on one computer, opened the same page on the other and it started playing roughly at the same point 😯👍


TRUMP: I should tweet something. Is Castro dying good or bad?

AIDE: It’s actually really complicated. Cuba is curre…

TRUMP: [hitting send]

How incompetent is the Brotherhood of Steel that they keep crashing choppers in every single area of the Commonwealth?

27 novembre

Okay, I’m listening

I don’t expect it’s gonna get reviews before the end of the current Steam sale, is it?

Oh, apparently it’s out now, so let’s just hope people quickly write many blog posts about the strengths and failings of creative mode.

Because I’d love to think they’re not going to screw it up horribly, but, uh.

28 novembre

La musique de samedi n’était pas assez bonne pour justifier trois jours de jet-lag. Pourquoi je suis resté si tard ? 💀

Si on doit subir un gouvernement fasciste comme tous les autres j’espère qu’au moins ils mettront en prison ceux qui abusent du klaxon.

C’est le bordel, cet épisode de Westworld, ou j’ai juste passé une mauvaise journée ?


New neural-network algorithm learns directly from human instructions instead of examples | KurzweilAI []

29 novembre

I’ve installed ≈40 games on my new PC but I’m still playing Fallout 4 on PS4 because I’m unable to leave a game in the middle of its story.

Replaced faulty USB cable that borked external drive. Then had to reformat the drive on PC before Disk Utility could do anything with it.

Onboarding pro-tip: Don’t open with a gorgeous loading screen that’s going to stutter horribly for several minutes on first launch

I just found two cats in Fallout 4 and I can’t interact with them. Worst game ever.

30 novembre

My Fallout 4 character has a boyfriend now so I guess I can consider I’ve won and drop the game.


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