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1 mars 2017

C’est marrant comme du haut de mes 3 ans en 1989 le bicentenaire de la démocratie française me paraissait une éternité.

En lisant Foundation and Empire hier j’ai réalisé que j’étais toujours resté sur cette impression alors qu’en fait c’est horriblement court.


Bonjour @FrancoisFillon, comment expliquer votre comportement aux jeunes électeurs qui découvrent la politique avec cette présidentielle ?


Every Best Visual Effects Winner. Ever. (1927-2016 Oscars) by @burgerfiction



Looks like war is coming to Elite… The aliens don’t screw around 😳 []

Windows VR headsets aren’t coming until year’s end and LG’s SteamVR is only a prototype yet. Come on, don’t make me buy a Rift!


Moonlight’s win is historic and should be treated as such but instead, we have to hear about white grace.

2 mars

Event[0] (PC) — 7/10


L’obsession d’une certaine classe politique pour le TRAVAIL comme si se lever à 6h pour aller soulever des palettes c’était émancipateur.


Star Wars: Rogue One’s K-2SO was rendered in real time, a cinema first []

C’est con, si je m’étais souvenu que ça approchait, ça aurait été une bonne date pour fermer No Pic No Dial.

Google Images: Polish Movie Posters


I am continually shocked by national car loan stats, but this is beyond it all. []

Ending’s a bit wack but Event[0] is a great experience with a memorable chatbot. And the rest of the game & UX design is very good, which I didn’t expect.

3 mars


Just learned that my phone LOVES when I open a hundreth browser tab :D []

“Caracals have been tamed and used for hunting in ancient Egypt until the 20th century” 💜 #lastRT


My emotions have whiplash from these two items in @popbitch []


I remember being super-impressed with the visuals in the Final Fantasy movie.

We’ve come along way: we can do better, in real-time.


Ces deux jeux sont sortis la même semaine ! Oui, oui, de la même année. []

Guess I’m gonna have to stop complaining about the App Store app if downloading videos in Chrome also brings my computer to its knees.

So apparently they cheated, modeling all the static objects in 3D — which limits the possible applications — but it’s still very impressive.

4 mars

Today’s Crate & Crowbar moved Tides of Numenera from “I’ll see when it’s on sale” to “omg I need to play this now but I don’t have time.”

Great point in particular about the artificial single-use disposability of sidequest characters in pretty much every open-world RPG ever. Makes it easier to deal with the consequences of player choice but it’s such a waste of characterization.


The 4 dead Russian diplomats in the Trump Steele dossier all died mysteriously in the last 60 days. #TrumpRussia #RussiaGate


How we phrase a question has a huge effect on the results - my favourite example, from @Gerald_Ashley []


This is the best demonstration of shutter sync I’ve seen: []

Got the hardest time picking a project to focus on—today wondering if I should go back to the ‘Elite on iOS’ prototype I started a year ago.

Would mean a lot of work before I have something to show for it — but my other pet project is interactive narrative, which isn’t better.

Actually, would it even be unfeasible for a small team at Bioware to reuse ME’s engine and pipeline to make a narrative-only game on a limited budget?

Not a small team, but giving Forza’s engine & assets to a third party produced two of the best games ever so why does no one else do that?

Ah mais finalement ce sont les Marks & Spencer Food qui ne ferment pas ? Je croyais l’inverse. (Mon compte en banque ne dira pas merci.)


A reminder that the Tibetan Sand Fox is real and is not impressed with your shenanigans []

Si je mangeais avant de sortir ça m’éviterait de laisser une paye à Marks & Spencer, pensa-t-il avant de verrouiller la porte derrière lui.


«Ce serait une catastrophe si ce parti dirigeait la France». Ils ont vu le FN de l’intérieur, ils sont partis.


Officers and support staff from Auschwitz, on a day off.

It’s easy to forget how ordinary the perpetrators of mass violence can be.

I love how the progress bar on top of Instagram Stories is just

big enough so you can notice a dotted line, say fuck this and swipe left.

Le test n’est pas très subtil donc c’est pas comme si le résultat risquait de surprendre ¯\(ツ)

5 mars

Played a little on a Switch:

– damn that’s a lot of bezel

– Ball Count isn’t that impressive

– handheld Zelda feels smaller than I expected

For what little I played, Zelda does feel great, mechanically. Not rushing to pay 350€ right now but I’ll get it someday, for sure.

6 mars

Using Spotify on my Mac to remote-control Spotify on my iPhone because the former doesn’t support AirPlay.


We’re finally ready to announce (drum roll), “The Room: Old Sins”, our upcoming 3D puzzle adventure coming to mobile late 2017.


Des bâtiments disparus de #FrankLloydWright reconstitués en 3D


[] []

7 mars

J’ai lancé Ma vie de Courgette sans avoir la moindre idée d’où je mettais les pieds 💀

Holy shit, I meant my tweet to be hyperbolic but—


Publishing 2 executables with the same SHA-1 AND MD5 sum.


Hat-trick || GTFO []


This is a classic. On one of laziest things you have ever seen. []


No, The CIA Didn’t Hack WhatsApp, But Why Bother When They Can Just Hack Your Phone Itself []


There’s a new animation and prototyping on the block: Kite. Met with Joe a few weekends ago to see a demo..


Ubiquitous e2e encryption is pushing intelligence agencies from undetectable mass surveillance to expensive, high-risk, targeted attacks.


Animations can be played back in iOS and Mac apps, using KiteKit. Contains all Core Animation and Core Image properties.


It’s “Still Alive” from Portal, in Rock Band, recreated in SHENZHEN I/O! []

8 mars

Ma vie de Courgette (2016) — 8/10


Here’s your reminder that there is/was a Lyme vaccine for humans, but we can’t get it because of early anti-vaxxers:


Toute la journée je vais partager des portraits de femmes d’exception d’hier et d’aujourd’hui sous ce thread #InternationalWomensDay


Si vous vous demandez pourquoi je fais ça ? 97% des biographies des manuels scolaires concernent des hommes. (rapport de février 2017)


Lights out Statue of Liberty. Striking image #daywithoutawoman #LadyLiberty []


Are you looking for a cover artwork for your next album?

Contact me: I looove to do commissions. :] #albumart


Breitbart homepage is something to see right now - all-out assault against Trump’s chosen health plan. []

9 mars


Just watched Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Would make a damn good VR game. Dude stuck in wheelchair watching neighbours’ dramas, solving mystery.


The kerning / justification problem goes back 5,000 years []


1ere licence “24h” pour un club parisien. De quoi faire la teuf de vendredi soir à lundi matin non-stop []


Anyway, sometimes I wonder if dogs are sad we don’t lick them back.


Curieuse conception de la démocratie au @partisocialiste , où un vote n’est valable que s’il va dans leur sens


In one paragraph, PJ O’Rourke nails the US election. (The Times). []


We did an experiment: For two weeks we switched names. I signed all client emails as Nicole. She signed as me.

Folks. It fucking sucked.

Mais c’est quoi ce quartier de merde où les rues sont pleines de gens qui ont une vie sociale 😒

10 mars

Deadline d’un truc super chiant pour le boulot repoussée de 3 mois 👍 Après que ça m’ait stressé pendant toute ma semaine de vacances 👎


RT si toi aussi tu penses que tu mérites 9000€ par mois.


It’s DONE! Play King of Nothing my #7DRL in collaboration with @pigsell - #gamedev #roguelike - [] (WebGL)

11 mars


An Australian Blue Heeler goes to sleep on top of the flock it has herded


8. As I wrote recently, a BIG misconception among people accustomed to democracy is that when freedoms are curtailed, life grinds to a halt.

12 mars

Feels weird to enjoy the writing of Watch Dogs 2 after having loathed it so much in the first game. I keep expecting the other shoe to drop.

I really like a lot of things about Watch Dogs 2, shame that there’s nothing enjoyable about driving (cars — bikes are better).

How can it be worth three extra magicka points, rather than one, to start second in Elder Scrolls: Hearthstone?

13 mars

Doctor Strange (2016) — 8/10


Ursula K. Le Guin’s interview in latest of @awpwriter is so encouraging & wise. On conflating story with conflict:

Merde, je savais que j’aurais dû voir Doctor Strange en salle 😲 Il n’y a pas que les effets spéciaux — toute la photo est très belle.

Au milieu du deuxième tome de Foundation j’ai finalement réalisé que je confondais, c’est la série Culture que je voulais lire.

Les deux sont déprimantes anyway — la première pour le réalisme de son cycle inéluctable d’âges sombres, la deuxième pour son utopie qu’on ne connaîtra jamais dans la réalité, rapport auxdits cycles inéluctables 😶


A Series of @Unfortunate Events has been renewed for season two. Exciting! Unless, of course, you’re a Baudelaire…

14 mars

I loved the missions in the first Watch Dogs you could complete by just jumping from camera to camera.

I guess they weren’t very popular 😕

Are open worlds zooming out because people play on bigger and bigger screens? I’m still on a 20” and I think it’s hurting my immersion.

And yes it’s time for me to get a large 1440p monitor but that’d be half or more of the cost of a VR headset — and useless while in VR obv.


A young boy killed by a puppy dropped from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Paris, 1948. []


I’m particularly fond of Acorn’s use of SQLite as a file format.



Checking out black & white photo filters on iOS again, coming out empty-handed again. Why would you make an app that refuses to load existing photos?

Meanwhile BlackCam has a good Gotham filter but it’s at the end of a long horizontal list that can’t be reordered 😒

Damn, Gotham was nice.


GOP: Here is our healthcare plan. You will get rich but someone you don’t know will die—


L’épisode de Last Man on Earth centré sur Kristen Wiig ne ressemble pas du tout à la série que j’avais abandonnée après trois semaines

(Mais je ne vais pas pour autant essayer de regarder les suivants, faut pas exagérer.)

For some reason I might be starting a new app and are you kidding me that there still isn’t an official UIGestureRecognizer for 3D Touch?

Because users don’t love anything so much as being unable to remove the most useless system options

I don’t know if other multiplayer games have this, but every one I’ve ever played sorely needed it #readyup #READYUPALREADY #MEAndromeda

(Titre alternatif : une explication et démonstration visuelle et physique intéressante de l’interprétation de l’onde pilote.)

15 mars

J’aurais du mal à vous expliquer — et encore plus à justifier — à quel point j’ai toujours haï l’idée qu’un électron soit à la fois une onde et une particule “jusqu’à ce qu’on l’observe.”


Testing content in @UnrealEngine

Scanned a large amount of terrain for a short video. []

After trying Apple’s emailed link three times over 24h it finally occurred to me the error must just be that I wasn’t logged in

Damn, it’s the first time in years I get a “Balance Carried Forward” on the iTunes Connect financial reports page.

16 mars

It’s like half the side activities in Watch Dogs 2 are “find on which nearby street we hid the cherrypicker.”


It’s precisely why Horizon feels plastic & virtual, despite its vastly superior graphics. The world doesn’t react.

Only played BotW for 5 min; soon as I got the axe I took it to a tree thinking, “why give me an axe, it only emphasizes that I can’t… ohhh.”


Have you never wondered why it was called a software patch? []


This is really fascinating - BOTW team took a full week at major dev milestones to have everyone play the game through.

Ah ben là tout de suite c’est un peu tentant

J’avais commencé á bosser sur une app de filtres photos n&b ; aujourd’hui plein soleil j’ai envie de faire une app de filtres colorés 🤷🏻‍♂️

À chaque printemps je redécouvre avec surprise comme il fait net dehors en plein soleil #myopitude

Si j’habite encore ici en mai je vais péter un câble dans l’année 😨

Et je sais pas si vous réalisez les implications du fait que l’univers me donne une raison de plus de me barrer aux alentours du 7 mai 😱


The nightmare version of the future always arrives so much faster than you expect []

Not particularly surprised the UI for No Man’s Sky’s photo mode is terrible, but what madperson designed the vehicle gamepad controls?!

Because of course it doesn’t occur to the game to automatically hide the menu when you press “Take Screenshot.”

17 mars

No Man’s Sky (PC) — 5/10


Enfin un portrait complet d’un des pires personnages de Twitter.

Et donc au service de Fillon désormais, la cohérence dans l’abjection.


This reinforces my view that people way overrate the ability of policy to change politics. []

I wasn’t prepared for the Crate & Crowbar podcast making me somewhat more optimistic about Mass Effect: Andromeda 😨


You can put whatever Share button in your news app, people are going to post a screenshot of their lock screen with a notification on it

Les séquences IRL du Lego Movie choquent beaucoup moins la deuxième fois, quand on s’y attend.

18 mars

Mail on iPad systematically crashes thirty seconds after launch because I forgot to remove some obsolete accounts from its settings.

TypeShift makes my iPad burn up and empties the battery to display five columns of letters 😠

Tiny chance it’s caused by the ads, but if I pay to remove them and the problem remains I will be very pissed off, so not taking the risk.

19 mars

Le cerveau serait sensible à la lumière à travers le crâne ?

Site commercial mais la recherche a l’air de vraiment exister 🤷🏻‍♂️


My new favorite tweet genre is Dipshit Conservative On The Verge Of a Breakthrough []

20 mars


Sunday night. Trying to make this thing say “cat”. It isn’t going particularly well.


Is there an extension that only hides the “reply” buttons on Reddit? The comment threads are sometimes useful, but posting is never good.

A Mass Effect game where you switch between different characters (captain, pilot, grunt, diplomat) instead of going to ridiculous lengths to shoehorn a despotic Chosen One.

I guess Divinity: Original Sin is the closest to that idea? I need to buy that game and find someone to play coop with someday.

Before giving up, Blackberry should have made an iPhone case with a secondary BBOS+keyboard phone embedded in the back.

Le chien du médecin qui lèche les mains des patients, what could go wrong 🤷🏻‍♂️

How does it make sense that Instagram has never used its Facebook money to develop or acquire a UI to create your own filters?

(Did I mention here that Darkroom 2 is great? Darkroom 2 is great. But I wish it were integrated in Instagram.)



4- we hang out

3- we can travel together

2- I would take a bullet for you

1- I will speak to you on phone

What weird framework does EA use for the Origin app that they managed to mishandle Retina screens the same way as HiDPI Windows?

I use Image Capture to get the photo roll out of my iPad; apparently .AAE files store the edits

I have no idea whether that means the jpegs I got out of it were the original or edited versions.


Ça me saoule j’aime pas Mélenchon mais à chaque fois que c’est son tour de parler je suis en mode : []


Today we’re building creative tools to design VR spaces, but it’ll be much nicer when it can just look at your Pinterest profile


le débat en fait c’est Inside Out, on est dans la tête du pays, et c’est Fillon qui joue Tristesse


Peeking into virtual worlds with an #HTCvive controller. Nifty #Unity3D asset by @deprecatedcoder. #VR

21 mars


Some utility company with a login form served over HTTP filed a Firefox bug complaining about a warning. Hilarious:

If tomorrow’s update is indeed about the iPad, I’m wondering if a 7.9” Pro might be the only model Apple would considering launching without making a press presentation.

I can’t see Apple announcing a new CPU or design via press release, so I guess the only other option is an iPad Air 3 with the Pro’s CPU? Which is dubious… but possible.

So, basically, hashtag wishful thinking. (Though I’d then have to choose between iPad Mini Pro and Oculus Rift for my next paycheck 😰)


Devious. [] now redirects to google/maps, so granting location permission is for [] domain.

Okay, the 128GB Mini is now at the price 32GB was last year. So, to sell 32GB now, it’d have to be $300, which I guess would be too cheap.

In other words, they’ve lowered all the iPad prices as far as they could go. Wonder how much (or little) profit margin is left.

(How little profit margin for an Apple product obviously. I’m sure it’s quite healthy enough.)

The smaller 9.7” iPad is $70 cheaper than the only 7.9” Mini (which has an A8), but then when’s the last time Apple’s product ranges made sense?

I beat my previous streak! Should probably stop now so I have a chance to do so again in a couple of months.


Even if you own the most expensive pen in the world it’ll make no difference if you don’t put in the practice. Practice first. Tools second.

Wonder if the only way to make an urban open world interesting is to start you off homeless. Stealing a car being realistically difficult.


“I accidentally took a photo of the inside of my cats eyeball.” [] @reddit OC MrsNewVegas


#ElectronicsBan puts lithium batteries in the hold, where it is impossible to fight runaway fires. Significant safety risk for no benefit.

22 mars

I hate the pressure in Elder Scrolls: Legends of deciding which type of card the story mode is more likely to give you.


I can’t stand that thing in movies where the baddy president looks obviously evil. I mean seriously who would vote for an evil looking guy!?


David Cage: Can a robot learn to be human?

Yoko Taro: Can a human?

Cage: what

Yoko Taro: Can a human learn to be human?

Cage: I don’t get it

Cette journée s’annonce productive, j’ai réussi à décrocher mon téléphone pour appeler le service d’état civil de la mairie.

Et comme ça a sonné occupé deux fois (et que j’ai en prime trouvé un renseignement le web) je n’ai même pas eu à parler au téléphone !

Elder Scrolls: Legends’ story mode may have just lost me, giving me the exact same damn fight against Lord Naarifin twice in a row.

I get that the intention is probably “prove that defeating him wasn’t just sheer luck” but the effet is more like “go fuck yourself.”

Plus, of course luck was involved, because 1) it’s a card game 2) either Naarifin is intrinsically over-powered or the game’s difficulty curve is fucked.

I’m trying to rage-uninstall the game but the Bethesda launcher refuses to reopen.

I will not be defeated!

By a launcher.


Introducing Settings’ Stories!

Don’t know where to change the wifi? Share a selfie with all your friends!

Je n’ai pas plus envie que ça de leur faire de la pub, mais le nouveau filtre promo de Glitché est trop joli pour ne pas poster un truc


Sigorney Weaver testing the flamethrower for Alien on the lawn at Shepperton Studios. []

23 mars

From deep OS integration to just being able to cheat the App Review process and push updates a little beyond guidelines. Or just slow death.

Wanted to avoid knee-jerk negativity, but got a lingering sense that needing to buy Workflow 18 months into the iPad Pro’s existence isn’t a good sign.


Apple’s track record for app acquisitions isn’t bad. Siri, TestFlight, (Beats) surely the most high-profile in recent memory


A few weeks ago, Workflow asked all supported apps to sign a simple 1-page contract confirming permission to call our URL schemes. 2/x


Inutile et donc indispensable à savoir !! :D []

How hard would it be to jailbreak my iPhone and hack Card Thief just so the guards’ heads turn to the direction they’re facing.

24 mars


this racoon apologising after biting his little friend’s ear too hard… []

An RPG à la Mass Effect that randomizes at the beginning of each playthrough which characters are gay/straight/bi.


Fascinating to see how #UX shapes user behavior in #VR. Visualizing a ball vs. its trajectory. via @DisneyResearch


Oh my god, this list for reasons for admission into a women’s asylum, 1864-1889! I can’t pick out which one is the worst? Bad Whiskey?!


Le dernier trailer de Rain World, gros hameçon pour gens à chats. [] @boulapoire

Mais… au moins Trump a dû nier ses liens avec Poutine pour faire campagne. Il y a un mouvement russophile dans l’électorat français ? 😨

Tearaway Unfolded is ridiculously adorable. God bless Media Molecule and their obsession with crafts.

25 mars

Goddammit, I thought that ship had flown, but this week’s Crate & Crowbar is again making me consider getting Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Loved the sequences in Psychonauts VR that play with player/world size. Maybe that’s gonna get old someday, but for now it’s always fun.

Quickly went from “Nice how you see the damage, wonder how dynamic that is” to “THE POOR THING IS HURT, STOP HURTING IT.”


“The women dye the rubber in their tires to burn out bright pink smoke.”

That’s freaking awesome.


Les gens qui postent des threads d’images “un candidat = un personnage de fiction.”

Les gens qui retweetent TOUS LES TWEETS DU THREAD.

Trying to open the character palette with one hand. Without muscle memory, zero clue what the keyboard shortcut could be.


Cannot get over this being the real life bird/rabbit illusion []


Amazing examples of “Deep Photo Style Transfer” (from left to right are input, style and output) []

26 mars

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (PC) — 8/10

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons was so damn perfect until the obnoxious boss fight and maudlin finale.

27 mars


Reading a judo book: “To avoid unnecessary periods of unconsciousness, learning when to give up is an important part of training.”

Le lac Daumesnil et son parc sont pleins de monde. Qu’est-ce que c’est que tous ces oisifs créateurs de dette.

I came here to sit in the sun and listen to podcasts, and I’m all out of podcasts 😒

For an OS update that takes ages to upgrade the filesystem, nice that it doesn’t drown you with redundant questions on first boot, for once.

Was trying to resist the impulse to buy Tabletop Simulator on sale and happened upon the “prototyping games” section and well I own it now.

I’m still hesitating about Mysterium, which doesn’t seem right to buy on PC, but the iOS version is 1.1 GB and my iPad only has 32.

My Mac mini isn’t compatible with Night Shift. Surely it’s capable of tinting a screen orange.

(It’s from 2011. Didn’t realize it was six years old but it still should be able to tint a screen orange.)

28 mars


Planning is guessing. Plans are just guesses you wrote down → [] []


Apple’s Code of Conduct for WWDC is great. It’s firm, clear, and concise. The more readable something is, the more people will read it.

Mon colis n’est pas encore parti de l’entrepôt Amazon et la mairie ne saura gérer une suppression de prénom qu’en mai. Journée déception 😠


The inclusive pronoun “they” will now be included in the @AP style guide [] []

My just-ordered Oculus Rift won’t be here until tomorrow so I have to make an actual effort not to go out and buy a Switch in frustration.


N’oubliez pas ! Ce qui ruine la France, c’est les chômeurs, les immigrés, les smicards, les vieux et les fonctionnaires ! N’oubliez jamais !

Pressed Cmd-D on a file in Finder and it made the spring sound without actually duplicating the file. Worked fine the second time #WTF

With users complaining about the 32-bit app error message, I just reached the point where 50% of my iTunes Connect is “developer removed” 😑

29 mars

How come Oculus Touch ships with a guitar mount for Rock Band VR, but Rock Band VR can’t use the Rift’s Bluetooth connection for the guitar?

As a Mac person it didn’t even occur to me that the motherboard I was buying in 2016 might not include support for wireless everything.

I knew PSVR had better screen but Oculus puts its worst foot forward with lots of white-on-black text. People weren’t kidding about godrays.

Perfectly fine in-game, of course; better GPU and tracking easily make up for it, and I haven’t even received the Touch controllers yet.

Tracking is not flawless — ever-so-slightly floaty — but it’ll tide me over nicely until the next generation of Lighthouse headsets.

Always thought I’d keep the PSVR for exclusives, but I might as well sell it, for all that I want to put it on my head again.

I did not sign up for a photorealistic tarantula when I downloaded your fucking VR escape room demo.

30 mars


Oh, TED, you had me at being surrounded by live spiders. []


Photography by J.mos - Founder of @HeaterCentral™ - Austin, Texas - AnahataXMilytia

TIL that USB-C has an alternate mode where two consenting devices can let go of the USB standard and do whatever they want over four lanes.

Yesterday was all freebies and pre-owned. Today I choose VR games to buy. I should commit to a maximum budget first. Like, I should.


Just got to try the most incredible VR headset prototype with “Retina” level display quality. Holy #%*$!

31 mars

I want to live forever in the promotional Tilt Brush drawing for Doctor Strange

PSVR did something to me that no amount of ginger or sea sickness meds could alleviate. But I can spend an entire day in the Rift just fine.

Weirdest thing is Rift has the same kind of occasional tracking hiccups that destroyed me in PSVR—but here they’re just mildly inconvenient.

Weirdest thing is Rift has the same kind of occasional tracking hiccups that destroyed me in PSVR — but here they’re just mildly annoying.

Always felt better about Unreal than Unity, but there are tons of assets & help for music viz in Unity and I was born to make VR drug trips.


I’m going to admit it: the second sentence didn’t go where I was expecting. []

“Hrm, ça sent bizarre. Qu’est-ce que ça peut bien… Oh.”


I discovered a gem of a website for web designers.

Font Pair



Us: new accounts are being used to harass people

Twitter: oh that’s easy, let’s just replace the egg avatar


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