Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

1 mai 2017

I mean who’d expect that a world with The Traveler and The Darkness and The Awoken and The Taken and The Fallen etc. might be interesting.


My Opel GT from a raw 3D scan [] to a low poly game asset [] learn how to:

2 mai


Un Polonais m’a dit: “Vous ne vous rendez pas compte comme ça peut basculer très vite. D’un coup. Jamais nous n’aurions imaginé revoir ça.”


Windows 10 S make a ton of sense for schools and low cost hardware.

Why it’s the default OS on a $1,000+ computer is baffling.

3 mai


This photo in #Arizona tells tales: nature likes curves and randomness, man likes order and geometry… who will win in the end?

OMG un bon épisode de Doctor Who 😲


Late capitalism: American Airlines’ stock drops more after raising employee salaries than United’s does after brutally beating a customer.

On vacation, brought two games to play on a friend’s PS4. They each have a 10GB update that’s gonna take the whole day downloading.


Le meilleur édito contre l’abstention est signé Riss dans #CharlieHebdo []


Trains from the 1920/30s looked so much more futuristic and beautiful than any form of transportation today.

4 mai

5 mai


it’s impossible to satirize how evil the american health care system is because things like this happen in the real world

6 mai


the term “life goals” gets bandied about too much, but this group of capybaras in a hot tub has achieved everything that I want in life

Pourquoi on ne fait pas des baignoires d’appartement verticales ?


Imagine Apple’s reluctant to add upgrade pricing b/c they know that the moment they do, devs’ll use it en masse—consumers would be bombarded

Figured I’d give Bloodborne a try on my vacation 55-inch TV and oh my god I’ve finally unlocked a bonfire beyond the Yharnam headstone \o/

7 mai

Quand je croise des gens sur le chemin du bureau de vote


When you scroll through your camera roll and find variations on a selfie []


This is the first time the French version of anything has had a happier ending.

JMLP en 2002 : 13% des électeurs

MLP en 2017 : 22% des électeurs

(sauf erreur, j’ai galéré sur les maths, avec l’aide de @balbinus)

C’est pas reluisant bien sûr mais compte tenu des circonstances on aurait pu craindre bien pire.

Je suis à 1 km du Louvre et je suis grave tenté d’y aller pleurer de soulagement mais je voudrais pas qu’on me compte comme macroniste.

8 mai

Flashback de la séquence du film Esther Kahn où elle apprend à marcher sur scène en projetant une idée à chaque pas, quand je me rappelle que Macron a rencontré sa femme en atelier de théâtre et a commis l’entrée que l’on sait au Louvre.


Harrison Ford is just Auld Grumpy Harrison Ford to me now. Can’t suspend my disbelief. Can’t see the character.

I’m still frequently annoyed by the Finder labels’ transformation into stupid dots. It’s not even justified by the move to flat design!

1. Les accents sont chiants a taper et ne servent a rien

2. Ou presque, principalement distinguer le participe passe

3. Participe passer 👍

9 mai


Ce que 99,9% des Français n’auront jamais su avant le vote.

Le sauront-ils avant les #Legislatives2017 ?


“Getting a staffer to Photoshop your tweet denying collusion with Russia into your banner image” is untold levels of Not Mad

Mon père a essayé pendant quinze ans de me convaincre de faire l’ENA et je suis tiraillé entre regret et soulagement.

N’empêche, si EM fout un vent à Valls alors que le PS n’a pas trouvé le moyen de le sanctionner, je vais avoir un sacré dilemme en juin.


On dirait ces repas de famille où ma tante prie pour me remettre dans le droit chemin en exorcisant mon homosexualité. 😂🙏🏻

Review of the two clicker games I play on iPad:

Tap Tap Fish Abyssrium 👍

Babysitting the App Store to slog through a long list of updates 👎👎👎

Ils n’ont jamais vu un donut autrement qu’en photo 😒


Educating users about the dangers of unknown USB devices? Toss this in your slide deck. []

10 mai

Assassin’s Creed (2016) — 4/10

Trump’s gonna implode out of sheer ineptitude and everyone’ll pat themselves on the back and praise the resilience of western democracy 😡

Les films comme Assassin’s Creed, c’est toujours un ratage à tous les niveaux — mais là, non, c’est vraiment à 90% la réalisation de merde.

11 mai

Needed to use the latest version of Handbrake and… oh, no wonder their binary got hijacked with a trojan 🙄


This story is terrifying, not because of the terrorism implications, but for the stories of laptops exploding on their own.


Never forget Tomb Raider reboot nearly didn’t get a sequel. Thief, Deus Ex, Hitman—all properties that should print money, all mismanaged.


I was working recently with a bunch of kids who kept tearing up their own drawings in frustration, so I did something I’ve not done before.

I love Superhex because 1) it’s slow enough to be more tactical than twitchy 2) the surest way to lose is to try and get even when you’re attacked.


“In IT we have a saying; stay away from the Three Os: Orientals, Old People and Ovaries.” Oof. This Magic Leap suit.

Windows 10 Creators Update 2: Creatorser.


Microsoft showing off what a modern iMovie could look like, with 3D object- & surface-tracking effects, and AI 😯

The team at Microsoft that’s responsible for Paint 3D and Stories Remix is really doing a fantastic job of making Apple look old.

Ooh an OS-level visual timeline of what you’ve been working on — across all your devices, too — is a really interesting idea #windows10

Paste from your Windows PC to your SwiftKey keyboard on Android. I totally forgot that SwiftKey had been acquired by Microsoft.

Still amazing to see Microsoft attack harder and harder on the cross-platform front.


iTunes is coming to the Windows 10 Store. Wow. That is a surprise! #MSBuild

I… I’m seriously tempted to play with Microsoft’s cross-platform dev environment. Thank god I’m too busy for that right now.


Introducing Timeline. Easily jump back in time to continue where you left off. #Windows10 #MSBuild []

12 mai

That’s the second time in a few weeks I have to force-restart my iPad so it remembers it has a screen.


This is Zooey. She’s the world’s biggest fan of illiterate delivery people. 13/10 not your fault they don’t listen, Zooey


Been in Montreal for almost 20 years, never seen the Namur Metro station before - maybe the most brutalist scifi of the lot

Un bon ciel d’orage donne tellement envie de croire en un panthéon de dieux qui se foutent sur la gueule pour des histoires de fesses

Batman Forever (1995) en 60 fps

C’est pas comme si la même scène en version 24 fps était bonne mais 😱😱😱


i miss when things were advertised in void-deserts. you could sell anything in a void-desert. []

13 mai


Join the Empire Engineering Team and build your own mini AT-AT [Instructions] []


Everyone, just take a few seconds of your day to appreciate Mac OS’ original control panel. []


Tu l’as aussi, cette sensation que l’État ne tient plus la Police ?

[] []

14 mai


Twitter being all american is streaming major league lacrosse to europe this evening because there are no other more relevant events tonight

I still feel silly spending time in Shenzhen I/O instead of Unity but following a successful trace on the logic analyzer is too addictive.


Les prodiges insoupçonnés du cerveau humain ! :) []

Je n’aime pas plus American Gods en série télé qu’en livre. Même avec la patte de Bryan Fuller, même avec des cameos de Gillian Anderson.

15 mai


If you put all the Earth’s oceans into a ball, it would be this much. The small ball is all our fresh water.


TIL cats rear paw will always follow the place their front paw has stepped []

Quelle honte et quelle tristesse que Veep ait continué malgré le départ de Iannucci 😡

Finally remembered that I had fire paper for those occasions and managed to kill the motherfucking Blood-Starved Beast at last #bloodborne

16 mai


Behind the scenes of the Tesseract in Interstellar. Mind blown. Crazy cool set! []


Fuck work - What if jobs are not the solution but the problem? – James Livingston | Aeon Essays []


New architectural artworks created from 100+ layers of laser-cut paper by Eric Standley. More: []

17 mai


⭐ WannaCrypt : des nœuds Tor saisis par les autorités françaises []


Watch this dog get carried up the escalator []

Needs equivalent CPU and screen to Google Pixel, with more battery and several cameras… does it end up more expensive than current Vive?


Okay, so yesterday I asked rhetorically if we needed to go over why #notall-ing is a problem. And a lot of people said that yes, we do.

18 mai


Reminder: Thousands of Jews died in the Holocaust because the US denied them visas, at a time when anti-immigrant propaganda was rampant.


Aurélien Mathieu interprète des scènes de films avec ses Lego et son #EOS5DMarkIII. Découvrez ses photos :

19 mai

I set a new password with special characters on my Mac mini.

My Mac mini usually reverts to qwerty at boot after an OS update.



Here’s the only Roger Ailes obit you need. (From a Deadspin commenter) []

First time I’m caught in a minor Twitter canoe since the new mention UI and I’m immediately ready to delete all my accounts.


Thread à lire pour éviter les raccourcis à la Pina sur #LaChapellePajol []

Cinq semaines d’Amazon Premium, trois problèmes de livraison 😒

20 mai


Users: Will you ever fix your site’s harassment issues?

Twitter: Congrats! Now we’ll assign you a gender if you didn’t add one.


“Some people hate Zuckerberg so much that if he tried to cure cancer, they’d root for cancer.”

“Ha, that’s ridic—”


Ismaël Saidi : ‘Cyril, tu es en train de tuer Amine une deuxième fois’ []


In which Louisiana locks up huge numbers of black people and uses them as cheap labor and servants. sounds…familiar?

21 mai

Un club où tous les spots sont synchronisés sur du 24 Hz pour donner une ambiance cinématographique #twitterpatent

Je n’accepterai jamais le principe du “je te trouve potable alors je me mets devant toi en te tournant le dos” en boîte.

Même si ça veut dire rentrer seul ad vitam aeternam parce que c’est visiblement devenu universel.

Pour que je trouve une méthode de drague intolérablement asociale il faut quand même le faire.

22 mai


Again: “machine learning” is money laundering for bias. It inherits its creators’ biases. []


This is the best way I have ever seen expressed what leads to things getting so extreme online. []


Le @leBHVmarais investit plus de 100 M€ pour transformer le Marais [] via @LeParisien_75

23 mai

Les marques qui ont attendu cette semaine pour retirer leurs pubs de TPMP et tweetent qu’elles le font “conformément à leurs valeurs” 🙄🙄🙄

J’ai quand même moyennement envie qu’on se retrouve face à 1,5 millions d’abrutis qui reprochent aux pédés d’avoir fait virer Hanouna 😶

Microsoft didn’t seriously just pull a “The new iPad” 🙄

I’m more and more tempted by the Surface. If I’m not gonna get the iPad mini + Pencil that I want…

At least Surface can run desktop apps designed for Wacom tablets. Whereas third-party devs have to be suicidal to make Pencil-centric apps.

At least Surface can run desktop apps designed for Wacom tablets. Whereas third-party devs have to be suicidal to make Pencil-centric apps.


When FBI went through mass killers’ rooms, you know what they found?Troves of media coverage of previous ones. Inspires them and sets a bar.


“Michael Zazoun c’est un pédé, et les pédés ça finit toujours par t’enculer”. Mon témoignage sur @Cyrilhanouna :

Why does everyone hate the 8-inch form factor 😔

It’s crazy how I never even think of framing a picture horizontally or as a square anymore.


Ikea is going to win the smart home, and it’s not going to be close []

24 mai

I’ve used all of my fire and bolt paper and the Witch of Hemwick is still alive 😩


L’app de rencontres gay Grindr est entièrement rachetée par le chinois Kunlun - []


Good picture of the (now fairly common) attack against ATMs by injecting commands to the cash handler.

25 mai

J’ai passé tout l’après-midi à me dire “J’ai la flemme d’aller chercher mon colis à la loge, j’irai demain avant de partir en week-end” 😩


Fun fact: on Windows, Apple provides a Chrome Extension to sync bookmarks with iCloud []


The Far Cry series is notorious for sending players to far away nations to kill the locals. That’s why this image is kind of incredible.

I think I realized for the first time yesterday that “Rabbids” is a pun 🙃


40 years ago in theaters not so far, far away…. #StarWars40th []

As much as the aggressively non-native Playstation app for iOS annoys me, being able to guest-login on a PS4 by scanning a code is awesome.

26 mai

What Remains of Edith Finch is like a polar opposite to Gone Home. In that I liked Gone Home a lot.


Oh no… No no no… it is mutating far faster than our scientists can keep up. []

Dammit, Instagram silently removed the option to post to Flickr 😡

Only noticed now because, as I said, I rarely post proper photos anymore.

Quand j’enlève mes lunettes de soleil parce que je suis à l’ombre mais que j’oublie d’arrêter de dévisager les mecs


Kittens raised near rabbits learn to jump like rabbits []


Star N6946-BH1 (22 million LY away) has mysteriously vanished - possibly our first view of a star becoming a black hole.

J’ai acheté des embouts de rechange Comply pour mes écouteurs et je comprends enfin pourquoi on dit que les RHA MA750i ont de super basses 🎧

27 mai

What Remains of Edith Finch (PC) — 5/10

Went back to The Last Guardian, unlocked the door I was stuck on two months ago, then gave up forever on the next non-creature puzzle.

How nice would it be if Trico’s reluctance to do what you want contrasted with the tightness and responsiveness of the boy’s controls.

28 mai


Fight for queer history because you better believe there are people fighting every day to erase it. []

At a friend’s for the weekend, FC:Primal is on the PS4. Last time I’d gotten bored with it but, damn, it becomes gorgeous later on.

I’d be very curious to see what it looks like on my PC… but not too eager to start again from scratch.

I’m finally gonna need air conditioning because I just can’t imagine putting on my VR headset right now

29 mai


HOLY SHIT this guy’s Trico puppet was INCREDIBLE??? []

Wanna bet that Steve would be furious?


GOOGLE: we made a car that drives itself & mapped the planet in 3D

GOVT: tell us how much you pay your female employees

GOOGLE: impossible


The rather wonderful Oilist is currently free. If you’ve an iPhone or iPad, grab a copy. []

Wikipedia’s search page is absolutely helpless with misspellings yet the search suggestion box almost always knows what I’m looking for.

C’est quand même con que j’aie besoin qu’une saison d’Archer se déroule dans un rêve de coma pour que les incohérences me gênent moins.

TFW quand un épisode de Doctor Who est atrocement mauvais mais qu’il n’est pas encore dans la base de Sens Critique pour lui mettre une ⭐️

What a time to be alive, qu’une série comme American Gods puisse se payer l’animation du prologue de cette semaine juste pour le fun.

30 mai


I seriously still can’t believe this. I am removing buttons from it because they are too bright, which is a stupid feeling indeed.


Après «120 BPM», épargnez-nous vos louanges []. Merci @didierlestrade <3

Spending the weekend in FC:Primal made me want to get Horizon: Zero Dawn but, damn, it’s still 60€ even on Amazon.

Je suis allé au G20 sans mes écouteurs et ils passaient Place des grands hommes.


Winners of the first annual comedy wildlife photography contest (via @eph_bee): []


[Blog] “Le Chien de mon Voisin” Encore une petite note de vacances. Réflexions noctures sur les animaux de compagnie

Why does Steamworld Heist recommend a gamepad at launch? Replaying the tutorial with the mouse feels much better to me.

TIL que Pinky and the Brain a eu une saison de spin-off en prime-time.

Whenever I happen to be curious about what’s happening on Mastodon my session has expired and I can’t be bothered.

(Hey remember Mastodon?)

31 mai


Want a 125 Megapixel upscaled & refreshed print portrait of @NASAJuno Perijove 06?

Here ‘tis: []

If u print send pic!


Star Wars Kid was like four and a half years of meme material. in 2017 scientists will finally exceed the speed of light via meme engines

Tiens, ça faisait longtemps que je ne m’étais pas dit que je devrais faire des podcasts. Ca doit être une preuve que le moral s’améliore.


A Giant New 5,000-piece CMYK Color Gamut Jigsaw Puzzle by Clemens Habicht [] []

Oh, mon député sortant, PS, a voté contre l’état d’urgence et veut désarmer la police municipale et réintroduire la police de proximité \o/

Je vais donc pouvoir sans hésitation lancer l’appel : Benoît Hamon premier ministre !

Ah. Il s’est abstenu sur le mariage pour tous 🤦🏻‍♂️


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