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1 janvier


▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ 100%


░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ 0%


#everyday #cinema4d - IT’S GONNA BE OK

L’enceinte Bluetooth qui me réveille à cinq heures du matin avec une sonnerie de téléphone pour me dire que le fil de l’alimentation électrique est mal branché


HID attacks via USB drives have become too suspicious. What about embedding the attack inside a USB cable?

Just a quick test for a few things I’m hoping to make over the next month.

I remember when “just plug this gizmo into the target’s computer and way for thirty seconds” was an unrealistic cliché in schlocky spy fiction.

The Norwood Suite is an inspiring study of how much you can get away with while making an exploration FPS with limited resources. The cheap assets, the written dialogue — it totally works because this place is intriguing.


Happy 2018 y’all!! Let’s make it a good one!


Trying to figure out how they even shot this. []

2 janvier


Invisibly fingerprinting text with Zero-Width Characters []

Est-ce qu’on peut aller faire des courses le 2 janvier sans se faire souhaiter une bonne année, ou je me contente de repas en poudre pendant encore quelques jours ?


You, normal: ‘Good riddance, 2017! Here’s to a fresh start!’

Me, a wreck: ‘This is the bit in Alien where they all celebrate because the thing fell off John Hurt’s face.’


FBI’s ‘Gamergate’ file says prosecutors didn’t charge men who sent death threats to female video game fans — even when suspects confessed []


Learn a new skill in 2018.

Problem: Viewers often don’t realize when there are several photos in a single Instagram post.

Solution: Randomly start by showing the second or third photo instead of the one the poster selected to appear first.

Also gave Oculus Medium another shot and I’m no sculptor but I have no idea how people manage to create anything with this.


Les illuminations de la cathédrale Saint Corentin de Quimper - Iliz-Veur #Finistere #Bretagne


Artist Evgeny Ches from Moscow, Russia spray-paints animals on plastic wrap in the forest, a new brand of public / street #art

3 janvier


Qu’est-ce que la masculinité toxique ? C’est préférer un sac plastique au supermarché plutôt qu’en tissu parce que ça fait plus viril, et chercher comment marketer l’écologie avec des typos noires et des têtes de loup pour faire moins « féminin » 🤦‍♀️ []


Black Mirror should do an episode featuring a clearly destructive technology — like a robot that kills your whole family or something — and make it entirely about the people who defend it on Twitter.


Extreme cold has turned Niagara Falls into an icy winter wonderland []


Bubba the pit bull has always been obsessed with kittens. So when his mom adopted him a kitten of his own, he was pretty much in heaven 🐶❤️😻


AWS customers may or may not be seeing the results of the Intel KPTI exploit mitigation, but that certainly seems like somewhere that would be visibly (and monetarily) impacted by slower database ops or I/O []


So for those keeping score, AMD says they are not impacted. Google, which discovered the issue, says they are. And MSFT says its patch fixes AMD systems too (which would seem to imply they think AMD was impacted)


Google: Android Devices with the latest security update are protected.

Translation: All Android devices are and will remain vulnerable. Just like KRACK.

4 janvier


Apple: we’re slowing down processors cause your battery might be bad



This makes me wish voice-based AIs responded to input more like animals than robotic assistants 😂 We’d be far more forgiving of mistakes []


So if you’re running a #cryptocurrency exchange you must be shaking with fear right now. Think about the implications of #meltdown and #spectre and all those wallet private keys going through memory. Target rich environment. If we see exploits, that’s where it’ll start.


Crazy: Apple’s iPhone battery waiting lists are already thousands of people long at some stores []


What’s crazy is that Apple has spent years lobbying to put the independent shops out of business. [] And now those independents are going to save them.

5 janvier


YouTube’s Content-ID system is, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error. @littlescale:”My ten hour white noise video now has five copyright claims!” []


Super common thing reporters see:

Women: “I’m not an expert, here’s someone who is for you to talk to.”

Men: “I’m not an expert, but here are all my thoughts on the topic anyway feel free to quote me.”


HEADS UP #macadmins : Apple JUST updated [] today (Jan 5th) and REMOVED mention of 10.12 and 10.11 being fixed for CVE-2017-5754 aka #Meltdown

Only 10.13.2 contains the fix.

La torture d’essayer d’acheter des fringues après deux mois d’hiver.

Je ne mange plus avant mars.

Je ne mets plus le nez dehors avant mars.

Apple doesn’t show any sign of planning to patch Sierra against Meltdown, so…



I think the lesson to learn here isn’t that highly polished productivity apps can’t succeed on iOS — it’s that the same types of apps don’t necessarily succeed on both platforms. []

6 janvier


Meltdown mitigation looks like it’s tripling CPU usage for some cloud services, like Epic’s Fortnite back-end. This has a real and immediate impact on multiplayer games — server issues for players, and potentially ballooning costs for games companies []


“Michael Wolff Did What Every Other White House Reporter Is Too Cowardly to Do” []

Updated to High Sierra last night. Thought I was going crazy trying to pinpoint why text in Tweetbot felt weird, but no: it’s randomly using subpixel antialiasing for half the tweets. What the actual fuck?

Yay, I’m not the only one; boo, it’s not just Tweetbot

In Tweetbot it seems to happen mostly when there’s no embedded media nor mention; in Finder it’s when there’s an accent in the file name.

I knew I didn’t want to upgrade to High Sierra but HOLY SHIT THIS IS GONNA DRIVE ME CRAZY VERY QUICKLY.

No choice but to enable LCD Font Smoothing so that at least everything is consistently a bit blurry and it’s a good thing my bank account is empty or I’d be ordering a Surface Book right this second.


iOS 11 tip: After you take a screenshot you can long press on the little preview to go straight to the share menu.

“I’ll just play AC:Origins for a couple hours and then work” is a lie. On the plus side, I can strike the Great Pyramids off my bucket list.

7 janvier


Desperate times. Had to shovel a formula 1 track through the back yard for the greyhounds.

Ca n’existe pas, les ramens au café ? 🤔

On pensait être préparés, et puis la définition a changé en cours de route

At the risk of sounding obsessed, I’ve just reached Egypt in Talos Principle VR and I’m almost jumping up and down with joy (even though it’s a far cry from AC:Origins’ living world).


- Dis, France Gall a gagné l’Eurovision, elle jouait Cristal dans Starmania, elle avait plus de 30 ans de carrières, elle collectionne les prix, elle a vécu de nombreux drames, on fait un article sur quoi ?

- ⬇️

8 janvier

Have you ever googled “Lykoi”?


40,100 retweets of a quote tweet of a news article link that doesn’t exist, from an account with 80 followers.

Consider how much of the world narrative you injest and accept from passing glance alone.


This map is a brilliant data visualization. Here’s a brief thread on why it’s so much better than past efforts. []

“Nanoleaf made a 12-sided Apple HomeKit remote”

I’d actually want something like this. And $50 is even somewhat reasonable.


Complain about the open market of Steam - I get the issues - but this week walled curation is really showing why it fails.

Having to wait for curators to “get it” for a game is not a good answer either. Really surprised by GOG here.


9 janvier

Imagine having $20,000 to spend in Nanoleaf lights for your living room (* actual price not announced yet)


How do you do, fellow cats?

“Razer’s Project Linda is the smartest take on the dockable phone we’ve ever seen”

Shame that the whole idea has been obsoleted by “let’s put all your files in the cloud” and I doubt we’ll ever manage to back away from that.


Johnny Hallyday non plus n’écrivait pas ses chansons et pourtant le jour de sa mort on ne s’est pas souvenu de lui par le prisme de ses auteurs, étonnant n’est-ce pas ?

The Iron Giant never fails to be cool

But the experience isn’t improved by half a dozen of creepily silent avatars ambling around, nor by Sansar’s pretty bad UX.


This is 2 years after the launch of consumer VR for PCs. Now imagine the rig that could power that tier of VR in another two years. And it won’t need a cable tethering you to your desk or media center. []

Somehow my Mac mini managed to install 10.13 but is stuck in a loop of failure to update to 10.13.2. Anyone know how to make it stop trying?

10 janvier

According to the internets there’s a good chance my problems come from having upgraded the RAM years ago, and I can’t help but wonder if Apple’s intentionally fucking up my install because it thinks I might have a Hackintosh.

How do you make a *nix kernel — which is running on a whole lot of different configurations — incompatible with third-party RAM, if not intentionally?


Natalie Portman’s “here are the all male nominees” moment is basically what anyone introducing an all male anything should do. e.g. “Here is the all male panel.” “Here is the all male bibliography.”

Recovery partition allowed me to reinstall 10.13.2 in one click without losing anything, so at least macOS is still good for something.


Lol. Le showrunner d’une série basée sur une histoire vraie décide de rendre le perso principal hétéro parce qu’il n’arrivait pas à s’identifier sinon. Ça va la médiocrité artistique ? []

Ca n’arrête pas de m’épater que tout le monde ait accepté le glissement de “réfugiés” à “migrants” — même ceux qui parlent en leur défense.


Alt title: Apple hands over to the Chinese government all the private data of its China-based users. []

Started Hellblade: great prologue, and then it veered into psychological torture porn and I got stuck for ten minutes on a broken door.

So far it definitely feels much more “torture teenage Lara Croft to make the player want to protect her” than “strong female protagonist.”

Anyway the game made me want to 𝔠𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔱𝔢 𝔞 𝔭𝔬𝔡𝔠𝔞𝔰𝔱 𝒷𝓎 𝓇𝑒𝒸𝑜𝓇𝒹𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝓪𝓷𝓰𝓻𝔂 𝔀𝓱𝓲𝓼𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓼 ιηтσ α вιηαυяαℓ мι¢яσρнσηє.

11 janvier


This is awesome. Portland’s city officials - police, judges, mayor - insisted they have the right to search people’s trash with no warrants. So local alt-weekly (@wweek) went through their trash and published the contents (via @bartongellman) []


Sinon est-ce que le “droit d’importuner” implique la possibilité pour les hommes bi et homo de frotter leur genou sur d’autres hommes, les “harceler un peu” (car on sait jamais t’as vu) car ça “peut déboucher sur de belles histoires” et pr pas empêcher la “liberté sexuelle” ?



The excuses in this are disgraceful, and people telling a woman to “just keep pushing” while explicitly discriminating against her are both awful, and nothing new.


Oh hey, while I was away from iOS development Xcode has somehow managed to become even dumber and more annoying at auto-balancing brackets while modifying code.

I turned off auto-balancing brackets and do you think Xcode would let that stop it? Ha!

12 janvier

Bon, ben si l’épisode de cette semaine est censé être emblématique du retour en force des X-Files, je peux arrêter de regarder pour de bon ?


Oubliez les robots tueurs et les IA conversationnelles : au #CES, ce jouet pour chat incarne le futur de la chatontech. 🐱

Backups are disabled but I can’t seem to get rid of this damn warning.


Au final Catherine Millet prouve encore une fois ce matin sur Inter qu’elle est incapable de parler d’autre chose que d’elle-même et de voir au delà de sa propre personne. C’est LE point commun des signataires de cette tribune.

Le ciel est gris et la Seine kaki, quelle belle petite promenade. Tu m’etonnes que j’aie pris deux kilos parce que je ne sors pas.


Ranganathaswamy Temple in Tamil Nadu, India


-D’où vous est venue l’inspiration pour cette architecture?

-J’aime observer la nature, les animaux, mon connard de chat…


The culprits seem to have been a group of jovial young males, who, not unlike their human equivalents, seem to enjoy goofing around with traffic cones

13 janvier


This blows my mind - a three-part chorale generated by reading out a space-filling curve on a triangular grid. [] via @goodmachine & @beausievers


I have now seen everything I need to see in life. Bye.


Wonderful thread about the immense progress being made in Africa. []

14 janvier

Someone designed and programmed a specific pose for Bayek when he is walking slowly through reeds, putting out his hand to brush against the tips 💜


Quantic Dream avait déjà une salle réputation dans le milieu, mais c’est encore pire que je le pensais. Il y a de quoi vous occuper tout votre dimanche aprem :

Médiapart : []

Le Monde : []

Canard PC : []


The “judge my work” excuse is always BS, but especially when your work has consistently been poorly written problematic shit since forever. []


Le truc de SF qui me rend dingue et qu’il faut arrêter de foutre partout. #BlackMirror #TheExpanse


This soldering reference card from @adafruit is the most to-the-point explanation of good soldering practices I have ever seen:

15 janvier


Ce qui me rend fou avec les réactions autour des articles sur quantic dream, c’est qu’on retrouve toute la rhétorique anti presse de l’alt right américaine et ça fait même pas 24h que les articles sont dispos.


A side point, but as a fascinating example of where we are as a society: this advice doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of phone calls. []

Those damn cross-platform apps and games making a mess of the Documents folder because that’s how it’s done on Windows.

BRB je vais me bouffer un pot de crème anti-rides


Shoes worth hundreds of dollars, made by low wage laborers, advertised as necessities to low income Black and Brown youth and sold in a capitalist, war mongering nation is not at all the dream Dr. King had []


Why can’t you easily search all of the text you read on any screen (desktop + mobile) over the past day?

It’s strange how much obvious, low-hanging fruit of this form still exists.

16 janvier


Comment voyage la lumière dans une fibre optique - illustration.


Logan Paul: Here’s a dead body

Youtube: Let’s put it on trending

Chelsea Manning: I’m running for senate

Youtube: We can’t have this

More proof youtube is a mess []

17 janvier

Les deux coups de perceuse dans ma fenêtre à 08:30 et plus un bruit de la matinée, faudra pas s’étonner quand il y aura un meurtre.


Donc les gens mettent le Nexus 5X dans de l’eau glacée avec du sel (pour la rendre bien froide) pour espérer récupérer les données parce que le SoC meurt souvent après ~1 an. Bonne affaire le Nexus 5X. []


Adding depth to 2D with hand-drawn normal maps in The Siege and the Sandfox []


La vie de Dolores O’Riordan a été rongée par un passé sombre, rempli de démons, qu’elle a portés en elle pendant des années sans pouvoir en parler. []


Apple can surely do their part. @fmanjoo is spot on here. Letting people set limits on their usage (like, gimme a warning if I exceed 30mins/day on Insta!) or awareness of that usage would be wonderful.

18 janvier


Et en français “ours mal léché” viendrait-il de là aussi ? []

Even with a new battery my iPhone 6 lags when I skip a track as if it were spinning up a hard drive.


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