Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

1 mars


Data entry just became easier! You can now take a picture of a printed data table and automatically convert it into a fully editable @msExcel spreadsheet. Rolling out to #Android users and coming soon to #iOS! Learn more: []

3 mars

Dans la série ma vie est passionnante, cette nuit j’ai rêvé : que je roulais les R 🤷🏻‍♂️


A lot of modern flat design fans seem to presume it came about because of some research that concluded it was better and superseded the old.

Instead of what actually happened which was basically Apple giving a combo of UI + print designers 6 months to redesign everything.

5 mars

Passion m’inscrire à des stages qui commencent le surlendemain.


Random things I learned this week: Iceland is full of sheep, but when I visited last summer, I didn’t see sheepdogs. So how do farmers control the flock? Answer: they have sheepsheep. ([]) A subbreed bred for smarts and flock leadership rather than food.

6 mars


The highest city in the world celebrates its indigenous culture with Freddy Mamani’s Neo-Andean architecture []


Conversation I had with a non-gamedev person:

Them: “Have you see the new Fortnite store? They have free games there!”

Me: “Yup.”

Them: “And I get free games on twitch now!”

Me: “Yup.”

Them: “So… how do you make money selling games?”

Me: “Yup.”

7 mars

I’m addicted to stories and D&D actual-play podcast archives will be the death of me.

I’m one-pass-secure-erasing a new HDD to make sure it works before giving it to the Drobo.

To that end I put it in an external, non-ventilated USB cradle.

It was getting hot so my bedroom window is now wide open to the 8°C outside.

Maybe one of these decisions was suboptimal.

8 mars


“Tesla’s plan is to essentially run a massive driverless-car testing project using its customers as unpaid safety drivers… this strategy could wind up getting Tesla’s customers killed.” []

9 mars

Je vais encore mettre quinze jours à me rappeler comment on dort la nuit mais ça valait le coup #UnDJAllemandParMois

11 mars

Well, I’m #1 worldwide on something 😅 #globesweeper

12 mars


Mark Twain didn’t learn to read until he was 63

Stanley Kubrick was only 41 when he faked the moon landing

Paul McCartney was already dead when The Beatles recorded Abbey Road

It’s never too late. Don’t give up

13 mars

Evidemment je me réjouissais trop vite et l’Apple Pay de la Banque Postale trouve le moyen de ne marcher que dans un commerce sur trois, alors que N26 passait partout 🤬 #foutagedegueule #sabotage #poisoningthewell

14 mars

Un fauteuil du salon a bougé de cinquante centimètres pendant la nuit


I wrote about how Google Docs became the hottest teen chat app []

“White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots”

I’d been thinking, once a country went full Hitler again, the others might have a chance to rally around better values, but I didn’t know there was historical precedent.

15 mars


EA survey finds majority of players want games to be more inclusive []

16 mars


I’ve been a macOS user for a very long time and I see myself as someone who knows a lot of the little “hidden” features spread across the system. But I was surprised to learn about this today that I for some reason haven’t seen before. Very useful!

17 mars

I’m still pissed off that Apple changed Finder labels to useless little dots.

You’re the Worst 5x08 — 6/10

You’re the Worst 5x09 — 8/10

You’re the Worst 5x10 — 6/10

18 mars

I hate that I’m basically punishing a developer for giving out free content, but the expert maps for Beat Saber’s new free songs are so bad they’ve put me off buying the DLC. (Except for the one Jaroslav Beck track, and that can’t be a coincidence—does he map his songs himself?)


My Mac’s USB-C ports are now so loose that I don’t even miss MagSafe

J’ai trois voyages de courses à faire parce que je rentre de vacances et tous les placards sont vides, et l’ascenseur est en panne 💀

Ah et en bonus j’ai commencé la journée par une heure et demie de Beat Saber.


Beaucoup beaucoup d’énergie déployée pour expliquer que c’est quand même pas la faute des idéologues d’extrême droite si les gens commettent des actes criminels au service d’idéologies d’extrême droite.

As an iPad mini fan I’m offended that a new A12 model with Pencil support doesn’t warrant an announcement during next week’s keynote, but I can’t pretend that I’m surprised.

Also… ugh, that’s a lot of euros 😕

19 mars

That “bring a joke to tell the class next week” exercise is triggering some bullshit PTSD I didn’t even know I had.


Nvidia unveiled an image creator that uses generative adversarial networks: with just a few clicks users are able to sketch images that are nearly photorealistic. The software will instantly turn a couple of lines into a gorgeous mountaintop sunset []

20 mars

Adding a spring didn’t solve the issue but setting launch options to “-vrmode oculus” seems to make the sabers come back much faster. Makes sense — SteamVR would be adding a layer of error correction that messes things up — and explains why Oculus Store buyers aren’t rioting.

Would you believe that battery holder design will now be part of my primary criteria when it comes to upgrading my headset.


#Architecture #MortalEngines // Concept Art and Models By Wim Wim Delvoye //Gothic Cathedrals as architectural machines.// []

21 mars


I love it that Facebook’s blog post announcing that it accidentally stored hundreds of millions of users’ passwords in plain text is headlined “Keeping Passwords Secure” []

I spend so much time in Beat Saber that I forget how cool it can be to stand in a fully detailed virtual environment. Corollary: every time I mess around with Oculus Home I’m mystified by how annoying the overall UX is, when Oculus used to be so good at that.

22 mars


2019: Please click to subscribe! 👇

1999: This show is made possible by viewers like you

1979: And now, a message from our sponsors

1360: story about a werewolf is interrupted to ask you to pray for the nobleman who paid for the translation

23 mars

Le pays lointain — Odéon — 5/10

You’re the Worst 5x11 — 8/10

I’ve been waiting two years for a new iPad mini, because I love this form factor and my mini 2 struggles with most apps nowadays. But I went to the Apple Store and the iPad Pro is so much sexier I don’t know that I can handle spending 560 € (with Pencil) on the old design 😖

“But what about short games?” Well, short games already have the hardest time getting people to buy them, so they may still come out ahead.


A gauche : Vider Paris (expo dystopique de Nicolas Moulin)

A droite : Vider Paris (expo dystopique du Fouquet’s)



ME: I did it! I finished that project!

IMMUNE SYSTEM: good job!

ME: time for a nice break


ME: haha yeah

ME: wait

Le rôle principal hier à l’Odéon avait la dégaine, les intonations et le pardessus de David Tennant dans Doctor Who, et c’est un tout petit peu incongru quand on regarde une pièce de Lagarce.


Handcut paper models by Seba Naranjo welcome dinosaurs back from extinction []


So the universal iPad stylus, the one that works across all iPad models, is the one not made by Apple []

24 mars

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 4x14 — 6/10

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 4x15 — 4/10


I was looking for a new mobile photo editor because Darkroom has become slow and buggy, and an App Store feature (I should read those more often) provided me with a new favorite [] The UI is fantastic and, as an unexpected bonus, it also handles videos 😲


Apple the product company has great incentives to behave well and make great stuff.

Apple as a services company is incentivised to become another horrible creepy company.

Apple’s services push is a very dangerous direction for the companies future. []

Pourquoi est-ce que Leroy-Merlin a des makerspaces mais pas de rayons composants électroniques 😒

25 mars

Sorry to state the obvious, but Apple having its own credit card is so obviously, stereotypically dystopian I feel like I’m watching a cheap scifi parody.

Apple Arcade makes it pretty much impossible for an independent developer to sell a small single-player game on the App Store. Anyone who’s willing to pay for games will already have a subscription to a bunch of AA and AAA experiences, so why would they buy your little thing.


I really don’t understand what Apple’s trying to do here. Prove it’s making shows? With celebrities? That’s not surprising or new. Show us the shows, or the wild new ways we’ll watch them, or SOMETHING, otherwise we’re just here watching TED Talks about TV shows

Apple’s music subscription: all the music you can listen to.

Apple’s magazine subscription: 300 of the most popular magazines.

Apple’s game subscription: a hundred third-party games.

Apple’s TV subscription: 13 original TV shows.



So actual new products got released as press releases last week, and they devoted a whole event to services that are not ready yet, and will have extremely limited availability when they do finally launch.



Sign up now for your OmniCard and earn OmniCash to put towards your next purchase of OmniPhone and OmniPad. See our OmniChannels app (available on the OmniAppStore) on your OmniTV for more details.

Omni - We don’t let advertisers track you.

Le café soluble dont je collectionnais les bocaux a l’air de ne plus exister, je n’en ai que quatre au total 😭

26 mars


They reinvented glass to use more electricity


The real danger is that Apple will compromise the overall user experience of the phone to upsell services and drive this potentially huge revenue, which is already happening - see Apple Music push notifications, for example

A Fisherman’s Tale tried so hard to make me seasick I had to close my eyes for one sequence, but it was otherwise very clever, well done, and quite pretty. I just need to lie down now.


The only subscription model I find ethically palatable is “Sketch’s pay for updates” semi-subscription.

Stop paying: It’ll keep working. All your stuff is still there. You still own what you’ve paid for.


Added five images of Assassin’s Creed Origins. Absolutely see the high-res ones of these. []

I’ve got twelve correct fates in Obra Dinn. I guess I’m allowed to leave and consider myself done?

But I don’t want to turn my book in with only 12 fates out of 60, that’s just sloppy.

But I don’t want to keep replaying flashbacks hoping to glean incidental hints.


There’s a lot of great UX work implementing all the aspects of the book, so I guess they had a reason for choosing not to let me replay a scene right from the page, but that’s still a right pain in the ass.

I know the P30 Pro has only just been announced but I’d still like to find a single article explaining how it’s physically possible for an RYB sensor to produce full-color photos. I don’t doubt it receives more light as a result, but how does it differentiate yellow from green?

27 mars

The payment form for renewing my Apple Developer Program membership doesn’t work so I guess within a month I’ll finally be relieved of the stress of dealing with the App Store 🤷🏻‍♂️

28 mars


I have some availability coming up. Get in touch to talk about making data beautiful, physical installations and other such things. []

Sure, Baba Is You is a good puzzle game, but have you ever tried assembling a cheap-ass 3D printer from the manufacturer’s instructions?


Swift views my favourite bits of ObjC as bugs to be removed.

Swift has no target goal or reason for existing, just trying to be a master of everything.

And has fundamental design conflicts with Cocoa, UIKit, etc…


29 mars


[] is amazing. Free service to remove the background of any photo 100% automatically.

Only just checked the trailer for Telling Lies and I really need to move forward on my narrative game projects so that I too can end up directing actors from all my favorites TV shows #lifegoals

30 mars

You’re the Worst 5x12 — 8/10


Valve announcing its VR headset is an extraordinary moment. So few know the magic of HTC Vive was almost entirely Valve’s VR research and its tracking technology. This is looking like the BIG bet on VR — a doubling down — that some have been hoping Valve would make.

Je suis à mi-chemin de Love Death + Robots et un excellent épisode (Three Robots) ne suffit pas à compenser la demi-douzaine de femmes nues torturées. Il fallait (ou pas) oser sortir un truc pareil en 2019 🤮


Un article incroyable (dans tous les sens du mot) : un paléontologue pourrait avoir trouvé un site qui préserve des fossiles créés le jour où l’astéroïde a tué les dinosaures 🦖 The Day the Dinosaurs Died | The New Yorker #longread []

Figured there was more value in opening up a whole new avenue for creativity, so I bought a 3D printer instead of an iPad mini. I’m as fascinated watching the head move as I was by my first inkjet printer 25 years ago — except, you know, it’s printing an actual fucking object.

31 mars

Tiens, la semaine se termine déjà et je n’en ai absolument rien fait à part commander des trucs sur Amazon.


It’s @daddy_yankee’s Limbo with my Claws mod for @BeatSaber!

gonna finally release this puppy into the wild, stay tuuuuned


You know, I’ve been in the software development business for more than 40 years now, and there is one thing that I know for a solid fact: Nobody knows how to build software. Yes, sometimes it gets built, but it’s a random, unrepeatable event. A lucky accident.


“The Crafting of Matt Mercer’s DM Screen” the handcrafting process is incredible []


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