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1 septembre


it’s done.

a visual enigma machine simulator: []


15% des soutiens nécessaires au #ReferendumADP déjà recueillis.

Après un ralentissement logique pendant l’été, il est temps de s’y remettre toutes et tous pour mettre un coup d’arrêt aux privatisations.

Pour signer et faire signer c’est ici :


Je suppose que mettre du déboucheur à l’acide dans une canalisation où on a déjà mis de la soude serait une mauvaise idée 🤔


In case you haven’t heard, #ZAO is a Chinese app which completely blew up since Friday. Best application of ‘Deepfake’-style AI facial replacement I’ve ever seen.

Here’s an example of me as DiCaprio (generated in under 8 secs from that one photo in the thumbnail) 🤯


I can totally see this being applied in Films/ TV, imagine logging into your Netflix or Disney+ account - watching the latest TV show/ Marvel movie, where a stand-in actor’s would be auto-replaced with your own.

The newest member of the Avengers is….YOU.


The #ZAO app even has a built in meme gif generator…Apple is way behind the curve with Memoji’s 😅

Murder on the Orient Express (2017) — 3/10

Quite a feat to get such a fantastic cast yet manage to make a movie so unpleasant to watch.

2 septembre


why have I never thought of this before

J’ai allumé l’Apple TV parce qu’il n’y a plus rien d’autre de branché à Ivry. J’ai lancé Tarot du Jour parce que je n’ai pas d’autres apps installées. Et bam voilà qu’elle me dit de déménager au bord de la mer.


Though it including random photos of receipts and screenshots in the automatically generated Memories could also have been the trigger if this was any other day.

Apple really needs to come to terms with the fact most peoples camera rolls are full of junk and design accordingly.


Most of the way Apple’s designs fall down is them designing for the marketing teams idealised user and world, not the much messier real world and use cases.

Comment on s’habille pour une Dehors Brut s’il va faire 11° ? 🤧


‘Women weren’t included in clinical trials until the 1990s. we make up 70% of chronic pain patients but 80% of pain medication is tested only on men.’

i will never stop yelling about this.

doctors know less about us so they tell us it’s all in our head.



Uh-oh: Silicon Valley is building a Chinese-style social credit system []

Fast Color (2018) — 5/10

I’m going to call deceptive advertising on that title.


“Every installer app which needs root permissions is now urged to install a system-wide daemon for this purpose. Which is usually left behind, because Apple provides no API for removing it.”

Apple’s careless locking down of macOS is actually making some things more insecure!

3 septembre

The Boys 1x01 — DNF


When Google puts 4 paid ads ahead of the first organic result for your own brand name, you’re forced to pay up if you want to be found. It’s a shakedown. It’s ransom. But at least we can have fun with it. Search for Basecamp and you may see this attached ad.

4 septembre

Beat S1 4–6 — 7/10

Beat 1x07 — 5/10


Amazon has your voiceprint and face data, so why not throw in your fingerprints too? 😬 []


So far Apple’s content creation is going exactly as well as I’d guessed. []


[Dans @MediapartBlogs] De la prison ferme pour avoir transporté de la «littérature gauchiste» #EnAccèsLibre []


Patented today: A heated decoy keyboard to keep your cat off your laptop.

Patent No. 10398125.

Invoiced a client and immediately bought three new IF games. Oops, I guess I’m never gonna properly finish Elsinore 😔


Have just heard a paleontologist say this, which blew my head off:

When a T-Rex was alive all Stegosaurus were already fossils. A T-Rex is closer in time to an iPad than to a Stegosaurus.

I’m watching some Gears 5 on Twitch and I love the idea of letting a player control Jack. Asymmetric multiplayer always seems so exciting in theory — but how many buyers of Gears will be willing to play the flying support class?

5 septembre

It’s weird seeing images of Obra Dinn after I’ve watched The Terror. Kinda want to get back to the game but I’m gonna be confusing the two a lot.

I didn’t know cross-save between Steam and Switch could be a thing. That’s such a great feature (assuming it’s reliable), Nintendo should subsidize the development time for any game that’s applicable.

Farming Simulator is totally a game I can see myself playing on Switch for hours instead of doing anything interesting so maybe I should go on not having a Switch.

Found out today that Philips Hue has a whole range of really cute outdoor lights (whereas almost all of their indoor lamps are awful) so I need to move somewhere with a garden.

Il y a des gens en costard-cravate dans tous les bars devant lesquels je passe, c’est dégoûtant les afterworks.


Je cherchais quelque chose à regarder sur mon Apple TV, je me suis dit que c’était l’occasion de redonner une chance à The Expanse. J’avais oublié que la moitié des acteurs bouffaient leur texte, ça avait clairement joué dans ma flemme de continuer la série.

6 septembre

The Expanse 1x03–07 — 5/10


Spider’s vision made clear. How the tiny predators use their big eyes to focus in on prey [] [photos by Javier Rupérez, these and more on his Instagram account: []]


People were laughing at Android sending ads to customers a couple of years ago, and honestly it feels like I’m using Android nowadays.


Scotland has officially created a tartan to honour its Muslim citizens.

Blue: Scottish Flag

Green: Islam

5 white lines: the 5 pillars of Islam

6 gold lines: the 6 articles of faith

Black square: the Kaaba


Scottish citizens, Glasgow City Chambers (Attire’s Mind)

Quand j’ai googlé “asthme + chaleur” j’ai lu que c’était souvent la chaleur humide qui posait problème, et je n’ai pas réalisé immédiatement l’implication que les gens normaux n’ont pas de difficultés à respirer après dix minutes sous la douche 😲

Corollaire : un de ces jours il va falloir que je refasse un sauna, pour voir.

En ce moment je passe devant Jussieu tous les jours et les étudiants sont jeunes, beaux et insouciants et je les déteste. Et puis je me rappelle qu’ils ne connaîtront que l’oppression, la guerre et les catastrophes naturelles et ça me console un peu.


Miniature castles emerge from burled wood in carved kinetic sculptures by Uli Kirchler


The Expanse 1x08–10 — 4/10

7 septembre

Argh, Falcon Age is out and I’m not home.

As a big fan of dichroic glass I strongly approve of this design

People seem to assume it’s a temporary “wrap” until the reopening, which sounds to me like an odd idea, though not impossible. I’ll be disappointed if they remove it.

J’allais unfollow tous les gens qui ont recommandé The Expanse depuis deux ans, mais le ton et l’atmosphère se sont soudain arrangés au passage à la saison 2… ou bien c’est le syndrome de Stockholm.

Pendant cinq ans j’ai cru que cet immeuble en béton était étonnamment bien isolé ; en fait c’était juste qu’on devait avoir une vieille dame en pantoufles au-dessus. Maintenant j’entends une fille faire des vocalises toute la soirée. Ca coûte cher, une maison dans les bois ?

8 septembre

The Expanse S2 — 7/10

That season got much better, especially near the middle, but it devolved a bit by the end. They just can’t help having to follow the dumb story bits from the books.

Still, definitely more enjoyable than season one.


“Optical Variations” is an exhibit by French artist Damien Bénéteau, featuring four of his illuminated, hypnotizing monochromatic mobiles [] [source of the gif: []]


Ca a mis une semaine (j’ai pas été très efficace, faut avouer) et il a fallu que je démonte la cuvette mais j’ai débouché mes chiottes tout seul 🙌︎ (le plombier que j’avais fini par appeler vendredi a décommandé).


“If cats looked like frogs we’d realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are. Style. That’s what people remember.” TERRY PRATCHETT

(Photo: frankieleon.)


Disney are remaking Home Alone. This is a petition for them to re-cast 38 year old Macauley Culkin as 9 year old Kevin McCallister and have nobody in the film acknowledge it.

I could deal better with the lack of interactivity in Eliza if I wasn’t so annoyed by the voice work. The dialogue is very nicely written in a naturalistic style, but they ALL overact each WORD like extras TRYING to make SURE their ONE line gets NOTICED.

This is especially jarring in the very first client’s performance, where the guy is evidently in the depths of a depressive episode and he absolutely should not, and could not, be speaking like this.

9 septembre

Dishonored: Death of the Outisder (PC) — 7/10

That felt more minor and B-team than I expected. Only one area was really well realized, and that would have been fine if it had released as a DLC.

I bought a Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter from Apple and I can’t believe how thin and fragile the cable looks. I don’t usually break iPhone cables but no amount of care will keep that thing working for long.

Um, did I improperly delete the Catalina volume from the magical APFS container disk? There aren’t many options in Disk Utility and I don’t see what I could have gotten wrong.

10 septembre


Parrots have names. They learn them as babies. Check out this video about this complete with cute baby parrots. []

Petting the bird in Falcon Age VR is really well done but everything else is pretty rough. Teleport orientation is screwed up, my baton keeps holstering in middle of combat, and the universe feels as bare as can be expected of what started as a PSVR game 😕

Meanwhile I’ve played a little of Mutant Year Zero and it’s a good surprise for a game I’d forgotten existed and got for free. I did not expect high production values and well-thought UX from the game with a duck-man and a pig-man on the thumbnail, and a rather generic title.

I intended to buy a refurbished or used Watch Series 4 this fall, but Apple has added the only thing that could make me reconsider and want a Series 5 — an always-on screen. Not that I’ve ever really minded having to flick my wrist to see the time… but it just feels wrong to buy a Watch now that doesn’t have it.

The camera bump has camera bumps 🤦🏻‍♂️


Apple Arcade is going to have exclusive Rayman, Pac-Man, Shantae, Steven Universe, and Chu Chu Rocket games, plus a new Square Enix RPG. And Apple didn’t even mention any of those when it annoucned the price/date in its biggest PR event of the season…

It’s baffling.

I want to get a device with Pencil this fall, and I really like the feel of the iPad Pro, but it’s hard to justify to myself paying 230% the price of an iPad 7 😞

11 septembre


looks at non-podcasting couple “so which one of you does the painstaking research into a widely misunderstood historical event, and which one of you reacts to hearing about it in real time?”


This is a great example of how AI automates bias. It’s already well known that doctors tend to downplay women’s medical concerns as having an emotional basis.

AI is only as good as the data that trained it. Thus the chatbot simply reflects the gender bias of the typical doctor. []

— Alors ça, c’est un cache-pot, faudra mettre une jardinière dedans.

— Est-ce que vous avez une jardinière à cette taille ?

— Non, pourquoi ?

Joiiin usss. Kiiill usss. Joiiin usss. Kiiill usss. Joiiin usss. Kiiill usss.


High on the list of weird Apple keynote brags is changing the font in the camera app. It even made the marketing website!

Ca sentait tellement bon dans le Truffaut rempli d’un bout à l’autre de plantes que je sais où je veux vivre maintenant

12 septembre

Big fan of the asymmetry sliders in Dauntless’ character creator. (And that’s it. That tutorial fight was horribly tedious.)

I’m not sure why it needed to be pixelated but A Short Hike is extremely adorbs.

“Will I manage to hit ‘Trash’ on this email notification right before the contents load and I have to scroll through half a dozen screenfuls of spam to reach the button?”


THREAD: So, most people associate Japanese design with either cute kitsch or zen-like minimalism, but its much more diverse, & 1 of my particular fav periods was the architecture of its 80-90s boom era; wild, strange & incredibly diverse, & unique in world architectural history


Hiroyuki Wakabayashi‘s Humax Pavilion, Shibuya, Tokyo, 1993


Shin Takamatsu‘s Pharaoh Dental Clinic in Kyoto from 1984…


This beautiful photo is by David Ewen


The brilliantly sinister, end-of-days M2 building by Kengo Kuma in Tokyo from 1991 (I still think his best Building). It was originally a car showroom but is now, more aptly, a funeral home


Photo from the architect’s site


This is ridiculous.

From this Outer Wilds interview by @rotational []

Acheter une nouvelle casserole et ne pas être capable de doser correctement ce qu’on cuisine pendant quinze jours 🤦🏻‍♂️

Why did I wait so long to buy Projects Cars 2? Between VR and force feedback, I’ve never felt so in control of my car.

(I’ve also never felt like Nordschleife was so bumpy 🤢)

13 septembre

A Short Hike (PC) — 8/10


I recently found out that #AdobeCapture can generate materials from the real world. Mind. Blown. 🤯


This is the cross section of a Maersk Triple E-class container ship: this is not the largest ever built up to day, but the view gives an idea of the scale of this kind of ships []

J’écris n’importe comment depuis la canicule, mes neurones de grammaire ont griller 😩


Brumation is similar to hibernation, and involves reptiles’ metabolism slowing down dramatically and going into a lethargic state, in response to very low temperatures. So that’s why alligators have been found in these conditions, surviving winter’s cold []

14 septembre

Has anyone got a trick to get an Amazon Locker’s reader to recognize the barcode from an email? I’ve randomly managed it once but can’t discern any rhyme or reason to making it work. This is 2019 and I refuse to input a code like an animal.

Killjoys 5x09 — 5/10

En arrêt devant les lampes d’extérieur solaires trop mignonnes avant de me rappeler que la dernière chose que je veux est d’attirer plus d’insectes à ma fenêtre le soir.


Due to sustained high blood pressure levels, “a chess player can burn up to 6,000 calories a day while playing in a tournament, three times what an average person consumes in a day.”

I am shook. []

Why is there a ‘TV’ app on this third-generation Apple TV if all it’s able to do is show a spinner with the message “Accessing TV” until the screensaver comes on?

15 septembre


Omg this is brilliant. Never seen so much “personality” from a stick before 😂 (credit to fritend1 on Reddit for this contraption)


J’ai de temps en temps des questions sur “mais comment on fait une piste cyclable dans cette petite rue ???”, la réponse est : on n’en fait pas. Il ne devrait pas y en avoir besoin, une petite rue devrait avoir un trafic appaisé.

Le rat running, c’est quoi ? Explications ⤵️ []


Everything’s terrible, so here’s a birb living his best life (Sound on)


Carl Sagan explains how the ancient Greeks knew the Earth was round and calculated its circumference over 2,000 years ago.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance — ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve never felt very strongly about the movie, so I do not get the benefit of nostalgia and only see inexpressive puppets acting in front of green screens. And so many grating voices. I already had a hard time with those when it was just a movie, so I’ll skip on the ten-hour version.

Just made my first successful 3D print in months and I’m very happy to confirm that removing the poorly designed dual-filament head was the right move. (Of course I’m less happy that I can’t do dual-filament prints, but better something than nothing.)

16 septembre


The Dance of a Thousand Hands. Absolutely incredible.


Always nice to have numbers.

Looking at energy, water, etc in manufacturing & disposal, a cotton tote IS better for the environment than an LDPE grocery bag—if you use it at least 7,000 times before throwing it out.

Organic cotton takes more water, so use it 20k times pls

😮😐 []

17 septembre

Il est une heure et demie un lun-mardi et un groupe d’hétéros beugle des chansons à boire sous mes fenêtres. Pourquoi j’achète des plantes au lieu de partir au fond de la campagne, moi.

Qu’est-ce que j’aurais aimé avoir été élevé dans l’idée que, quand ma présence dérange les autres, c’est leur faute.


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