28 septembre

Not gonna buy an Amazon device if I can help it, but I’m really happy to see the e-ink tablet form factor validated by a major player


The new Kindle Scribe seems like it might be the ebook reader I’ve been waiting for

Amazon’s Kindle Scribe is an E Ink tablet for reading and writing

This is Amazon’s newest new Kindle in years — and the first with a pen.

Think we’re gonna have to wait until iOS 17 before we can create any form of shortcut to the Health app’s Medications section on iPhone?


This really hurts. No matter what I personally think of the technology, the fact that this is the best user experience that apple can currently build with current technology just makes me weep and terrifies me. We used to make fun of this.



Resizing the Weather app is a fun new experience. Who knows what city it’ll show you depending on the window size

I guess I should find comfort in the fact that we’re gonna run out globally of electricity long before we risk triggering the robot apocalypse.

Been through the Zero Dawn and All-Mother vaults today, let it settle for a few hours and I’m… angry? annoyed? sore? at the developers.

I did not sign up for something so bleak. I was sold robots in tall grass, and got the most depressing audio diaries ever recorded.

Ooh, what’s this? Apple being reasonable about hardware requirements for a new feature? 😱

I can’t wait to enable Stage Manager on my 2018 iPad Pro and complain about the implementation like everyone does. (I still think I like the basic premise. Maybe.)


The latest iPadOS 16 beta brings Stage Manager to older iPad Pro models

The latest iPadOS 16 beta brings Stage Manager to older iPad Pro models | Engadget

The latest iPadOS 16 developer beta, which was just released, expands on the Stage Manager multitasking system.

27 septembre

I knew it was a bad idea to start one of Horizon Zero Dawn’s horribly depressing bunkers right before bed, but I didn’t think I’d literally wake up from nightmares about the robot apocalypse. I wasn’t prepared for this game to get so dark.


can’t believe they made mussolini a woman in the reboot. this woke nonsense has ruined yet another franchise

26 septembre


Two Key System

xkcd: Two Key System

Two Key System

Last night I woke up at 3am, picked up my iPad, enabled dark mode, googled something and it blinded me.

This morning I disabled dark mode, googled something and it’s dark.

Why on earth is Google’s dark mode on a weird time delay instead of using CSS media queries.


so many turn of the century movies about ‘oooh what if machines start trying to kill is’ fast fwd to today 22 years later where the lane assist in my car makes a sincere attempt on my life every 80 miles and honestly it’s just annoying it’s like when my cat bites me

25 septembre

Je voulais dire “heureusement,” mais mon cerveau a court-circuité avec le “mal” de “les drogues c’est mal,” chacun-e aura bien sûr corrigé.

Alors les figues, j’achète sans hésiter, mais je découvre l’existence de chou-fleur lyophilisé 😨 et… je vais absolument en commander pour tester (sur Amazon, où il ne sera malheureusement pas infusé)


The Quebec government weed store finally launched edibles

but instead of gummies or chocolate they have…

THC-infused figs, beets and dried cauliflower


Now that is some next-level lockpicking

TIL (two years late) that since iOS 14 the two volume buttons do different things in the camera. Holding volume-up takes burst photos, holding volume-down creates a short video. I completely lost the habit of using volume buttons when I switched to vertical photography 🤦🏻‍♂️

Oh no I spent all of yesterday, literally from breakfast to bedtime, playing Horizon Zero Dawn, and I’m feeling my resolve weaken not to do it again.

24 septembre

I’d forgotten about Discovery Tour! That’s reason enough to download AC:Odyssey on Game Pass (since I don’t have a data cap).


Experimenting with the #DinamicIsland with @rive_app . Hehehe.. This is fun…

Horizon Zero Dawn in 4K60 is certainly pretty. But I remember now why I gave up at the first sign of difficulty — the quests in the initial area did not encourage me to continue. You’re gonna need more interesting stories than this if you want to make me follow glowing trails 🙄

23 septembre


#Capital ils ont fait une carte des tarifs moyens d’une place de cinéma par département, vous ne devinerez jamais à quoi correspond la nuance de bleu.


Lighting up the set of Jordan Peele’s #Nope 💡🛸

📷 mierke | IG

I’ve pinned the Xbox app to my gaming PC’s taskbar and every single time they update it — which feels like about once a week — it disappears from the taskbar. I can’t even imagine how they manage that.

Oh no I’ve finally found where the Xbox app hides the amount of time played (in the achievements view) and I spent 49 hours and 50 minutes cleaning virtual houses and cars 🤦🏻‍♂️

And because of the Xbox app I’m now looking at the long list of achievements I could try and get 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

I am equal parts sad and relieved that I have no more new maps to play in Powerwash Simulator.


[doing things I’m bad at]

“ugh, I suck at everything”

[doing things I’m good at]

“this doesn’t count because it’s easy for me”

22 septembre

It’s gonna be wild when the next Pokémon game’s main female character turns and razes a city with her shiny charizard


A Pokémon and Ed Sheeran collaboration is coming out next week

A Pokémon and Ed Sheeran collaboration is coming out next week

Ed Sheeran is releasing new song Celestial on 29th September in collaboration with Pokémon. The art shows Sheeran drawn with Pikachu sitting on his shoulder.

Dead End Paranormal Park S1 — 8/10

Huh there’s an app to hide menubar items that managed to get accepted onto the Mac App Store?!

‎Clean up your menu bar : App Store Story

‎Learn about Clean up your menu bar on Mac App Store. Download Hidden Bar and enjoy it on your Mac.


I wish AWS had an optional “easy” mode for common use cases, such as deploying a simple web app. Companies like Render, Netlify, and Heroku are in some ways just “easy” UIs on top of AWS.


The best thing to come from the GTA leaks has been game devs sharing their own alpha art. Sea of Thieves is my favourite so far.

21 septembre

Masters of the Universe: Revelation S1 — 7/10

It could have used a little less stunt casting, but Sarah Michelle Gellar was a great fit, even if a bit on the nose.

I did not realize “amogus” had become a word and I can’t wait to encounter it in the New York Times crossword



Lightyear (2022) — 6/10

It’s… fine. The moralizing is rather unsubtle; it’s a bit weird that the most kids-oriented Pixar movie in more than a decade is attached to a franchise that now mostly targets nostalgic adults.

Inversions (Iain M. Banks) — 5/10

I didn’t see the point the first time I read it, and I still don’t.


Fine tuning #stablediffusion to make Pokemon!

I wrote a quick guide on fine tuning your own Stable Diffusion:

I also released my Pokemon model, you can try it out on Replicate:

or with this Notebook:

examples/stable-diffusion-finetuning at main · LambdaLabsML/examples

Deep Learning Examples. Contribute to LambdaLabsML/examples development by creating an account on GitHub.

lambda-diffusers/pokemon_demo.ipynb at main · LambdaLabsML/lambda-diffusers

Contribute to LambdaLabsML/lambda-diffusers development by creating an account on GitHub.

lambdal/text-to-pokemon – Run with an API on Replicate


Midjourney’s added a —tile option and I love it 😍 (I wish website design still had room for patterns)

Midjourney’s added a —tile option and I love it 😍 (I wish website design still had room for patterns)


As requested, here’s a basic #debug view of my #pixelart car. There are 9 sprites in the car body (blue), plus another 2 for the wheels (yellow). This is not 3d, just 2d sprite stacking.

#gamedev #retrogaming #Flutter

20 septembre


“Graphics are the first thing finished in a video game”

Here’s a Thunderjaw from an early build of Horizon: Zero Dawn

I’m getting a particularly stubborn spam caller today, and for some reason any audio app that was already running at the time of the call just stops producing sound until I force-restart it.

What new bullshit is this? Why is it required?

If my theory is right and Apple’s refurbished devices just go through “erase all content and settings” instead of an OS image wipe, that’s awful security.

I’m gonna have to reset all my passwords to be safe, aren’t I 😒

I googled the error message in case it was a widespread iOS 16 bug and nothing came up. Today I searched for the email addresses and did find similar cases. I’m beginning to wonder if the Genius Bar gave me a refurb iPhone 11 that had been jailbroken 😨

Went to bed past 5am last night and I’m gonna sue the developers of Powerwash Simulator for damages. Games like this are supposed to be janky in such a way that I end up uninstalling them in a fit of frustration, and Powerwash just… isn’t, on any level. That’s not right.