8 déc. 2023

J’ai oublié de manger avant d’aller à Carrefour, et je n’ai acheté *que* des merdes qui vont me rendre malade 🙃

J’ai trouvé le moyen de paumer la batterie et le chargeur de ma perceuse 😫

C'est toujours terriblement frustrant de pas pouvoir Cmd-F dans l'appartement.

Okay, I’m excited for this, especially the fact that you can “vibe out and enjoy the crazy journey, or push yourself to worm your way up the rankings” — I never got to finish Thumper because it became too hard for me. Too early to tell, but I appreciated the big Rez vibes.

Thrasher on Steam

THRASHER is a mind-melting cosmic racer and an essential audiovisual experience. Swoop, dash and thrash across the void, taking on wild bosses in a race for survival that begins at the dawn of time.

I’m catching up on the Video Game Awards trailers and I don’t think I’ve seen a single second of gameplay yet. What’s gaming about again?

Google’s best Gemini demo was faked

Google’s best Gemini demo was faked | TechCrunch

Google’s new Gemini AI model is getting a mixed reception after its big debut yesterday, but users may have less confidence in the company’s tech or

I can’t believe Hbomberguy’s video is so good that I just spent four hours watching an exposé on Youtube plagiarists I’d never heard of before.

(Okay, not quite, I’ve probably watched an Internet Historian video at some point.)

7 déc. 2023

New existential terror just dropped

Edit: Not sorry to find out that it was mostly faked

Hands-on with Gemini: Interacting with multimodal AI

Gemini is our natively multimodal AI model capable of reasoning across text, images, audio, video and code. This video highlights some of our favorite intera…

Glasshouse (Charles Stross) — 7/10

I hadn’t loved the book the first time I read it — it’s all very interesting and clever, but I don’t enjoy spending so much time in a restrictive 1950s-like society, and even less the domestic violence and rape happening mostly off-screen for flavor. But the audio version by Kevin R. Free is particularly well narrated, which helped me push through and appreciate the second half a lot more this time around.

6 déc. 2023

This is quite the update process.

5 déc. 2023

Now this is what I call gaming. (I kid, but the only reason I'm not buying it is that I can't be bothered to take my headset out of the closet until I've moved away from here.)

I was looking at the list of game and app ideas I’ll never realize because I get like five hours of useful time per week since covid, and turns out I get to check one off 🙌

I don't need to be thinking anymore about designing an exploration game with an emphasis on translating a foreign language but better than Heaven's Vault for some value of "better.” I've played Chants of Sennaar.

What are the odds that this lets you hijack the phone number of any Android user and pretend to be them on iMessage? 😨

There’s a new iMessage for Android app — and it actually works

The question is how long Apple will let it.

My Instagram nightmare appears to be over, the main feed is back to normal. I wonder if this A/B test is over for everyone, or they have a mechanism that pulls individual users out of the test if their usage drops suddenly. That would probably be the smart way to go about it, and I did cut my Instagram usage significantly in the last few days.

It looks like they got asshole characters out of their system, so I might enjoy GTA VI a lot more than I did GTA V.

Also, looks like a lot of people are gonna want to upgrade their GPUs by then.

Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer 1

Song: Love Is A Long RoadArtist: Tom PettyWritten by Thomas Earl Petty and Michael W. CampbellPublished by Universal Music Works on behalf of Wild Gator Musi…

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny — 7/10

I could have done with less frantic chase scenes throughout the whole first half, but the second half was decent Indy — and at least it wasn’t aliens. I actually didn’t mind the de-aging (it still looks just a little fake, but the performance comes through, which is what matters), but there was too much green screen in the action scenes.

4 déc. 2023

The Bookwalker : Thief of Tales (PC) — 8/10

I played all of The Bookwalker in one (long) sittting, and then I broke the game by quitting mid-dialogue after I clicked on a choice I didn’t mean to (and choices don't even matter much) 🤦

I’m frustrated to be watching the last 20 minutes on Youtube (played terribly), but that's as much my fault as the game’s. Still recommending it 100% — the books are varied and interesting, puzzles make sense and combat doesn't overstay its welcome. A fun concept, very well realized.

3 déc. 2023

The thing about LLM dialogue in games is, a police investigation is the *very last* thing it will be able to do well, if it ever is.

But imagine an MMO where you can chat about the weather with every farmer you encounter. Or a procedurally generated space exploration game. Businessmen and engineers dream of replacing creatives, but this tech could be decent at supplementing them, providing endless incidental dialogue to populate the world in a way no team of writers ever could.

Ooh how cute is this thing 😍

Boox Palma review: a pint-sized e-ink reader made to go wherever you do

Boox Palma offers a vibrant HD Carta 1200 screen, extended battery life, and a robust user experience in a pocket-sized package for an exceptional e-reading experience.

Finally got around to playing this tech demo of LLM-powered NPC dialogue and it’s impressive — and hilarious — just how bad it is. They’re trying to sell their “tech” with this and I’d love to know if they sincerely think it’s good enough, or just had to release something to recoup their investment.

Of course the problem is I’m immediately tempted to go and prove that I could do better. Thankfully I have better things to do with my time.

Inworld Origins on Steam

Origins is a playable short created by the team at Inworld AI to showcase NPCs powered by artificial intelligence. After an explosion in Metropolis, you’ve arrived on the scene as the lead detective. Question witnesses, uncover the mystery, and solve the case. From the creator of The Matrix Awakens.

Bien content d’avoir pris l’habitude de laver le riz avant cuisson, quand je vois un grain de riz se tortiller suspendu en haut du paquet.

2 déc. 2023

Scavengers Reign — 7/10

That was cool and creative and everything, but I couldn’t say I liked it. Too much throwing random shit on top of random shit — and they were fully going for the Maîtres du temps vibe, which is not a fond memory of my youth. But, sure, it’s certainly a good thing that it exists.

So we’re going back to using stone tablets now …

Cerabyte has released a video showcasing the potential of its long-anticipated ceramics-based data storage system that promises to revolutionize how organizations store data on data centers in the future

“People spend one-third of their lives asleep. What if employees could work during that time … in their dreams?”

The first sentence of this article is like a Black Mirror episode pitch that got immediately shitcanned because nobody wants to watch heavy-handed Marxist social critique based on an utterly implausible premise.

Lucid dream startup says you can work in your sleep | Fortune

Persistence-of-vision volumetric candle 😍

POV Candle -

Tinnitus Linked to Hidden Undetected Auditory Nerve Damage – A Step Towards a Cure

Tinnitus Linked to Hidden Undetected Auditory Nerve Damage – A Step Towards a Cure

A groundbreaking study by Mass Eye and Ear associates tinnitus with undetected auditory nerve damage, challenging previous beliefs and opening new paths for treatment through auditory nerve regeneration. A new study from Mass Eye and Ear investigators reveals that people who report tinnitus, whic

Ma mère : est-ce que ça t’intéresse un policier ?
Ma mère : un bon policier
Ma mère : par l’auteur des “sept soeurs”
Moi: AH mais un LIVRE

Ça y est c’est la saison des gens qui se filment fièrement en train de refuser à leurs huskies de passer la journée à profiter de la neige dans le jardin et ça me 🤬

Je ne sais pas si je dois vous recommander les deux mini-séries de Zerocalcare sur Netflix tellement elles frappent close to home, mais en tout cas elles sont vraiment très réussies et j’ai tout descendu d’un coup.

Questo mondo non mi renderà cattivo — 8/10

Can’t help but wonder how much of his friends’ real stories he poached to make this series, and that spoils it a bit. Still very good, though.

1 déc. 2023

The Atlantic has reached peak neoliberalism.

Good piece by Shaminder Dulai at DPReview about Sony’s new $150 add-on to add custom grid lines to the Sony a7 IV. This feature will make photographers roll their eyes, but that’s not the point: are camera companies going to parcel out features as separate one-time or subscription purchases?

“Following BMW’s announcement that it would charge $18 every month to unlock heated seats, consumers spoke up, and BMW backed off this idea, so use your voice.”

What Sony’s gridline update tells us about the future of cameras

Sony’s gridline update adds up to four customizable grids to which users can add color codes and apply transparency masks. It also raises questions about the future of cameras and what it means for feature updates.

I just bought both games (how would I not) and the first has minesweeper controls (click to reveal an empty box, right-click to mark it as full), which are the opposite of nonogram controls, and that is *fucking me up*. Thankfully the sequel as an “inverted controls” checkbox, though it’ll probably be too late for my brain by then.

Polimines 2 – Buried Treasure

Ooh that looks well made 😍

Toy Trains - Announcement Trailer | PS VR2 Games

Create your own railroads, relax and go back to your childhood. Are you ready? Hop on board!Toy Trains is a playful track-building game with a nostalgic yet …

Miracle, ils ont enfin réglé la chaudière à un niveau où je n’ai pas besoin de passer une minute entière la main sur le radiateur à me demander s’il chauffe ou pas du tout.

I’m convinced Apple is gonna demand its share from all sales of third-party app stores in Europe, but Microsoft is in a unique situation here, with Game Pass.

They can agree to pay a share of game sales, no one goes to their store to buy them. They could even pay a share of subscriptions bought on-device, it’ll be a tiny minority.

But they’ll be able to freely install games for all Game Pass subscribers, and Apple can’t justify denying them.

Can’t wait to see them try.

Dare Obasanjo (

Microsoft wants to open a mobile gaming store to compete with Apple & Google. I’m sure they will find a willing audience among game developers if they come in with a lower take rate than the standard 30% cut. What remains to be seen is if and how Apple will support alternative app stores to comply with the DMA. If they can get away with their usual form of malicious compliance then this effort will be dead on arrival on iOS.

Sachez-le : nous sommes en hiver

Pourquoi les saisons météorologiques diffèrent-elles des saisons astronomiques ? | Météo-France

30 nov. 2023

Discord trying to sell me a $12 animation to display on top of my profile really feels like end times, doesn’t it.

There's so many great things to quote from this post, I don't know which one to pick. It's a quick read so you should:

Why We’re Dropping Basecamp - Duke University Libraries Blogs

We at Duke University Libraries have decided to stop using the project management platform, Basecamp, to which we have subscribed for almost a decade. We came to this decision after weighing the level of its use in our organization, which is considerable, against the harms that we see perpetuated by the leadership of Basecamp’s parent … Continue reading Why We’re Dropping Basecamp →

Moving your eyes makes your ears squeak. What the fuck.

Moving Eyes Make the Ears Squeak

Scientists can now pinpoint where someone is looking just by listening to their ears. Following Duke researchers’ initial discovery that the ears emit subtle…

That’s a really interesting idea, but the screenshot midway through the page has an editing error (a missing “to”) on the very first line of rewritten AI text, which they probably failed to notice because of the color changes 😶

Arguably, you’d proof-read your text in a single color at the end, but proof-reading yourself is hard and you’re bound to miss something, so it’d be better for your text editor’s UI not to actively encourage mistakes.

iA (

iA Writer 7 dims the text you paste from AI tools. As you edit ChatGPT’s input and make it your own, iA Writer keeps track of what is yours and what isn’t.

These jigsaw puzzles allow you to assemble the remarkable geometric patterns found in bismuth crystals.

Fascinating image from a smartphone camera. Upshot: a photo is no longer a snapshot in time. It's the perils of computational photography -

‘One in a Million’ iPhone Photo Shows Three Versions of the Same Woman

"I had a full panic attack in the street."

I just spent $2.50 sending a 1678 French book to ChatGPT so it could find a passage for me, only for it to tell me it can’t quote copyrighted material 😶

Well, the recent modifications to Instagram’s algorithm managed the impossible and sent me back to TikTok. I understand wanting to add some variation, but not by allotting every other post of my main feed to local randos spouting bullshit — when you know my interests are pets and crafts. (Edit: prob A/B testing.)

And I was wrong about the scrolling UX. Continuous scrolling is fine for skipping individual posts but, when your feed is *full* of crap you’re not interested in, paginated is better.

Old days: ?SYNTAX ERROR?

These days: <scratches head under cap> ya know, I’m not sure we can go any further with this thing, boss.

Hot new trend in AI generated art, the “more of this” meme.

This is so painful to watch 😣 Friends don't let friends go on an NYT Q&A high as a kite. But then, he doesn't have friends.

How long is Tesla gonna let itself be run by someone who does interviews in this state? (He can't be removed from SpaceX as he owns a majority stake, and I hope everyone who's forced to work with them because they're the only player in town is appropriately terrified by this.)

David Gerard (

twitter is terrible, but after watching this video i assure you that there is absolutely no way i am leaving that website until it augers into the ground and grinds into the mantle it’s two minutes. it’s worth it.

This is even better than the Rolling Stone piece. Fiercely well-written and a very clear summary of Kissinger’s worst atrocities:

Henry Kissinger, America’s Most Notorious War Criminal, Dies At 100

The titan of American foreign policy was complicit in millions of deaths — and never showed remorse for his decisions.

now this is a headline

Strappare lungo i bordi — 9/10

29 nov. 2023

J’ai attendu plus d’une heure pour voir le médecin et j’ai complètement oublié le deuxième truc dont je voulais lui parler 💀

Mais vas-y le McDo qui prend les commandes à l’intérieur et te renvoie dehors pour attendre, en plein hiver 🖕

Has anyone tried to ask ChatGPT a question — a factual question, with right and wrong answers — then feed the answer to a separate ChatGPT session, asking it to verify its accuracy? I’m curious if you’d get correct answers more often at the end of the process. I feel like you might.

(That can’t be what OpenAI does internally to improve accuracy, since it would prevent streaming answers word-by-word.)

28 nov. 2023

Real-life Wes Anderson moment:

You can use a ham radio to talk to the International Space Station. There are even official instructions. And an official club!

Contact the ISS

Contact the ISS

Not me asking ChatGPT for the Linux command to wipe a whole drive 🙈

(I know just enough to understand the command once it's given. Or I think I do…)

Ooh, Star Citizen has a tutorial now. With gamepad button prompts, too. They are broken, of course — you have to press RB + RB to interact with stuff. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Oh nooo Bethesda is responding to negative Starfield reviews on Steam 😱💀

They’re going at it with the absolute worst angle — you’re wrong to feel this way! — and the responses sound suspiciously GPT-like. How in the world did anyone think this would be a good idea 🤦🏻‍♂️

I’m getting so good at Really Bad Chess!

Moi il y a quinze jours : Je peux prendre une valise en tissu à vingt balles, je n’ai aucune intention de prendre autre chose que le train.

Moi aujourd’hui : Il faut absolument que j’aille voir les aurores boréales !

people who don’t understand computers 🤝 people who do understand computers

“sometimes computers just break for no reason”

27 nov. 2023

Haven’t seen this mentioned here, but it’s huge if it works (and it very well could): TikTok letting users customize their feed through a GPT bot.

They can’t run your feed through GPT, so this must just be accessing internal parameters and setting up rules, but it’s quite clear that users won’t pore through a complicated UI to customize their socials, whereas just *telling* the app what they want… this could be one of the smartest corporate GPT uses so far.

Mettez à jour votre navigateur | Facebook

It shouldn’t make that much of a difference to my mental load to open the to-do list and see a ranking of the 20 highest-priority tasks, instead of a two-column page that scrolls down for six full screens, filled with items competing for attention with color coding.

It shouldn’t make that much of a difference, if I didn’t have ADHD.

Meant to do it for a while, and I’ve finally reorganized my tasks list along two axes: how urgent it is, and how difficult or annoying it will be. That way I can either list them by most urgent, or easiest wins. I already feel so much lighter and more organized!

I’m not saying I’ve completed any task since I did that yesterday, but! So organized! And also it counts as a task in itself, so.

It’s ironic, because the iPhone notch and “dynamic island” are so thoughtfully designed with zero compromises regarding the functionality of iOS. In fact, they actually provide a better user experience.

Yet on the Mac, how the notch interacts with macOS is laughably incompetent. It is shockingly lazy regarding attention to detail, and outright disruptive to the user experience.

Critics of foldables: I would simple die if I had to use a phone with a creased screen.

Google: Oh yeah? And what if regular phones had bumps too now, huh?

Google says bumpy Pixel 8 screens are nothing to worry about

Display "bumps" are screw heads and other components pushing into the OLED panel.

I tried Plex a couple times and bounced off — in no small part because I didn’t like how much data collection it involved — but, wow, adding something like this after thirteen years of operation and making it opt-out, it’s just… amazing 😲

I can’t even see a clear profit motive here, just the most astonishing cluelessness.

Plex Users Fear New Feature Will Leak Porn Habits to Their Friends and Family

"I can see that one of my friends is apparently watching a ton of cheesy, soft porn stuff," a user said of Plex’s Week in Review email and Discover Together feature.

I don’t need “ai” in my terminal, I’m perfectly capable of typing something that looks plausible but does something completely unexpected myself thanks

Oddly blunt and honest phrasing in Game Informer ’s tracking banner. Someone involved must have had *opinions* about cookies.

🇫🇷 The French welfare agency uses an algorithm to detect potential fraudsters. Every month, it ranks the households of 32 million people, including 13 million children, with a “risk score”.

For the first time, @LaQuadrature obtained its source code and could run it.

The criteria that increase the risk score are
- being poor,
- living in a poor neighborhood,
- being a single mother,
- being unemployed,
- having a disability.

Notation des allocataires : l’indécence des pratiques de la CAF désormais indéniable

Après plus d’un an de mobilisation contre les pratiques de notation des allocataires de la CAF au côté des collectifs Stop Contrôles et Changer de Cap, et après avoir détaillé le fonctionnement de l’algorithme de la CAF et son cadre politique, nous publions aujourd’hui le code source de cet algorith

J'avais juste choisi au hasard l'ingrédient avec le nom le plus chimique, mais… “La réponse immunitaire à la grippe est inhibée par la tert-butylhydroquinone” ; "tBHQ inhibits activation of primary human CD4 T-cells” 🤔

S'il s'avère que les frites McDo sont le meilleur traitement pour le syndrome d'activation mastocytaire (et pourquoi pas les allergies saisonnières tant qu'on y est), je vais recevoir le Nobel du public.

Il va falloir que je me penche sur les ingrédients magiques de McDonald’s. J’y suis allé en sortant du labo d’analyses, le ventre vide, quand mes allergies alimentaires sont au maximum, j’aurais dû passer l’après-midi dans le coma, et… rien, ou presque.

Les anti-histamines en pharmacie, ça ne me fait rien, mais avec la sauce curry des nuggets — ou l’huile des frites ? — ou la tert-butylhydroquinone ? — je peux manger tout ce que je veux 🙌

People and SEO Spam like this are ruining the internet. Fuck this shite.

TIL the camera module on iPhones isn't a square but a vertical rectangle

🇬🇧UK: ‘Long COVID triggered our mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), but doctors didn’t believe us’

“People with long COVID feel “forgotten, unheard, disbelieved, isolated”, barrister Anthony Metzer KC told the COVID-19 Inquiry”

#COVID19UK #UKcovidinquiry @auscovid19


‘Long Covid triggered our MCAS, but doctors didn’t believe us’

Elle Gorman and George Cooper explain how they were told their post-long Covid illness didn’t exist.

Oh, and there’s a multiplayer update that lets you see slices of other players 🫨

I Added Multiplayer to My 4D Game! (4D Miner Devlog #3)

Access the latest features by becoming a 4D HyperSupporter on Patreon! 4D Miner Discord:…

“I made Minecraft, but it’s 4D.” My poor, poor brain. Seriously though, very interesting, and absurdly well made, although it’s lacking a degree of freedom — translation through the fourth axis, in addition to rotation.

I Made Minecraft, but It’s 4D

Play the Demo: 4D Miner Discord: Subreddit: https://reddit…

26 nov. 2023

Pendant toute mon adolescence l’appartement était plein d’aquariums, et je n’en voyais absolument pas l’intérêt.

YouTube m’a suggéré hier une vidéo de quelqu’un qui fait des aquariums pleins de plantes, je ne me suis pas méfié, j’ai cliqué. Et maintenant, comme un survivant qui essaie de cacher une morsure de zombie, je sais que je suis foutu.

(Je ne vais pas avoir la place pour des aquariums avant au moins plusieurs mois, je pourrais oublier d’ici-là, mais l’algo ne va pas me lâcher si vite.)

J’ai beau savoir que c’était juste le chat qui se déplaçait sur une chaise bancale dans la pièce d’à côté, ça ressemblait tellement au bruitage cinématique d’une entité malévolente en train de taper à ma porte dans le noir qu’il y a une bonne chance que je dorme avec la lumière allumée 👹

Si vous n’entendez plus parler de moi, j’ai été aspiré par les lattes du parquet.

25 nov. 2023

I’m five years late on this but I never saw any clear explanation of what RTX actually did (as in the original use of that brand, raytracing), and I’ve had a sudden illumination: was it mostly just that they added an optimized temporal denoising module? 😮

DLSS 3.5 - Better Pathtracing for Free

This video is a paid promotion for Nvidia. In it, I investigate Ray Reconstruction - which is DLSS 3.5’s trick to preserve more information from path-traced …

Since I’m never booting up that game again: All 10 secret alternate universes in Starfield. The ideas are all fun. And the dialogue is underdeveloped, what else is new.

Starfield - All 10 Secret Alternate Universes (NG+ Alternate Timelines)

Starfield All 10 Secret Alternate Universes (NG+ Alternate Timelines)After beating the game and going into unity, you have a 15% chance to spawn in a unique …

Le niveau de la terre qui bouge entre chaque arrosage, on dirait qu'elle respire 😍

TOP 30 most beautyful timelapse I’ve ever seen - #greentimelapse #gtl #timelapse

In this video, we’re going to take a look at some beautiful plants and flowers in a 30 minute timelapse.Watch as the plants and flowers grow and transform ov…

Looking at my weekend plans like

I’d forgotten the dark times of the $800 Mac mini

BasicAppleGuy (

Attached: 1 image Mac mini pricing across time. Yearly Mac mini base price (blue) compared with $499 base starting price when adjusted for inflation from 2005 (yellow).

is “just” a three-dimensional diaphragm but the pictures are still mind-bending

Edit: for some reason I thought the effect might be less impressive in proper motion but, nope, there's a video and it looks 🤯

Slide-glide cyclides

3D printing files: video: Kepert’s playlist on lune…

Slide-glide cyclides - a design discovered by Andrew Kepert when investigating ways to “see” why the area of a sphere is four times the area of a disk of the same radius. I added the gears and the base. Full video:

Slide-glide cyclides

3D printing files: video: Kepert’s playlist on lune…

They offer 1GB of free backup storage and hope “to evolve from an app into a digital cooperative in which you can pay to become a member,” all of which translates to “we got some investors and managed to invent a quixotic business model to sell them,” which would normally be bad news, but the app is open-source and locally hosted so… if the investors force them to change their tune, someone will just fork it 🤷

Ooh! AnyType is out! An open-source Notion clone, with no servers, that stores your data locally, encrypted, and syncs to your devices over wifi. From what I see in the tutorial videos (in Docs / Use Cases), the UI looks miraculously very well designed.

There’s an emphasis on creating custom object types that reminds me of Capacities, only with a lot more flexibility — as far as I can tell, you can use AnyType as a straight Notion replacement.

anytype — the everything app

for those who celebrate trust & autonomy.

This is a great example of how our minds are terrible at assessing risk because here it’s the same in both cases (until you get to the last platform).

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