9 août

Clay diorama: The Last Airbender / Spirited Away / The Lion King / Les Misérables #midjourney (5/5)

Clay diorama: Mad Men / The Good Place / Babylon 5 / Golden Girls #midjourney (4/5)

Clay diorama: Blade Runner / Gattaca / Into the Woods / Donnie Darko #midjourney (3/5)

Clay diorama: The Silence of the Lambs / Battle Royale / Mad Max Fury Road / Priscilla Queen of the Desert #midjourney (2/5)

Clay diorama: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Futurama / Hedwig and the Angry Inch / Gilmore Girls #midjourney

A Drow rogue / A Genasi cleric / A Tiefling barbarian / A tabaxi monk, tabletop miniature, chibi #midjourney

Everyone’s already thought of generating D&D character portraits with Midjourney, but asking for tabletop miniatures makes the result so much cuter!


A Drow rogue / A Genasi cleric / A Tiefling barbarian / A tabaxi monk, tabletop miniature #midjourney

A Drow rogue / A Genasi cleric / A Tiefling barbarian / A tabaxi monk, tabletop miniature #midjourney

I suppose people get used to it, but Shortcuts’ whole business of selecting “magic variables” (and having to reset them every time you move stuff around) is a complete and absolute pain in the ass. Didn’t this app use to be intuitive?

Of course it’s 100% impossible to google “how to crop and save an image in Shortcuts on Mac”

8 août

Will somebody please stop me from buying a sixty-euro round screen I have absolutely no use for


WIP: can’t stop to design 3d print cases for @pimoroni’s #HyperPixel 2.1 Round Touch and

@Raspberry_Pi ;)

I wonder what percentage of #midjourney addicts have aphantasia. Beyond fascination for the technical aspect, the fact that I can’t turn words into images in my own head must obviously have influenced my decision to sign up for a paid subscription.

N’allez pas mettre les mains dans le tableau électrique, il y a un fil qui balade du courant et que j’ai oublié de brancher à l’autre bout 💀

Once again, DALL-E’s degree of “understanding” of the subject floors me — it really seems to have a three-dimensional “mental” model of objects and creatures, where competitors mostly just mash patterns and textures together

Je n’ai pas eu le courage de tout refaire de zéro, donc il y a toujours des branchements mystère dont on ne sait pas où ils vont, et des fils multiples dans des prises où il ne devrait y en avoir qu’un 😖

Mais je l’ai laissé plus propre que je ne l’ai trouvé 👍

Obligé de faire des choix parce que les peignes de distribution (les barrettes qui connectent tous les disjoncteurs ensemble) étaient trop courtes. Oh well, je me servais pas du lave-vaisselle anyway.

Le pire c’est qu’ils me disent de TÉLÉPHONER pour reprendre rendez-vous.


Il faut que j’intervienne sur le tableau électrique pour qu’il arrête de sauter en pleine nuit parce que le ventilateur de la chambre a chaud.

Mais je n’ai pas l’énergie parce que j’ai dû me lever à 5:00 pour remettre le courant et je n’ai pas pu me rendormir sans ventilateur.

So the solution:

1. Add the font imports inside the SVG (even though they’re already in the web page, and work in Chrome)

2. Move the <defs> containing the image data from the bottom of the SVG to before it’s used

…manually, every time I update the SVG in Affinity Designer 🤦🏻‍♂️😩

I worked for two days on an interactive SVG map for my client’s site and I was so happy with myself; turns out Safari is somehow managing to screw it up, only shows half of it until a reload 😩

7 août

A spaceship flying over the game Firewatch / Gorogoa / Samorost / Outrun #midjourney (5/5)

A spaceship flying over the game Dishonored / Red Dead Redemption / Silent Hill / Gears of War #midjourney (4/5)

A spaceship flying over the game Sea of Thieves / Skyrim / World of Warcraft / God of War #midjourney (3/5)

A spaceship flying over the game Assassin’s Creed Origins / Mirror’s Edge / Wind Waker / Psychonauts #midjourney (2/5)

A spaceship flying over the game Shadow of the Colossus / Bioshock / Bloodborne / Diablo III #midjourney (1/5)


C’est fascinant qu’il y ait cette vision courante comme quoi les hommes seraient rationnels et les femmes irrationnelles car émotives, mais quand un mec tue sa conjointe, on nous dit que c’est sur le coup de la colère, alors qu’une femme qui tue son conjoint, ce serait prémédité


« Et sache qu’en général l’homme réfléchit plus avec la raison alors que la femme réfléchit plus avec ses sentiments » oser écrire ça sous un tweet qui parle d’un homme qui a massacré sa femme parce qu’elle voulait le quitter 🙃

Comment ne pas être misandre ?

6 août

Disco Elysium —ar 2:1 #midjourney

An egyptian statuette of a quadcopter #midjourney

An egyptian statuette of a quadcopter #dalle #dalle2

The dance floor on Pride week —ar 2:1 —hd #midjourney

A rave party in a church —hd —ar 2:1 #midjourney Not quite the prompt, but wallpaper-worthy

Scroll down a Discord channel for a while;

Switch to another channel or to DMs;

Return to the first channel:

it scrolled back to where I was before I started.


I find myself spending hours on Discord because of Midjourney and this is annoying me a lot.

An orange tabby cat visiting a cyberpunk Kowloon City #midjourney

Second set with the same prompt plus —hd

Feeding #Midjourney a picture of a cat with no further instructions

The gates of Yggdrasil #midjourney

Asking #midjourney to generate a statuette I can build to try my hand at Fimo modeling (I’ve got a black and a white pack I bought years ago)


tl;dr “use a burner phone, we don’t even trust ourselves” - Twitter


Twitter has confirmed a data breach which exposed as many as 5,000,000 sensitive information.

Twitter offers a 200iq take.

5 août


Alternative headline: Amazon buys company that constantly maps the inside of your home

A godzilla tarot card, cyberpunk, —ar 1:2 #midjourney #cupscale


It’s bizarre that modern apps just stuff password hashes into a database along with a bunch of other data that app code can access. It’s like storing plutonium in the refrigerator next to your mayonnaise.

The answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything #midjourney

The answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything #dalle #dalle2


I’ve recently been playing console games and the UX on them sucks compared to mobile or ancient console games (highly modal, requiring button confirmation and viewing cut scenes).

I was 99% sure it was due to some lowest nominator requirements and this seems to confirm it.


@edenaraura We got rejected because our save-game was too quick, so you didn’t have time to read “Saving… please do not remove the memory card.” So we had to artificially make saving a game take longer, just so you could read the message telling you not to do a thing you actually could do.

Awww look at these shiny animated gifs the gundam editor in Last Call BBS generates 😍

(I got my YouTube backdrop done today, I could go and buy an IRL kit, like, tomorrow or something 🫣)

4 août

Oh, scratch that, there’s only 12,000 new D&D levels. That’s a lot more manageable. Right?

Turns out they also released a whole ‘nother campaign for X’BPGH two weeks ago, which means I’m gonna have to come back to the last three levels I didn’t complete.

I was shocked when I saw the Tesla Cybertruck, because that’s exactly what its design conveys, but I realize now that’s only because I’m not used to American truck designs — the trend already existed.


Sometimes I think I’m going crazy but I can’t think of anything this trend in truck design is supposed to communicate except “I can run you over if you bother me”


as i get older i find that there is nothing a man with a decade working in tech wants more than to get deeply into woodworking

no more software only little wooden stools and side tables

Hurray for infinite Dungeons & Diagrams levels in the last-call version of Last Call BBS \o/

(I’m saving the new gundam for last. Only 99999997 more random levels to complete. And then I have to check the other games for new content.)

Someone’s created multiple-choice security questions 🤯🤡

(I had to go through their signup flow to check that there wasn’t a joke I missed, and it’s real.)


I need to know who at @United is responsible for this security question and drop-down list of options (!!!)


Our latest (and last!) game, Last Call BBS, has left Early Access!

In the past month we added a ton of new puzzles, fixes, and features, and even a new model kit.

Look for an update on Game Pass shortly, and DRM-free releases in the next week or two.

Je pensais avoir regardé assez de vidéos de modélisme et dioramas pour être blasé, mais celui-là c’est 🤯 de voir de l’anime se construire en trois dimensions

3 août

Baymax! S1 — 8/10


An ATtiny85 based VU meter using the SK6812 mini addressable RGB LEDs.


Periodic reminder that BlurHash is a thing that exists, and is much better than staring at a blank loading indicator.

J’ai vague souvenir qu’à une époque je me réjouissais de l’arrivée de l’été, et ça semble tellement inimaginable aujourd’hui.


Good luck to future pedestrians who don’t have this app, which lets a self-driving car tell you that it “will not be stopping at the crosswalk.”

Patent no. 11396271 (Ford)

Is there any precedent for showing ads for competitors on individual product pages? Search results, no one bats an eye; and many online stores show related products of course, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen sponsored links on a product page?


They front-run searches for your trademarked app name, and place ad results above the result for your app.

But now, there’s more: Apple will litter your own app page with ads for competing apps. And keep all the ad money for themselves.

Apple must be stopped.

2 août

pikachu, electron microscope #midjourney (upscaled with Cupscale)

pikachu, alphonse mucha, cyberpunk #midjourney

The part of Midjourney that I find irresistible though is that it shows its work. The preview updates several times over the minute it takes to generate the final images, and it really feels like you’re connected into someone’s brain and you’re watching them dream 😍

Of course Midjourney is more useful (and more problematic, in my view) since it has an artistic style of its own. Any image it generates will almost always be pretty.

Posting comparisons between DALL-E and Midjourney on @garoopics

What makes DALL-E unique — and stupefying — is its “understanding” of entities and relationships between them. Midjourney is classic deep dream stuff, it’ll just translate your words randomly into images.

A nuclear plant control room, dials and buttons, hieroglyphics, Great pyramid of Giza #midjourney

A huge medieval red dragon, threatening, in front of the Louvre pyramid #midjourney

A dog sitting on a chair in a living room; a coffee cup is on the table; all around the dog the room is on fire; the walls are on fire; there is smoke rising to the ceiling #midjourney

To be fair the smoke dogs are beautiful.

A flat planet balanced on the backs of four elephants which in turn stand on the back of a giant turtle #midjourney

Cthulhu crushing the Golden Bridge, screenshot from the game Bloodborne #midjourney

A pokémon trainer capturing a pikachu, painting by Hieronymus Bosch #midjourney

Oh never mind, the invite from my e-mail has expired but they appear to have transitioned to an open beta.


“without a doubt, there has never been a service before where a regular person is using this much compute.”

It actually did not occur to me that my Midjourney invite would expire if I let it sit in my inbox for two months 🤦🏻‍♂️

Ça y est je suis invincible \o/

Effet secondaire indésirable : je ne peux plus dire du mal de la mairie de Paris jusqu’à la fin de la pandémie.

(Je tiendrai absolument pas.)

On va voir si le piège au chocolat (j’ai pas de fromage) marche mieux maintenant qu’il est dans la bonne pièce

La souris disparue depuis des mois me court entre les pattes aux toilettes 💀

Elle se cache sous le lavabo, je verrouille tout pour aller chercher de quoi l’attraper, quand je reviens elle s’est dématéralisée 🤬

Ah, I guess it makes sense as a sort of “hard mode.”

Is Sea of Thieves about to start selling in-game gold for real money, or have they just been infected by ambient games-as-a-service design? 🤨

1 août

Third day trying to install a diffusion model on my PC (this time directly into Windows, because why not, and at least I know the Nvidia drivers should work) and what a nightmare of conflicting package versions the whole thing is 😫

That’s new. Are we done with self-driving AI, and training Google’s Imagen now?


If you don’t know her story, here I am telling a quick (drunk) version of it. She reached out to the show after it aired to say she was pleased with it.


OH MON DIEU ils ont fait une TCC pour une loutre qui avait peur de l’eau 🥹