8 déc. 2022

The Peripheral S1 — 8/10

The adaptation left a lot to be desired — writing is rather rote, cast is absurdly uneven, and I had to look up recaps on Reddit to understand what the fuck happened in the finale — but the story and world-building, the science-fiction parts of the fiction, are top-notch. I kind of expected William Gibson would have lost his edge and relevance by now, but he’s managed to create something novel and very timely. I’m gonna have to read the books.


Many staff still left there are immigrants who can’t just quit, because Twitter sponsors their visa. A factory owner who controls his workers’ papers and demands they work all day AND sleep at the plant is usually called a sweatshop boss and human trafficker.


NEW: The BBC has obtained pictures of inside Twitter - rooms that have been converted into bedrooms - for staff to sleep in.

The city of San Francisco is investigating as it’s a commercial building.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (Susanna Clarke) — 8/10

A great story, wonderfully written, but I do think it could have been a bit shorter without losing much of its impact. I would never have read 800 pages of this, and could only go through thirty hours of audiobook because the narrator was excellent (and because I’d just gotten back into SnowRunner).


a YouTube comment about the way AI destroyed the field of translation years ago

3 déc. 2022


Non tous les haineux sur les RS ne sont pas de jeunes garçons pre pubères et immatures

70 ans d’âge moyen.

Menaces de mort, de viol sur la base de fakes relayées par ⁦@CarolineFourest⁩ et @PascalPraud qui donnent un nom en pâture

Des septuagénaires jugés pour avoir menacé de mort une enseignante « islamo-gauchiste »

Lors de la polémique qui visait Sciences Po Grenoble en mars 2021, certains journalistes à l’instar de Pascal Praud et Caroline Fourest, avaient accusé à tort une enseignante. Après avoir subi une va…

Heir to the Empire (Timothy Zahn) — DNF

Reddit keeps harping on how great the Thrawn trilogy is, so I figured I could try and get into it now that enough time had passed since I was last disappointed by a Star Wars movie . The story is pretty good, and the writing is… well, let’s be nice and call it adequate. But it’s not interesting enough, or enjoyable enough (especially in that terribly over-produced audio version), that I’l ever buy the next two books, so what’s the point of finishing this one?

2 déc. 2022

For whatever reason, all the buzz around GPT-3 hadn’t really hit me. Maybe because it was in a more restricted beta, whereas this time everyone gets to play. Or maybe ChatGPT is just more powerful. At any rate, this time it’s wowing me and giving me existential anxiety in the same way as DALL-E did. All the “in the style of” examples I’ve seen around are absolutely terrifying.

"Write me a limerick explaining the difference between dynamic and kinematic rigidbody in unity"ALT

By AdamCYounis.

1 déc. 2022

I agree with so much of what Ian Bogost says in this week’s Gray Area podcast and he articulates it much better than I could. We don’t need a new and improved Twitter; we need to wean ourselves off this idea of speaking to the entire world at once. That’s why I’ve been focusing back on my blog that has, like, three readers because no one uses RSS anymore. (I’m mostly using Tumblr as an editor for the posts to be integrated back in my website.) And that’s why I’ve been trying to pull mutuals into a Discord. Our brains are not wired for this, and Twitter has not been a net good for humanity.


People are like “they’re just two people shipping the minimum viable product, why are you expecting them to have a Terms of Use that their existing docs say they have”

Cause those kinds of mistakes are a proxy for the lack of attention to detail that gets you this.


People on Twitter wished for an edit button. One of Hive’s security vulnerabilities allows even more: You can edit posts of other accounts.