25 octobre


Imagine if whenever you picked your car up from the mechanic there was a little basket on the dashboard of “Relocated Items”. Just little washers and nuts and random junk you can’t identify. Anyway, happy driving!

23 octobre

I’ve considered putting a voltage regulator inside a bluetooth keyboard’s battery compartment and wiring it to USB, but I’m worried about relying on the MacBook’s wireless card — I have a vague memory of those things being more fragile than the rest of the laptop.


NFTs are empowering artists (its true„ please trust us, this is good actually)

I’m trying to build some kind of frankendevice from an obsolete MacBook and it’s wild how many wireless keyboards you can get for under twenty euros, but wired compact keyboards basically start at fifty.

22 octobre

Il n’y a déjà plus de ginger beer 😭


All you have to do to get this Very Trustworthy Coin is give us a high resolution scan of your retinas for the world’s biggest biometrics database!!!

But hey free money! We swear it’s not creepy!


The twitter clone is really called “Truth”? (Правда)

You just can’t parody this because reality is now more obscene than fiction. [twitter.com]

21 octobre


If you haven’t yet seen the ‘impossible’ crane shot from Soy Cuba (1964), prepare to have your day made.


Aside from destroying the climate, this is the impact of NFT on the world: Ethical developers/artists take their generative art software down to ensure it’s not used to create NFTs


20 octobre

Only Murders in the Building S1 — 8/10

Everything about the three main characters, and the comedy around creating the podcast, was fantastic. But the writers cared a lot more about the actual murder mystery than I ever did.

Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks — 3/10

I don’t quite remember what random Reddit thread convinced me to try and give this special a shot. Well… it was still terrible.


Vous vous rappelez quand toute la sphère médiatique française s’est mise à faire la leçon aux médias US sur comment ils avaient permis à Trump de gagner l’élection ? Qu’est-ce qu’on avait ri quand même


I love MMOs. A deflationary currency crisis in Amazon’s New World has gotten so bad that some players have started using the barter system.

Seriously, I’d be somewhat interested in running Android apps on my laptop (for lack of an M1 running iOS apps) but, um, did it really have to be the Amazon app store?


Une nouvelle association dissoute par le ministère de l’intérieur, aux deux prétextes principaux que :

- elle « cultive le soupçon d’islamophobie au sein de la société française » ;

- il y a des commentaires haineux ou insultants sur sa page FB. [twitter.com]


“Apple was and still is expecting people to do free QA work for them without any obligation from their side.” [twitter.com]


C’était pas très grave que les médias papiers et audiovisuels soient principalement détenus par des milliardaires, jusqu’à ce que ça devienne grave 🤷🏻‍♀️


Star Cit may never release, but oh boy it will never stop giving us gems:

19 octobre


A historian friend of mine explained to me one time that a big part of his job was to like figure out which things in history happened and which ones were like made up panics that 1800s newspapers just went on about for weeks with no basis in reality [twitter.com]

Shame that the smaller, cheaper Pixel 6 doesn’t include the telephoto camera. I mean, the Pro is still much cheaper than an iPhone 13 Pro, but who wants to carry around a 6.7” phone? (Many people, I know.)


le nouveau bûcher de l’académie française, pour les gens qui utilisent le subjonctif après « après que »

18 octobre


this is how the menu bar with lots of items wraps around the notch

It always amazes me that Facebook Marketplace refuses to implement one of the most useful things you could do with a social graph: restricting your listing or your search to friends of friends in order to minimize (somewhat) the risk of being scammed.

I’m gonna need to suspend my tech Twitter for two months so I’m not confronted every single day with reminders that I want the new portable supercomputer.


As per the new macOS 12 page on [Apple.com], the Safari redesign is toast on macOS and iPadOS! Compact tab bar mode is still an option, but regular tabs are back!

WTF not only are the starting prices reasonable, but the minimum configuration has a 512GB SSD what is happening it wasn’t supposed to be this way.

It’s wild that in fifteen years and two architecture changes, we’ve gone from “Macs have subpar hardware but the software is too good to pass” to “macOS is getting worse and worse but you can’t say no to such performance.”

Shit, I didn’t expect the starting prices to be reasonable, that’s terrible news for a hypothetical person who does not want to buy one!

“Endure Siri voice control for your music and we’ll knock 50% off your subscription” is… a… concept.


A scary story for Halloween.

“What if the GPU performance per watt of the new Macs is so good, they are impossible to buy because of crypto bros?”

I remember struggling last time to find how you’re supposed to watch the live event on Apple TV, but I have no memory of how I eventually managed. Did I just give up and open YouTube?

Je sais que la perception de la taille change quand on grandit, mais je jurerais que les jeans — même cheap — n’étaient pas épais comme du papier à cigarettes il y a vingt ans.

In bed, thinking again about my old idea of a space game with newtonian physics in a smaller environment (no FTL, more local diversity), and ideally you’d seamlessly transition to walking around like in Outer…

Oh. Right. Outer Wilds already did all that, and better. Never mind.

17 octobre


These robots look super-vulnerable to normal wear & tear.

They look even more vulnerable to a super-soaker filled with common household items like salt, vinegar, & just a lil dish soap. Maybe with a lil diatomaceous earth to bump up the scrubbing power.



Motion controller improvement, free camera rotation, slope detection and foot placement. Let’s go!🐉🔥

#UE4 #gamedev #screenshotsaturday #animation


Reworked the driving “AI” and it seems a lot better.

#pico8 #f1


Apple has turned the magic of software development from “How cool would this be?” to “How cool would Apple be with this?” [twitter.com]

Oops, I wish I hadn’t happened upon the news that Anycubic’s Photon Mono X is on sale.

So much more volume! So much more speed! I haven’t used my resin printer in months already! But it’s only 500€ right now!

I still love my iPad mini 6 more than any of its predecessors but damn the #NYTCrossword Sundays are realllly small 👴🏻🔎