20 juin 2024

"The fact that the EU interior ministers want to exempt police officers, soldiers, intelligence officers and even themselves from chat control scanning proves that they know exactly just how unreliable and dangerous the snooping algorithms are that they want to unleash on us citizens."

Leak: EU interior ministers want to exempt themselves from chat control bulk scanning of private messages - EU Reporter

According to the latest draft text of the controversial EU Child Sexual Abuse Regulation proposal leaked by the French news organisation Contexte, EU interior ministers want to exempt professional accounts of staff of intelligence agencies, police and military from the envisaged scanning of chats and messages (Article 1 (2a)). The regulation should also not apply to ‘confidential information’ such as professional secrets (Article 1 (2b)). The EU governments reject the idea that the new EU Child Protection Centre should support them in the prevention of child sexual abuse and develop best practices for prevention initiatives (Article 43(8)), writes Pirate Party MEP Patrick Breyer.

Leur priorité est de tourner on-device autant que possible, donc non aucune chance que Siri soit aussi avancée que ChatGPT ^^;

Par contre c’est vrai qu’ils vont avoir du boulot pour effacer dix ans de conditionnement des utilisateurs à éviter Siri parce que c’est de la merde 😅

FR4NÇ01S 🖍️ (

Je sens que toutes ces annonces sémillantes autour d’#AppleIntelligence dans #iOS18 et macOS #Sequoia vont faire plouf. À l’époque, les annonces tonitruantes pour Siri m’avaient enthousiasmé mais depuis je ne m’en sers toujours pas. Si #Apple n’offre pas aussi bien sinon mieux que ChatGPTo l’intérêt sera ténu et menu… Minuscule et ridicule 🤨😏

19 juin 2024

Sudden realization that I’ve written off VR racing because of simulation sickness but back in the day I played a bunch of Driveclub VR and it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as every PC game I’ve tried since.

I need to give the whole thing another chance at some point, with a proper wired headset at 120fps. (Someday when I have enough room to get my steering wheel back out of its cardboard box.)

I mean, I can’t deny that my brain’s right, today’s job *is* done.

It’s just unfortunate happenstance that I only got 20 minutes of billable time out of it 😒

I spent 24 whole hours finding the energy to start working on that thing my client asked me, only to find out that it had already been implemented ages ago, and I could use that motivation to work on something else, anything else really, but

I… did not realize Bambu Labs gave you free printers of your choice in exchange for uploading free-to-download STLs to their website. (Prusa also has a reward program but it’s a lot less generous.)

I mean, I could make money so much faster by advertising my services as a CAD designer — wait a second, why *haven’t* I been doing that? — but then it wouldn’t be a popularity contest slash lottery, would it, and there’d be a lot less dopamine in it.

Christian Selig (

Attached: 1 image Woohoo, enough people downloaded my Vision Pro 3D printable stand thingy that I got enough points/gift cards to upgrade my 3D printer for almost nothing 🥳 ty ty

twitter wants to get into payments. this requires submitting lots of documents to states - public documents. it turns out twitter is losing money hand over fist as advertisers leave - “generated $1.48 billion in revenue in the first six months of 2023, down almost 40% from the same period in 2022, before Musk bought the company. It lost $456 million in the first quarter of 2023.”

I’m unironically jealous of the sort of person who’s able to raise $5 million to create a “social network” whose stated goal is to have gen-AI bots respond to each other. No one’s getting scammed here, it does what it says on the tin.

(The investors are losing money obviously, but judging by their track record I’m guessing $5 million is the kind of table scraps they give someone they know has a bad idea but they wanna stay friends with.)

Former Snap engineer launches Butterflies, a social network where AIs and humans coexist | TechCrunch

A new app called Butterflies is aiming to create a social network where humans and AIs interact with each other through posts and DMs.

What’s gonna happen to Nvidia when the bubble starts bursting? Will the stock market reasonably (lol) accept there’s nothing that can be done about it, or will it demand the company invent impossible ways to make up for lost revenue until it implodes under the weight of hare-brained schemes?

Dare Obasanjo (

Attached: 1 image Nvidia is now the most valuable US company which is causing comparisons to Cisco. Cisco was similarly the hardware provider that powered the next great technology wave, the internet. That ended up being a bubble as it was both too early and the value ended up being in apps & smartphones not routers. Companies have spent $50B on Nvidia chips since the boom began and there’s a risk that we’re similarly too early and are spending more on chips than there are valuable uses of AI, for now.

17 juin 2024

They say candles are a nice way to unwind and indulge in a little self-care, so I took their advice.

The Delirium Brief (Charles Stross) — 7/10

Your GPS Is Wrong

15 juin 2024

Cet été on se greffe aux vacances de mon beau-frère et ses enfants en Thaïlande. Mon discours c’était « on vient avec vous en se décidant à l’arrache, donc on s’adapte à ce que vous avez prévu, du moment qu’on fait des temples ça ira ! »

Mais ça c’était avant de découvrir QU’IL Y A UN JURASSIC PARK EN THAÏLANDE OMG JE VEUX Y ALLER 😱🤩

14 juin 2024

@futurebird Weirdly enough, Excel is probably the best evidence that learning to code really can empower people, entirely on the backs of mostly under-recognized, mostly pink-collar employees getting handed a smalltalk-inspired programming environment largely by accident.

Excel created a whole secret class of hidden programmers by sneaking a macro language into what used to be a basic calculation-and-display utility, and that whole stack became critical global infrastructure almost immediately.

WTF l’école d’ingé privée où j’ai fait mes études a été rattachée… à… Assas ?! 🙃

Tout le monde a le même ressenti, mais la différence c’est que pour notre génération c’est objectivement vrai 😠

Sheril Kirshenbaum (

Attached: 1 image Matches my experience. #music

Matches my experience. #music

What the fuck yes

MotorSlice - Official Reveal Trailer | Guerrilla Collective 2024

Watch the MotorSlice reveal trailer to see parkour gameplay elements and more from this upcoming action adventure game. MotorSlice will be available on PC in…

13 juin 2024

This dude has plot armor.

Forgot Banishers had come out, and didn’t know it had a demo. Dialogue is very well written, acting is excellent, and combat seems appropriately OP in story mode, so I’m definitely gonna have to check it out at some point.

(But maybe I should first get around to A Plague Tale: Requiem, which has the advantage of being on Game Pass, and installed on my hard drive since it came out.)

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden on Steam

Hunt ghosts as two memorable characters in a story-driven Action-RPG where your decisions carry dramatic consequences. Torn between honoring your oath to the living and saving your departed partner, how far will you go for love?

Microsoft Recall’s security issues weren’t anomalies but symptoms of a culture prioritizing cool features over protecting users.

A former employee has revealed how the company refused to fix the security hole that led to hacks of the Treasury, NIH, and nuclear secrets.

Microsoft chose not to fix the flaw that led to the SolarWinds hack to avoid risking billions in government contracts. That focus on profits has now become a national security issue.

Microsoft Chose Profit Over Security and Left U.S. Government Vulnerable to Russian Hack, Whistleblower Says

Former employee says software giant dismissed his warnings about a critical flaw because it feared losing government business. Russian hackers later used the weakness to breach the National Nuclear Security Administration, among others.

Wonder what the mood’s like in Seattle this week.

Apple is getting ChatGPT in their OS without spending a dime — no billion-dollar investment in the company, and actual server usage may even be subsidized by Microsoft and the preferential Azure prices it granted OpenAI.

At the same time, Apple demonstrates that using all of ChatGPT to run a simple assistant is a huge waste of power and environmental resources, when a much smaller model that runs on a phone is enough.

Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

The Translation API was one of the few new APIs this year I was really looking forward to.

Such a disappointment it seems so terribly designed, at a fundamental level, being tied directly to a SwiftUI View.

I wonder if these sort of horrible API designs are a consequence of Apple building features with SwiftUI natively now?

UIKit allows UI to be presented fairly freely from around your code, do to the view controller hierarchy being easily accessed.

SwiftUI needs an element anchored to a View to do anything.

If that's true, eventually virtually all APIs will need to be invoked via a method on View and I'm going to really hate the next few years of Apple API releases.

Nicola Turner’s monumental, undulating sculpture, “The Meddling Fiend,” appears to move on spindly legs and rise up to meet a statue of English painter Sir Joshua Reynolds, who holds a hand out to greet a delicate tendril.

#art #publicart

Somebody sent me this blog my way today so I had a dig into it for a few hours.

Yes, Amit is right. Visual Studio Marketplace is a clusterfuck.

✅ anybody can verify themselves using just a domain name
✅ anybody can set any display name
✅ extensions allow RCE, no sandboxing or limits at all
✅ full access to developer + build
✅ anybody can link any GitHub repo, even if it has nothing to do with the extension
✅ I’ve already found malware - backdoors, beacons etc etc

1/6 | How We Hacked Multi-Billion Dollar Companies in 30 Minutes Using a Fake VSCode Extension

30 minutes. 30 minutes is how long it took us to develop, publish, and polish a Visual Studio Code (The most popular IDE on the planet with…

12 juin 2024

I forgot to complain again that this is the third time they reinvent Applescript. (After Shortcuts and Automator.)

Maybe this one will stick — I don't have the energy these days to look at what the API looks like.

Maybe we’ll even be able to replace shortcuts with LLM macros 🥹

Apple can provide this guidance and it will be followed by a huge number of developers. That’s the big advantage an LLM-based Siri can have against Android — never mind Windows. (How long that’ll last, considering how they like to antagonize independent devs as well as major tech companies, is an open question.)

Marcos Tanaka (

Attached: 1 image Interesting change in guidance for App Intents this year, probably in preparation for upcoming Apple Intelligence features. Direct quote from ‘Design App Intents for system experiences’: “Previously, app intents were meant to be the most habitual tasks in your app that could be useful outside of your app. This meant an app was expected to only have a few app intents. In iOS 18, we’re changing this guidance to go beyond common functionality. Now, anything your app does should be an app intent.”

It’s gonna be so fun watching him melt down if they vote against his pay package — results will be counted tomorrow 🍿

(Institutional shareholders are divided, and 40% of the stock is owned by individuals, most of whom are longtime Musk fans, so I'm not all that hopeful, but it's fun to imagine.)

Mettez à jour votre navigateur

Honestly, as an aesthetic I kinda love it. I hope they don’t trash this version of the model before making it available to download.

Ridiculed Stable Diffusion 3 release excels at AI-generated body horror

Users react to mangled SD3 generations and ask, "Is this release supposed to be a joke?"

🤩Ok this is fun - some very pretty translucency effects can be achieved with the new blurred background shader graph node in Reality Composer Pro, on #applevisionpro beta.

Reacts to your live pass through environment. ✨

I wonder how well the Forza Horizon 5 expansion packs sold compared to the number of Game Pass players, and how the equation of [players who bought the DLCs] vs [players who stopped playing the game because they wouldn’t get the DLCs for ‘free’] works out for Microsoft and Playground.

Thought I doubt many people actually cancelled Game Pass because they were done with Horizon.

⚠️ New in iOS/iPadOS 18, a third-party app can be used as a quick-take camera experience from the Lock Screen, without unlocking your device first. There are new APIs to provide a Locked Camera Capture Extension, which must be launched via a button on the lock screen, Control Center, or the Action Button. (Not by swiping sideways on the lock screen)

J’adore: dans le dossier pédagogique de l’expo sur les jeux à pièces, le musée de la monnaie de Paris fait figurer des motifs typiques des sols de vieux cafés et restaurants.

Again, it’s wild that Apple sees users jumping through hoops to accomplish this using Shortcuts, and their answer is: Here’s an option to have every icon be the same color on a black background 🙃

Thibault Le Hégarat (

Attached: 4 images Ça ne vous protègera pas de l’extrême-droite mais vous aurez un téléphone plus joli grâce à mon pack d’icônes et de fonds d’écran Zelda. En vente sur mes boutiques Gumroad et Etsy #videogames #zelda #nintendo #ios #android #design #icons

COVID can seriously damage your vision, even if you didn’t have symptoms, new study says.

“If you’ve had COVID-19, you may want to have your eyes checked. SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes the disease, can infect the inside of your eyes, according to research published in April in the journal PLOS Pathogens. This holds true even if the virus didn’t enter your body through the surface of your eyes.”




COVID could damage your vision, new study says. Keep an eye out for these symptoms

Extended exposure to SARS-CoV-2 may harm your retinas in particular.

SARS-CoV-2 infects cells lining the blood-retinal barrier and induces a hyperinflammatory immune response in the retina via systemic exposure

Author summary SARS-CoV-2 is known to cause several ocular manifestations in COVID-19 patients; however, the role of eyes in viral transmission and ocular tissue tropism remains elusive. The presence of viral remnants in various ocular tissues and fluids from COVID-19 patients has led to an assumption that SARS-CoV-2 may be transmitted through the eyes. Here, we show that SARS-CoV-2 ocular tropism is through cells lining the BRB. SARS-CoV-2 not only infects the various parts of the eye via systemic exposure but also induces a hyperinflammatory immune and antiviral response in the retina. Unexpectedly, the corneal epithelium was found to be resistant to SARS-CoV-2 infection, and ocular exposure of SARS-CoV-2 failed to cause lung pathology and moribund illness. Cells lining the BRB showed induced expression of viral entry receptors and enhanced susceptibility towards SARS-CoV-2-induced cell death, which is further potentiated with comorbidities such as hyperglycemia. Our findings from this study shed light on the role of BRB in SARS-CoV-2 ocular tropism and the role of eyes in viral transmission.

11 juin 2024

If Apple’s promises about the opsec of their cloud AI implementation seemed a little nebulous from a user’s perspective — no matter what, you can’t remove the need to trust Apple itself — it sounds to me like that’s because their threat model is a server being compromised, either in a Chinese factory, or by a foreign mole in IT.

I don’t think any of this will help if a fascist US government forces Apple to start logging data with a gag order on top.

Matthew Green (

Attached: 1 image Then they’re throwing all kinds of processes at the server hardware to make sure the hardware isn’t tampered with. I can’t tell if this prevents hardware attacks, but it seems like a start. 8/

⚠️ Talk about hidden features! The ‘Enterprise APIs' for visionOS 2 include things like access to the main camera, passthrough capture, and barcode/QR scanning.

But *only* for in-house or B2B apps; you can't ship this stuff to the App Store.

That’s probably the biggest question as to how the public will respond.

Technically, they’ve shown that it can run on a tiny phone SotC, and they’ve talked about their custom AI-centric servers, so it shouldn’t be such a stretch to upgrade server-side Siri for more people.

Emotionally, forcing people who have anything but last year’s most expensive model to upgrade for a service that used to be cloud-based feels a bit like a slap in the face.

Steve Troughton-Smith (

I still have so many questions about ‘Apple Intelligence’ after yesterday. Does Siri just… not get better?… on anything below an iPhone 15 Pro? No improvement to the cloud-based Siri on older devices? No HomePods? Can we as developers not rely on an improved conversational, smart Siri across devices when building our new Siri features?

10 juin 2024

Apple's new Passwords app is basically too shitty for me to replace 1Password with it, but too good for NOBODY to replace 1Password with it, which will ensure that 1Password loses a whole bunch of revenue to the point where the product begins to suffer, prices increase, and broken features are added in a desperate move to standout, thereby ruining it for me.

Apple crushed all of humanity’s artistic and creative endeavors in a hydraulic press a month ago, I guess it shouldn't be a surprise they went and included DALL-E right in Messages, completely oblivious to how uncomfortable that might make a portion of the user base.

I don’t know how obnoxious it will be in real-life usage, but the iPad’s new handwriting functionalities make it look like the actual magical paper it was supposed to be all along 😲

The centered tab bar morphing into a lateral sidebar is an absolutely cursed interaction.

This redesign of the Photos app would be pretty cool if real people’s photo rolls were actually full of photos they took of their adventures. Instead of every image they ever saved on their iPhone for any reason. (Remember back when we had file systems, and iPhoto actually only hosted your photo collection?)

I found this website showing a tiny Rabbit R1-like case (concept?) for the Apple Watch.

I really liked the idea, so I created my own using 3D printing.

Perfect as a tiny iPod, desk clock or maybe… after today's keynote… an AI voice assistant. ✨


Discover Cake, the company transforming your Apple Watch into a playful, distraction-free phone alternative. Come see what we’re cooking up!

THIS. This is why ‘I don’t want to put a label on my child’ is harmful. If you don’t know you’re not neurotypical, you end up thinking it’s a personal failing that you don’t fit in/keep up, and that you’re not trying hard enough even though you’ve been trying hard all your life.

Neurodivergent Kids Flourish When They’re Taught How Their Brains Work - Scientific American

Neurodivergent Kids Flourish When They’re Taught How Their Brains Work

When teachers and parents talk to kids about having ADHD, autism or learning disabilities, they set them up for success

Les gens sur X qui lamentent le résultat des élections 🤡

9 juin 2024

I was complaining about VS Code’s unvetted marketplace just a week ago. It’s wild that the industry responds to the ever-increasing threat of information theft by creating wide-open attack vectors like this, that we could absolutely do without.

unicornCoder ☑️ :gnome: :bash: (

check your #vscode extensions! legit is DRACULA official has verified icon , 7.1 million downloads fake is darcula #cybersecurity

Did they just go, “Well, Mimimi is shutting down, so no one can stop us from looting the corpse and picking up all their UI concepts”?

(A more charitable reading would have been that they’re picking up the mantle to everyone’s benefit, but if the universe had wanted me to be charitable tonight the day’s news should have been better.)

Sumerian Six on Steam

Lead an unlikely team of commando scientists behind enemy lines to fight Nazis, uncover arcane mysteries, and wield experimental technology to turn the tide of WWII in this real-time tactical stealth adventure.

Obviously they bought their way into it, but one can’t deny that Microsoft had a very good slate in their showcase.

Errant observations: Avowed looked rather more interesting than it had in previous showings. Making a new Max Caulfield game is a really weird idea when the best-liked character in the whole franchise gave up her life with the expectation she’d stop using her powers. And it’s kinda wild it took 18 years for Gears of War to think of exploring E-Day.

I don’t know anything about the context, but Blizzard still knows how to produce a short movie like few other studios can [CW: body horror]

Diablo IV | Vessel of Hatred | Offical Release Date Trailer - Xbox Games Showcase 2024

The battle against Hatred has only just begun.Journey into the new region of Nahantu in search of Neyrelle, who is both suffering the fate of her choice to i…

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown has a free demo / stress test right now and… yikes. I can’t get it to look good on a 3070 Ti (a shame, Hong Kong looks gorgeous in trailers), AI traffic is broken, GPS subpar, auto gearbox glitchy…

Some of that may well be fixed by September, but the physics model won’t be (far too grippy, until it snaps and murders you like an old 911), nor the island taking *six minutes* to drive across in a starter car. It’s gonna be a tough sell when Forza Horizon exists.

Two years ago a big, loud open-top Lamborghini paraded under my windows for a couple nights in a row with a big Emirati jet-setters vibe. (I slept right over several expensive tourist-trap night bars at the time.) I remember idly wondering where the car came from — the idea that they’d rent it locally seemed somewhat off, never mind driving it there — but my brain never managed to reach “of course they fly it around the world” 🤦

dm (

Not sure I’ve read a story that’s as unintentionally screaming that billionaires shouldn’t exist as this one:

This is truly an amazing build! Check out some of Peter’s other models.
#Lego #AFOL #vikings #seaport #harbor #architecture #amazing

Back in the 90s, I had a friend who jumped through many hoops to get a carry permit in NYC. He bought a gun and started carrying regularly on his subway ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan. He sold it a few months later

I asked him why he went through all that trouble only to sell it so soon. He said,

“The longer I carried it, the more I started itching for an excuse to use it”

I think about that a lot

“Washington man fatally shoots 17-year-old who had BB gun, says he ‘had a duty to act’ “

8 juin 2024

TFW you’ve started a huge unnecessary construction project in Satisfactory and you now dread launching the game almost as much as opening one of your work projects 💀

Though I guess I can solve that by queuing up an audiobook. I can build an art-deco concrete tower while listening to a book but I can't develop an iPhone app.

I only ever played for a few minutes whichever Goat Simulator was on Game Pass, and I keep having to remind myself it’s the same studio that made the exceptionally well designed *and* well realized Satisfactory. That makes this trailer land differently; maybe it’s time I jump on that game the next time it’s on sale.

Goat Simulator 3 Multiverse of Nonsense Reveal Trailer - Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2024

A world premiere trailer revealed the Multiverse of Nonsense, a chaotic first DLC for Goat Simulator 3. It’s coming to PC, PlayStation and Xbox on the 19 Jun…

Photorealism by itself doesn’t make a game, but damn — this would have to have extremely bad gameplay to not be worth checking out.

Eriksholm: The Stolen Dream on Steam

Experience an isometric, narrative-driven stealth game and join Hanna’s adventure in the vibrant city of Eriksholm. The mysterious disappearance of her brother, Herman, ignites a chain of catastrophic events that will forever change their lives and the fate of the entire city.

Screenbound would make a lot more sense if it had you playing an AR game on your phone while dodging pedestrians and cars in a urban environment.

Enotria appears to ask “what if we made a beat-by-beat photocopy of Bloodborne, but under the Italian sun, and without a dodge-roll,” and the first part works for me, but the second doesn’t, at all. I’m not even sure the timing and distances are different; it just feels wrong. Not a fan either of the lack of fast weapons, at least in the beginning of the demo, but it seems good enough that I’ll give it a shot on Game Pass.

Enotria: The Last Song on Steam

Enotria: The Last Song is a soulslike set in a beautiful sun-lit world inspired by Italian folklore where the brightest sun casts the darkest shadow. Wear unique role-altering masks, face formidable foes and alter reality with the power of Ardore to unravel the secrets of Enotria.

I can’t believe New World is still running 😮

7 juin 2024

I couldn’t finish Zero Dawn because every backstory reveal was more depressing than the last. Lego Horizon Adventures should be everything that’s good about the franchise — from its fantastic visual design to Ashly Burch getting to just have fun — presumably with less of an emphasis on the apocalypse part of the setting. I don’t care how it plays, I just want it right now.

LEGO Horizon Adventures World Premiere Trailer | Summer Game Fest 2024

Watch the LEGO Horizon Adventures World Premiere Trailer from Summer Game Fest 2024 live from YouTube Theater in Los Angeles with host Geoff Keighley. #Summe…

Inscryption (PC) — 7/10

That was creative and mostly well realized, but I couldn’t say I enjoyed myself all that much — maybe it’s because I’m ultimately not a huge fan of that kind of game, but each new reveal, while interesting, felt like a bit of a downgrade as far as fun was concerned.

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