3 août


Siamese cats are actually walking heat maps: they are temperature sensitive albinos which cause cooler body parts to be darker and warmer parts to be lighter due to the tyrosinase enzyme, which is is heat-sensitive [read more: [bit.ly]]

I suppose there’s a good reason why unlocking the Watch takes several long seconds now, but the design is ridiculously bad. Still half-asleep, eyes unfocused, waiting for the visual to change before finally realizing, oh it says “unlockED” now. At least add a fucking green checkmark or something.

2 août

C’est fun de découvrir jour après jour quels produits dans mon placard m’empoisonnent si je les mange le matin plutôt que le soir.

Le mois dernier j’ai enfin réalisé que j’étais allergique à mon petit-déjeuner depuis au moins un an (probablement bien plus) 🤦🏻‍♂️ J’avais eu des doutes, mais puisque je n’avais pas de réaction quand je buvais le même shake en fin de journée…

Archer S11 — 6/10

Huh, the Hades fandom is disappointing. I’m not finding much in the way of printable 3D downloads.


In this experiment, sunlight and sand are used by Markus Kayser as raw energy and material to produce glass objects though a 3D printing process, that combines natural energy and material with high-tech production technology [source, full video: [buff.ly]]


Definitely the correct way to view this data [twitter.com]

1am on my couch: I shouldn’t be playing Hades so late, I’m gonna be too wound up to sleep.

2am in my bed: I shouldn’t start playing Alto’s Odyssey, it’s not very relaxing either.

3am in my bed: 🤬


I have no idea what to do with this information but my brain memorizes it instantly like it’s the license plate of the kidnapper’s car who just drove off with my child

1 août

I need to find a good STL set of Greek gods and print altars to Athena and Demeter for my living room.

I DID IT! By the powers of Athena and Demeter (and that damn stupid railgun) I made it out!

Luca (2021) — 9/10

When I saw there was some debate over whether Luca is a gay story, I expected the movie to be a lot more ambiguous about it. The inciting incident is no less than the threat of conversion therapy. A lovely story, and gorgeous visuals (but I might be biased because this is the first movie I watch in 4K on my new TV).

Well, guess I’ll just put that mess in my LaunchAgents then

Does anyone know of a Mac app that displays a different set of notes/todos (or a different web page, so I’d use Notion) depending on the app that’s currently active? A la GTD contexts? I feel like there used to be one but I can’t remember or find it.

31 juillet


Fortune cookies emerged from one of America’s darkest moments. [atlasobscura.com]

I could be ashamed of how much I’m looking at the list of raytracing-enabled games to decide what to play next, but considering how much I’ve paid for a GPU it better give me ALL THE REFLECTIONS.


As far as I’m concerned, animal simulators live or die on the quality of their animations, and this one sticks the landing.

30 juillet

Every time I close my eyes I see a different visual indicator from Hades; I guess my brain is compiling the ML model so I’m more efficient next time. (I’m soooo close to the exit 😫 Or not, depending on how many health bars that dickhead has.)

Wow, between the performance update and my new GPU I can fly over New York in 4K with a decent framerate and it looks amazi–i–i–i–Ctrl-Alt-Del, the game’s crashed.

I haven’t played much of it (and doubt I’ll play more), but The Ascent feels a lot like “we’ve got great environment artists, how hard can it be to make a game” to me. It sure is pretty.


Most useful paragraph I’ve come across so far to explain how Delta variant is infecting vacc’d people and why masking for everyone is important. [nytimes.com]


Whenever the idea of worker co-ops comes up, I just think about how weird it is that Western society simultaneously believes that democracy is a necessary precondition to an equitable nation, and that the only possible way to run a company is a strict monarchy/oligarchy.

I don’t know that I have the courage to play an Outer Wilds DLC. What if it’s bad? But… what if it’s good? Seriously though, what if it’s bad. Or just not particularly good 😔

29 juillet


“As a material that usually lurks below the earth’s surface, popping into view only while it’s being installed or unearthed,” Geofoam is “Minecraft made physical, an architectural model in the flesh.” [theprepared.org]

J’ai regardé The Nevers d’une traite il y a dix jours et je repense encore à la performance de Claudia Black dans le final 😭💜


I’m genuinely surprised nobody’s asked the FTC to ban five-star rating systems where Stars 1-4 are a secret failing grade for the person being rated. It’s non-intuitive and sets both sides up for failure, and a thumbs-up/thumbs-down offers the same feedback more transparently.

I can still be so naive sometimes. When I saw my new TV had AirPlay, I disabled it on the Apple TV because I’d never need it again. Of course the first time I actually want to send something to the TV, it doesn’t work.

I figured I’d just check out what Outer Wilds looks like in 4K.

Of course I did a whole cycle.

And now I’m sad again.

28 juillet

27 juillet

Every game I play is so much prettier with my new hardware. But not any more or less fun, though. But so pretty! But I pay attention for a minute then I’m just back to playing. But for that minute it’s so pretty! But

I wish more developers would simply just check the box that republishes their entire game with RTX and DLSS.

I wanted to revisit a bunch of my games now that I’ve got a 3070 Ti on a 4K 55-inch TV but I started with Watch Dogs: Legion and now I never want to play again a game that doesn’t have raytracing.

Did Microsoft “forget” to include Minecraft in the PC Game Pass? What am I supposed to do to check out RTX worlds, buy the game?! ☹️

Pretty nice of Watch Dogs: Legion to spawn me in a rainy night as I check out RTX visuals for the very first time. I still can’t conceive that live raytracing is something that’s available now.

26 juillet


SCOOP: Police all over America are regularly asking Shotspotter, the AI-powered microphones that “detect gunshots” to fabricate gunshots from thin air for court proceedings, according to court records we obtained. This is horrifying and nuts



The left image is Renaissance Florence; on the right is an Atlanta interchange, shown at the same scale. This was my first image to go viral, thanks to a repost by Lloyd Alter at Treehugger. For weeks, I had to keep proving that the scale was the same; I still have proof. 1/


‘Cellulose nitrate was used to make dice from the late 1860s until the middle of the C20th, and the material remains stable for decades. Then, in a flash, they can dramatically decompose’

From Dice: Deception, Fate & Rotten Luck by Ricky Jay and Rosamond Purcell, 2002.

My GPU wasn’t working right so I got a new power supply instead of first getting a friend to test it on their PC.

Now I have a new GPU and a new power supply I need to get a friend to try on their PC.



A shimmering rock found in the ruins of an ancient city has been identified as part of a human brain that exploded due to the heat of a catastrophic volcanic eruption. [trib.al]


Beat Saber community age distribution at this moment. This makes me feel old wtf.

Between that and half-assed Continuity implementation, I’m beginning to feel like Firefox hates the Mac. Which seems somewhat ill-advised in this day and age.

A couple months ago, the Share button disappeared from the address bar in @Firefox on Mac. It took a bunch of googling to find it in the tab’s right-click menu. Now it’s gone from there too? WHY?!