18 mai

From “il fait trop froid pour faire des trucs” to “il fait trop chaud pour faire des trucs” real fast.

The PMG video kinda makes me want to give VRChat another shot

But I’ve already got too many delayed projects, I can’t spend a week learning how to make a proper Maleficent avatar.

17 mai


I love these new accessibility features Apple just previewed. I also love that they are making a separate announcement and press release for it. These things matter, and should be announced far and wide, not in a footnote of a change log.


Ca fait deux fois que je mange des trucs auxquels je soupçonne être allergique avant de me coucher, “pour débarrasser,” en me disant que ça ne peut pas faire grand chose puisque je vais dormir. Ca fait deux fois que je me réveille la tête dans le cul. Sans doute une coïncidence.

16 mai

Of course there are things I’d do differently and I’m tempted to make my own anyway, but life’s too ADHD for that.

Y’en a un qui apprécie le beau temps

J’étais tellement content de mon joli arrosoir design d’un litre à l’époque où je n’avais que quelques plantes et je ne devais pas faire quinze allers-retours pour nourrir tout le monde 😩

My iOS shortcuts have suddenly decided that they would not run from the Home screen anymore 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🙄


I thought it’s just clumsy old me who accidentally clicks on YouTube recommendations and can’t go back, but this piece argues that:

–It’s designed that way!

–It’s not just YouTube, it’s most apps!

–It’s probably a result of “engagement maximization” 😬



With its 1,200-cc, 40-brake horsepower, in-line four-cylinder engine, the 1930 Henderson Model KJ Streamline could exceed 100 mph, also being a unique and beautiful example of Art Deco design [read more: []]

15 mai


Picard: computer, what is the temperature on this class M planet

Computer: Class M planets, many people are asking. What the temperature is on them. In the Federation standard system of planetary classification, Class M planets, considered habitable for human life, are known to

Le Naturalia Réaumur qui trolle les cœliaques en foutant le rayon pâtisserie industrielle juste au-dessus des produits sans gluten 🔥🤬🔥🤬🔥🤬🔥

14 mai

Bon, j’avais quatre ex-aequo en tête donc ils sont à moitié départagés au hasard 🤷🏻‍♂️ #Eurovision


🚨 1 HOUR TO GO! 🚨

Having a #Eurovision watch party? 📺 Rank every performance on [], and get your very own 12 points table! Join up with your friends in a group and see your party’s results live! Go follow @startvoting_now for tonight’s Twitter group 😉


C’EST LE GRAND SOIR ! 🤩🤩 la Grande finale du Concours Eurovision de la Chanson 2022 sera diffusé ce soir à 21 heures (heure de Paris) ! Venez voter avec nous sur [] !


“painting of two cats doing capoeira”

#dalle #dalle2 @OpenAI

Thud! (Terry Pratchett) — 7/10


Very clever escape artist…🐕🐾🚧🤯😅

13 mai


Elon Musk doesn’t control Twitter yet. Maybe he never will. But he has already steered it toward the right. []

12 mai

Je commence a me sentir rejeté à force que les médecins fassent semblant de rien avoir entendu quand je dis que je cherche un nouveau médecin traitant 🙃

J’ai un énorme traumatisme de jeunesse de quand mon père avait réussi à me convaincre d’acheter un jouet plus “raisonnable” avec mon argent de poche économisé que l’Optimus Prime et sa remorque 😔


“Photo of an oversized grizzly bear crypto bro trying on a shirt at h&m” #dalle2 #dalle


Slovakian sees a video about American suburbs and posts questions to Reddit. The level of bafflement is hilarious and appropriate.

11 mai

Hyperbolica certainly does… what it is that it does, but I’m torn between Why? and also 🤢


When a dog dies of old age in The Sims 3, the Grim Reaper reassures them with a hug and throws a stick for them to follow into the afterlife.

I can’t in good conscience put that in your timelines, so I’ll just point out that “beeple nft madonna” is a search query that will deliver… results.

I would not recommend you type that query unless you fully understand all three words and have an idea of what to expect.

“Stablecoins: Neither Stable nor Coins“ (explaining the TerraUSD death spiral)

“Tether is backed by real money in the sense that when you ask what it’s backed by they say ‘real money’ and when you request that they show you the money they say ‘lol no.’”


Unlike other weeding technologies, this #robot utilizes high-power lasers to eradicate weeds, without disturbing the soil… And, avoiding the use of herbicides!

It leverages #AI to instantly identify and target weeds while rolling, days and night

By Carbon Robotics


True wireless earbuds are great until you wanna change the silicone tips, and then you have to use rubber bands so the charging pins will still connect 🤦🏻‍♂️

Seriously would it kill you to leave a little room for bigger or longer tips? I don’t wanna have to dremel into the battery.

The day is bright and full of pollens.

Partagé entre l’envie d’aller chauffer ma peau au soleil comme un lézard et celle de continuer à oxygéner mes globules rouges sans faire une crise d’asthme allergique.

10 mai

Vu le bruit et les secousses que causent les travaux d’en-dessous, je devrais peut-être me dépêcher de prendre ma douche et aller attendre dans un parc que l’immeuble s’effondre.

Pour percer un escalier je m’attendais à plus d’outils électriques et moins d’éléphants qui sautent.

Raluca Seceleanu @ Unsplash