21 nov. 2022

On the Origins of Goncharov

What happened is, someone at the labels-for-boots factory ran a cool looking piece of text in a language they didn’t understand through either an OCR program, or any number of similar software to convert text in a photo to a digital format that can be fed to the embroidery machine.

It came out with good visual balance so off it went, to be sewn onto boots.

The text was from the English language poster of the film Gomorrah.

It was run through an OCR intended for use with both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, but was not set to recognize English properly, hence some dead giveaways like ‘production’ becoming ‘prdhhhco’ and, y’know. The title. Goncharov.

Hermaphrodyke's Dog Bling Emporium

I forgot most people wouldn't understand it on sight, tbqh. Professional blindness. The thing that matters is not that it was on a shoe, but that it was on a machine embroidered (or machine woven I…

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