2 juillet


Never forget that the phrase “life finds a way” is in reference to an uprising of trans dinosaurs

Oh, Far Cry 5 on Game Pass. I don’t have it in me to shoot guns these days… but it has bows, doesn’t it.

1 juillet


Strengths: works well under pressure

Weaknesses: doesn’t work otherwise


Boeing’s Vertol 107 helicopter being used to pull a barge 50 miles through ice


Any time I wonder if I’m cheating something too much to camera for the sake of telling the story more clearly, I remember this shot of Richard Attenborough looking at the side of a TV is in one of the biggest films of all time.


The Antarctic Snow Cruiser was a vehicle designed under the direction of Thomas Poulter to facilitate the United States Antarctic Service Expedition (1939), but generally failed to operate as hoped and was abandoned in Antarctica [video and full story: []]

Avec internet et les smartphones, on n’a pas de photos du monstre du Loch Ness, mais au moins on a des vidéos verticales de tous les animaux qui tiennent dans la paume d’une main. Et c’est mal, faut laisser les animaux tranquilles, mais c’est quand même bien intéressant. #LastRT


Aliens among us.

Wandering Violin Mantis, native to Asia. []

30 juin


Very pleased that the single-use bathrooms in my @UUtah office building now have information about WHAT is in them, rather than signs about WHO can use them.

UPSes are so expensive and big and all I need is something to give the NAS time to shut down 😫 (And maybe keep my router online for a bit since it’s in the same closet.)

I still think it’s silly that Synology doesn’t sell plug-and-play supercapacitor modules for their NASes 💸

Je n’arrête pas de repenser à ce débat du premier tour de 2017 où la seule chose sur laquelle j’avais trouvé Macron sincère était sa détestation de Le Pen 💀💀💀


Interesting summary of PassKeys


I don’t think I will use them or recommend any of my friends or family use them though.

They have too many limitations and too many new points of failure.

They basically make your phone your digital ID. Better not lose it!

Maybe they thought it’d make a great demo for their Unreal-to-HTML pipeline but you better believe that on a Retina screen it is very much not that — besides the horrible load times.

I kept forgetting to try MetaHuman now that it’s public and… are you kidding me, it’s a webapp?? A webapp that takes entire minutes to load? YOU’RE THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE GAME ENGINE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.


I’ve had enough of hippo propaganda

stop slandering sharks

29 juin


This wouldn’t be a very good magic trick if you could see the marks. We need invisible marks.

One of these decks is unmarked, the other is marked with this special ink that is only visible under specific IR conditions.


WTF, you can’t prevent iCloud from syncing email accounts between devices short of disabling keychain sync, and now it’s causing a weird bug where it refuses to update the SMTP settings for my mail account. I’m not sure if disabling keychain will affect more than passwords 😕

28 juin

Déjà que le Canada Dry n’existe pas en version sans sucre, en plus la bouteille est tellement longue qu’elle ne tient nulle part dans le frigo. S’ils veulent vraiment tout faire pour me décourager d’en acheter, je ne vais pas m’entêter, hein.


J’ai pris le temps de faire une carte.

Parce que c’est bien plus parlant. []


every day I log on to twitter dot com and have to explain the concept of a joke from first principles to people who have never heard one

Défilé de prélèvements nasaux devant moi, et la pharmacienne qui les pratique en continuant joyeusement à ne pas mettre de masque. Le mois prochain je vais ailleurs.


Beau début d’après-midi :

“J’ai attrapé froid” => COVID +

“J’ai un mal de gorge” => COVID +

“J’ai des allergies” => COVID +

“J’ai une bronchite” => COVID +


biking to the ferry building (1906) (laser remaster)

27 juin

Citizen Sleeper (PC) — 8/10

I was quite put off initially by the narrator’s voice (trying too much to be like Disco Elysium without the same flair) but loved everything else — the world, the stories, the mechanics, even if they were a little awkward at first. I do wish there weren’t achievements for the narratives endings, because they really cheapen what could be interesting player choices.

Huh, PC Gamer doesn’t have an RSS feed anymore, and Feedly’s option to create it from the webpage requires a subscription upgrade. Oh well, guess I’ll go on not immediately knowing what’s up with games 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s actually quite relaxing.

Are You My Mother? (Alison Bechdel) — 5/10

Well, I wouldn’t have bought this if I’d known it was a mess of a book about psychoanalysis.


Here’s a great photo of the ISS by J. Mccarthy.

The reason why the ISS keeps its relative size against both the Sun and the Moon is due to a remarkable coincidence: the diameter of the Moon is 400x smaller than the diameter of the Sun, but it is also 400x closer to us!

26 juin

Before Your Eyes (PC) — 6/10

The ending got me, so I can’t be overly negative about the game, but it was a bit of a slog to get there. And if you’re gonna make a game that requires me to keep focused on the screen for almost two hours, you ought to make it a lot more enjoyable to watch than this. (Props for animating the cat so well, though.)

On a technical level, it suffered from the fact that I was playing on a crappy webcam with my PC (which is inevitably gonna be the experience of a majority of players) so it occasionally missed blinks, and immersion suffered. But this kind of experiment is going to become extremely interesting when we get VR headsets with eye tracking.

During the heat wave last week I picked up my iPad Pro instead of the Mini, to get a bigger screen without leaving my bed. I… haven’t touched the Mini again since.

Maybe the market’s right after all: the Mini feels great in hand, but its screen is too small (for my aging eyes).

Finally got around to opening Xcode and updating my last standing app.

The AdMob documentation: “We recommend CocoaPods but a manual download is available.”

The manual download:


Most of the 22 people who have been arrested for self-managing an abortion were reported to police by a healthcare worker when they sought care.

Zero states require healthcare workers to report abortions, miscarriages, or other pregnancy outcomes to the police. Zero. []

25 juin

My totally realistic idea of the day is to make a game — solo of course — at the intersection of Outer Wilds and a Culture novel. Bear in mind, I could easily make it work as a mostly text-based adventure, but the problem is I enjoy flying spaceships around planets.


Also known as breakback, center hinged or seesaw poles, mid hinged poles eliminate the need for an elevated work platform, cherry picker or safety climb aystems, reducing ongoing pole maintenance costs [read more: []]

24 juin


The thing about fascism is that the fascists are never the majority, nor are they usually that clever, but people accommodate them and placate them in the name of ‘balance’.

They preach moderation and de-escalation until, whoops, the fascists are suddenly in charge.

Quand j’ai conçu mes pots à auto-arrosage, je me suis dit, je n’ai pas besoin de faire un deuxième conduit pour le remplissage, je verserai l’eau dans la colonne du flotteur. J’ai oublié qu’il y aurait le flotteur dedans 🤦🏻‍♂️

Du coup j’arrose par le dessus et j’en mets trop 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


I mean, it’s a drag, and we’re all busy, but there’s going to need to be some kind of revolution


I wish there wasn’t this relentless need to not only hide controls in some dropdown menu but also this relentless need to “minimize” controls either. This is getting out of hand. What is wrong with just displaying a text field?


Privacy must be the default because you never know if what you’ve been talking about may suddenly become evidence

Je viens d’annuler par erreur un rendez-vous sur @doctolib parce que les boutons disaient “Annuler / Conserver” et mon cerveau mal réveillé a lu “Annuler / Confirmer” 😒😒😒

I’d never have bought Fall Guys, but I grew up watching Intervilles every summer and the game is putting a big smile on my face, so I’m glad it went free-to-play. Even if the business model doesn’t make sense to me. Fortnite I get — you inhabit a character in a world. This? 🤔

Raluca Seceleanu @ Unsplash