Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my many Twitter accounts.

22 February

Before posting that tweet I went to the game’s help screen to check if I could indeed block or dodge during melee combat, then I had to google it anyway because oh my fucking god how dare you call this a help screen.

I was supposed to meet the reverend at the station and bring him back; I failed at every checkpoint. Once I walked in the wrong direction. Twice because I’ve only been taught to punch yet, not block. Once I thought I’d get my horse but the mission wanted me to run. Once a QTE.

I must have mixed up the discourse about Red Dead Redemption 2 with another game, because I foolishly expected the mission design to have gotten better than this.

Dying Light seems pretty good but I now have a migraine 😔 Fuck my dumb brain.

21 February


Why Do Corporations Speak the Way They Do? [buff.ly]

“Hey Google, play some Shirley Bassey”



Watch the video. Multiple people are in the #UE4 editor together (because the editor is multiplayer now) while moving set pieces around the actors with dynamic lighting. This is so damn cool. [twitter.com]

Parasite (2019) — 7/10

Is this really the best class warfare movie the 2010s could produce?

20 February

Ghostland (2018) — DNF

Star Trek: Picard 1x05 — 7/10

I went to Habitat yesterday and got a Siri suggestion on my lock screen for a note that lists a bunch of stuff I want to buy from Ikea, with one mention of Habitat. Creepy, but well done.

Just now my iPhone suggested the same note again because it’s been exactly 24 hours 🤪


Eek. “iFixit has a preexisting relationship with Motorola, and we’ve been asked as a personal favor not to take on this particular case.” [inputmag.com]


Two well-liked Twitter employees accessed thousands of users’ private information and illegally passed it to the Saudi Royal Family, per the FBI.

It is a crazy story. With many twists and turns, including a fake invoice, an escape from SF, and more. [buzzfeednews.com]


This is a good primer on why we’re not pursuing end-to-end encryption for email in HEY. Email is wonderful for so many things, but giving false hope about airtight security is not one of them. Use Signal when that’s the case. [latacora.micro.blog]

19 February

Frozen 2 (2019) — 9/10

Maybe I’m just a philistine who can only enjoy a story that adheres to the Hero’s Journey, but I liked this a lot more than I ever did the first one. It doesn’t hurt that it feels and sounds like a straight-up Broadway adaptation instead of a Disney movie.


Les Maîtres du Temps. Et ces putains de moustiques géants suceurs de cerveaux. [youtu.be] [twitter.com]

J’écoute Harry Potter lu par Stephen Fry (ça y est, je suis trop vieux pour lire avec mes propres yeux) et, ok, j’avoue que c’est un peu plus intéressant que les films. Mais le principal intérêt, c’est que ça va me vacciner à vie d’utiliser des adverbes, dit-il sarcastiquement.

18 February

Doctor Who 12x08 — 4/10

From “Je ne me rappelle pas pourquoi je ne mettais plus ces chaussures” to “Ca le fait de rentrer chez moi en chaussettes ?” real quick


Mod support was announced with in-game client support using the Mods.io ecosystem :)


today in sharing economy struggles: our app powered car rental lost cell service on the side of a mountain in rural California and now I live here I guess

17 February


The Paywalled Garden: iOS is Adware. [stevestreza.com]

iOS has a ton of in-feed ads, popup ads, auto-enabled notification ads, tabs in apps that don’t do anything without paying. Many of these cannot be turned off or hidden. Here’s a bunch of examples.


Each time I find out that somebody’s got $3B and they spend all day in their “office” playing mobile games on their phone I think two things:

1) cool, they’re relatable!

2) We, as a society, cannot depend on them for anything

Oh, shit, SnowRunner is an Epic exclusive? There are very few games for which I care about achievements, but what’s the point of trudging through a map for hours if you can’t display it on your profile?


If you’d like to read the research I did this interview for (it was a few years ago), my Master’s thesis “Prohibited Practice: Drug Use, Harm Reduction and Benefit Enhancement in Toronto Rave Culture” is available for download here! [ir.lib.uwo.ca]

Some excerpts:


During my research I interviewed a guy who said he was a libertarian until he did MDMA and realized that other people have feelings, and that was pretty much the best summary of libertarianism I’ve ever heard

16 February

My Google Home starts saying “I can’t connect to wifi” as soon as it’s heard “Hey Goo—“ instead of letting me finish my sentence, and that makes it sound very super pissy. I’M NOT HAPPY EITHER ABOUT THE WIFI BEING DOWN OKAY?