20 April


On-board infotainment is WAY more dangerous than alcohol or cannabis, but apparently it’s okay to keep making it worse. [twitter.com]

For over a year now I’ve happily played Microsoft Solitaire on iPad to keep my hands busy while I listened to podcasts or audiobooks.

I’ve ruined it last week by suddenly paying attention to my high score 🤦🏻‍♂️😫


This will drive all of our cloud hosting and server costs through the roof.

Cryptocurrency is a tax on the rest of civilization. And we all pay a horrible cost until it’s banned. [twitter.com]


Pour avoir été en première ligne pendant un an de pandémie et y avoir laissé leur santé, les soignants auront reçu des applaudissements.

Pour avoir mis des prunes à des gens qui sortaient leur chien, les policiers auront des primes, le train gratuit et 10.000 hommes en plus. [twitter.com]

19 April


This is what @Doom looks like on a holographic display. That’s right, you can peek around corners. #itrunsdoom


SmartBolts are a fasteners with a built-in visual tension indicator. As a SmartBolts fastener is tightened, tension forces it to stretch, and its visual indication system correlates fastener tension with color [smartbolts.com]

18 April


“I don’t have the energy to build up a following once again on a site I don’t own that can delete my career on a whim.… It feels like owning a hardware store for years and having to go work as a cashier at the Home Depot that put you out of business.” [rosalarian.tumblr.com]

Consider Phlebas (Iain M. Banks) — 7/10

If I’d remembered the cannibal island from when I first read this many years ago, I would not have listened to the audio version. And I have other reservations about the book’s contents. But what an interesting way Banks chose to introduce the Culture.


This 24 legged motor powered skateboard uses the Theo Jansen’s mechanism as a system of propulsion [source: [buff.ly]] [more about the Jansen’s linkage: [buff.ly]]


“The sky above the port was the color of television tuned to a dead channel” [twitter.com]



Oh yes, thanks for reminding me, this is a great excuse to share this one again, made by Richard Kingston.

17 April

16 April

Pyramids (Terry Pratchett) — 7/10

In 2021 the more… colonial aspects of the world-building and jokes rankle a bit, but it’s a good story.


Ma carte de presse est assez ancienne pour me rappeler des articles après la canicule de 2003 et de la culpabilité de ne pas assez prendre soin de nos aînés. Aujourd’hui, je lis que 100 000 morts, c’est pas grave car la plupart étaient vieux… Que nous est-il arrivé ? #COVID19

15 April

Le livreur qui m’appelle (d’un 06), en décrochant je tombe sur un message enregistré “en raison de la réglementation sur le démarchage téléphonique, nous ne pouvons pas donner suite à votre appel.” Il rappelle, cette fois ça marche. WTF ?


The format is so perfect because it covers even horrific details in that detached Wiki style, and constantly makes passing references that you know would normally be linked to sources but not explained on that page. Your mind is left to fill in those details.


This incredibly disturbing fake wikipedia page about the historic first guy to have his consciousness uploaded to a computer should win a Hugo award: [qntm.org] from @qntm:


Coco-chan, who alerted authorities to an elderly man who had fallen in a ditch and aided in his rescue, received an honorary award from police today in Toyama.

Coco-chan: I will never save another human ever

14 April


Someone just sent me an app that’s a silly little game, but if I set my VPN to Turkey it becomes an online casino that doesn’t even use Apple’s IAP.



Apple has turned the magic of software development from “How cool would this be?” to “How cool would Apple be with this?”

That’s an environment of software suppression, not innovation.


Il est sur les rotules Charlie Brooker là, hein. Faut qu’il délègue pour les prochaines saisons. [twitter.com]


this is good. the “alien can’t be horror! it’s in space” lady was the wildest mismatch between scale of outrage and mildness of offense that this horrible website with its broken incentives has yet managed to produce [warzel.substack.com]


new neighbor moved in, a lady in her 80s. met her two sweet dogs this morning, named…. Houston and Houston. one is pronounced like Houston, TX and the other is pronounced like Houston St. I asked her why and she said, deadpan, “to stir shit up”. I live for it

Why the hell doesn’t this dialog offer to force quit the blocking apps for me? Didn’t it use to?

13 April

12 April