Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my multiple Twitter accounts.

29 May

28 May

I’m finally gonna need air conditioning because I just can’t imagine putting on my VR headset right now

I’d be very curious to see what it looks like on my PC… but not too eager to start again from scratch.

At a friend’s for the weekend, FC:Primal is on the PS4. Last time I’d gotten bored with it but, damn, it becomes gorgeous later on.

RT @meakoopa: Fight for queer history because you better believe there are people fighting every day to erase it. [twitter.com]

27 May

How nice would it be if Trico’s reluctance to do what you want contrasted with the tightness and responsiveness of the boy’s controls.

Went back to The Last Guardian, unlocked the door I was stuck on two months ago, then gave up forever on the next non-creature puzzle.

26 May

J’ai acheté des embouts de rechange Comply pour mes écouteurs et je comprends enfin pourquoi on dit que les RHA MA750i ont de super basses 🎧

RT @marsrader: Star N6946-BH1 (22 million LY away) has mysteriously vanished - possibly our first view of a star becoming a black hole. https://t.co/9l6wl1shLY

RT @paul_haine: Kittens raised near rabbits learn to jump like rabbits [pic.twitter.com]

Quand j’enlève mes lunettes de soleil parce que je suis à l’ombre mais que j’oublie d’arrêter de dévisager les mecs

Dammit, Instagram silently removed the option to post to Flickr 😡

Only noticed now because, as I said, I rarely post proper photos anymore.

RT @ID_R_McGregor: Oh no… No no no… it is mutating far faster than our scientists can keep up. [pic.twitter.com]

What Remains of Edith Finch is like a polar opposite to Gone Home. In that I liked Gone Home a lot.

25 May

As much as the aggressively non-native Playstation app for iOS annoys me, being able to guest-login on a PS4 by scanning a code is awesome.

RT @starwars: 40 years ago in theaters not so far, far away…. #StarWars40th [pic.twitter.com]

I think I realized for the first time yesterday that “Rabbids” is a pun 🙃

RT @plante: The Far Cry series is notorious for sending players to far away nations to kill the locals. That’s why this image is kind of incredible. https://t.co/74oSpVVJea

RT @stroughtonsmith: Fun fact: on Windows, Apple provides a Chrome Extension to sync bookmarks with iCloud [chrome.google.com] https://t.co/NX92qtZkAz

J’ai passé tout l’après-midi à me dire “J’ai la flemme d’aller chercher mon colis à la loge, j’irai demain avant de partir en week-end” 😩

24 May

RT @cybergibbons: Good picture of the (now fairly common) attack against ATMs by injecting commands to the cash handler. https://t.co/jKN6XHJXLw

RT @Numerama: L’app de rencontres gay Grindr est entièrement rachetée par le chinois Kunlun - [goo.gl] https://t.co/O0l5pDAA3h

I’ve used all of my fire and bolt paper and the Witch of Hemwick is still alive 😩

23 May

RT @ErickFernandez: MELANIA DID IT AGAIN! 😂😂😂


RT @pierce: Ikea is going to win the smart home, and it’s not going to be close [businessinsider.com]

It’s crazy how I never even think of framing a picture horizontally or as a square anymore.

Why does everyone hate the 8-inch form factor 😔

RT @MichaelZazoun: “Michael Zazoun c’est un pédé, et les pédés ça finit toujours par t’enculer”. Mon témoignage sur @Cyrilhanouna : https://t.co/bV0E66sNr7

RT @zeynep: When FBI went through mass killers’ rooms, you know what they found?Troves of media coverage of previous ones. Inspires them and sets a bar.

At least Surface can run desktop apps designed for Wacom tablets. Whereas third-party devs have to be suicidal to make Pencil-centric apps.

At least Surface can run desktop apps designed for Wacom tablets. Whereas third-party devs have to be suicidal to make Pencil-centric apps.

I’m more and more tempted by the Surface. If I’m not gonna get the iPad mini + Pencil that I want…

Microsoft didn’t seriously just pull a “The new iPad” 🙄

J’ai quand même moyennement envie qu’on se retrouve face à 1,5 millions d’abrutis qui reprochent aux pédés d’avoir fait virer Hanouna 😶

RT @asymco: Innovation Nation - The Copenhagen Wheel [youtube.com]

Les marques qui ont attendu cette semaine pour retirer leurs pubs de TPMP et tweetent qu’elles le font “conformément à leurs valeurs” 🙄🙄🙄

RT @Killyoh: Jouer à un open world après BOTW [pic.twitter.com]

22 May

RT @iBao: Le @leBHVmarais investit plus de 100 M€ pour transformer le Marais [l.leparisien.fr] via @LeParisien_75 https://t.co/Mgnz4W6WTD

RT @eagereyes: This is the best way I have ever seen expressed what leads to things getting so extreme online. [nytimes.com] https://t.co/uX1OwcCE0T

RT @krinndnz: Again: “machine learning” is money laundering for bias. It inherits its creators’ biases. @blaisea/physiognomys-new-clothes-f2d4b59fdd6a">[medium.com] https://t.co/SvG6PboSMF

21 May

Pour que je trouve une méthode de drague intolérablement asociale il faut quand même le faire.

Même si ça veut dire rentrer seul ad vitam aeternam parce que c’est visiblement devenu universel.

Je n’accepterai jamais le principe du “je te trouve potable alors je me mets devant toi en te tournant le dos” en boîte.

Un club où tous les spots sont synchronisés sur du 24 Hz pour donner une ambiance cinématographique #twitterpatent

20 May

RT @tapbot_paul: Yeah those search ads are super awesome. [twitter.com]

RT @jbouie: In which Louisiana locks up huge numbers of black people and uses them as cheap labor and servants. sounds…familiar? https://t.co/D2oT0FeR1Y

RT @RemiOPoz: Ismaël Saidi : ‘Cyril, tu es en train de tuer Amine une deuxième fois’ [lalibre.be]

RT @juliagalef: “Some people hate Zuckerberg so much that if he tried to cure cancer, they’d root for cancer.”

“Ha, that’s ridic—”


RT @Vronos: Users: Will you ever fix your site’s harassment issues?

Twitter: Congrats! Now we’ll assign you a gender if you didn’t add one. https://t.co/CrdjGapIqu

19 May

Cinq semaines d’Amazon Premium, trois problèmes de livraison 😒

RT @FlorianBardou: Thread à lire pour éviter les raccourcis à la Pina sur #LaChapellePajol [twitter.com]

RT @misspress: Cyril Hanouna est un danger public [slate.fr]

First time I’m caught in a minor Twitter canoe since the new mention UI and I’m immediately ready to delete all my accounts.

RT @christianmccrea: Here’s the only Roger Ailes obit you need. (From a Deadspin commenter) [pic.twitter.com]

I set a new password with special characters on my Mac mini.

My Mac mini usually reverts to qwerty at boot after an OS update.


RT @ncasenmare: which shrug is best shrug?

18 May

RT @CanonFrance: Aurélien Mathieu interprète des scènes de films avec ses Lego et son #EOS5DMarkIII. Découvrez ses photos : https://t.co/UfOcHRiELA https://t.co/4g0CspKFs8

RT @stevesilberman: Reminder: Thousands of Jews died in the Holocaust because the US denied them visas, at a time when anti-immigrant propaganda was rampant. https://t.co/Y5tLkS0Oya

17 May

RT @Delafina777: Okay, so yesterday I asked rhetorically if we needed to go over why #notall-ing is a problem. And a lot of people said that yes, we do.

Needs equivalent CPU and screen to Google Pixel, with more battery and several cameras… does it end up more expensive than current Vive?

RT @dodo: Watch this dog get carried up the escalator [pic.twitter.com]

RT @nextinpact: ⭐ WannaCrypt : des nœuds Tor saisis par les autorités françaises [nextinpact.com]

16 May

RT @Colossal: New architectural artworks created from 100+ layers of laser-cut paper by Eric Standley. More: [thisiscolossal.com] https://t.co/jWQ2ymQiip

RT @Cafeine: Fuck work - What if jobs are not the solution but the problem? – James Livingston | Aeon Essays [aeon.co]

RT @ollyog: Behind the scenes of the Tesseract in Interstellar. Mind blown. Crazy cool set! [pic.twitter.com]

15 May

Finally remembered that I had fire paper for those occasions and managed to kill the motherfucking Blood-Starved Beast at last #bloodborne

Quelle honte et quelle tristesse que Veep ait continué malgré le départ de Iannucci 😡

RT @lnknstrt: TIL cats rear paw will always follow the place their front paw has stepped [pic.twitter.com]

RT @Cmdr_Hadfield: If you put all the Earth’s oceans into a ball, it would be this much. The small ball is all our fresh water. https://t.co/sunqqGIgSi https://t.co/tfydbx6Juh

RT @benwizner: Very strong words from Microsoft’s president, @BradSmi. [blogs.microsoft.com] [pic.twitter.com]

14 May

Je n’aime pas plus American Gods en série télé qu’en livre. Même avec la patte de Bryan Fuller, même avec des cameos de Gillian Anderson.

RT @Wilfrid_: Les prodiges insoupçonnés du cerveau humain ! :) [twitter.com]

I still feel silly spending time in Shenzhen I/O instead of Unity but following a successful trace on the logic analyzer is too addictive.

RT @arranrp: Twitter being all american is streaming major league lacrosse to europe this evening because there are no other more relevant events tonight


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