Hi! Do you remember blogs? Well, this used to be one. Now it just serves as an archive for my many Twitter accounts.

13 November

Cinq euros au lieu de dix-sept mais, surtout, je me suis dit que si je n’en prenais pas une pour essayer de la sauver elles allaient toutes finir à la poubelle, les pauvres.

Oui, je suis foutu.

I’m honestly impressed by the creativity of “inspired by the Magic Keyboard” as a way of saying “we went back to the pre-2015 design.”

The first post-Ive laptop \o/


Hey people : fuck google, fuck chrome, fuck gmail and the worst offender last, fuck AMP.

Use duckduckgo, use firefox, buy a subscription to fastmail and opt-out of AMP using this extension: [daniel.priv.no]

Do the right thing and stop hiding behind false excuses.


J’ai rarement vu un aussi juste résumé de l’humanité de ce gouvernement. [twitter.com]

Plus tu suis de chiens et chats sur Instagram, plus tu vois de stories qui parlent de chats morts et de chiens amputés d’une jambe 😔

Je vais tout virer pour ne garder que les comptes qui postent des réalisations en lego.

12 November


Taking Notes By Hand May Be Better Than Digitally, Researchers Say. [npr.org]


Hot take: they should make tiny changes to the Han/Greedo scene every year to troll the people claim that they’re “still mad” about the Special Editions.

Just saw weeping angels in the Doctor Who VR game’s gameplay trailer, and boy is it gonna be fun when all headsets have eye (and blink) tracking.

The Morning Show 1x04 — 8/10

11 November

The Morning Show 1x03 — 6/10

The Morning Show 1x02 — 5/10

Disco Elysium (PC) — 9/10

The world doesn’t need such a nihilistic masterpiece right now. I guess it’s just the masterpiece the world deserves.

I meant to say “because I don’t want to edit text files and also I’m an idiot” but ran out of characters.

I can’t find any info on what dialogue system Disco Elysium uses, so I’m gonna go with ‘in-house’?

Feels like it would be a good fit for Ink, but one of my current projects is reinventing Ink because I don’t want to edit text files, so I can hardly blame the devs for NIH syndrome.


Lazy Tutorial- making more custom buildings! I’ve been using this technique for the past 6 months and it’s been really fun- lots of room for happy accidents. #b3d

10 November

‘Fire an arrow to teleport’ is completely insane, though.

I hope I can get a true roomscale headset soon in order to properly enjoy archery games. Just tried In Death and it’s excellent (gives me more of an “I want to get better” feeling than Pistol Whip so far) but my bow is unusable if I turn 15° left or right.


“Only Kojima could find magic in the mundanity of open world logistics, it takes an auteur to-“

deafening horn


La une @le_Parisien aujourd’hui jour de la marche contre l’islamophobie

Cet amalgame entretenu entre musulmans et terroristes est indigne

On a vraiment eu raison d’organiser cette marche



The viral video of a “wild” beluga playing fetch is not what it seems. This is likely Hvaldimir, a once captive whale who may have escaped a Russian military program. Alone, malnourished, and injured, H. roams the seas, seeking food & attention from people [twitter.com]

9 November

J’ai affronté le froid ET LE DEHORS pour dépenser de l’argent et je n’ai rien trouvé de ce que je comptais acheter. Heureusement j’ai des dépenses préalables à récupérer dans une consigne, mais ça ne fait que la moitié de la dopamine prévue.

Qui a signé l’autorisation pour les kiosques à journaux d’occuper trois fois plus de place au sol pour ne presque mas agrandir leur rayonnage effectif ?

Après l’écharpe voilà qu’il va falloir sortir les gants, mais jusqu’où iront-ils ? 😠


as a child i thought i’d have to deal with the bermuda triangle a lot more than i have in my adult life


I saw this picture of Phoebe Waller-Bridge in Vogue, and then I read about what her father did for work, then I went and looked up how much all the private schools she attended as a young person cost, and then I looked at this photo some more.


Black #facebook employees write about their experiences. #truthbetold this is the #bigtech experience for people of color. My Blind account looks exactly the same #DiversityandInclusion #DiversityInTech #TechBros


For All Mankind 1x01 — ZZZ

8 November

Pistol Whip is very good (obv) but, oddly enough, getting shot stresses me out a lot more than slicing blocks, so I doubt I’ll ever spend as much time with it as I did (and still do) in Beat Saber.

The Good Place 4x07 — 10/10

The internal dialogue system is sooo great — I can’t wait to see many lesser games try to copy it. The more ill-conceived games do that in the short-term, the sooner it will be acceptable for 100% of interactive fiction to include it 😬

I hope Disco Elysium is short, because I’m not gonna be able to do anything else until I’m done with it.

(I don’t actually hope it’s short.)

6 November

Daniel Sloss – Live Shows — 8/10


Researchers Develop Method to Boost Contrast in VR Headsets by Lying to Your Eyes [ow.ly]

My first complex 3D-printed design, and it’s mostly a success 🙌︎

I made these to get rid of battery disconnections in Beat Saber, and that aspect still needs work, but it was worth it just for how much better, and stabler, the controllers feel in hand.

Red Matter (PC) — 8/10

Why aren’t there more complaints over iMessage turning my conversation into an ad for Apple Music if I happen to mention a well-known singer?


Un truc : les déclarations d’extrême droite à la télévision ne sont pas des « dérapages ». Ce sont des choix éditoriaux. Ces personnalités sont invitées parce qu’on sait qu’elles vont choquer, donc que l’on va commenter, donc que ça va buzzer, donc que le fric va rentrer.

5 November

This does not happen very often 😬 (and of course I needed a guide, rocket-jumping doesn’t occur naturally to me)

I’m still trying to 100% Yoku’s Island Express, which means I’m going to HATE this game by the time I’m done.


New Microsoft Edge Logo looks a lot like Firefox, inverted and rotated 180°. Well done, designers.


22 years and 6 major Windows versions later, a game I once wrote still works perfectly.

Two apps I wrote LAST YEAR are now a buggy piece of useless crap after the macOS update.

Amazing engineering by MS. Doesn’t make you think twice which platform to support as developer.