18 September

I’m old enough to remember when iTunes was a halo-effect product 😭

I’m just gonna have to bite the bullet, give up on star ratings and go back to managing my music library in folders like in the dark ages (but on my NAS). Apple is never gonna fix Music’s handling of user-managed files; there’s no subscription revenue in that.

Anyone got any experience with Cog? Or another music library app? I know, this is a request from another century 😫 [cog.losno.co] [twitter.com]

Not the Music app regularly failing to import a music file without warning me


Bitcoin was supposed to make life in El Salvador easier. It’s been a disaster, writes David Gerard.


The problem with Mastodon is that it’s too complicated, and it’s its own closed system. Base it on RSS instead and you already have all the content of the web: every blog and news site available day one.

Can we relaunch RSS as a decentralized competitor to Twitter yet?

Subscribe to a server that gives you a feed of posts, truncated if they’re long, displayed as a familiar timeline. All that’s missing is a standardized protocol for replies (i.e., comments) and messages.

It’s nice that the PS5 has a guest mode that deletes everything when you log off, and doesn’t warn you that putting the console to sleep counts as logging off. No, I do not think that goes without saying.

17 September


Russia’s threats are unacceptable under international law.

@apple & @Google understandably want to protect their staff.

But they ALSO have an obligation to be transparent about decisions that affect millions of users.

By @maxseddon & @madhumita29


Est-ce qu’une plante privée de soleil souffre, ou juste dort d’un sommeil sans rêves ? 🤔 😔

Ca doit faire deux ans que je torture cette pauvre petite chose, mais je n’arrive pas à me résoudre à euthanasier les plantes


Apple’s defense of removing voting guides is that they have to obey the law of the nations they operate in. And yet if legislators demand they expand their image scanning corpus, they say they will refuse. They intend to break the law in that case, but not this one?

Marks & Spencer met de l’extrait de levure dans les sachets de riz micro-ondable et ne le signale même pas comme allergène (gluten), finalement c’est bien fait pour eux qu’ils ferment.


Maybe “the Internet” shouldn’t be two app stores.

16 September


Y’all are talking about Zemmour in terms way too close to how people were talking about Trump in early 2016 for me not to be scared.

Musique de supermarché : une reprise de Sous le soleil 🤯 😱 💀🔫


lmao tesla dmca’d the video of one of their cars swerving towards pedestrians in automatic mode

Ils ont enfin rouvert l’arcade qui traverse l’Institut de France et je peux à nouveau traverser la piste cyclable à un endroit où il y a un feu. Ca ne veut pas dire que les cyclistes le respectent, mais au moins là c’est clair qu’ils grillent un feu — je n’aime pas l’ambigüité.

I have to say I can’t wait to be able to just take my laptop and plop myself down on the couch without worrying about burning my thighs #AppleSilicon

Cette impression de vivre dans une simulation grandeur nature de la question “Mais pourquoi les juifs et les homos n’ont pas fui l’Allemagne nazie ?” C’est vachement plus facile après coup quand on sait quels pays ont réussi à échapper in extremis à la montée du fascisme.

I guess it could be worse. It could be chess openings.


Engineer: Hey. I’ve got kind of an over-the-top idea for a—


Si j’y vais tous les trois jours jusqu’à la fermeture pour en profiter au maximum, je vais en prendre l’habitude et être encore plus frustré quand ils ne seront plus là 🙁


Welp, this just messed up my whole day so; ENJOI

Ca fait deux heures que je tourne et me retourne dans mon lit parce que j’ai oublié de ramener le ventilateur dans la chambre en me couchant 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😫


Facebook researchers really nailed the Instagram vs. TikTok vs. Snapchat comparison [wsj.com]

15 September

I’m quite convinced that the only alternative to passwords that can work for the general public is for the cloud providers to be able to instantly verify any user’s legal identity beyond the shadow of a doubt, and NO ONE WANTS THAT so enjoy passwords while we have them.

I’m sure there’s a recovery process of some sort, but how accessible would it be to a regular user? If it’s a code, it’ll be long lost — unless it was stored with no security whatsoever. Or do you just send a photo of an ID card to Microsoft and swear that it’s unedited?

I love to see a flood of articles about how “your Microsoft account can go passwordless, just download the authenticator app” and none of them mentions what happens if you lose access to the authenticator.

I’m beginning to see LED fans in the storefronts around my home and I suppose the fact that they flicker like defective old CRTs is a feature, because it attracts attention? 😖

Never mind, I bought the STL because some of the etchings are only a texture in the game.

I will forget my birth date before I forget about Outer Wilds.

I could buy this Nomai mask STL for five euros or I could learn enough Blender to fix the mesh I extracted from the game

First option I have a mask printed in a few days; second, my aversion for Blender makes me procrastinate until I forget about the game.

Conveniently hidden away in Settings/Mail/Accounts, which even more conveniently disappears 💨 if you’ve deleted the Mail app.

The 2FA prompts for my dev account didn’t migrate to my new phone (good thing I didn’t sell the old one, huh), I can’t remember how you add a second iCloud account to iOS, and the question appears to be ungooglable 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😩

Apple notified me that it was gonna remove from the store an iPhone app that “has not been updated in a significant amount of time,” and… I have to say, four years is a significant amount of time 😅


I wonder if I’m attracted to stealth games because they’re like “Avoid people. Do not be perceived” and I’m like “DONE AND DONE. Already on that wavelength.”

I managed to completely forget that I started The Artful Escape yesterday and quite enjoyed it 🤦‍♂️

You can force people to get used to ever bigger phones (and even then, they’re walking that back with the Mini), but some buyers have tangible, physical limits to how big a Watch they’ll wear.

14 September

I don’t feel much like playing Cyberpunk right now, but I know if I start another game there’s a good chance I’ll never get back to it, so instead I’m just turning on the PC and looking at my Steam library and turning it back off.

Checking the difference in thickness between the 13 and 13 Pro’s camera bumps and Apple’s tech specs… just… completely ignore the bump?! 🤣


A phone call is someone demanding my immediate undivided attention for something that almost never merits it. [twitter.com]

Apple showed an entire movie trailer shot with rack focus and watching it made me completely forget that the depth of field was 100% virtual 😨

Wow, have we finally reached the point where storage capacity of the cheapest iPad and iPhone is nothing to complain about? Has this ever happened in Apple’s history?

Imagine being the person who has to make a grand announcement that the new iPhone’s antenna lines are made of recycled plastic.

There should really be a version of the iPad mini with the entire same lens/sensor array as a top-of-the-line iPhone. It would make such a good camera + editing station.

I’m surprised Apple couldn’t make the iPad mini’s bezels a bit smaller, if they don’t even include FaceID. (I still want it, though. Best form factor forever.)


“I’m taking the brakes off my car. This isn’t a rash decision, so please listen up.”


Mes niveaux d’énergie sont redevenus normaux mais j’ai tellement perdu l’habitude que je ne sais plus comment faire des choses de ma journée.


It’s especially amazing to me that devs do this for CONSOLE games.

How do you go the complete dev process without realising that your players’ screens are not inches in front of their faces?

I guess it’s just the same people who write about draft bills as if they were law.

So many people are commenting on the Apple ruling as if it were set in stone. What are the statistics on lawsuits of this magnitude going through the appeals process unchanged? My assumption would be that the chances are low?


nikki tutorials paying tribute to marsha “pay it no mind” johnson 🤍 #MetGala

13 September

Thought I could forgive my LG TV’s issues, but switching to a tinny “game optimizer” audio mode every time the PC changes resolution is going to end with my fist through the screen. I chose this model for how good the sound was! (And for G-sync, which also doesn’t work.)


This is what making donuts in one minute in 3d should be like.. just saying :D

All made in Dreams on my PS5.

#madeindreams #3dmodelling @mediamolecule

Oh fuck off with releasing new games I want to play. The pile is already high enough. Stop. It. All.

12 September


- je suis malheureux.

- tant mieux mon chéri, les bons souvenirs sont le poison de la vieillesse.


truly one of the best ships ever made. the characters were well written and consistent, providing fantastic development and memorable interactions. the romance was written perfectly and the chemistry was incredible. thank you faith and buffy. pic unrelated.


À dérouler 🔽🔽🔽

(et petit rappel que quand on traite les gens de fascistes, c’est pas juste parce qu’on est pas d’accord avec eux, mais parce que leurs idées correspondent littéralement aux principes du fascisme.) [twitter.com]


After Delta Airlines told its employees they would get charged $2,400/year if they didn’t get the free vaccine, they had… wait for it… zero people quit over the policy.

Instead 4,000 more of their workers chose to get vaccinated. People are all talk. Mandates work. [twitter.com]

11 September

The Myst remake is quite nice, but I very quickly reached for a walkthrough, and decided two paragraphs down to uninstall the game because fuck this, I’m not taking an elevator back and forth half a dozen times to write down numbers. Even 30 years ago I wouldn’t have.


This is what it will look like in motion (in a mild case; it gets worse!). You can make out ‘waves’ in the image: that’s simply the frequency of the vibration. The only fix is to replace the camera module, which Apple has generously done for me every time. 😅


The iPhone 12 Pro Max actually moves the entire sensor which helps it move 1,000 times per second. Helps compensate for your hand moving, or vibrations in say, a car. It’s… crazy technology, because it moves the sensor with little springs:


Apple has issued an advisory for motorcycle riders and iPhone cameras. This is very much my area of expertise!


Yes, I have broken several iPhone cameras this way. This is a good advisory. Why do iPhone cameras not pass the motorcycle vibe check? 🧵

I don’t know if Facebook sourced different suppliers for the recall silicone mask (which would make sense), but mine seems good 🤷🏻‍♂️ Definitely fits better than the one I’d bought.

As far as I’m concerned the Sea of Thieves formula is truly the ideal level of onlinity.

Gave New World another shot and I could easily spend some time there if I had friends playing it. But then that was also true of Elder Scrolls Online and I never did. My suspension of disbelief never survives seeing a dozen players going through the same invidivual quest.


“We are going to make this happen whether you like it or not” [twitter.com]