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6 April


Indiana Jones was more interested in a lump of worked gold than he was in the fact that a pre-modern central american civilization could build a trap that knows when you are standing in front of a shaft of sunlight

5 April

Tales from the Loop 1x02 — DNF

I was afraid this show was gonna be a retread of Stranger Things. Now I wish it were 😴︎

Tales from the Loop 1x01 — 6/10

Is the idea that this takes place in our world, and this is just a peculiar area hidden out somewhere? It doesn’t make sense to me, and I don’t think that’s what the original art implied.

Besides that, this first episode thinks so highly of its artistic direction that it isn’t making much of an effort to captivate me, and the children’s dialogue is pretty clunky.

Personne dans la famille de Samantha Bee n’a un iPhone, ils sont vraiment obligés de ressortir le vieux caméscope familial qui fait la mise au point sur les arbres et produit des images crades même quand elles sont nettes ?


Personal iOS paper cut: Links in the notes app activate even in edit mode, and have a touch target that includes the lines above and below the actual link making them incredibly awkward to handle.


That video has nothing to do with shutter speed or the rolling shutter effect. It’s CGI. Source: [instagram.com] [twitter.com]

4 April


search is fine for open-ended unknown data sets: oh, I wonder if there’s an article on <thing> -> search -> great

for things I own, which I know exist, and have a mental model of, it is garbage


a lot of software has gravitated to this model where you just search for things, and I cannot get across just how much that does not fit my brain

to me, search is where information goes to die


I’m one of those people that manages their tools and tasks essentially by remembering where things are, physically and spatially, and the way a lot of software is design actively fights against that

Ca commence à être le bordel, mais je ne peux pas aller à Ikea acheter des rangements 😔︎

My resin printer just spent two hours trying to print a figurine with the bed flying ten inches above the resin vat, while I was busy doing something else. I fucking hate this hobby.


Qu’on se le dise : la mortalité exceptionnelle liée au #COVID2019 en Seine Saint-Denis ne s’explique pas parce que les habitants du 93 ne respectent pas le #confinement mais parce que beaucoup doivent continuer à aller travailler !


I’ve spent the past two days looking into replacing my cheap shitty starter of a 3D printer and I have a serious case of choice paralysis. Do I care more about large build volume or the possibility of an official dual-filament add-on? Why can’t I have both. For like $300. Please.

At $90 it’s just expensive enough that I don’t want to buy it and test for myself, but there are people whose whole job it is to play with such things and film the process.

I get that most people aren’t as excited about dual-filament printing as I am but, well, that’s just a failure of imagination.


During video calls, our bodies feel that the other person is not present but the eyes & ears tell a different story - they deny the absence. This conflict is unconscious but we often feel tired.

Hardware issues aside, this is partly why some describe VR as vaguely uncomfortable. [twitter.com]

3 April


Please take a moment to see what a penguin weigh-in looks—and sounds—like:

“Broadband engineers threatened due to 5G coronavirus conspiracies”

How did something so stupid even start?! I can’t believe social media is throwing us back into the Dark Ages 😭


L’information importante du jour : la pénurie de papier toilette n’est pas provoquée par une panique irrationnelle mais par de réels problèmes d’approvisionnement. [marker.medium.com]

2 April

La série Devs est captivante et superbe, forcément, parce que Alex Garland, mais même si ce n’était pas le cas elle vaudrait le coup rien que pour les scènes d’Alison Pill.

Devs 1x06 — 10/10

Alison Pill is a treasure.

J’hésitais depuis un mois à acheter une machine à coudre pour faire d’hypothétiques… costumes, et je viens seulement de réaliser que je pourrais refaire les housses des meubles du salon moi-même. Il y en a pour 700 € minimum, ça me fait de quoi payer une sacrée machine.


Imagine a squirrel making a nest at your window and being able to watch them sleep and grow 🥺

Goddammit, why are PSN+ games not aligned on the calendar, and why do they announce them a week early? No one’s gonna post a new article next week when Uncharted 4 is actually available, and I refuse to clutter my calendar or inbox with a reminder.


2072: “hey grandpa i did a sourdough starter”


Being an introvert who wants to stay home vs being an introvert who HAS TO stay home

1 April

Color Out of Space (2020) — 4/10

It made me want to watch Annihilation again, so at least that’s good. (Is that good? For anyone’s sanity, to watch Annihilation again?)

Miracle Workers S2 — 6/10


gays deciding what to do in quarantine

The ABC Murders (2018) — 3/10

I wasn’t in the mood for hostile, incompetents cops — but even without that factor there was plenty for me to dislike.

Frostpunk’s final timelapse of the player’s entire playthrough is a lovely cherry on top of an excellently designed game.


i’ve doubted my own depression for years but after a couple weeks of seeing people churn out quirky quarantine content and having themed facetime parties, im shaken at how much serotonin some of you fuckers have

Frostpunk (PC) — 9/10

It’s not often I reach the end of a city management game. Well, for one thing, city management games don’t usually have endings — but the addition of a meaty narrative is exactly what kept involved until the end.

I can’t believe we made it! See, I’m worth putting in charge of the apocalypse!

Well, I guess I’ll go to hell then

Wow, you really pay for how good and beautiful Frostpunk is by way of interminable freezes every time the game saves, once your town is big enough to matter.

31 March


🔴POINT DROIT Confinement 🛍 //

Dans quelles conditions la police peut-elle fouiller vos sacs pour vérifier le contenu de vos achats? Êtes-vous obligé•es de les ouvrir à leur demande ?

On fait le point après les propos hasardeux de Christophe Castaner sur le sujet.


Glass Nudibranchs for #MolluscMonday! —Check out these super realistic #Nudibranch glass models made by Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka (father & son) ca 1890’s, exquisitely photographed by Guido Mocafico. —[bit.ly] @Colossal #BioArt #ArtScience


“You enter a large cave. The Orcs’ trail led you here. Now, before you lie three paths, one of—“

“i jump into the water”

“You can’t keep jumping in the water. There is no water here.”

“are there any clams”

“Stop asking that.”

“i cast detect clam”

“That’s not a spell.”

Dolor y gloria (2019) — 7/10

Westworld 3x03 — 6/10

Écran de lancement de Scruff : Restez-chez vous, ça va pas vous tuer.

Écran de lancement de Grindr : Vas-y prends une première semaine gratuite d’abonnement à renouvellement automatique pour trouver tes plans cul.

J’ai fait des insomnies toute la nuit en prévision de sortir faire des courses ce matin. On plaisante sur ce qu’on va faire à la fin du confinement, mais je sens qu’il va y en avoir pas mal qui vont en ressortir agoraphobes, surtout.


Passionnant article de Didier Sicard : « Il est urgent d’enquêter sur l’origine animale de l’épidémie de Covid-19 » [franceculture.fr]

For months I’ve cursed Face ID because, when your face is covered and you touch the screen to force the keypad, it just… cancels the login attempt 🤪

TIL the “Face ID” label is a button, and I have to peck at the exact center of this big iPad screen—not a single inch away 🙄

Monoprix, mardi, neuf heures du matin : le rayon papier toilette déborde de paquets de papier toilette, de toutes marques, de toutes couleurs

30 March


Fatigué·e·s ? Lancez une pièce de Racine lue par la @ComedieFr, fermez les yeux, et voyagez… via @franceculture



Message d’un vétérinaire de ma région. Je n’aurais jamais pensé lire ça un jour.

Il demande aux gens d’arrêter de laver leurs chats ou leurs chiens avec du gel hydroalcoolique, du détergent ou du désinfectant… Il a des animaux qui arrivent brûlés et/ou intoxiqués. 😤🤦🏼‍♀️

This game is amazing #SevenScrolls


Je la trouve très bien pour les tout le monde…

La version compliquée c’est juste pour emmerder le monde ? [twitter.com]


CGA graphics looked good if you used the NTSC composite output 😯 [youtu.be]


Current progress on mapping music to facial expression vectors. #StyleGAN2 #realtime

Song: “Triggernometry” by Kraftamt, 2014

29 March


Me: Hm rather than pay for more iCloud Drive space, I’d like to turn off iCloud Drive sync. I can back up those local files myself elsewhere.

Apple: The only option is to remove your local files and keep them in iCloud Drive. Enjoy Googling ways to deal with this. Happy Sunday!


It’s interesting that VR players who use joystick locomotion end up using room-scale movements much less often. Watching people play HLA with joystick; where I would have just taken a step forward, people are doing lots of micro movements to adjust their position.


Pendant que le Portugal régularise tous les sans-papiers pour les protéger face au Coronavirus, la France autorise des centaines de sans-papiers à être parqués dans des CRA. C’est la honte. [twitter.com]