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24 avril

I find it flabbergasting that Pinterest, a site that is solely dedicated to showing pictures of stuff, still has this stupid dark overlay moving from image to image as you scroll, unless you take extra care to place the mouse cursor in the margins every time you stop using it

I started thinking, I hope Instagram doesn’t decide they need to show more of the captions… then I realized that must have been a factor in the scrapped UI redesign where you swiped between posts as if they were stories

Miracle Workers S1 — 7/10

23 avril

La saison 2 d’American Gods m’ennuie, mais je n’arrive pas à décider si elle est effectivement moins bien que la première ou si je m’étais fait mon avis dès que le départ de Bryan Fuller avait été annoncé.


I just realized I never saw a photo of a female muscle system. This is NOT what I imagined milk ducts to look like.


1. After spending six months reading incel sites nearly every day, speaking to over a dozen incels, and reviewing forum records going back over 20 years, I came to a really scary conclusion about the nature of modern politics itself

The minimize-to-dock animation is such a cute reminder of what used to be. I suppose Apple’s anti-fun brigade forgot it exists because they only use full-screen windows, which can’t be minimized.

I’ve spent so much time playing Globesweeper while listening to podcasts that I’ve got auditory flashbacks to a Call of Cthulhu actual-play campaign when I launch it.

22 avril

Game of Thrones 8x02 — 8/10

Barry 2x04 — 8/10


Many of you will have seen this video before, but if not, take a look. It’s a great demonstration that cats and humans may share some aspects of visual processing that drive the rotating snakes illusion.


What Silicon Valley promised was the break-up of concentrated power.

What Silicon Valley gave us is greater concentration of power than ever.

Now five companies control America, instead of 100. And a lot of those companies are whiter and more male than the ones they disrupted. []

21 avril


Finally done! Here’s a reproduction of a Gennady G.Ovcharenko drawing (picture#2) with MagicaVoxel. I added other lightning tests, a general view and a small video in comments, hope you’ll like it! :) #Magicavoxel #voxelart

20 avril

Les Chuck Taylor II étaient les meilleures chaussures que j’ai portées de ma vie et je ne me ferai jamais à leur disparition.


#DnD is a roleplaying game that let’s you live out such fantasies as:

- Having money

- Making close friends as an adult

- Traveling the world without crippling debt

- Being able to change the world

- Getting better at something with practice

- Getting 8 hours of sleep each night


The Metalhead 2 trailer is out []

J’aurais pu prendre mes lunettes de soleil au lieu de faire la grimace au couple de mecs qui promènent leur poussette.

Cette nuit je me suis réveillé littéralement toutes les vingt minutes sans savoir pourquoi — alors que mon coloc n’était même pas là pour claquer les portes ce matin.

19 avril


This would be real progress. Like counters, follower counters, and all the other forms of bragging metrics on social media are a pox upon us all. []

18 avril

Si les promenades sont censées détendre, il faut que je change d’itinéraire. Je passe à chaque fois tout le trajet jusqu’au lac à imaginer comment je vais démonter la gueule du cycliste qui finira inévitablement par me renverser en plein milieu du trottoir.

14h : Non non je ne peux pas sortir profiter du soleil, il faut absolument que je bosse aujourd’hui.

17h : Sérieusement je vais me mettre à bosser d’un instant à l’autre.


For a long time I’ve wondered what I find so alluring and strangely human about Japanese urban scenes, and then someone tweeted it: Japan doesn’t have on-street parking. []


Periodic reminder that the original Twitter for iPad was one of the best iPad app UIs ever released.

17 avril

16 avril


“Oh my god, Breaking Bad is fantastic, you have to watch it. Don’t be put off by the first five episodes being a flash animation voiced by the writers, they get a real budget by the end of the first series”


Getting Really Into Actual Play podcasts is like getting into a genre of TV shows where the first series is exclusively filmed using cameraphones from 2012

15 avril

Barry 2x03 — 6/10

Game of Thrones 8x01 — 7/10


I love this - obviously the timespan is hugely compressed but it’s so easy to think of space as this static thing, when it is anything but []


I’m so glad we let tech platforms eat the journalism industry.

Now, I can sit and watch a live stream of Notre Dame burning while YouTube’s fake news widget tells me about 9/11 for some reason.


Well, crap. This is a (technical) reality we need to adjust to, and a (political) reality we need to do something about. []

Je veux bien que le film fasse exprès de ne pas être joli mais il n’y a pas d’excuses pour cette ignominie.

The Favourite (2018) — 6/10

14 avril

Finally looked at why my transactional emails’ attachment icons didn’t show up on Mac. Started suspecting I was doing something wrong when I couldn’t find any complaints on Google.

Turns out Mail messes up a bit if you put your message inside a <table height=100%>.


It’s wild that Twitter is quite swift at taking down tweets that offend big media copyright holders even from verified entities but death threats to @IlhanMN sit untouched for weeks.

Never forget that addressing abuse isn’t a hard problem, it’s just one they don’t care about.


never underestimate human potential



If ants summoned humans like humans summon Cthulhu.

🐜 #ants #cthulu

(via @daeken)


Tech enthusiasts: My entire house is smart.

Tech workers: The only piece of technology in my house is a printer and I keep a gun next to it so I can shoot it if it makes a noise I don’t recognize.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse — 8/10

13 avril


Overtone singing is a type of singing in which the singer manipulates the resonances (or formants) created as air travels from the lungs, past the vocal folds, and out of the lips to produce a melody [] [source: []]

12 avril


i’m genuinely fucking stoked for this level of total disconnect, this absolute, blatant action figure ideology. it’s not “which of these heroes are you?” but “are you the space fascists or nah?” []

Rian Johnson: Fuck hereditary dynasties. Luke ate children for breakfast. Down with the legacy.

JJ Abrams: Hold my beer.


[] Blown away by this amazing animation of the life cycle of the HIV virus, animated & narrated by Janet Iwasa, a biochemistry professor who works on creating accurate scientific animations!

I still really like Monsters with Attitude

Russian Doll S1 — 9/10

11 avril

—and I haven’t even managed to completely solve the tracking issues with the Touch controllers yet (although I’ve improved it by… pulling on the battery springs with pliers so they’d get more tension again).


2002 🆚 2018

How watching Tiger has changed post-smartphone.

Je viens d’entendre un anglophone prononcer “Ivanhoé” 🤯

iTunes is not going anywhere—not for many, many years. It will remain the only way to organize local libraries and sync devices, because Apple considers local libraries and local sync as deprecated.


How to understand the image of a black hole. Fascinating @veritasium video with an amazing simple physical demo that explains why the ‘Interstellar black hole’ looks the way it does! []

Barry 2x02 — 7/10

10 avril


Rescued Leopard Loves Head Scritches


Chaque matin, Stephen, retraité de 72 ans, trouvait ses petits outils laissés sur son atelier rangés dans leur boite…

C’est une camera qui lui révéla qu’il ne devenait pas fou : une souris passait deux heures par nuit à tout remettre dans la boite !



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