Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

25 novembre

Giving Guild Wars another go, and the Mac client works much better now, but the game seems to assume I’ve played an MMO before; I haven’t.

24 novembre

23 novembre

I don’t find WordPress’s new JS-based UI particularly reactive, and the signup process is terminally broken in Safari 👍

RT @isaach: 1. Slack kills email

2. Slack dies

3. No email, no Slack, life is relaxing and quiet and awesome

The NYT crossword app’s custom keyboard is a huge pain in the ass and, like, totally the reason I’m failing.

Je viens encore d’avoir une idée d’app plus grosse que moi :(

RT @glassbottommeg: Someone built a 1970s TV studio in their basement, w/ CRT cameras and period-correct tech. They made a puppet show: []

RT @imyke: I have a lot to say about the Apple Pencil, so I wrote a review of it for @Pen_Addict.

Check it out!


Le scénario de Rogue Nation est d’une idiotie absolue à chaque tournant, c’en est impressionnant.

Citizenfour est totalement irregardable pour le commun des mortels, c’est quand même dommage.

22 novembre

The Man in the High Castle est un peu chiant et tombe plutôt mal. C’est ballot, ils auraient pu rester sur 4 épisodes et sortir plus tôt.

21 novembre

Les gens qui habitent dans un quartier où ne passe qu’une seule ligne de métro.

16 novembre

Mais je dirais pas non à un gros perroquet gris pour Noël.

19 novembre

19h à l’Apple Store Opéra, impossible de croiser le regard d’un vendeur, ils jouent la montre.

21 novembre

It’s odd how few iOS games there seem to be with proper daily challenges. I love having a reason to do a Card Crawl run each day.

20 novembre

And the worst part is not trusting the event scripting anymore after I had to restore an old save because I got fired before being hired. (Among a bunch of much more minor hiccups.)

Else Heart.Break() is lovely and I really want to like it, but it’s such a pain to play I’m not sure I can ever launch it again.

19 novembre

On est en 2015 et les forfaits Navigo sont toujours du 1er au 31 ou du lundi au dimanche, FFS.

18 novembre

RT @Sci_Phile: Ahhhhh baby pangolin ahhh [] (Images: Taipei Zoo) []

17 novembre

Je propose l’opération j’appelle ma famille en province tous les soirs après le JT pour que les démagos racistes n’aient pas le dernier mot.

RT @firt: iPad Pro with Apple Pencil exposes force to JavaScript in Safari in the same way as 3D Touch on iPhone 6s(+) []

16 novembre

Tapped a link in my RSS reader and it took me five minutes to realize the reason everything was weird was it had opened in Medium’s app.

Aller à Truffaut pour voir les chiots, y rester pour les deux étages de décorations lumineuses de Noël.

15 novembre

Les avatars tricolores me posent problème. Pour afficher son soutien depuis l’étranger, ils ont un sens, mais en tant que français et parisien, ce que je ressens personnellement, ce n’est pas un sursaut revenchard d’identité française ou parisienne, c’est juste la douleur du deuil.
Du coup j’ai fait un générateur d’avatars de deuil, parce que je n’en ai pas trouvé d’existant.
(Après, chacun son truc, hein, je ne jette pas la pierre à ceux qui ont envie de mettre le drapeau. Je propose juste une alternative.)

I’ve had to restore purchases today in two different apps on two different iOS devices. Guess it’s not just the MAS screwing up.

14 novembre

RT @chrisremo: Why most New York City subway trains don’t have arrival clocks–an amazing look at large-scale systemic projects:


RT @gchampeau: Le piège tendu par les terroristes est de nous amener à haïr les musulmans pour qu’ils choisissent le camp qui les “aime”. Résistons.

13 novembre

Just checked and I must have bought my first Wacom tablet more than 15 years ago. No wonder I’m excited for the Pencil.

I’m downloading all the magazines in anticipation of getting a 12-inch iPad on which to read them.

Snapchat waited just long enough to make you feel like they’re doing you a favor finally letting you purchase your favorite filters.

Also, two Pencils for ten iPad Pro demo units. Is the supply chain completely fubar or is Apple actually sabotaging the launch just to avoid the “they blew it” troll?

I just might order a Pencil online and wait until it arrives to get an iPad Pro in store. (How ironic if they ran out of iPads by then.)

Finally checked out 3D Touch in person and I still don’t understand why you all like it. Even the haptic feedback sucks — feels like an error message.

1. Damn, it’s big

2. Keyboard’s much more keyboardy than I expected

3. Yup, Pencil’s fantastic

4. Yup, Pencil’s out of stock

RT @EarnKnowledge: This is how an orphaned kangaroo goes to bed []

RT @xeni: Fordite is a rare mineral found only in old Detroit auto-painting facilities. [] []

12 novembre

RT @stroughtonsmith: Biggest iPad Pro marketing mistake was focusing on the keyboard - you can see that reflected in the reviews. Consumers’ll have same reaction

11 novembre

Je l’ai déjà dit, mais plus que jamais 💜💜💜 Jamie Lee Curtis dans (cette merde de) Scream Queens.

RT @settern: Pencil-writin’. Kept accidentally triggering shading by slanting too much. Pretty easy to get used… []

RT @settern: Sketching with the Pencil. Early verdict: 😍 []

My credit card was hoping the iPad Pro reviews would cast at least the slightest aspersions on the Pencil. Oh well.

How is this possible? What did they think people were gonna do with their iPad Pro? Did Apple really buy its own “iPad Pro as a laptop replacement” hype?

Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro stylus tracking (slow-mo)

Removes the “iPad or Surface?” question, leaves “iPad or not?”

I hope a good Microsoft Courier clone app for iPad Pro comes out soon so I can stop thinking about making it (I haven’t got the time).

WTF. The slideshow on top of Apple’s homepage takes over my OS-level keyboard shortcuts (Cmd-Alt-arrows) for switching tabs in Safari.

RT @britishgaming: This is very cool: “Tomb Raider allows [Twitch] viewers to vote on conditions that will change the streamer’s game” []

10 novembre

RT @DJHbutterflies: Alien eggs hatching in the new forest: the wonderfully weird Devil’s Fingers []

You could send your pet home to clear your inventory in Torchlight 6 years ago. It’s a crime to implement encumbrance today without a similar system.

RT @uliwitness: So apparently Carrie Fisher earned her money in the 90ies doing successful rewrites of movie scripts: [] O_O #youRule


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