Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

4 mai

RT @BehindScenesPic: National Geographic photographers []

Is Google failing me or did actually no one try to reverse-engineer the Watch’s pairing screen?

3 mai

2 mai

RT @alexhern: The future is worse than I could have possibly imagined []

Took me way too long to realize the time I spent toying with 3DS Max fifteen years ago ought to culminate in creating Unity projects today.

RT @davepell: Samsung is basically a cover band at this point.


RT @StartupLJackson: Whenever someone tells me “coding is the new literacy” because “computers are everywhere today” I ask them how fuel injection works.

1 mai

RT @mrgan: My first week without an Apple Watch: an honest review []

Let them fix that first and then I’ll complain about how the email is twice as long and half as informative (doesn’t include account bio).

Twitter’s brand-new email notifications don’t seem to include a link to the account that favorited or retweeted you #facepalm

RT @uniconsole: Emoji skintone picker and Vulcan salute! Uniconsole is updated for iOS 8.3 []

30 avril

“Fermeture définitive de votre Cityssimo.” C’était trop beau.

29 avril

I feel like iOS used to be smart enough not to scroll-to-top the active app when you swiped the Notification Center down. Misremembering?

Well done, quickly adjusting to a changing market

I like the design; it’s probably significant though that it’s not shown on a wrist for size.

28 avril

RT @SteveStreza: The Internet of Things: accept our terms of service update to continue unlocking your door []

Wish I could set up keyframes in Interface Builder and animate between them in code. You know, flat design coming alive through motion and all that.

Si je bossais au lieu de chercher comment utiliser mes bons pour des .me et .club gratuits, je pourrais m’acheter tous les .com que je veux.

RT @_JeanCome_: Madonna, Miley Cyrus, etc. : cette graphiste intègre des people dans des tableaux de maître !

[] []

27 avril

Funny how John Oliver’s segment on sweatshops stopped way short of daring to ask the audience to change their consuming habits.

Let’s do this but in landscape. Wrists are wider than tall; it’ll never look like an old-school watch so stop trying.

“Nokia is gonna make smartphones again” is the new “webOS is coming back.”

The problem isn’t that stainless steel gets scratched, but that the Watch isn’t designed to look good with scratches #realworlddesign

Just figured out that what people call the Watch’s “air gap” must be the glass needing to be thicker to withstand Force Touch. (I knew it had to be the glass’s thickness, but blanked on the reason why.)

26 avril

Les mecs qui chantent pa-pa-pa-pam.

Les connards parisiens qui font du sitting sur le dancefloor, par contre… it can’t be helped.

Erratum : 💜💜💜 le Mix Club, ses lights, sa sono, ses lights, sa 3G, ses lights, ses bouteilles de 75cl, ses lights, sa sono, ses lights.

RT @danielpunkass: Awesome, from a time before all fans simply had “baskets” built in… []

Annulez tout, mon pantalon de clubbing est cassé !

Trouble getting iTunes to sync my Photos albums to iPhone. Is there gonna be a point when iOS devices are just unusable without paid iCloud?

RT @vtourraine: Un smartphone, c’est encore mieux avec un fond d’écran magnifique : []

Merci la @NASA/@ESA. []

25 avril

I was adding black rounded corners to my iPhone apps before the Watch made it fashionable again.

Cherchant à utiliser mes bons pour des domaines gratuits Gandi :

$ whois


Tellement parfait, j’hésite à le laisser.

24 avril

On pourrait inventer un sac besace qui se porte à la ceinture pour les gens qui transpirent beaucoup ? NON CA SERAIT PAS UN SAC BANANE.

Quand la caissière de Naturalia a désactivé l’antivol des fèves de cacao j’ai réalisé que j’aurais peut-être dû regarder le prix d’abord.

Microsoft needs to license the technology from Huanshi’s MyIdol app for the Xbox Live avatars. It’s just too good.

23 avril

RT @lukew: Don’t ever say you don’t have choices on mobile. []

RT @landonfuller: Apple, you so evil. App rejection: “… your app and app description declare support for the Pebble Smartwatch” []

22 avril

Am I really gonna have to buy a wifi-enabled camera and use its shitty app just because Apple’s Lightning camera adapter only works on iPad?

Buying a digital camera is so hard. There are multiple brands to choose from! It’s anarchy!

RT @charlesarthur: Remember that amazing chase and final fight in Bourne Ultimatum? Paul Greengrass describes how and why in pictures: []

En fait, Instagram m’a filé la flemme de peaufiner une prise de vue tout autant que Twitter m’a désappris à écrire un vrai texte.

21 avril

J’essaie d’ajouter une page “consultance UX” à mon site pro. Il faut mettre du texte dedans. BON SANG MAIS QUE JE DETESTE ME VENDRE.

Wow, I submitted an iTunes Connect bug and it was fixed in five days. It would almost encourage me to post more (but not really).

20 avril

E-ink is (hopefully) gonna be the one differentiator that allows Pebble to survive, and I can’t see why it wouldn’t work for tablets too.

I’m still waiting for a full-featured tablet/laptop with the same color e-ink as Pebble Time. Several-day battery + usable in sunlight.

RT @lgorithm: “Make any animation half as long as you think it should be. And then possibly halve the timing again” (B. Scott - Designing Web Interfaces)

RT @Colossal: New Urban Geodes on the Streets of L.A. by Paige Smith [] []

I feel less guilty for being addicted to DomiNations knowing that its creators were designers and producers at Firaxis.

Never realized that Moleskine was a brand created entirely out of nowhere (and from a French common noun) in 1997. Hail the power of marketing.

“Dialogue by Orson Scott Card.” I bet that’s why the woman in The Dig keeps protesting “I don’t need to be rescued,” then needs to be rescued. Because aren’t feminists funny.

19 avril

Je regrette de ne pas avoir envie et capacité et hétérosexualité de me taper un festival EDM+camping de trois jours sur la “plage de Torcy.”


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