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19 août

La cinématographie de Game Night (2018), part 2 😲

La cinématographie de Game Night (2018) 😲


How about if, instead of ditching Twitter for Mastodon, we all start blogging and subscribing to each other’s Atom feeds again instead? The original distributed social network could still work pretty well if we actually start using it

18 août

Les gens qui utilisent le “Mon p’tit bac”… ils n’ont pas de nez ?

17 août


“Alright Bill, we’re going to lock you in this room for 30 years with nothing but millions of untagged cat photos. Can’t wait to see how this skills training session pays off!”


120h workweeks, zero time for kids, family, or friends. Insomnia, anxiety, and erratic behavior as a result. Maybe this glorious American ideal of the entrepreneurial executive that sacrifices everything to the point of mental collapse isn’t so smart? []


This is the most succinct definition of Bitcoin. 😭😂💀 []


Twitter has done more to stop 3rd party developers than stop nazis

16 août


20 years ago, 2 years after the arrival of combination therapy that effectively treated #HIV, the Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco’s LGBT newspaper ran ‘No Obits’ as its headline.

It was the first edition not to report an AIDS death in almost 15 years.

Got a server last year from @online_fr during the January sale because it was 6€/mo and… well, I’ll find something to do with it. (I didn’t.)

They just notified me they were doubling the price — “but hey, we’re still pretty cheap.” What kind of shitty business practice is that.


I will never get tired of saying this because it is hilarious to me that the CEO of a world-shaking company that probably helped get the worst president in American history elected is distracted by figuring out how to process payments with iphones


Dope - old church converted into skatepark in Northern Spain. Art by Okuda San Miguel [@OKUDART]

15 août


𝒸𝓊𝓉𝑒𝓈𝓉 𝒻𝒾𝑔𝒽𝓉 𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇✧・゚: ✧・゚:

“But my DMs”?

There are hundreds of better solutions for chatting with your contacts than Twitter DMs.

Don’t switch to Twitter’s app. Don’t even set it up just for the notifications. Let their decision carve an imperceptible dimple in their engagement curves.

You know your life will only get better if you don’t get notified of every single Twitter interaction at the very second.

Dammit. Someone’s introduced Overwerk on Beat Saver before I got a chance to. And the beatmap is no good.

14 août

Always surprised to rediscover this dark pattern whenever I have to set up Tweetbot from scratch

Sets up old iPhone 6 again as a backup device. Remembers it’s running iOS 12, like the iPad. Swipes up to switch apps. Swipes agai—oh, right.

Giving all iPads the X-style multitasking UI, but not the iPhones, is so. goddamn. petty.

13 août

This looks to be another awesome card game I’ll never get any of my friends interested in

Similar to a team building exercise I’ve had (count from 1 to 20 out loud, as a group, one person at a time, eyes closed), with thankfully a bit more information.


5 steps to beat the heat.


Gettin’ real sick of seeing this headline over and over again. []

12 août


good boy doesn’t let a fight break out 😀👌

11 août

I’m old and being awake hurts.


In retrospect, this was the exact right solution []

10 août

My headset went black in the middle of a Beat Saber session and I was too scared of what I’d find (what with all the sweat) to troubleshoot before leaving for the weekend 😰


#spaceshipthings #showerthoughts #conceptart #whynot

Ca existe, des claviers midi conçus pour ne donner que les notes d’une gamme donnée choisie par l’utilisateur, façon Logic Remote ? Mon côté ingénieur refuse de se faire au concept des gammes à mémoriser qui utilisent et ignorent une sélection différente de blanches et noires.

“C’est à deux stations de métro, ça va, je peux le faire à pied,” par Le mec qui était allé acheter vingt kilos de fonte à Go Sport.

Quand Cher enregistre Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! elle ne change pas la mélodie pour faire son intéressante, alors pourquoi les producteurs ont cru qu’ils pouvaient faire mieux que les arrangements d’origine ? Abba ne vieillit pas Abba n’a pas besoin de modernisation.


Important Working Lunch instructional slide RE introducing yourself

There is nothing I find appealing in the Red Dead trailer except for how well the horses are modeled and animated, but then that video did go out of its way not to be exciting. (And I don’t care for westerns. And I Rockstar has moved away from nice, human stories.)


Ok this Waze onboarding is insane


Me, endlessly: Explain your game!

Rockstar: does it like they’re selling a high-end boat

Me: OK no that does kill it, let’s all go back to being infuriatingly opaque.

[] .

9 août

Also how did the industry go through three decades of point-and-click development and it’s still a notable innovation that Unavowed lets you “look” at objects by just hovering the mouse over them.

When Unavowed gives you a game-halting moral choice in a situation where it makes no sense for the world to wait for you, the NPCs keep talking among themselves behind the prompt in order to delay the action and it’s the most beautiful thing.


anytime i want to post a joke on twitter i think about all the people who won’t get the joke, who will try to ‘add to’ the joke, or otherwise ‘correct’ the joke and it makes me hate y’all too much to give you any of my jokes


Nice! Shadow of the Tomb Raider lets you independently select the combat, exploration, and puzzle difficulty - to get rid of visual cues and puzzle hints, without making the combat harder. []


Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s exploration difficulty settings go beyond toggling HUD markers and actually change the world art - I love it! More great accessibility details here []. Keep up the good work, @EidosMontreal!

8 août


There’s a great feature in Far Cry 5 where if you skip some quest giver’s dialogue, they’ll give you a super quick TL:DR rundown of what you need to do.


“Congrats” in Indonesian is “selamat”. Selamat also means “to survive.”

After the 6.9 magnitude earthquake in Lombok, Facebook users wrote “I hope people will survive”. Then Facebook highlighted the word “selamat” and throw some balloons and confetti.

7 août


I’m pleased to see they improved the copy for this preference in Mojave.


LGBT culture is your parents knowing absolutely nothing about you

6 août

Hey, drag-and-drop, fuck you and your Swift-influenced API that is only fully documented in the goddamn WWDC videos.

5 août


As someone who makes software for a living, I’m extremely skeptical of putting too much software in things. []


Mais cette hallu totale oO []

Though at this point I’m pretty sure a machine-learning algorithm should be able to take this photo, recognize that it’s a cat picture, and reconstruct the hair and eye textures.

Not sure why I had never looked much into it, but Photoshop Express did the trick. You can correct RGB noise separately from luminance noise, so you get a decent grain instead of the iPhone’s oil-painting noise reduction algorithm.

Why are there a dozen apps for taking RAW photos on iPhone but I struggle to find a good app to try and denoise them a bit?

I demand to know why I am not sleeping.


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