Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

14 décembre

This past month I’ve relied so much on Spotify’s Discover Weekly and Daily Mixes that I’m extremely nervous about playing anything that might drive those playlists away from bassy electronica.

When your main job is to tap me on the wrist when there is something I want to know about, you really should not be adding opportunities to interrupt me with things that can very much wait.

I like the idea of the Apple Watch auto-recording my walks, but it would be much less annoying if it just popped up a prompt on the phone’s lock screen instead of bugging me when it starts, and when it ends, and after the first kilometer (?!).


Is this leaked Episode 9 crawl real?


Facebook is a right-wing propaganda machine. Now that millennials hardly ever use it and zoomers don’t even have accounts, it’s fully committed to the lucrative business model of poisoning brains. We’ve already seen it abet genocide in South Asia. []

I’m trying to get a Nomai mask asset in shape for 3D printing and the detail on that design is so damn good 💜

Every time I try to improve my Rift’s tracking it somehow ends up getting worse, so it’s time I stop trying. The minute I get my next payment I’m ordering an Index.

13 décembre

I think I chose the worst possible resin color for taking pictures, but I intend to paint them anyway. Or ridicule myself trying, at least.

DLP printing is amazing 😲

(But I’m gonna need a Dremel to clean up the supports.)


Looks like I picked a bad day to set this app up


Incredibly powerful story… and also tragic—

In the End, the NFL Proved Colin Kaepernick Right []

12 décembre

When I look at the time I feel like I’ve got a fucking giant billboard on my wrist.

Also I can’t get my MacBook Pro to detect the watch and display the “Unlock with Apple Watch” setting, please tell me I don’t need to upgrade to Catalina so it’ll see watchOS 5.

Finally ready to enter the twenty-first century. My Series 0 must be the mobile device I kept the longest, and it’s not because it was powerful enough to last.


Everyone’s talking about impeachment and Clinton & Johnson as the only presidents ever impeached. But most people don’t know WHY Johnson was impeached.

So let me tell you the story about how not impeaching a racist president is a BIG reason why white supremacy lingers in America

Two weeks is the time it took me to accept that I’ll never open again the liter of resin that was bundled with the printer, and try to order a replacement that doesn’t stink.

Rationally I didn’t mind that my new 3D printer’s resin stank to high heaven — the results were worth it.

Subconsciously I was so repelled by the smell (even though I didn’t think it was that bad) that I haven’t been able to bring myself to use it again for the past two weeks.


The more I read about quantum mechanics, the more convinced I become that our universe is a computer simulation.

The really weird stuff like quantum superposition and entanglement only make intuitive sense if you think of them as rendering artifacts of compute optimizations.


From the archive 📚: Peter Funch has photographed the same people on the same street for nine years > []

Tried getting back into Forza Horizon 4 if only to get the Advent daily cars, but driving on flat-screen with a pad (wheel handling sucks) is sooo boring.

On the other hand Project Cars 2 has perfect VR and FFB but the game itself is sooo boring.

Why was Driveclub VR so perfect.

When I went to play Beat Saber the tracking in Oculus Home bugged out and my headset’s position was locked in space and… I didn’t feel sick at all.

11 décembre

His Dark Materials 1x06 — 8/10


Took Me Eleven Minutes to do That Thing I’ve Been Avoiding for Three Months: A Memoir

Why are we, as a society, accepting that the 123 and globe/emoji buttons are reversed when you go from iPhone to iPad?

Horrified to realize that if I hadn’t gone for a dual-filament printer (only to remove the dual-filament head later because it was shit), I could have bought a nice pre-assembled auto-leveling delta printer for the same price.

10 décembre


Feet or Wheels? Only €480 extra, because of course it requires a whole new chassis frame and isn’t just something you can attach later

Et si, entre deux photos de voitures stationnées sur la piste cyclable, vous expliquiez à vos potes le principe du passage piéton ?


Wat Samphran is a Buddhist temple in Amphoe Sam Phran, Nakhon Pathom province, around 40 km to the west of Bangkok. The temple is notable for its 17-story tall pink cylindrical building with a gigantic dragon sculpture curling around the entire height []

9 décembre


Sometimes I put down my iPad and pick up my iPhone and expect there to be different, more interesting internet on it.

I’m 16 minutes into a Death Stranding let’s play and… I think I want to stop watching and play the game? This was not the expected result.

8 décembre


Moscow police officers illegally “monetize” footage of 175,000 surveillance cameras on forums and messenger groups. For 470$ anyone can have access to facial recognition lookup services. Interestingly enough, they do not work. #facialrecognitionisascam []


1) In 2008 a salmon (yes the fish) was put through an MRI scanner. The salmon was shown a series of photographs of humans in social situations, and asked to determine the emotion of the person in the photo (yes, really).

Mais what do I know, cette série m’emmerde mortellement et je ne regarde que pour les production values (qui m’ont semblé en baisse dans le dernier épisode, d’ailleurs).

J’ai la nette impression que The Child était en images de synthèse au départ et qu’ils n’ont arrêté qu’après la remarque de Werner Herzog, et je vote qu’ils ont eu tort, il était beaucoup mieux dans les premiers épisodes.

7 décembre

The Mandalorian 1x05 — 3/10

I keep trying to play Call of Cthulhu, but I already hated the lead actor in Vampyr, and that game had the benefit of much better-written dialogue.


je vois des gens qui continuent à faire des sapins de Noël donc je recommence pour les 2 du fond []

Une vision inédite de l’enfer : la soirée avec une musique excellente mais les deux-tiers du public sont venus uniquement pour le show porno.


The AT&T PC 6300’s demo program was an entire goddamned aesthetic.