3 mars


Introducing Trill Flex: a sensor that bends to your projects!

Trill Flex makes it easy to add capacitive touch sensing to virtually any surface. Read all about it on our blog: [blog.bela.io]

Special introductory discount: [shop.bela.io]

The controller board is getting pretty hot pretty fast, though, so I’m probably better off replacing it.


I bought a string of addressable fairy lights on aliexpress and didn’t know it would come with its own controller and now I have to decide if I take the risk of cutting it off to put on my own and I don’t like to make decisions 😒

I bought a string of addressable fairy lights on aliexpress and didn’t know it would come with its own controller and now I have to decide if I take the risk of cutting it off to put on my own and I don’t like to make decisions 😒


Macron il a dit « 4 à 6 semaines » au doigt mouillé et maintenant, toute la com du gouvernement repose sur cette échéance car on ne saurait dédire notre bon roy, quel délire

C’est légal, de foutre une caméra genre Amazon Ring devant la porte d’un appartement qui voit passer littéralement tous les gens qui rentrent dans l’immeuble ? 🤨


I’ll tell you why:

Age 8: Computer camp. Instructor told my mom not to bring me back. He said I would distract the boys.

Age 12: Computer aided drafting class. My partner was a guy who did nothing, but I wanted to use the computer so was happy to do everything. He got a [twitter.com]


As a…

– registered user

I want to…

– check the ‘remember me’ checkbox

So that…

– I am merely placated by the placebo effect

Now I need a black Kallax and some plexiglas.

“By default, when a processor is executing an instruction, its LED is on. […] Those unfamiliar with the use of the LEDs wanted to see them blink – or even spell out messages to visitors. The result is that finished programs often have superfluous operations to blink the LEDs.“

Turns out there’s one in Jurassic Park and I would never have imagined that was an actual supercomputer

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OVH qui se met à réclamer un login pour récupérer les PDF de mes factures mensuelles, ça va devenir vraiment vieux vraiment vite.


As someone who reads and writes in a variety of English contexts, my favorite new spelling reminder is that in A_merica they put ‘a’ in “gray” while in _England they put ‘e’ in “grey”.

C’est épuisant de binger les archives d’un podcast de live play dont les joueurs se voient tous les deux mois et oublient complètement ce qui s’est passé d’un épisode à l’autre.


The BullseyeBore is a drill attachment using lasers to tell you if you’re drilling straight. The attachment can be affixed to any drill and works in any orientation. The laser projections even provide visual cues on drill bit depth [read more: [bullseyebore.com]]


How to prevent emperor penguin chicks from imprinting on humans when they are hand-reared:


i need to start selling poor quality products and marketing them like this. [twitter.com]








wait.. what? Intel has secret super high frequency processors with no warranty… specifically for wall street stock traders? 😵 [anandtech.com]

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28 février

Wait why does Hardspace: Shipbreaker have a Microsoft Azure logo at launch? 😳


“What if there’s a better shot just one time/weather combo away?”, the man asked himself, not realising he already captured the best version hours ago.



All these Witcher 3 shots are from the exact same spot.

Good environment controls can be a blessing and a curse.



Inside Apple, we used to call something like this a ”turd”. For many years, we aimed for this goal: ”No turds.” [twitter.com]


Scallops have a large number (up to 200) of small (about 1 mm) eyes arranged along the edge of their mantles. Each one relies on a concave, parabolic mirror of guanine crystals to focus and retro-reflect light thru millions of square tiles [buff.ly]

27 février


On imagine que les gens qui sont arrivés à QAnon ont quelque chose de fondamentalement cassé en eux. C’est faux. Ils ont juste eu des années de ce type de régime médiatique, doublé d’une diabolisation de quiconque critiquait cette rhétorique.

La conseillère syndicale qui me montrait toute contente le nouveau compartiment colis qui s’ouvre magiquement avec les clés de toutes les boîtes aux lettres


Le livreur Colissimo qui téléphone pour que je descende chercher une enveloppe A5 à dix heures du matin un samedi

I’ve played Fortnite all of ten minutes ever and I’m still gonna have to make a deliberate effort to stop myself from reinstalling it to buy the xenomorph skin.

26 février


H.R. Giger would be proud #Aliens #Fortnite #XboxShare


Hasbro is breaking out Wizards of the Coast earnings for the first time and it is WILD ya’ll. “From the outside, Hasbro looks like a toy company, but with these numbers, it’s revealed to be a geek game company with toy and entertainment divisions.” [icv2.com]

Mon brumisateur magique dont je n’ai jamais compris comment il marchait ne marche plus. J’en viens à me demander s’il a jamais marché ou si c’était une illusion.

25 février

Est-ce que personne ne m’invite à ses covid parties parce que je les appelle covid parties sur Twitter ?


Ils me rendent ouf avec leurs graphiques en disant “oh là là on peut rien faire c’est terrible” hmmm attendez pourquoi la courbe a baissé au printemps dernier, il faudrait envoyer quelqu’un enquêter

Raft (Stephen Baxter) — 7/10


sadly we must turn off the ability to QT people in order to kill the awful meme format that’s just a chain of bad QTs with a banal prompt


How do we alleviate stress? We persuade ourselves that events in fact are under our control. If we choose to believe that bad things happen to people because of their choices or personal failings, we can live stress-free under the delusion that bad things won’t happen to us.


I know that politically this is really depressing, but if you’ll indulge me a minute, I think psychologically it’s really interesting.


The nilgai or blue bull is the largest Asian antelope and is endemic to the Indian subcontinent. They stand 1–1.5 metres (3.3–4.9 ft) at the shoulder and their maximum weight recorded is 308 kilograms [buff.ly]

24 février


wow almost like everyone saying over the past 10 years that everything boston dynamics develops would eventually be militarized and turned against us was right! [twitter.com]