28 novembre


Violences policières dans le 17e:

- Novembre 2020 : Macron demande «au Gouvernement de faire rapidement des propositions».

- Juin 2020 : Macron demande «des propositions» au gouvernement

- Janvier 2020 : Macron «demande des propositions au gouvernement»

27 novembre

I’ve switched @Tweetbot for Mac to small thumbnails because my French timeline has been gruesome lately, and I can’t believe someone thought it was a good idea to have a distracting animation I’m not allowed to disable on every tweet that includes several images.

By the way, I only entered SnowRunner’s first DLC map today, and I spent the entire day there because it’s fantastic — from the northern lights to frozen rivers cracking under the weight of your truck.

26 novembre

It took two trucks and over an hour to bring a single crate to the map’s most remote corner, on fragile ice and through neck-deep snow, and just as I was about to reach my destination I accidentally picked “Remove cargo” instead of “Pack cargo” so I rage-uninstalled my PC.

Book’s not good but I’m inspired by the idea of turning your dream MMO spec into a shitty novel.

25 novembre

24 novembre


This towering metallic monolith was just discovered in a remote area of Utah [thisiscolossal.com]


Ca y est j’en ai plus rien à foutre de ce que va annoncer Macron, j’ai transcendé le confinement.

23 novembre

WTF, Xcode doesn’t remember pane layout per tab anymore? They’ve removed the one thing that made the app manageable, where you could have the right-hand inspector pane only open in Interface Builder tabs, with the left-hand navigator closed to make up for lost space?

Finally got my Mail message list back to under one screen. I’d complain about Big Sur’s loss of information density but, to be fair, some of those emails were from a year ago.


Anyone who’s gone viral on here knows that, broadly… it sucks. It renders the platform unusable, opens you up to abuse and harassment, and has barely any upside. Snap’s deal is basically “lose the downside, and take the upside in cash rather than followers”


Je viens de découvrir que la trachée des #cétacés, directement reliée à leur #évent, n’avait pas de connexion à leur œsophage, les empêchant de fait de respirer par la bouche… 🤔

The Catalyst Messages app has a couple of tiny non-standard keyboard behaviors (such as shift-up not working) and I will probably end up in a psych ward before the year is over.

21 novembre


Not a ‘math person’? You may be better at learning to code than you think. A recent research found that a natural aptitude for learning languages is a stronger predictor of learning to program than basic math knowledge, or numeracy [read more: [buff.ly]]


Deux journalistes allemands jettent un regard critique sur la gestion du Covid en France et notamment l’attestation de déplacement qui est « l’essence même de l’autoritarisme français. Infantilisante, humiliante » (sur @arretsurimages) [arretsurimages.net]


“We are giddy”—interviewing Apple about its Mac silicon revolution [arstechnica.com]

20 novembre


Typology of diaolou — multi-storey defensive watchtowers in rural Guangdong, China. Generally made of reinforced concrete, diaolou structures are one of the most spectacular and eclectic examples of fusion between Chinese and Western architecture

I just spent an hour soldering components only to find out that Big Sur broke the Arduino IDE 🤬

I mostly quite like the way Big Sur looks. But I hate the loss of information density. But I like how it looks. But… 😖

Zut, si je n’avais pas décidé de payer une première partie en octobre, j’aurais mille euros de plus sur mon compte en banque. (Et mille euros de plus à payer pour futur-moi, mais ça serait son problème.) (En vrai, les mille euros économisés, je les aurais dépensés à Ikea.)