Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

27 mars

Se faire à manger pour trouver l’énergie de se mettre au boulot. Lancer un film de trois heures pour accompagner le repas.

RT @CaseyNewton: This transcendent video of a dog who can’t catch food is the only thing that matters today [] (via @willkane)

I’d like to write something clever about The Jinx but it always inevitably comes back to just “Oh. My. God.”

26 mars

RT @SusanArendt: The secret to curing your VR nausea might be…a digital nose? []

Asshole hair stands alone, shouting “HEY! HEY! THIS IS WHERE YOUR HAIRLINE USED TO BE!”

A force de ne regarder que des comédies américaines, mon cerveau bascule immédiatement en anglais quand je veux faire de l’humour.

It looks a lot like someone got a preview of Periscope and described it to a developer who then decided to create Meerkat, doesn’t it? No wonder Twitter cut off their access to the social graph.

Dakota Johnson is kind of amazing in Fifty Shades, considering what — and who — she has to work with.

25 mars

Worth nothing that if someone buys the wrong Layout app on the App Store then asks for a refund, Apple will basically bill its developer $0.60.

RT @harrymccracken: I love Facebook’s Paper & like Instagram’s Layout, but think that Facebook should work harder to choose unique names. []

Props to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for bothering not to have their magical face replication tech magically replicate the voice from a photo.

It may be the game’s only flaw that I’ve unlocked Paz, Izel and Felipe, and I’m still coming back to Maya.

24 mars

really wish I knew whether Looking’s first season was just as bad and there just wasn’t any other gay show on the air for comparison.

23 mars

It’s quite sad how much work went into AC:Unity to produce such a lackluster game. The city just looks amazing.

Let’s replace that old “all magic comes with a price” trope that I hate with “magic is like an iPhone: sometimes it just stops working for no reason, and sometimes it fails catastrophically” #anysufficientlyadvancedtechnology

22 mars

Does “Escape 3 elders in one run” mean something other than the obvious? Because I just did it and wasn’t credited.

Sur les sites de T-shirt-du-jour, mon hésitation n’est pas “est-ce que ça vaut les 10 €” mais “est-ce que ça vaut un passage à la loge.”

Je me suis coupé sous le nez avant de sortir. Ca s’est remis à saigner en dansant. Je n’ai réalisé qu’après que ça donnait de fausses idées.

Turns out, of all the substances I could consume in a club, the one that doesn’t make me murderously antisocial is also the most expensive and least healthy: vodka.

21 mars

Am I supposed to believe that Birdman is ironically overwrought and self-indulgent? That wouldn’t make it any less annoying anyway.

20 mars

It’s really smart how Alto’s Adventure keeps you playing by giving you goal after goal and thank god my iPad just ran out of battery.

Tiens, et si on jouait à la marelle ?

Fake GoPro footage is the new fake found footage. As in, it’s obnoxious.

Interstellar is chock-full of stupid, but it’s a lot more entertaining than I expected.

19 mars

RT @GreyPea: Beautifully implemented procedural city block creator. Lots of fun. Created by Oskar Stålberg. [] []

RT @autorelease: “Snap Crackle and Pop are terms sometimes facetiously used for the fourth, fifth, and sixth derivatives of position.” []

Cycliste sur le trottoir qui regarde son téléphone au lieu de devant elle HULK SMASH!

If y’all don’t stop writing about Apple Watch all the time, I’m never gonna be able to resist buying one at launch.

Of course Rob Thomas’ zombie show would open on the protagonist being raped at a party (allegorically). But why is the pilot so boring?

RT @JeremiahLee: “If you eat just six fewer 4-oz burgers per year, it’ll save as much water as not showering. The. Whole. Year.” []

RT @BenedictEvans: PSA: Apple added flyover for Venice

18 mars

Des T-shirts unis basiques avec un picto “sèche-linge interdit.” Pourquoi the fuck il me serait venu à l’idée de regarder l’étiquette ?!

17 mars

Dear iOS photo app developer: the system camera is a swipe away from the lock screen, so stop assuming I’ll ever take a photo in your app.

RT @tapbot_paul: Google Play switched over to having apps reviewed by humans. No one noticed, meanwhile we’re still at 7+ day reviews.


I wish. I wish I could go to the festival. And dance with a prince and run away from him. Shit, Into the Woods is all of my Saturday nights.

Hard-pressed to remember the last non-animated musical that had as solid a cast as Into the Woods. Not a masterpiece, but entertaining.

16 mars

Holy shit, I hadn’t even seen Enlight’s tools for custom color filters. You can make your own unique cross-processing presets!

I can never decide whether “swipe left” means left-to-right or right-to-left — yet I have no hesitation with “swipe up.” Only me?

15 mars

Et quand je dis la défensive vous êtes libres de comprendre que j’ai envie de filer des coups de boule à tout-va.

C’est pas pour me chercher des excuses mais je ne me trouverai jamais un mec en boîte parce que l’ambiance de merde me met sur la défensive.

14 mars

RT @dannysullivan: Tech progress is amazing. Twitter means we live with typos. Instagram makes square photos normal. Meerkat means vertical video is a thing.

I need to set up Notifyr again on my iPhone to see if push-notifications-over-Bluetooth has become moreliable in iOS 8.2.

Why should you want to hover in Alto’s Adventure when it prevents you from picking up speed?

Il va falloir dire à Matthew Bellamy qu’il est deux fois trop vieux pour écrire ces chansons de lycéen anar’ des beaux quartiers.

13 mars

“Ahhh on est vendredi, y’a du monde dans les bars, abort, abort, abort !”

RT @dkdsgn: Photoshop experts try using Photoshop 1.0. []

12 mars

I apologize for thinking all this time that haptic feedback must be bullshit.

Functionally, however: I hope click-vs.-force-click is off by default, because it’s gonna confuse A LOT of users.

Obligatory visit to the Apple Store: the new trackpad must be filled with magic and fairies. Clicking feels 100% real.

RT @iFixit: We’ve got your first look inside Apple’s Force Touch Track Pad. [] []

RT @nchan: 3d printed 38mm and 42mm apple watch sizes, compared to Asus zenwatch. []


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