25 février

Est-ce que personne ne m’invite à ses covid parties parce que je les appelle covid parties sur Twitter ?


Ils me rendent ouf avec leurs graphiques en disant “oh là là on peut rien faire c’est terrible” hmmm attendez pourquoi la courbe a baissé au printemps dernier, il faudrait envoyer quelqu’un enquêter

Raft (Stephen Baxter) — 7/10


sadly we must turn off the ability to QT people in order to kill the awful meme format that’s just a chain of bad QTs with a banal prompt


How do we alleviate stress? We persuade ourselves that events in fact are under our control. If we choose to believe that bad things happen to people because of their choices or personal failings, we can live stress-free under the delusion that bad things won’t happen to us.


I know that politically this is really depressing, but if you’ll indulge me a minute, I think psychologically it’s really interesting.


The nilgai or blue bull is the largest Asian antelope and is endemic to the Indian subcontinent. They stand 1–1.5 metres (3.3–4.9 ft) at the shoulder and their maximum weight recorded is 308 kilograms [buff.ly]

24 février


wow almost like everyone saying over the past 10 years that everything boston dynamics develops would eventually be militarized and turned against us was right! [twitter.com]

23 février


I never anticipated buying a 3D printer (or two) would make me pine for a true workshop full of woodworking power tools. YouTube DIY channels contributed, but it’s just addictive to be able to turn ideas into objects, and you can’t build an armchair with an Ender 3.

I never anticipated buying a 3D printer (or two) would make me pine for a true workshop full of woodworking power tools. YouTube DIY channels contributed, but it’s just addictive to be able to turn ideas into objects, and you can’t build an armchair with an Ender 3.


#Etymozoo Pardos en grec signifie panthère pour désigner des animaux à la robe tachetée comme ds Leo-pard Lion-panthère, le Gué-pard de l’it. gatto chat donnant le chat-pard d’où on tire chaparder & le camelo-pard chameau-panthère pour désigner la girafe Giraffa camelopardalis


Original Daft Punk helmets under construction by Alterian Inc.


Is it really unintended when we have many previous misuses of social media campaigns targeting black people?

YouTube had a highlight a week ago for black youtubers and you guessed it their comment sections got swarmed with racist trolls. It’s not new and it keeps happening. [twitter.com]


Daughter 1 was taking an exam today being proctored by some type of software that apparently was not tested on dark skin. She had to open her window, turn on the lights, and then shine a flashlight over her head to be detectable. 😡😡😡

22 février


Drypoint etching on paper by Louis Icart, mostly done in 1900s to 30s. Really interesting poses and silhouettes, and the animal presence on his paintings and drawings is always full of personality, specially the dogs.


The legal regime for collective bargaining in the United States is so fucked [twitter.com]


Oh my god look at this awesomely atrocious ESP32 kit 😍

Oh my god look at this adorably awful ESP32 kit 😍


Étude très intéressante sur #Twitter 👀

Les utilisateurs sont très représentatifs de la société 🇫🇷 (en % de bretons, parisiens, soignants, d’enseignants, juristes) et les échanges ne sont pas si polarisés qu’on peut le croire ! @le_Parisien @DamienLicata



After Event[0], a lot of peers asked me if the future was a GTA in which you could talk to every NPC, and I answered to each one of them this was a shitty idea that would never work, and now I must admit that my convictions are quite shaken. [youtube.com]


3- We have to assume that not everyone will be able completely eliminate social interaction for extended periods of time, especially people who live alone, so restricting outdoor activity will likely result in some people gathering indoors, where the risk is higher. (12/n)


2- There’s a delicate balance between preventing infections and increasing lockdown fatigue. People do not have unlimited energy, so we should ask them to be vigilant where it matters most, which is indoors, while giving them a break outdoors. (11/n)


There are 4 main problems with concentrating on low-risk settings and restricting/shaming outdoor interactions.

1- These messages are quite harmful because people are confused about where the real risk is. Majority of transmission continues to happen in indoor settings. (10/n)

21 février

20 février

Hey, Siri, rappelle-moi comment je m’habille quand il fait plus de 15°.

19 février


So, umm.. one of my coworkers adopted a chicken from the farm. His son took the chicken everywhere. The now enjoys sledding. I have no words.


We bought this pillow and it’s perfect


I’ll have to try a better filament, but I’m pretty happy with this Cura plugin to generate woodgrain (by varying the hotend’s temperature) [github.com]

It just occurs to me that using wood PLA to house electronic components that might get hot is… potentially… suboptimal.

But I’m gonna have to pay proper attention to the seam for the first time


‘Killing Time’ is a sculpture by artist Eric Mesplé: it combines the iconic use of ferrofluid and signature metalwork. As a viewer approaches the sculpture, sensors detect their distance from the sculpture increasing the upward draw of the ferrofluid [ow.ly]

J’ai fait trois fois le tour de l’appart pour essayer de me rappeler à quelle occasion j’avais commandé une alim 12V. Cet écran est là depuis quinze jours, je l’ai vu hier en photographiant mes nouvelles lumières, et j’ai quand même complètement oublié son existence


Rumination—spiraling thoughts about our worries, their causes, and their consequences—can be a sign of understimulation for ADHD’ers.

When our mind has no external stimulation, it can create it’s own… bringing anxiety along for the ride


Every episode of Popular Space Show™

Je suis donc simplement incapable de couper une tringle à rideaux à la bonne taille


Relatedly, another silly SF real estate observation: almost everything in my house costs less than the square footage it sits on? I’ll think “oh, wow, a piano would be expensive”… but, like, actually buying the space to put it costs much more!!


Michelle Phieffer as Catwoman, whipping the heads off 4 Mannequins, & skipping away, all in one take.. cause you can’t defeat a bad bitch

“Je vais marquer tout ce qu’il me faut sur un post-it pour pas oublier.”

“Zut, j’ai oublié le post-it. Bah, ça va, y’avait deux lignes dessus, je me souviendrai.”

“Merde, c’était quoi l’autre truc qu’il me fallait ?”

J’ai rêvé que je tuais une plante en oubliant de l’arroser 😱

Le twist : en vrai c’est une plante que j’ai tuée il y a plusieurs semaines #PTSD


I will never miss a chance to bring up that there are photos of the surface of Venus, taken by the Russians in the two hours before the lander freaking melted

18 février

On va faire les courses avant de déjeuner et on se retrouve avec le congélateur plein de poulet pané au gluten 🤦🏻‍♂️

Quand j’ai vu le hero shot sur leur site, j’ai supposé que c’était un packaging bidon juste pour la photo, mais non, ils envoient vraiment leur sampler sous la forme la moins optimisée possible 🤪

Je me suis lâché sur les commandes internet depuis une semaine et maintenant j’envisage de quitter le pays sans laisser d’adresse plutôt que de devoir réceptionner les colis parce que ça fait beaucoup trop d’interactions sociales à gérer.



Not only should this software not exist, but it didn’t learn what it was supposed to learn, and the developers didn’t bother to figure out (or didn’t care) what the algorithm had learned. [twitter.com]

17 février


“You don’t act gay”

Thanks I was bullied into not being my authentic self as a child. ☺


The best kind of photo is when a cheeky cat has stolen a fish

I’m gonna have to install No Man’s Sky again, aren’t I.


When a 30,000-ton bus terminal was rotated 90 degrees horizontally in Xiamen, China in September 2019. The weight was equivalent to roughly 170 Boeing 747s [buff.ly]

Oh no.

I can’t remember who I romanced in Mass Effect 2 and 3 😱

Je suis dopé à la caféine et aux plantes recommandées pour l’ADHD, j’essaie d’apprendre une chanson et… ça rentre tout seul.

Je crois que je n’ai pas bu un seul café ou thé de tout mon passage en cours de théâtre où c’était une torture pour essayer de retenir deux répliques.

Commander des choses sur internet 🤗

Passer des matinées entières à devoir répondre au téléphone quand il sonne 🤬


Woodworker Uli Kirchler’s “very hidden castles” are nestled within gnarled tree burls. The Portland, Oregon-based artist originally hails from Italy, and works with unique pieces of wood with textural surfaces and variegated colorations [buff.ly]

Hier soir il restait suffisamment peu de chaussettes sur l’étendoir pour que je commence enfin à considérer la possibilité de le vider… et voilà comme par hasard qu’il est temps de relancer une lessive 😩


A lot of neurodivergent folks struggle to maintain friendships. ADHD’ers can forget people exist if they aren’t around. Masking is tiring, etc.

What’s the best coping strategy you have for maintaining the friendships in your life?