Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

29 juin

RT @DickKingSmith: Prevent YOUR Dachshund escaping through bars with the advanced technology of the WDN Spoon Evolution LITE Mini Security System™.

RT @alexhern: Ain’t no pitch as creepy as a dating app pitch []

RT @bigpotplant: And here is another @tiltbrush creation by Tobias Wustefeild. Honestly the #VR recently has been mind blowing.

RT @__meehear: น้องงงงงงงงงงงงงงงงง แงงงงงงงงงงงง รวมพลคนโง่มากเว่ออออ []

RT @stroughtonsmith: Seeing the hole punched in this Apple Pencil Case makes me wonder why the heck Apple didn’t do that themselves

I feel like “grip” should explicitly be “contract” instead. MY TAIL SHOULD NOT FALL WHILE I’M COILED AROUND BAMBOO.

28 juin

Crash Time III is kind of terrible but the driving physics are surprisingly decent

Why did I buy Dark Souls III when I’m still only halfway through the love-hate relationship that is my first Bloodborne playthrough 😩 #whycantigiveup

I wish Steam’s discovery queue had an “Already Owned” button. Clicking “Not Interested” on a game I own and like feels very wrong.

RT @alexhern: It got proposed, built, and shut down in the time it’s taken Hyperloop to build a test tunnel in a desert.

RT @alexhern: The insane bus tunnel thing is dead because of course it is. []

I can’t imagine how it could be a hard problem for Finder to remember the right view settings for each folder.

I guess I win at spending money 🎉

27 juin

Pages and pages of hints about defeating Bloodborne’s Rom before learning the key was to lower my Insight so I could survive her attacks.

RT @doney: Ramin Djawadi is such a nice guy 😌 → Inside Game of Thrones: A Story in Score (major spoilers up to S06 finale)

RT @NathanJLiu: Damning review of Planet of the Apps, with a sad conclusion. Apple has lost its taste. []

RT @Oniropolis: “Photographer Benny Lam has documented the suffocating living conditions in Hong Kong’s subdivided flats”

RT @DShankar: I wonder if Apple is making a AR headset 🙃 []

26 juin

I’m not sure if getting drunk right now would happily destroy my short-term memory of Rom and her friends or just make the nightmares worse.

RT @ImACultHero: Just learned that Cheetahs are really nervous animals, and some zoos give them “support dogs” to relax

Died with over 30k blood echoes at the second stage of the Moonside Lake. No way to find them again.

Just reached Byrgenwerth and judging by the new enemy design I’m getting close to the point where I can’t play this game anymore 🕷

Bon, je n’ai pas passé 25 ans à me demander ce qui était arrivé à l’agent Cooper et je n’ai aucune raison de continuer à m’infliger cette saison 3 qui n’est pas faite pour moi. (Ni pour qui que ce soit d’autre.)

RT @Kantrowitz: This is madness. Don’t understand why anyone would want this. [] []

RT @bencjenkins: IF you accept that it’s likely we’re all living in a simulation then you also have to accept you’re probably living above a painting goblin

RT @unormal: Aircraft rated surface vs not. []

25 juin

Shadow Warrior comes with a special version of Viscera Cleanup Detail :D

RT @MonsieurDrama: Héros d’Istanbul ❤️🏳️‍🌈 #PrideMonth []

RT @stroughtonsmith: ! ARKit is accurate enough to measure point to point distances in a room. On an iPhone. []

C’est déstabilisant — et même un peu rageant — que Moffat soit encore capable de signer un excellent épisode de Doctor Who.

RT @nukotanhshs: チーターの鳴き声可愛すぎて草 []

As far as unsolicited emails go, this would be pretty clever if blogs hadn’t been dead for years

RT @Ekanaut: Dino Frontier dino riding #screenshotsaturday #PSVR coming soon []

24 juin

I have to send out an invoice before month’s end so I can pay my rent. But my empty bank account is all that saved me from this Steam sale 😱

RT @twitgera: lol this horse mod for Spintires, the game where you navigate trucks over crazily muddy terrain []

Let’s make it illegible to add insult to injury

23 juin

RT @GiveMeInternet: Mother protecting it’s baby. []

RT @GameDesignDan: I have a lot of admiration for how Ancel is immediately excited about this big game about delivering pizza

22 juin

“Beyond Good and Evil 2: First In-Engine Demo”

Tech’s impressive but what I love most is the giant statue’s texture.

clicks the warning

What’s that, Lassie?


Je découvre avec horreur que j’avais arrêté de regarder The Originals pile avant l’arrivée de Meg Foster 💜

21 juin

Il y a un chien mouillé sur la plage en haut de ma timeline Instagram et je n’ai jamais autant regretté de ne pas avoir une fourrure.

Extreme measures for extreme temperatures

RT @Pentadact: I remember the mix of delight and horror when I found a Praxis Kit in a drawer. A Praxis Kit! But now I have to check EVERY. DRAWER.

RT @Pentadact: Whatever you reward, some players will feel forced to do it. The tiny XP payout for hacking in Deus Ex 3 killed the game for this person.

20 juin

RT @Monty_Brogan69: Quand on me demande de prendre un bébé dans les bras. []

RT @verge: It’s so hot in Phoenix, planes are physically unable to fly [] []

RT @stroughtonsmith: Apple’s approach to getting Photoshop on iPad was ‘wait 7 years for an indie to recreate Photoshop from scratch’. Worked—not very scalable

RT @ID_R_McGregor: Japanese Robot Sumo.

I was aware of it, but had no idea it moved so fast.

None of this footage has been sped up.

RT @christianmccrea: If you need a self-imposed Twitter break, just tell a nazi to go fuck themselves, the app takes care of the rest for 12 hours.

Urgent, cherche job d’été, directeur technique ou vice-président, bureau climatisé impératif. Ou caissier dans un Monoprix, sinon.

L’orage a disparu des prévisions météo de ma Watch pour aujourd’hui

At least no one’s contacting me about bugs in Uniconsole because no one’s using it anymore.

Providing support for an app that sold for all of three months until it saturated its very niche market is the worst.

American Gods vaut le coup rien que pour le prologue de chaque épisode 😲😢

(Mais le reste aussi. Particulièrement cette semaine.)

19 juin

RT @alexhern: TIL: The tube is hell because London clay is a giant heatsink that has been absorbing energy for a hundred years

“macOS High Sierra tech preview”

I thought APFS upgrade wouldn’t be default — maybe it is only for beta testers?

RT @CraigGrannell: I’ve never understood modern tech’s tendency towards stupid and insanely loud beeping you can’t turn off. (Fine if you can.)

With this heat there’s no way I’m turning on the PC — never mind a VR headset — so I guess I’ll focus on interactive fiction for the summer.

RT @leroncier: Gay Guys: You’re Douching Wrong []

J’ai descendu la saison 1 de Twin Peaks d’une traite, mais après une heure de la seconde je crois que je vais plutôt lire un résumé 😴

18 juin

RT @steve_breen: Surprising WWDC labs takeaway:

Many developers eschew the trackpad “natural scrolling” direction setting 😂

Je n’ai jamais vu un chat aussi inconscient du risque de se faire marcher dessus quand il est en plein milieu du chemin 😸

(Ca marche aussi pour les chiens, mais j’aime pas les petits chiens.)

Pro tip : si vous choisissez une petite race de chat, vous ne passerez pas vos journées à changer sa litière

RT @BenedictEvans: The state of AI understanding: someone can give a ‘Wizard of Oz’ demo with the curtain open and people still think they’re seeing magic

RT @samjhewett: This dog followed the google earth guy []

RT @animalcog: German photographer Christian Vieler captures the moments before dogs try to catch their treats. [2] []

17 juin

C’est rare qu’un changement de showrunner soit bénéfique, mais la saison 5 de House of Cards est bien meilleure que les deux précédentes.

RT @mikeBithell: Hey, person who bothered to put physics on this coffee, you did good #PS4share


16 juin

RT @JulianLepinski: Tim Cook: I run Apple & hit the gym @ 4am to keep my body in peak condition

Me: I built an app &the pressure made me stress-eat 5000 cookies

15 juin

RT @chrisrodley: I used deep learning to cross a book of dinosaurs X a book of flowers []

RT @shanselman: Twitter: The border-radius will increase until morale improves.

Ca fait vraiment bizarre d’écouter le podcast politique de Vox en plein marathon House of Cards 😨

My NYT crossword streak is back down to four days and I never realized I’d missed one 😔

Ca y est, le bouton “Archiver” d’Instagram est disponible pour tous \o/ #grandnettoyagedeprintemps

Alors j’aime bien Joel Kinnaman mais comme candidat républicain à la présidentielle, vraiment ? 😂

14 juin

RT @Factornews: OK, David Cage décime des arbres par douzaine, mais au moins il recycle ses discours marketing #OVER2000!!

RT @robmanuel: Increasingly uncomfortable with Facebook doing this. I live 6 miles away. Feels like they’re adding to people’s stress to drive engagement.

Je viens de finir la saison 3 de House of Cards et c’est dingue comme ils ont gâché ce qui aurait dû être le meilleur épisode de la série.

RT @edasfr: Pendant ce temps on crache sur notre système de santé, on le trouve trop cher, on veut réduire les “charges” que sont les cotisations…

RT @odavis_: Incredible. Within first 10 minutes of Uber all-hands meeting today, a board member makes a sexist joke.


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