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23 octobre

RT @WickedGood: So maybe it’s not Apple isn’t interested, but they fundamentally don’t understand gaming and iOS games have been successful despite them.

RT @WickedGood: Those are three pretty significant failures in gaming since iOS was released, and they all took a significant amount of effort to implement.

RT @WickedGood: Apple positioned the Apple TV as a gaming console but required Siri remote control at launch and didn’t pack in a gamepad so no games sold.

RT @WickedGood: Apple built Metal into macOS but I still can’t play Overwatch on my year-old MacBook Pro, and it can barely run XCOM 2.

RT @WickedGood: Apple’s built Game Center, which has been terrible since the beginning and somehow got worse.

22 octobre

RT @dbreunig: “It’s remarkable that virtually an entire co’s product line has been turned into a botnet that is attacking the US.”

RT @meropemills: NY Times Critic Pans Show After Accidentally Watching First Two Episodes Out of Order [] via @mediaite

21 octobre

This could’ve been a chance to find out whether our annus horribilis was better or worse without Twitter. But not with PSN being down too 😨

Okay, the controllers and an audience willing to pay $60 for a game.

20 octobre

Mais qui a décidé que Wolverine pouvait porter un film solo (et encore moins trois) ?

RT @weird_hist: As a breed, corgies date back over 1,000 years. So this medieval battle scene could be accurate. []

C’est quoi ce bordel de rayon de chocolats de Noël un 20 octobre ? Ils se sont trompés en commandant le stock de Halloween ?

Si on supprimait complètement le klaxon des voitures, là, comme ça, est-ce qu’il y aurait le moindre accident supplémentaire ?

RT @LeReilly: Le trailer de la switch, une vision dark de la vie d’adulte où tu essayes de jouer quand tu peux mais y’a toujours un truc pour te déranger.

No touchscreen? That thing better be cheap. Anyway, good name, good concept, and the removable controllers would be too fiddly for the public if they weren’t backed by Nintendo’s brand power.

19 octobre

RT @prostheticknowl: Dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surface: Impressive tech demo from @IshikawaLab

I don’t see anyone else mention the specific tracking issues I have with Driveclub VR, yet can’t imagine how they’d be specific to me ಠ_ಠ

RT @fafner: The macOS crash report is a document based app? 🙃 []

That kind of bullshit could very well be the end of Amazon for electronics and computer sales.

RT @kylebrussell: Being a VR early adopter can be… weird []

18 octobre

RT @McHenryJD: Rory Gilmore doesn’t know how to hold everyday objects, a series []

I really hope it’s because PSVR is flawed and its experiences shallow, rather than me just being old and perpetually dissatisfied.

The one thing I didn’t anticipate is how quickly, and how strongly, having access to VR makes me impatient to get better VR.

TIL you can’t use your PC account in the Xbox version of Elite, so I’m not impatient for a PSVR port anymore. I am not starting over.

RT @HelenaRiches: Think you’re having a bad day? Spare a thought for contractors who set off fire system at Oklahoma National Guard…

RT @haydencd: Open-world games are elaborate model train sets for the digital age.

I’ve been having tracking issues all day and now that I’ve taken the headset off it feels weird that the real world isn’t floating about.

And anyone who complains about Arkham VR’s length is “part of the problem.” So beautiful, so well made, a master class in narrative gaming in VR.

Not the most memorable game, but Wayward Sky is well worth experiencing for the way it plays with scale.

Un moment de flottement quand je me retrouve face à l’hologramme taille réelle de Robin dans Arkham VR 😳

17 octobre

16 octobre

Rez’s Area 5 is the only one that really works for me in VR. Area X’s particle effects suffer too much from low res. Also, too swoopy. Ick.

RT @emmaggarland: for anybody who has claimed this week that the legal system is designed to protect victims of sexual assault:

Between the mess of pixels that is Driveclub and the lack of a proper Tilt Brush, I’m more impatient than ever to get a PC.

Disappointed that the lap times in Driveclub’s career haven’t been updated to be achievable with hardcore handling enabled.

Limited as it is (and why is the included music so terrible?), Harmonix’s Easel is proof that Tilt Brush is VR’s killer app for me.

Chewing gum allowed me to play the Battlezone demo but Here They Lie is still impossible. Pity.

15 octobre

Y’a encore des tonnes de gens partout dans les rues c’est horrible mais que fait la police 😱

Is there a schematic somewhere explaining why moving the PSVR forward doesn’t make the picture look smaller but only changes FoV? #optics

RT @jephjacques: Randy Munroe shared with me perhaps the greatest sequence of bird photos ever taken []

14 octobre

RT @Sci_Phile: The Extraordinary Details of Tiny Creatures Captured with a Laser-Scanning Microscope by Igor Siwanowicz

Speaking of Thumper, the bass on the PSVR’s included earbuds is really good. Wonder how expensive Sony’s retail equivalent is.

I’m saving Area X for another day and it’s supposed to be amazing, but so far Thumper unexpectedly outshines replaying Rez in VR.

Thumper. Jesus fuckinh christ, guys. Thumper in VR. Mouth agape from beginning to end (successful first run, natch).

On s’approche dangereusement du stade où la déception est mathématiquement inévitable

Driveclub and Rez are no-brainers but the question is: Batman or Job Simulator or both?

Trying to resist the urge to download every single PSVR game while I wait for my package to be delivered.

RT @eurogamer: PSVR’s cinema mode works with Xbox One, PC, Mac and Wii U - but there’s a big catch. Digital Foundry tests it out.

Trying to figure out why my site screws up the names of uploaded files and oh my god are you kidding me

13 octobre

The iPhone could do the same for all I know (though I don’t remember Apple ever bragging about single-shot HDR?) but the technique’s interesting anyway.


Whoa, icon labels? Is Snapchat about to give up on bad UX?

12 octobre

We’re providing future generations a live feed of what the rise of fascism looks like and they’ll ignore it because it won’t be holovideo.

RT @BelgianBoolean: “My house has a working total home automation system including touchscreen….. from 1985” []

RT @tapbot_paul: This is some terminator level hardware.


11 octobre

Would be nice if, instead of refunding a Steam game you don’t enjoy through no particular fault of its own, you could gift it to a friend.

RT @iamleyeti: And also, take a look at this stunning portraits of LGBTQ people in China: []

RT @pointclickbait: Deus Ex Developers Confused By Mafia 3: “I Didn’t Realise You Could Use Race To Make A Political Statement”

RT @glassbottommeg: Could we just… stop… doing female-specific animation? This isn’t how women move. Definitely not women in armor.

RT @colincornaby: I don’t think Apple sees their relationship with developers as a partnership, but most developers do, and all developers should.

RT @tapbot_paul: If Apple didn’t contact the Dash guy on both accounts before nuking them, that’s a big problem.


Merde, j’avais rage-quitté Halt and Catch Fire à la fin de la première saison et je ne me rappelle pas pourquoi.

10 octobre

There’s beginning to be way too many day-one games I want to play 💸💸💸

Thumper on PSVR

Love seeing the view start to shake more and more as he gets into the music. Also, need.

Maybe once everyone starts receiving their headsets I’ll be too jealous to keep reloading /r/PSVR so I’ll have time to work a little again.

Je sors vite fait acheter du PQ, des millions de gens dans la rue et autant à Franprix, mais c’est horrible Paris en fait.

RT @stroughtonsmith: One fun fact about Assassin’s Creed games: they use procedural generation to lay out the blocks of houses. Drawn like bezier paths on map

RT @jakewyattriot: look at the terrifying civility and decency of these polite-ass canadians GOOD LORD []

9 octobre

RT @KyleOrl: This is like something out of Shakespeare []

RT @GynoStar: “Men feel entitled to women’s bodies.”

“Not all men!”

“Trump says he’s entitled to women’s bodies.”

“But all men talk like that.”

RT @DKThomp: “America: 2016” toyed artfully w surreality but the show’s final eps were strewn with deus ex machina revelations and heavy handed symbolism

8 octobre

Je vais probablement me faire chier dans les deux cas donc la raison dicterait de choisir l’option qui ne coûte rien, mais pff…

Spotify alterne morceaux chiants et bonne musique, du coup je n’arrive pas à décider si je sors ou non.


Did Feedly forget my sort order preference for every single folder because they were so proud of the new choice they added?

Je ne sais pas si l’épisode 1 a été rajouté après coup ou non, mais le deuxième Westworld aurait fait un bien meilleur pilote.


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