Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

24 juin

Let’s make it illegible to add insult to injury

23 juin

RT @GiveMeInternet: Mother protecting it’s baby. []

RT @GameDesignDan: I have a lot of admiration for how Ancel is immediately excited about this big game about delivering pizza

22 juin

“Beyond Good and Evil 2: First In-Engine Demo”

Tech’s impressive but what I love most is the giant statue’s texture.

clicks the warning

What’s that, Lassie?


Je découvre avec horreur que j’avais arrêté de regarder The Originals pile avant l’arrivée de Meg Foster 💜

21 juin

Il y a un chien mouillé sur la plage en haut de ma timeline Instagram et je n’ai jamais autant regretté de ne pas avoir une fourrure.

Extreme measures for extreme temperatures

RT @Pentadact: I remember the mix of delight and horror when I found a Praxis Kit in a drawer. A Praxis Kit! But now I have to check EVERY. DRAWER.

RT @Pentadact: Whatever you reward, some players will feel forced to do it. The tiny XP payout for hacking in Deus Ex 3 killed the game for this person.

20 juin

RT @Monty_Brogan69: Quand on me demande de prendre un bébé dans les bras. []

RT @verge: It’s so hot in Phoenix, planes are physically unable to fly [] []

RT @stroughtonsmith: Apple’s approach to getting Photoshop on iPad was ‘wait 7 years for an indie to recreate Photoshop from scratch’. Worked—not very scalable

RT @ID_R_McGregor: Japanese Robot Sumo.

I was aware of it, but had no idea it moved so fast.

None of this footage has been sped up.

RT @christianmccrea: If you need a self-imposed Twitter break, just tell a nazi to go fuck themselves, the app takes care of the rest for 12 hours.

Urgent, cherche job d’été, directeur technique ou vice-président, bureau climatisé impératif. Ou caissier dans un Monoprix, sinon.

L’orage a disparu des prévisions météo de ma Watch pour aujourd’hui

At least no one’s contacting me about bugs in Uniconsole because no one’s using it anymore.

Providing support for an app that sold for all of three months until it saturated its very niche market is the worst.

American Gods vaut le coup rien que pour le prologue de chaque épisode 😲😢

(Mais le reste aussi. Particulièrement cette semaine.)

19 juin

RT @alexhern: TIL: The tube is hell because London clay is a giant heatsink that has been absorbing energy for a hundred years

“macOS High Sierra tech preview”

I thought APFS upgrade wouldn’t be default — maybe it is only for beta testers?

RT @CraigGrannell: I’ve never understood modern tech’s tendency towards stupid and insanely loud beeping you can’t turn off. (Fine if you can.)

With this heat there’s no way I’m turning on the PC — never mind a VR headset — so I guess I’ll focus on interactive fiction for the summer.

RT @leroncier: Gay Guys: You’re Douching Wrong []

J’ai descendu la saison 1 de Twin Peaks d’une traite, mais après une heure de la seconde je crois que je vais plutôt lire un résumé 😴

18 juin

RT @steve_breen: Surprising WWDC labs takeaway:

Many developers eschew the trackpad “natural scrolling” direction setting 😂

Je n’ai jamais vu un chat aussi inconscient du risque de se faire marcher dessus quand il est en plein milieu du chemin 😸

(Ca marche aussi pour les chiens, mais j’aime pas les petits chiens.)

Pro tip : si vous choisissez une petite race de chat, vous ne passerez pas vos journées à changer sa litière

RT @BenedictEvans: The state of AI understanding: someone can give a ‘Wizard of Oz’ demo with the curtain open and people still think they’re seeing magic

RT @samjhewett: This dog followed the google earth guy []

RT @animalcog: German photographer Christian Vieler captures the moments before dogs try to catch their treats. [2] []

17 juin

C’est rare qu’un changement de showrunner soit bénéfique, mais la saison 5 de House of Cards est bien meilleure que les deux précédentes.

RT @mikeBithell: Hey, person who bothered to put physics on this coffee, you did good #PS4share


16 juin

RT @JulianLepinski: Tim Cook: I run Apple & hit the gym @ 4am to keep my body in peak condition

Me: I built an app &the pressure made me stress-eat 5000 cookies

15 juin

RT @chrisrodley: I used deep learning to cross a book of dinosaurs X a book of flowers []

RT @shanselman: Twitter: The border-radius will increase until morale improves.

Ca fait vraiment bizarre d’écouter le podcast politique de Vox en plein marathon House of Cards 😨

My NYT crossword streak is back down to four days and I never realized I’d missed one 😔

Ca y est, le bouton “Archiver” d’Instagram est disponible pour tous \o/ #grandnettoyagedeprintemps

Alors j’aime bien Joel Kinnaman mais comme candidat républicain à la présidentielle, vraiment ? 😂

14 juin

RT @Factornews: OK, David Cage décime des arbres par douzaine, mais au moins il recycle ses discours marketing #OVER2000!!

RT @robmanuel: Increasingly uncomfortable with Facebook doing this. I live 6 miles away. Feels like they’re adding to people’s stress to drive engagement.

Je viens de finir la saison 3 de House of Cards et c’est dingue comme ils ont gâché ce qui aurait dû être le meilleur épisode de la série.

RT @edasfr: Pendant ce temps on crache sur notre système de santé, on le trouve trop cher, on veut réduire les “charges” que sont les cotisations…

RT @odavis_: Incredible. Within first 10 minutes of Uber all-hands meeting today, a board member makes a sexist joke.

13 juin

RT @stdlib: Ghost in the Shell (2017) []

Mario Odyssey definitely looks much better than the shitty-real-world visuals they showed for the initial announcement.

RT @mattgemmell: Slow-mo vid showing ProMotion on iPad Pro 10.5” vs 9.7”. []

RT @stroughtonsmith: There’s also a TableViewReorderingUsesDragAndDrop pref key for UIKit that does away with the legacy reordering behavior and uses DnD instead

RT @Sinsem_: David Cage needs to read a science fiction novel, at least once in his life. []

RT @DanStapleton: Spider-Man looks spectacular, but I hope it’s less linear than this demo suggests.

I hope the Shadow of the Colossus remake plays better than The Last Guardian.

12 juin

RT @JosiahRenaudin: That’s the best Ubisoft press conference in quite some time. Very human.


Skull and Bones has a crazy level of visual polish for a game that’s basically the same thing as Windward.

I’ll never understand why people are so fascinated with pirates. Boats are boring?

There are many opportunities for The Crew 2 to be terrible (starting with their track record) but I’m intrigued.

And it looks gorgeous.

What is up with Ubisoft’s developers having human-like feelings? It’s weird.

How expensive is an E3 conference that no one was able to tell the sponsor he should maybe cut a few minutes from his speech?

I am irrationally angry at the obnoxious absence of labels on the Apple Store’s tables.

RT @Campster: That might have been a bit presumptuous. I hope it’s EA’s Destiny, and not EA’s The Division.

TIL that you can play Black Desert Online on PC with a gamepad. I should give it a… oh, it’s not F2P in Europe? Never mind then.

Why is Bioware making EA’s Destiny competitor and who is gonna make proper Bioware RPGs now? 😰

RT @Sliwinski: Anthem is the promise of Destiny. The question will be can a shooter company make a better RPG or can an RPG company make a better shooter?

RT @ajohnagnello: In Destiny, see, you’re a Guardian with a jet bike! In Anthem, you’re a FREELANCER with a jetpack. You see, right?

Second tour : culte de la personnalité Macron vs. culte de la personnalité Mélenchon, je ne suis pas sûr d’avoir une préférence.

11 juin

RT @haydencd: Kudos on the setting change but so far this looks like the same tired-ass game I’ve played a dozen times.

RT @haydencd: Have to admit: I was hoping a year off would give us something less recognizably Assassin’s Creed.

That was basically a cutscene but I can’t wait to see what the new Metro looks like on my PC.

Forza’s drab tracks haven’t been a good showcase of a new console’s visuals for two generations.

RT @cathy_birdy: Having fun with ARKit & SpriteKit []

Ma chambre est tellement poussiéreuse en plein soleil… clairement la seule solution est de fermer les volets jusqu’à septembre.

I’m addicted to the NYT crossword and there’s 20 years’ worth of archives in the app so I should be productive again around 2022.

Oh, of course killing the boss in Old Yharnam opened a door in Cathedral Ward. God I hate how willfully obtuse Bloodborne is.

10 juin

Watching a PUBG stream and damn I wish I had FPS friends to team up with. (I’ll probably end up playing it solo but it’s just not the same.)

RT @Kiey: It would be pretty cool if it assigned you with a random other player. Actual prisoner dilemma stuff.

RT @natisho: When you offload Apps in #iOS11beta []

Only just realized that omg I can finally enable iMessage on my Mac, too, without losing messages — and that means no more FB Messenger \o/

@johnnylin/how-to-make-80-000-per-month-on-the-apple-app-store-bdb943862e88">Meanwhile if you make a legit app you’ll be rejected for the wording of a single button. Fuck the App Store

9 juin

RT @RtoVR: Apple and Valve Have Worked Together for Nearly a Year to Bring VR to MacOS [] @natbro @SteamVR @joeludwig


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