Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

19 février

18 février

Though of course I’m more impatient than ever to get a VR headset on my PC so I can play with a lot of much needed supersampling.

Dirt Rally on PSVR is fantastic 😍 and it was well worth buying the game a third time.

Now feeling paranoid about whether my iPhone always got so hot when charging+syncing (I think so?) and wondering wtf to do with old battery.

It was a fucking struggle but I made it and it looks like I didn’t break anything

Why couldn’t the damn battery be simply screwed in place?

RT @LM_enCartes: Une #carte à la projection inhabituelle venue de Chine, à découvrir à la une du @lemondefr en kiosque ce weekend et dans les pages #géopo

RT @anneapplebaum: When Stalin used the label “enemies of the People” about a group, that was a prelude to arresting and often murdering them.

Game shop already making hell of a profit on games I’m too lazy to put on eBay but not enough—gotta upsell me hard on insurance & preorders.

RT @Limportant_fr: Expérience : ils ont mis un miroir au milieu de la jungle [] @LearnThings []

17 février

RT @stroughtonsmith: The way Apple is marketing iPad use right now is with the vertical touchscreen+keyboard they use as an excuse for keeping the Mac sans touch

Whenever I get a streak over 2 weeks on the NYT crossword it becomes a chore I resent.

Games with daily challenges 👍

Emphasis on streaks 👎

RT @FlorianBardou: L’enfumage de Macron sur le cannabis, de la dépénalisation à la «tolérance zéro» [] via @libe

RT @timoncheese: This is the kind of stuff we get when we cover the holocaust. This man thinks it’s ‘propaganda’ to assert that the holocaust happened.

RT @timoncheese: On Holocaust Memorial Day, production team here were shocked at how many holocaust deniers got in touch. Discussing shortly @BBCRadio2

Ooh, I need to rethink my site’s failed-login UX

Ohh Dirt Rally PSVR is out today and I want it but I already own it on two other platforms but I want it but it’s 50€ but I want it arghhhh.

RT @Walldo: This is 🔑 reading to understand not just Pewdiepie, but the toxic masculinity/culture that lead to what he did

16 février

When I drag a file it would be so nice if Finder didn’t become unresponsive for the 10-20 seconds it takes my Drobo to wake up but oh well.

RT @leroncier: L’humiliation, c’est de voir qu’il faut si peu de temps pour réécrire l’histoire et transformer les bourreaux en victimes. #teamhumiliés

RT @Mae_lcr: L’humiliation, c’est qd Hollande a proposé la liberté de conscience pr les maires opposés au #mariagepourtous

RT @Mae_lcr: L’humiliation, c un débat violent et interminable où des députés homophobes ont outrepassé les limites de la décence

15 février

RT @franceinfoplus: Après d’importantes chutes de neige, des dromadaires batifolent dans le nord-est de la Turquie 🐪❄️🐪❄️🐪❄️

RT @Colossal: New Dichroic Glass Installations by Chris Wood Reflect Light in a Rainbow of Color []

Can you believe there’s something Twitter didn’t think through

RT @CharlesPulliam: 2016 was the year of This Is Fine Dog. 2017 belongs to Lying Cat. []

RT @BabyAnimalPics: making a hand house for tiny chicks []

RT @netsabes: Slayaway Camp sur iOS : []

14 février

“On a un nouveau système informatique” ou comment passer sa journée entière dans une salle d’attente.

RT @Jo_Tovey: Trudeau has been training for that Trump handshake his whole life []

RT @NathanJLiu: An awful trailer for a show nobody wants.

Apple Music — Planet of the Apps — New Series, Coming Soon

RT @BrothersBrick: Come out, come out, wherever you are! [Instructions] [] []

La température et les ours polaires osef mais si on ne peut plus trouver le moindre fruit potable il va être temps d’arrêter le gasoil.

13 février

Miraculously realized that just because the Monday crossword was published at 12am my time didn’t mean it was 12am in NYC — streak saved!

Nooooooooo, my 21-day streak! I’d done two thirds of this Sunday and forgot I needed to finish it

12 février

RT @spleenal: Take photo of random crap.

Trace photo.

Draw Mega City One. []

RT @stroughtonsmith: Every time I spend time with magazines I wish the wider web could be more like they are. Rich design, paginated, non-interactive, permanent

RT @cabel: This might not make any sense so here is a dramatic reenactment of what I see. Please tell me I’m not alone here. ………please

RT @cabel: Things That Bug Me: LED brake lights that lower refresh rates to “dim” them. When I glance left and right all I see are these lines 🤤

11 février

RT @astroneergame: #screenshotsaturday - A tease for the next patch + update. 🎆

#gamedev #indiedev #ue4 #unreal []

I like that there’s no programming involved, though.

I played seven board games this week, watched dozens more on YouTube, and now I’m having board games ideas 🙄

10 février

I guess Steve Jobs was right, huh. Mobile apps are a bad idea and I should delete them all and use Safari for everything.

Because obviously, with all those concurrent updates, my iPad ran out of space and now they’re all stuck forever.

I stupidly tapped “Update All” and there are 14 partially filled progress circles right now. Anyone ever heard of staggering the downloads?

Also it annoys me every single time that the transcript says “countdown” instead of “count down.”

That’s a new low (“count down one hour and forty-five minutes” works fine, of course)

Do they sell a variant of Munchkin where the cards are big enough for humans to read? It’s a lot of fun, but you sometimes need a telescope.

9 février

8 février

RT @Amazing_Maps: The % of Europeans who would fight a war for their country []

J’ai déjà du mal à lancer un épisode de Colony, qui va vouloir regarder une adaptation en série de The Handmaid’s Tale ? In this day and age.

RT @gaywonk: My morning pep talk for the past two months: []

J’ai bien fait de regarder The Handmaid’s Tale au lieu de le lire, tiens. C’est horriblement déprimant et filmé comme le pire téléfilm.

7 février

6 février

RT @vinceakadiego: La gerbe est totale (lu dans le Canard) #exploitationanimale #planètefolle #ordures []

RT @HenryEspinoza__: I want to trust people the way Lady Gaga trusts those suspension cables.

RT @BenedictEvans: It’s no good saying ‘don’t read the comments’. The comments are running the country.

Le scénario d’Arrival est vaguement intéressant, mais je ne suis pas convaincu que la réalisation de Villeneuve soit un atout.

5 février

Quelqu’un a piraté le compte de M.L.P. et posté une parodie de vidéo d’autopromo façon culte de la personnalité 😂

Le meilleur épisode depuis le début de Colony, et ce n’est pas un hasard s’il n’est pas centré sur les personnages principaux.

I don’t know how it made financial sense for Letterpress to add bots this late in the game’s life but I absolutely love that they did.

4 février

If you played Spintires you’d understand how proud I am to have finished the Flood map (on normal difficulty)

(La version “smile” est assez bluffante, et drôle.)

Installer FaceApp, passer dix minutes à alterner entre les vues “original” et “hot,” sortir la bouteille de vodka et le Xanax.

En lisant/relisant (pas sûr) Foundation je réalise soudain avec amusement à quel point c’est le miroir gauche-progressiste d’Atlas Shrugged.


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