Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

20 janvier

J’aurais pu m’apercevoir que les canalisations étaient à nouveau bouchées avant de faire une machine, mais il faut avouer que ça aurait été moins drôle.

19 janvier


College Chums (1907) found a very creative way of depicting a phone conversation

Directed by Edwin S. Porter

Oncle Vania — Odéon — 9/10

C’est très bizarre de voir un texte que je connais déjà, que j’aime déjà, joué sur scène d’une façon totalement différente de ce que j’ai pu voir ou imaginer jusque-là — et en même temps totalement évidente — et de découvrir pourquoi je l’aimais. Qu’est-ce qui se passait dans ma tête avant que je voie cette production ? Comment je pouvais à la fois déjà apprécier ce texte, et aussi peu le comprendre ?

18 janvier

Thing is, this is not a complete surprise — it confirms an impression I’d had for a while that my prints were weaker in some areas in the X,Y space. I just didn’t want to believe because… how?!

Got a new magnetic pad for my print bed. Much better adhesion, contrasts nicely with my black filament, and… what the FUCK is happening here? I don’t understand what hardware issue could be causing this, but it doesn’t make sense as a software bug either.

17 janvier

The Good Place 4x11 — 7/10

16 janvier


How Sydney put in this water curtain sign on its harbor tunnels to solve the problem with oversized trucks driving into tunnels []

Looks like Apple’s receipt validator suddenly decided to stop working — after eight years — if you use another base64 encoder than NSData’s 🤷🏻‍♂️

Why the fuck am I getting this message on a consumable IAP? Am I supposed to recreate a test user every single time I want to test it?

My IAP test account has been deactivated for whatever reason and I have to create a new one. THIS IS VERY CONVENIENT.

“On est en plein janvier, je dois pouvoir passer à Ikea Madeleine sans trop de tentations au rayon plantes.”





“Cap ou pas cap de rentrer avec un calathea d’un mètre sous le bras ?”

The gods gave me one clean print, and now I can’t get a print to adhere to my bed again.


This is Ender. He gets the tippy taps anytime he sees his favourite food

(enderbear / IG)

15 janvier


What could be more realistic and fun than an active suspension? This super scale ’63 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 wagon makes engine noises and an Arduino reads data from a triple-axis accelerometer in real time, adjusting a servo on each wheel accordingly []

I’ve had issues with my cheap filament printer for months and all it took to get clean prints again was to change the shitty bowden connector it came with 🤦🏻‍♂️ How much did the manufacturer save by skimping on this part? $0.50?


Yandex Image Search tool isn’t just doing a reverse image search (like Google)…they appear to be using facial matching, allowing you to upload a photo of someone (even a non-public one) and determine their name. []


“Signal” by @SylvanEsso

StyleGAN2 by @nvidia NVlabs

Visualizer script by @robertluxemburg

Track-to-stems split using Spleeter by @Deezer

GPU wattage & misc scripting by me

I can’t understand why doing crosswords in bed (on my iPad) lets me fall asleep but playing solitaire gives me a huge adrenaline spike.

14 janvier

Doctor Who 12x03 — 4/10

Ca fait dix jours que ces bouteilles d’époxy sont à côté de mon évier et il faut vraiment que je me décide à m’en servir avant de ne plus pouvoir me retenir de les boire.

13 janvier


You arrive at a gate with two guards.

Guard 1: Halt, traveler. You must solve our riddle to continue.

Guard 2: ʰᵉʳᵉ ʷᵉ ᵍᵒ

G1: ONE of us only tells the truth. The other only tells LIES.

G2: jesus christ, Daniel, I said I was sorry.


Rewind time a few years ago and it would have frozen on micro-USB & we’d have no USB-C.

It’s annoying having multiple cables yes, but this is a bad idea! []


I’m looking through a crank fad health book from 1923 and found this striking image from a pseudoscience I hadn’t even heard of!