Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

4 décembre

Could you make a permadeath shooter where you only have one life per day — maybe even per week — or would players quickly lose interest?

3 décembre

Turns out Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a standalone game so now I’m tempted to buy it just because Claudia Black.

Thought I’d set a network share on my Steam screenshots directory so I’d post them from my Mac while playing but no of course it’s a mess.

Ce 31, dites non à 2017.

On perdra encore une vieille star tous les 3 jours mais Trump, Brexit et Le Pen se conjugueront toujours au futur.

The idea of the three biggest species each putting all their eggs in one basket rather than cryosleeping together is so depressingly 2016.

I’m fascinated by the Glixel podcast. They’ve got individual mics and a “producer” and still manage to make the worst audio in the world.

RT @dog_rates: Here’s a doggo doin a struggle. 11/10 much determined []

RT @MerriamWebster: ‘Fascism’ is still our #1 lookup.

# of lookups = how we choose our Word of the Year.

There’s still time to look something else up.

I thought No Man’s Sky would be a good podcast game but it might be a bad fit — it’s more zen meditation than mindless distraction.

I love how recruitment in No Man’s Sky simply decides to ignore the old “learn alien languages one word at a time” mechanic ¯\(ツ)

To celebrate TGA nominations Dishonored is finally 40€ on Steam — meanwhile Eve Valkyrie, included in the list, remains at 60€ 😂

I’m pretty sure Windows 10 keeps forgetting my mouse speed setting.

I also need to play on PC where driving games don’t render in 480p.

2 décembre

Le manuel ne précise pas comment on fait tenir cette connerie en place #help

RT @petewarden: Terrifying Nicolas Cage face swap paper: [] []


Mass Effect: Andromeda is so pretty

How I wish I could have positive expectations about the writing.

To be fair, once your product has contributed to the #1 world power becoming a banana republic, I can see how you’ll definitely wanna change into this:

Remember when Twitter was repositioning itself as a news app just a few months ago? I guess that’s out the window now? (Thank god.)

1 décembre

It’s fun but I have a really hard time stopping myself from turning the phone to see around me as in a 360-degree video.

Ca sent Noël dans les rues et je suis saisi de nostalgie anticipée pour ces dernières fêtes dans le monde libre.

30 novembre

My Fallout 4 character has a boyfriend now so I guess I can consider I’ve won and drop the game.

26 novembre

RT @FreddieCampion: TRUMP: I should tweet something. Is Castro dying good or bad?

AIDE: It’s actually really complicated. Cuba is curre…

TRUMP: [hitting send]

29 novembre

I just found two cats in Fallout 4 and I can’t interact with them. Worst game ever.

30 novembre

29 novembre

Onboarding pro-tip: Don’t open with a gorgeous loading screen that’s going to stutter horribly for several minutes on first launch

Replaced faulty USB cable that borked external drive. Then had to reformat the drive on PC before Disk Utility could do anything with it.

I’ve installed ≈40 games on my new PC but I’m still playing Fallout 4 on PS4 because I’m unable to leave a game in the middle of its story.

RT @naysayerr_: my new favourite video on the internet []

28 novembre

RT @jtoy: New neural-network algorithm learns directly from human instructions instead of examples | KurzweilAI []

C’est le bordel, cet épisode de Westworld, ou j’ai juste passé une mauvaise journée ?

Si on doit subir un gouvernement fasciste comme tous les autres j’espère qu’au moins ils mettront en prison ceux qui abusent du klaxon.

La musique de samedi n’était pas assez bonne pour justifier trois jours de jet-lag. Pourquoi je suis resté si tard ? 💀

27 novembre

Because I’d love to think they’re not going to screw it up horribly, but, uh.

Oh, apparently it’s out now, so let’s just hope people quickly write many blog posts about the strengths and failings of creative mode.

Okay, I’m listening

I don’t expect it’s gonna get reviews before the end of the current Steam sale, is it?

26 novembre

How incompetent is the Brotherhood of Steel that they keep crashing choppers in every single area of the Commonwealth?

Watching a YouTube video on one computer, opened the same page on the other and it started playing roughly at the same point 😯👍

25 novembre

TIS-100 is excellent but I can’t shake the feeling that I’m doing unpaid client work.

Not sure what to do about Fallout 4, though. I want to finish the story but ugh playing it on PS4 but ugh starting over.

Look who became a PC master race person in 48 hours. Just bought Witcher 3 on Steam although it was already in my pile of PS4 games to play.

24 novembre

It’s great that I can play Spintires with full visuals, but… I’m considering buying The Division on sale just to have something pretty.

I have yet to find a single game in my Steam library that gives my 1070 the slightest workout in 1080p.

Argh, looks like “get Skyrim Special Edition for free if you have all the DLC” was a limited-time offer and I missed it.

23 novembre

Today I’m building a PC for the first time in over ten years and I want to kill everyone involved.

22 novembre

RT @MachineVids: Filming a car chase for the Jason Bourne movie: view from camera car. []

RT @SnazzyQ: Apple rejected touchscreen Macs finding them “absurd;” yet, they market this monstrosity as a “laptop replacement.”

RT @notdetails: Reminder: “Nazi” didn’t always mean “evil.” It was a party name, like “Republican.” Make sure you don’t end up on the wrong side of history.

I particulary like how terminals of the time were too dumb to handle pixels so they just invented a new type of displays that wouldn’t need refreshing

Damn, Oculus Medium sounds fantastic

As it happens, the Rift is properly available on Amazon France and the Vive isn’t.

21 novembre

RT @JonDadley: In the latest Westworld, a show crammed with exposition, a character actually says “Show, don’t tell”. Fucking hell.

RT @inessential: The Reverse of the Halo Effect: []

“Merde, ils ont des Haribo World Mix, je vais encore être malade.” Et on nous dit que l’être humain est le summum de l’évolution.

Je ne peux même plus fermer NoPic pour faire du vide dans ma vie, ça serait un acte de Collaboration à ce stade.

RT @echinoblog: Simple and Elegant guide to Know your Cephalopods by @KetrinaYim [] []

RT @stroughtonsmith: Whoa. No more AirPorts. Apple’s not a big enough company to continue making its own products, it seems 😜

20 novembre

I keep forgetting that Fallout 4 is a Bioware game so the companions are supposed to be completely useless.

RT @rgriff: Why I don’t like Google and prefer local storage, exhibit # 3,156,218. (Yes, they were stupid…but lost all access!?)

Amazon is sending me one PC component a day like so many severed fingers so in the meantime I don’t know what to do but BUY ALL THE PC GAMES

“1 friend owns this game” undecipherable 10x10px thumbnail of an avatar that wouldn’t be identifiable at any size in the first place

RT @Natt: Oh, I get it. In World War III, Germany gets to save the rest of the world from fascists. That’s a pretty solid third act.

MLP qui gagne au second tour parce que “j’ai déjà voté aux primaires de la droite, ça suffit, je reste chez moi”

Replied to an iOS notification, then opened Tweetbot to check whether I had sent it or dismissed by tapping just a few pixels too high.

19 novembre

RT @stroughtonsmith: Looks like, beyond the couple photos we’ve seen already, there isn’t actually anything else über-interesting in the book ☹️

RT @overdrev: If I was driving behind this Tesla, I’d have rear ended it at least twice. You can’t just stop. Not there yet.

RT @JeremyMcLellan: On Hamilton, Pence, and “this is why Trump won” []

RT @rjonesy: Keyboards are made from iMac interior cutouts. []

Spotlight ignores the IBAN.pdf I’m looking for, only lists old sent emails instead. Opening the emails fails even though preview worked.

RT @amuellerml: Gender neutral pronouns get translated to gender stereotypes by Google translate #FATML []

RT @katecrawford: This is AI phrenology, and it’s very, very dangerous. []

Fallout 4 is much more pleasant with green grass (and also an all-perks cheat because I’m lazy)


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