4 juillet


Scientists believe that the function of zebras’ stripes are to deter insects, so a team of researchers painted black and white stripes on cows. They found that it reduced the number of biting flies landing on the cows by more than 50% [full paper: [buff.ly]]


Real talk tho; #Townscaper is so damn handy and is definitely gonna be my go-to reference/base creation tool for any artworks with town & streetview backgrounds from here on OUT!🤩

These only took like a minute to put together!!😭👌


Here you can see a capuchin monkey instructing a female human on how to properly use stone tools. With monkeys learning to use tools and passing this skill down for generations, what do you think future monkeys be like? [source and more: [buff.ly]]


The most consistent pattern I’ve seen in 25 years of tech:

1. A group of guys gets together to start a social thing.

2. They invite all their other guy friends who are just like them.

3. They wonder why their place got so toxic so fast.

4. They decide it’s other people’s fault.


This scene absolutely broke me



Et nous ? En France, on a ni l’un ni l’autre. En France, le PR peut dissoudre l’AN, et l’AN peut censurer le PM :

PM 🔫 AN 🔫 PR (en espérant que vous voyez les emojis sont dans le bon sens)


Dans ceux là, le parlement ne peut censurer le gouv/PR pour des raisons politiques, et réciproquement le gouv/PR ne peut dissoudre le parlement. En cas de désaccord, ils sont obligés de s’asseoir autour d’une table et discuter jusqu’à trouver un deal.



Dans ces pays, le parlement et le premier ministre (et donc le gouvernement) ont chacun une arme posée sur la tempe de l’autre. En cas de désaccord insolvable, l’un des 2 tire, en général les 2 sautent et des élections législatives permettent au peuple de trancher le désaccord.

3 juillet


When a #laser hits a soap bubble at the right angle, a dynamic, branch like pattern emerges. No ordinary reflection, refraction or scattering, but splitting and turning of the (still focused) laser beam caused by tiny variations in the thickness of the soap bubble film. [twitter.com]

There’s gonna be a Catan version of Pokémon Go and Microsoft still hasn’t announced Viva Piñata Go.

2 juillet

1 juillet

I’ve gone back and forth on Pencil note-taking notes but, now that I have Catalina and since GoodNotes has a Catalyst version, It’s looking like a pretty decent candidate again. (I’m old, I still spend most of my time on the Mac, so I need proper sync.)

30 juin


Wow! Apple is rejecting our latest update because we refuse to auto-charge at the end of our free trial. They can choose to steal from their customers who forget to cancel, but we won’t do the same to ours. THIS IS A LINE THAT WE WILL NOT CROSS.

I tried Instapaper instead but their responsive site — mercifully better designed — hides the “mark as read” button when it thinks you’re on mobile. Which, to be fair, makes sense (simplify the UI for touch).

I’ve switched back to Firefox and I’m looking for a way to put my reading list in the sidebar, like in Safari.

I found an extension that puts @pocket in the sidebar.

This is their site being responsive. This is their site working as designed.


June isn’t quite over and so we’ve released a colorful variant of our At the Surface wallpaper that’s FREE for all to download. Go grab it! #PrideMonth [patreon.com]

I guess I might as well upgrade my main partition to Catalina now, since I’m almost certainly not going to stay on Mojave after Big Sur comes out 🤔

Well, Xcode 11 (which isn’t available for Mojave) refuses to upload from the Big Sur beta (there’s a forum post about it), and Xcode 10 understandably chokes on the asset catalog with dark mode variations, so I guess I will not in fact be updating an app today. Or anytime soon.

Everything about the App Store, and App Store Connect in particular, would be so much better if Apple engineers were allowed to develop and publish personal apps in their free time. (Yes, I’m updating one of my apps right now—first time in almost a year! Or more than a year?)

29 juin


Fox News has done to our parents what they thought gangsta rap would do to us


En accès libre cette semaine : gagner, c’est sympa, mais avez-vous essayé l’échec ? [canardpc.com]

Not gonna keep Hey beyond the free trial but I hope all email services and clients take one thing from it: Assign individual senders to Feed / Paper Trail / Screened Out inboxes with a single click. Every app has rules/filters to do this, but the UX is always far too complicated.

28 juin


Je déteste faire la bise.

Je découvre avec la covid que TOUTES les meufs avec qui j’en parle détestent comme moi le fait d’être forcées par les convenances à se frotter les joues contre des gens qui ne font pas partie de leurs proches.

Donc, arrêtez.



So big bold, high contrast, distinct colours on icons and UI elements mean you can see and know where things are without looking exactly at them.

If everything is a gray blob outside the few cm in front of you then you need to actually look slowly at each icon to know what it is.


Our eyesight working like a flashlight we flash at the point we are looking at. The rest of our vision being a blurry mess that our brains invent most of. Removing all colour, contrast from everything means we actually have to read each one, we can’t object recognise the icons.


I do find it weird how the tech world is able to continually un-invent and re-invent technologies, often with new limitations or less capabilities than before.

Example widgets on macOS. Dashboard compared to the new SwiftUI widgets.

27 juin


SwiftUI gives you ContainerRelativeShape() in iOS 14, which automatically makes a corner radius concentric to its parent shape without needing to manually specify corner radius values ✨

I’m playing podcasts on my iPad, sending them to my stereo via AirPlay at full volume. Twitter and Instagram videos are now screaming on my iPad’s speakers at full volume. I could swear that wasn’t the case before?


Pesquet’s parrot is also known as the Dracula parrot. (Image: Peter Tan)

I just missed a shot because the lock screen insisted on scrolling vertically — even though it was completely empty — instead of going to the camera.


This is one of those things I’ve wondered about for like 10 years- can you just map footage of a waterfall onto waterfallish geometry? Was exploring a mountain river yesterday with Kaitlin and decided to shoot some footage to find out. It’s pretty forgiving! #b3d


Still struggling with the fact that UI trends are now being named, like we are fashion designers that throw everything old out and bring in the new.

Shadows, depth and shading are are just tools to aid you in making an understandable UI.


When I first saw a sea sapphire I thought I was hallucinating! These shrimp-like animals live at the ocean’s surface. A female rides within a jelly & males dance to impress her. Japanese fishermen call this tama-mizu: jeweled water.


Video: [bit.ly]

26 juin

Between finally upgrading to Tweetbot 3 and tentatively switching back to Safari I feel like I’ve bought a new Mac with how much smoother everything scrolls.