Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

25 janvier

“Research reveals humans really can smell fear”

(via awfully produced but sometimes informative podcast Invisibilia)

I used to work in Photoshop while listening to podcasts. I hardly ever use Photoshop anymore (mostly due to flat design), so I just don’t know what to do to keep myself busy, and productive, during that time. Can’t be programming, because that’s verbal, and my language center is occupied.

Il n’y a pas assez de drogues sur Terre pour me permettre de supporter tous les chieurs qui se posent au milieu de la piste juste pour être là au cas où on ferait l’appel.

24 janvier

“Cette saison dans Looking, on n’a plus à faire les présentations donc on peut avancer à pleine vitesse,” que j’avais lu dans une interview.

23 janvier

For the record, I had been wondering for a while why Oculus doesn’t embed cameras in the headset to track your movements. Everyone says HoloLens’ motion is incredibly smooth, so evidently it does work.

RT @waxpancake: YouTube’s offer to @zoecello—put your whole catalog on our free streaming service with ads, or we block your channel. []

RT @jemalexander: Russell T Davies talks about his writing “process”. Sound familiar to anyone else? []

Yeah right, Apple, I’m gonna spend all of this month’s App Store earnings on a call to California so I can find out what bogus reason you have to reject my app that you can’t commit to in writing.

22 janvier

Uniconsole’s keyboard extension “in review” for over a week. Can’t help but feel like they’re really searching for a reason to reject it.

21 janvier

RT @marcedwards: “These are 3-D printed sculptures designed to animate when spun under a strobe light” — []

It’s easy to imagine how the ideal Oculus headset works, and that I want it. But this description of HoloLens sounds too good to be true.

RT @jasonschreier: So wait, they name everything after Halo except the one that’s got ACTUAL HOLOGRAMS?

RT @piercedavid: The Surface Hub, the gigantic 4K touchscreen, is a crazy future dream of a device [] []

RT @britishgaming: I will never be truly happy until we are living in this hilarious dystopia []

The rumors of an iPad stylus are intensifying right as I was resolving not to give Apple money for a watch #justwhenithoughtiwasout

20 janvier

Why on earth didn’t Amazon design the Echo as a cute robot dog that follows you around and charges itself on a station like a Roomba?

19 janvier

18 janvier

“Ouf, c’est bon, il y a des gogos sur le podium, on n’a plus besoin de danser !” #lafeteaparis

17 janvier

16 janvier

“Je vais mettre un jean moins moche pour changer. Ah, non, tiens, je ne rentre plus dans aucun de mes autres jeans.”

RT @olivia_solon: It takes 3 hours to convince an innocent adult they committed a violent crime as a teenager: [] []

15 janvier

“Google’s Secret Study To Find Out Our Needs”

Sometimes Google’s tradition of being driven by research is awesome.

Deuxième fois que ces incapables de Grindr refusent de prendre en compte mon réabonnement apres paiement. Je ne peux pas être le seul ?!

“Disneyland Measles Outbreak: It Is Indeed a Small World After All”

While I have, of course, zero hesitation about the utility and safety of vaccination, I could never quite understand why everyone made such a big deal of anti-vaxers — surely they were just putting their own health in jeopardy, so it’s their own business? (Well, and that of their kids, but, you know, kids, who cares, not I.) But:

Two of the Disneyland cases were too young to be vaccinated – the first dose is recommended at 12 months – so those parents never had the choice to protect their children from measles.

Okay, that’s a given, but, more importantly, here’s the part I was unaware of, even though it’s obvious as soon as you think about it:

No vaccine is 100% effective, however, and even the measles vaccine, with effectiveness approaching 100%, cannot prevent every person who receives it from catching the disease if they’re exposed. In a population where nearly everyone has been vaccinated except those who have medical reasons not to be, though, the disease can’t travel as far, so cases are contained before they turn into outbreak.

14 janvier

RT @b_magnanti: Correlation is not… oh wait, yes. Yes it is. []

Rhaaa ça fait des mois que je suis en clavier anglais sur mon iPhone et j’avais oublié que c’était pour ça qu’il n’y avait pas l’apostrophe.

Une rame de ligne 1 sur la 14. Tout déboussolé par les couleurs claires et la luminosité, obligé de googler pour voir si je deviens fou.

13 janvier

La jolie blonde qui se retourne et me fait face pile au moment où le hipster moustachu que je dévisageais n’est plus entre nous deux. Malaise à l’idée qu’on me prenne pour un pervers *hétéro.*

RT @tone_def: A raccoon trying to eat cotton candy []

The Giver retroactively turns every one of those other young-adult movies into a masterpiece.

12 janvier

If they announce at next WWDC that you can upload apps from Xcode without provisioning, I’ll stop bitching about Apple for… like, a week.

A week ago I spent hours getting the provisioning profiles right. Today I’ve changed twenty lines of code and provisioning is fucked again.

It only took two rejections for me to finally understand the sentence “Keyboard extensions must provide Number and Decimal keyboard types.”

“Why Women Stay Quiet at Work”

Look at how Apple’s only non-white-dude VP is an external hire.

When’s the last time Firefox was the first to implement a good new idea? I love how Javascript dialog boxes are now shown within the page.

If Apple now approves games with “not compatible with iPhone 4” in the description, maybe it’s time already to implement that as metadata.

Ou alors je choisis la solution de facilité et je fais suffisamment de sport pour pouvoir mettre une photo de mon torse à la place

Résolution pour 2017 : avoir une photo sur Grindr où je ne fais pas la gueule.


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