Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

12 février

Time for the weekly “Reboot iPhone, open App Store’s updates tab to reinstall the apps iOS silently deleted when the update failed somehow.”

It’s one thing to see videos, and another to play it: the visuals of Rise of the Tomb Raider are incredible.

That’s it? No more information? Way to inspire confidence, 2Do.

Replaying Driveclub then going back to the Xbox made me realize how much better the PS4’s pad is, regarding stick and trigger resistance.

11 février

Driveclub also has time-trial lobbies, which are a godsend. (But hardcore and regular players don’t appear to be segregated — for now?)

Thankfully Forza Horizon on the other hand is still unequaled in almost every respect.

Well that’s annoying. I think I might like Driveclub’s new “hardcore” handling model better than Forza’s — for which I just bought the Xbox.

10 février

9 février

Aw. GameTrailers’ video reviews were the best.

8 février

Enculé d’age-picker de Grindr qui te re-fait scroller depuis 18.

You, Me and the Apocalypse était quand même bien prometteur jusqu’à ce qu’il s’embourbe dans des histoires de soap-opéra de merde.

7 février

Difficile de prendre Rob Lowe au sérieux dans You, Me and the Apocalypse après Parks & Rec et Grinder. Pas le top de l’acteur-caméléon.

6 février

Of course the drawback would be worsening the echochamber aspect of Twitter, but… the communities are quite closed already.

As an IRC veteran I’d find it very funny if Twitter screwed up its product so much that everyone fled to Slack.

5 février

Every time I go to a friend’s and Citymapper doesn’t offer to load his address from my contacts I want to delete the app in a fit of rage.

4 février

The unexpected good side of Battlefield 4′s dreadful campaign is that it’s made me want to get back into MGSV.

3 février

Je réalise d’un coup qu’après You’re the Worst et Catastrophe, la nouvelle saison de X-Files a aussi pour thème la dépression. Yay 2015-16.

2 février

Forza Horizon was already my favorite driving game franchise, but the Mediterranean coast adds such a lovely nostalgic tint to it for me.

The Long Dark is beautiful but I’ll never understand why people want to play survival games. Is your own life too easy for you?

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer

That was very nice, until they misused BB-8’s lighter #itsamiddlefinger

I think I like Star Citizen’s flight model much better than Elite’s but it’s hard to tell at 5fps. And the gamepad controls are… unpleasant.

Belatedly finishing up Sunset (it works much better in Windows of course) and it’s painful to me how unprofessional the game wants

me to be.

1 février

Battlefield 4 manages to make me hate Michael Kenneth Williams.

I didn’t expect Battlefield 4’s campaign to be good, but I didn’t think it could be so frustrating and boring.

31 janvier

Has any game had checkpoints initially very far apart (old-school), but getting closer and closer if you keep dying in the same spot?

I ended up drafting my DM in another app; it was that or throwing my computer through the window.

So here I am screaming at my computer in rage and agony.

Latest Tweetbot Mac goes back to DM list when you press Cmd-Left and it turns out I literally cannot stop myself from using Shift-Cmd-Left while editing.

Except… turns out, with weird alien races I don’t have an ingrained idea of how many bullets should be needed to take them down.

It’s a shame because The Division’s setting and premise seemed to counter everything I disliked about Destiny.

Same thing killed the Uncharted games for me — I can’t deal with bareheaded human enemies taking several headshots without a flinch.

I was really excited about The Division after the last two days… until I watched a stream showing how bullet-spongey it can get.

30 janvier

And also a literal holodeck (though necessarily limited to one person, as the projected image adapts to the participant’s precise location).

On ne pourrait pas faire des éviers couverts de silicone pour ne pas casser les assiettes dedans ?

29 janvier

I wish Forza Horizon 2 didn’t disincentivize actually following the road — that’s… kind of the point of racing?

Would there be any downside at all to Apple offering an all-you-can-eat subscription to the App Store and paying devs according to usage?

Damn AI cars piling up in tight corners and generally braking too late. Imitating online players instead of trying to train them. Ugh.

28 janvier

The Xbox One controller’s stick isn’t great for driving but that beautiful force feedback in the triggers makes up for everything.

I’d forgotten how much Forza’s cars like to understeer if you so much as look at the brakes. I still have doubts about the realism here.

The Twitch app is at the bottom of my downloads list and I can’t find a way to bump it up. There’ll be no record of my reunion with Forza.

Oh man, people weren’t kidding about the Xbox One’s UI being bad.

The dozen countries allowed after you’ve chosen English are all the logical ones along with Greece and, IIRC, Slovakia.

Because why not.

I can’t set up my Xbox One in English without lying about the country I’m in? ARE YOU. FUCKING. KIDDING ME. (Hi, @XboxSupport.)

Pickup Station : le casier s’ouvre en silence, dix mètres derrière moi, au milieu des gens qui font la queue au guichet de la Poste.

“The items listed below shipped today from Kiev.” Il faut mettre un cierge à qui pour que l’Ukraine reste encore souverain un jour ou deux ?

J’ai acheté deux kilos de clémentines pas mûres. Je hais l’univers.

J’avais toujours supposé qu’un cache-oeil appuyait sur l’oeil pour le fermer, mais c’est vrai que ça aurait été terriblement inconfortable.


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