18 janvier


Great idea: The Science Museum (UK) used its digitized collection, API, and log of web pages with zero views to create “Never Been Seen”—a site that makes you the very first person to see an object. Nice model for serendipity. (via @sebchan’s newsletter) [thesciencemuseum.github.io]


Ce qu’il s’est vraiment passé hier à Paris vs. le coup de com répressif de la Préf ✊#MarcheDesLibertes [durevie.paris]

17 janvier


You’re thinking “that’s cute, but I’m sure the truth is less interesting and horrific.” You need to read the thread, and the replies, and see the pictures. [twitter.com]


A Native American woman I know said that she and her friends have jokingly named this guy “Dances with Karens” and I find that pretty darn funny. 😆 (No offense to the decent Karens in the world, of course.)

16 janvier

Judging from older articles about the app, looks like it originally focused on splitting 3D models for a much more reasonable price, then added functionality and raised license costs, which is an interesting way of destroying the app’s value proposition for potential new buyers.

Ah, I tweeted that just before I reached the right result in my search

I don’t necessarily want to be a freeloader, though, but that license is a bit expensive when I’m only interested in that specific functionality.

Hier soir j’ai décidé d’un coup de mettre un tic-toc de pendule en boucle sur mon ordinateur et je peux vous dire que j’ai rarement été aussi bien inspiré. Il manque juste le feu de cheminée.

Je suis à ma fenêtre depuis dix minutes à me demander si regarder la neige est intrinsèquement apaisant ou si c’est juste culturel et/ou parce que c’est rare.


“L’identité de genre n’est pas égale à l’expression de genre.

Être non-binaire ne signifie pas automatiquement être androgyne.

Cela ne signifie pas non plus désirer l’effacement de tte notion de genre, comme le suggère Zone Interdite : Ni fille ni garçon”


Shit, my main excuse for abandoning my early work on a VR music visualizer was “Meh, everyone’s gotten used to The Wave anyway,” and now The Wave shuts down its VR version 🤦🏻‍♂️

15 janvier

Un très bon post synthétique sur le chemin de la découverte des TDAH / ADHD

J’ai eu du mal à choisir une seule citation, alors allez le lire même si vous ne vous sentez pas concernés. Vous êtes sur Twitter, c’est déjà une première présomption.

I’m happy to pay for my e-mail hosting and I like Fastmail but I wish it wasn’t so bad at learning what messages I mark as spam ten times per week.

Mostly Harmless (Douglas Adams) — 6/10

I should not be surprised that Martin Freeman is a really good audiobook narrator, and wish I’d listened to the whole series voiced by him. (I don’t think Stephen Fry does the first book justice, and I listened to a few voiced by the author, which are just fine.)

I’m so fucking tired of teenagers written as irrational little idiots, though. Arthur Dent’s preternatural stupidity had already gotten annoying enough. And I find it rather rude for a writer to work his existential and sentimental depression into the last volume of a comedic series.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (Douglas Adams) — 5/10

“Does Arthur Dent fuck?” is a really odd choice of theme for a book in this series.

Life, the Universe and Everything (Douglas Adams) — 6/10

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Douglas Adams) — 7/10

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams) — 8/10

14 janvier

13 janvier

Je viens seulement d’enlever les derniers vêtements qui restaient sur l’étendoir et de le ranger, et il va déjà falloir tout recommencer demain 😩

All this talk of sea shanties is making me want to go back to Sea of Thieves (more than the Twitch drop campaigns ever did). Even though last time I checked they added a whole lot of irrelevant crap to the shanty menu.

When I saw the thumbnail I fully expected CDPR to have made a video out of yellow text cards, and now I’m disappointed they didn’t.

It had been so long since I last updated the emoji in Uniconsole that I forgot what a humongous pain in the ass it is and how much it makes me want to become a right-wing pundit. I woke up with productive energy for the first time all week and this is what I’m spending it on 😫


I’m awake properly, so let’s talk for a sec about why this—the White Man’s Gambit—is a terrible idea. [twitter.com]

12 janvier

Je relis-écoute The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy et il y a presque autant d’adverbes que dans les premiers Harry Potter 😧

10 janvier

Deep-diving into an image search for DIY cyberdecks like I don’t already have a zillion projects I’m not doing any progress on. (Not really a good time for me buying the hardware components anyway.)


me going on a stupid little daily walk just to feel something

J’ai pris la bouteille de sirop d’érable, dévissé le bouchon verseur pour enlever l’opercule, jeté l’opercule et versé le sirop dans mon ice tea en me disant, tiens, c’est difficile à doser comme ça, c’est curieux qu’ils n’aient pas pris la peine de mettre un bouchon verseur.


Capybara long bathing contest !

The winner is Kobu with a time of 01:44:36, beating the second place by about 16 minutes.

I don’t know who is Kobu, but congrats !


Fluorite, the mineral form of calcium fluoride, CaF₂, has been dubbed “the most colorful mineral in the world”. Its colors are determined by factors including impurities, exposure to radiation, and the absence or voids of the color centers. Learn more: [ow.ly]


It’s once again worth remembering that Twitter is aware of a bunch of Nazi accounts that they’re required by law to mute in Germany, but which they let keep posting to everyone else.


Stop comparing Trump’s Twitter getting shut down to bakeries denying service to gays.

Better comparison: Bar throwing a drunk patron out at the end of the night after they tried instigating a fight.

One is discrimination, one is violation of terms of service.