Bienvenue ! Vous vous rappelez les blogs ? A une époque, ce site en était un. Maintenant, c’est surtout une archive de mes multiples comptes Twitter.

30 juillet

RT @kennwhite: New Windows 10 default: your machine & bandwidth is used to distribute Apps & updates to other PCs on the Internet. []

It’s amazing that online shopping can be successful considering the nightmarish clusterfuck that is home package delivery.

29 juillet

Ok je viens de faire le calcul et de réaliser que l’ambition de mes life goals a horriblement sombré.

Life goal : devenir assez riche pour porter les chaussettes une fois et les jeter.

28 juillet

RT @mdhughes: I want all my iThings to go DND when I take off my watch, and turn off DND when I put it on.

Finally giving those two a try. But I got loaned the Watch first and it’s not gonna be much of a contest

27 juillet

I get the feeling that NBC execs saw the back half of Hannibal’s season 3 and figured the show was only gonna devolve further into ponderous wankery, so it was time to put it out of its misery.

26 juillet

RT @theguyliner: You should never date a man who screenshots a guy’s Grindr pics and tweets them out. It’s a serious dickmove.

RT @garoodotnet: Photoset: “Singapore’s surreal Supertree Grove and Cloud Forest” []

La semaine dernière on pouvait danser à la Scream parce qu’il y avait de la place sur les côtés, alors là ils y ont mis le DJ et le bar 👨🏻🔫

25 juillet

24 juillet

Not a fan of Wayward Pines’ dumb action-movie finale, but the conclusion mostly made up for it.

RT @danielpunkass: Limited time only: $AAPL stock is only $0.99/share. Trust me, Apple, the exposure is worth it. Market will appreciate true value over time.

23 juillet

RT @jaffathecake: G+ found their “download our app” interstitial caused 69% of users to abandon, rather than dl app or continue on site []

22 juillet

RT @martinvars: What motivates people to become entrepreneurs []

C’est la première fois que je me fais mal au genou au point de me rouler par terre. Ca devient pire avec l’âge ?

RT @realmacsoftware: Deep Dreamer Public Beta now Available! [] #deepdream []

Et j’ai dû fermer mon profil Facebook en panique parce que j’avais cliqué par erreur sur “Partager tout” dans l’app de visualisation.

Cette nuit j’ai découvert que tous mes rêves étaient enregistrés à la cave depuis des années. (Meta !)

RT @orbuch: Finally — you can’t write App Store reviews from beta iOS. 🙏 []

21 juillet

Today I opened Spotify, rediscovered there’s no album view for playlists, closed Spotify.

RT @misterbrilliant: Another embarrassing u-turn for climate “scientists”. First they said June was the hottest month ever recorded. Now they’re saying it’s July

“Inside Spotify’s Hunt for the Perfect Playlist”

Guess I’m gonna bite the “I hate the app” bullet and try it again.

Et puis je veux pas dire fuck les aveugles, mais bon, les revêtements à bosses à chaque passage piétons, voilà, quoi.

Depuis le temps j’avais oublié à quel point les trottoirs de Paris ne sont pas faits pour les rollers.

20 juillet

J’écoute Whitney Houston parce qu’Apple Music me l’a proposée, mais avec la fenêtre ouverte j’assume mal.

Une fois sur deux le chat refuse que je la touche avant qu’elle m’ait léché les doigts. C’est un peu vexant.

I know it’s petty to answer a support request with “as mentioned in the app’s help…” but I can’t stop myself.

19 juillet

The best game-design lesson to take from it isn’t frustrating to die, because you get to be small and fast again.

I had never gotten to be playable on my Mac, but the iOS version runs great. So simple and addictive.

Et puis le Gibus semble avoir gardé dans le divorce tous les DJ que je n’aime pas, so fuck yeah.

Des doutes initiaux sur le nouveau lieu de la Scream, mais en fait la salle a une configuration idéale pour une bonne ambiance sur la piste.

RT @CarpeAngela: Fuck baby centaurs that’d be scary af. Their horse half would be all robust with their baby half just dangling there.

18 juillet

RT @neilcybart: Here is the difference between free and paid tiers for Apple Music.

[] []

RT @neilcybart: The features found in the free tier of Apple Music will be enough for many people. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for Apple either.

I’ve been watching the “DoubleFine Adventure!” documentary on YouTube and wondering how different my life would have been if my first jobs had been in offices full of smart, interesting people. There’s always the possibility I gave up a little too soon on the whole job thing. (Yes, it’s too late now.)

17 juillet

Wow. Just found out that someone blocked me, and I can read their tweets in Tweetbot — but not on the web. Is that a temporary bug in the Twitter API or a long-standing issue?

Is there a version of BattleBots with just the fights? Because I want to watch them, but I can’t take the bullshit theatrics.

Mr. Robot is turning out to be obnoxious, and not just because of the increasingly insulting “is he or isn’t he” (which I hate either way).

16 juillet

RT @olebegemann: “Services are not the favored child at Apple. … ICs know that, and it hits morale directly; I saw (and felt) this.” []

15 juillet

RT @patrickklepek: Dark Souls 2 hackers are getting innocent players banned in the game, and nothing’s being done about it. []

RT @marcedwards: Ditto uses Photoshop layer names to add variables for many things. Great stuff, @ElliotEKJ! [] []

It just breaks the immersion for me that the ‘game’ part of Sunset is, “he wants you to send a letter, so go look everywhere for a letter.”

As interesting as Sunset’s concept is, I hate the implementation. Not helped by how stuttery it is, even with lower visual settings. (Hello, migraine.)

RT @jimmydivvy: NASA: Decade long flight across the solar system. Arrives within 72 seconds of predicted. No errors.

Me: undefined is not a function

RT @tessthornton: I’ve solved spam and comment trolling. Introducing echochamber.js, all of the commenting, none of the comments. []

RT @chartier: iOS 9 now lists “no cell coverage” among battery hogging tasks. Nice. []


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