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18 avril

17 avril


Déconsidérer les mouvements sociaux en affirmant qu’on y boit et qu’on y fornique est un classique réac éculé…

présenter les femmes militantes comme des prostituées aussi

on trouve l’équivalent depuis la révolution fr en passant par la Commune []


IMO Lone Echo’s zero-g VR locomotion #1 right now for comfort & immersion. More VR games should use it. Seems conceited, but if 90% of FPSs share the same setting (character with a gun, running on foot)—because it works—then many VR games should be in space… because it works.

16 avril

15 avril

“How does kinesiology tape work?”

I don’t care about k-tape but this bit about proprioception is intriguing:

Traverser tout Ivry et Vitry à pied puis se téléporter d’un coup à Châtelet en métro like, oh right, gays exist.

14 avril


this snow deformation in God of War represents an almost irresponsible level of polish:



It began with leaders who had an insidious agenda. They understood the people needed a scapegoat, a group of “others,” an outlet for fear and hatred.

They chipped away at the Jews’ humanity piece by piece until they became numbers then ashes. Much of the world stood idly by.


« Si vous aviez vécu, comme moi, plusieurs années sous le totalitarisme nazi, puis 20 ans de totalitarisme communiste, vous réaliseriez certainement à quel point la liberté est précieuse, et combien il est facile de perdre votre liberté. »

Milos Forman

13 avril

Revoir Ceux qui m’aiment prendront le train et réaliser que, si le film m’avait autant marqué, c’est que mon émotion de 2018 avait dû remonter le temps et entrer en résonance. (L’alternative étant que j’étais déjà vieux et plein de regrets à l’époque, mais ce serait tragique.)


We’re bringing HQ styles to the @Mapbox Unity SDK. This style features textures based on real buildings, reflection probes, normal maps, and a bunch of more rendering goodness.



8 ans que je vis à Paris. Je n’ai pas vu UNE SEULE FOIS le T-Rex dans son enclos..


capitalism is a sickness of the soul and should be eviscerated

Je me suis fait faire des lunettes de vue de loin (pour les trois fois par siècle où je vais au cinéma).


Il y a des gens qui voient si net, si loin, depuis leur naissance ? 😨

12 avril

Mais comment font les gens qui restent en contact avec quelqu’un qui n’est pas sur Twitter ?

En parlant d’oldies…

Personne n’a jamais repris le créneau du Piano-Zinc ? 😞


On me souffle dans l’oreillette que ce coup de cœur de la @Fnac dans lequel l’homosexualité est présentée comme un choix par rejet de l’autre sexe date bien de février 2018 et non de l’automne 1954. #Hallu

11 avril

I also added a Russia map while I was at it because who doesn’t want to spend four real-life hours driving a virtual truck across the entire continent.

I resisted installing ProMods for Euro Truck Sim because it’s a bit more involved than clicking a button in Steam Workshop, but it’s well worth it. Absolutely love how much more specific, less cookie-cutter the world feels.

J’ai profité de mes 64 Go supplémentaires pour mettre plein de vieux albums sur mon iPhone et il faut avouer que la musique des 90s, c’était mieux dans les 90s.


Pour les 50 ans de mai 68, Macron réussit l’exploit de vider les facs à coups de matraque, le bocage nantais à coups de blindés, le statut des cheminots à coup d’ordonnances et d’aller mettre un genou à terre devant le clergé catho. Original.

10 avril


“Retweet with gif” really needs to be a Twitter feature


“In games and game culture, the interruption of flow is treated as the greatest consequence players can face. (…) Mankind Divided directly uses this line of thought to reinforce its theme.”

I really loved the mechanic explained here: []


How broken is Facebook? @boztank the head of VR previously head of ads retweeted this as some impossible conundrum.

It isn’t.

One is ethical and doesn’t violate housing laws.

The other makes FB more money.

Only when money drives your choices does this become difficult.

Oh I’m so glad to be back to the “switching RAM slots around to see if it gets rid of my blue screen” stage of PC ownership.

9 avril


This is important.


Archeologist Spends Over 35 Years Building Enormous Scale Model of Ancient Rome: []


Quand on disait que c’était de droite, En Marche, on n’espérait pas tant… C’est super on a des flics dans les facs, des migrants qu’on traite comme du bétail, nos droits sociaux en miettes, et Macron Ier vient nous expliquer qu’il faut rétablir le lien entre l’Église et l’État. []

8 avril

I don’t understand how so many lane signs can be incorrect and stay unfixed. Couldn’t you get an intern to spend a week checking them?

Well, I guess I did it. Yay me. I’m glad the game doesn’t point out how much time I spent on this specific quest.

7 avril


“We made a programming language that’s as easy to use as our products are to use.” - Tim Cook on Swift.

I believe this. Getting iCloud to sync for my mom was just about as tough as figuring out protocols with associated types.


Reporter: How did you discover puffin beaks glow under UV light?

Scientist who brings penguins to raves: Uh, it was an accident.


Also worse than Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Worse than Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

What kind of sadist designed the controls to SteamWorld Dig 2 and why does it need a ‘run’ button.

6 avril


This is the most CLEVER phishing scam I’ve ever encountered and for a second it almost got me.

Here’s how it works: they ask you to send them the password reset code they have requested gmail send to you, claiming it will stop someone’s access but in fact it just lets them in.


Twitter’s answer to the API problem: changing the deadline to unknown []


Twitter is going to break core functionality in Tweetbot, Twitteriffic, Talon, Tweetings, and more on June 19th. There’s no announced fix.



L’homophobie en France ne faiblit pas. Notre société pue l’homophobie. Une odeur putride flotte dans l’air, on sait qu’elle est là, prête à nous tomber dessus.

Une brigade anti-trav dans Paris, des agressions LGBTphobes à répétitions : Injures, coups, prochaine étape, des morts ? []

I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I guess I’m doing it 🤷‍♂️

5 avril


There should be a company that just re-houses iMac internals in a headless PC case like Modbook used do to make Mac tablets 😛


Go on then, while I’m on here tweeting, here’s a piece I finished a couple of weeks back. #conceptart #blender3d #illustration #gamedev


Can we retire the “Make <noun> <adjective> Again” jokes? I see too many articles and conference talk titles using this. Beyond what it represents in today’s societies (horrible,) it’s lazy and not funny.

If you name your talk or post with it, I’m not going to listen or read it.

Baseball-themed crosswords should be illegal.


I went into that “Far Cry 2 details vs Far Cry 5” video thinking it would make me cringe (even though I knew it was pro FC2). Instead, it helped me work through why I love FC2 so much. Some thoughts: []

4 avril

MKBHD plays with camera robots

Those example shots are incredible — I’d have assumed they were all done with post-production tricks 😲😍


Who can forget the immortal tagline from ALIEN


Apple Hires Google’s A.I. Chief. Important. Probably more important: they persuaded him he’ll have interesting problems to work on, and that he’ll be able to get stuff done, which implies broader changes. []


“Apple has hired Google’s chief of search and artificial intelligence” – from Google’s biggest strength to Apple’s biggest weakness. Quite a move. []


Trailer pour How To Talk To Girls At Parties, de John Cameron Mitchell et d’après Neil Gaiman.



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